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Friday, October 8, 1999

it wasn't a necessity, but it happened anyway: I opened my business dedicated to providing things the public had never heard of or ever seen before. It awoke dormant gardening passions, in both them and in me, I must confess. One at a time. Thousands per year. Times ten years. While the other garden centers and nurserys in the region have seen business drop as much as 70%, my landscape business has increased over last year by almost 20%; my walk-in business took a 30% drop during the Summer drought, though. My customers want nay demand that quality I first brought to this area. I conditioned them ten years ago, when I opened with rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material specimens. And I haven't disappointed since. I take great personal pleasure in delighting them every season. The ooooooooo's and aaaaaaaaah's are a payback, of sorts.

Around The Garden Center & Nursery.
After the 1.6" of rain and violent thunderstorms we had Thursday night and Friday morning, it was very, very cool and windy. Fall is definitely in the air. Denver had 6" of snow; Chicago had 2". Neither stuck around, though. Didi I say Fall?
My condo's carpets were cleaned on Thursday; by Friday, we'd put all the furniture back and the place was looking great. Sears did a very nice job. I shoulda had it done years ago.
I took Friday off and Lynetta and I made a 5-course dinner for good friends and Garden Center customers, Mario & Carol. On Saturday, after a full day at work for me, my General Manager, Lynn and her husband, Bob, came over for another dinner and vino. By Sunday and a half day at work, I'd had enough cheffing, and when Jeff & Denise showed up for dinner at 7pm, I'd made reservations at one of the better Italian bistros in York, Scotto's, and we all dined out. I'll chef for them at a later date.
Last week, I bought a 7000w Honda portable generator ($1500) to insure against the loss of heat and power on Dec 31st, as well as against Winter blizzards, ice storms and Summer brownouts. We'll hook it into my power grid here with a standard service disconnect switch to quit the local power company's system, and run under our own power in case of a failure. In a multi-million dollar operation such as this, I should have done this years ago. Duh. I've been very lucky so far. I just don't trust all the local and regional utilities when they say they're Y2K compliant.
Last weekend was very, very busy here. Several hundred customers were enticed into the Garden Center by my latest ads, Fall Mums and Unusual Spring Bulbs. Several more inches of rain added to the feeling that the drought is over, but it isn't just yet.
Monday saw almost 2.1" of rain gently fall on the region. Lynetta and I had dinner at Mario & Carol's home on Monday evening; it rained like a bitch on the 23 mile trek home that evening. No complaints, though; we still need all the rain we can get to improve the ground moisture levels.
My sister, Becky, arrived from San Francisco on Tuesday morning for a two week visit. She just had her second carpal tunnel wrist surgery and will spend some R&R time here.
Lynetta and I wanted to go to Hershey (PA) Gardens and a nice restaurant on Tuesday, but after hearing on Harrisburg local radio TRAFFAX Report about the 7-10 mile back-up on SR422-322 caused by a monstrous, local flea market event, we decided to head south to Winterthur Museum, Garden & Library. Very, very impressive. Last week, we again visited Longwood Gardens, to what we didn't see back in April, on our first visit. (Click the Longwood link for all the pretty pics.)
On Wednesday, we drove 357 miles west on the PA Turnpike, to Donegal Exit 9, to visit Dolly, a friend who'd moved to Pittsburgh area last month. We had lunch at the Ligioner Inn, in Ligioner, PA, and walked around the quaint, historic town. It was good to see her again; she's again got the glow she had when I first met her years ago. She's doing what she wants.
On Thursday evening, we went to Jeff & Denise's for homemade, gourmet pizza and vino. Wow.

No f*cking Way.
Another shit for brains liberal moron has thrown his hat into the political ring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, who can't even speak English (like lib-dem Sen Tom Lantos of California), and has the brain of a flea (like lib-dem Sen Tom Lantos of California), wants to be a US Senator. Who next? Minnie Mouse?
And don't forget this moronic scumbag, shit for brains, lib-dem moron, Donald "Take A Dump" Trump. The Trump idiot thinks he speaks for the working man and woman. What a f*cking joke he is, and he doesn't even know he's a laughing stock of the financial world.
Are the f*cking inmates running the asylum? Apparently in Turkey, they are. I'd have all the sons of bitches isolated and executed within 36hrs. No fail.
Well, Jesse "The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste" Ventura stepped in it again. I agree with his observation on organized religion, however, and politics and politicians, in general.
This is reason the Y2Chaos problem might be severe and more widespread than anyone believes. This piece by ABCNews is good; too bad they had an moron like Peter Jennings anchor the spot. He's a Clintonista sycophant, as are all the liberal mainstream media.
There are always going to be haves and have-nots; that's how the world works. So for the liberal whining scum to want to redistribute the world's wealth is pure fascism, communism and socialism. The vast majority of people are much better off than they were years ago no thanks at all to the Clinton moron and simply need to take multiple jobs and get off their lazy asses.
Why would the US shelve a valid plan to totally waste the shithole, North Korea commie scum, and give them nuclear reactors and oil? We should have blown the commie, yellow dog mutherf*ckers off the face of the Earth: hence, one less threatening rogue nation to deal with. The cowardly Clintonistas had forgotten their balls from whence they came. Typical lib-dem filth.
Wait a f*cking minute: this so-called merger will unleash a monopoly a thousand times worse than the Bell Tel Co on the American public. That was tame compared to this imepending travesty. Is the US Dept of (In)Justice Anti-Trust Division and FCC going to allow this criminal act? Probably, since the Clintonista filth are going to financially share in the deal. Hey, why not? (Their reply)
First, the idiots in Kansas outlawed evolution and substituted their compromised words; now, morons in Kentucky have also substituted lies for truth. Sounds like lib-dems, doesn't it?
So f*cking what? Get out of the fascist, commie, socialist U.N. and get rid of their den of spy scum in NYC.
Years after it happened, TWA Flight 800s truth is still clouded by a US Government cover-up. Read the facts and decide for yourself.
Wait a f*cking minute, scum city residents: if I don't want to deliver pizza to your crime-riddled neighborhood, no mutherf*cker judge in black robes is going to make me do so. That's why there's another feature, called pick up.
Well, why not? Opra "Dope-ra" Winfrey is also throwing her brainless hat into the political ring. From the lowlifes Warren Beatty, Cybil Shephard, Donald Trump, Arnold Schwartzenegger to the lying AlGoreBore, it'll be a star-studded, fun time for all; great entertainment as those unfortunate creatures make further morons of themselves. And the media will get richer as they waste their money on futile campaign ads.
Finally, a judge with brains: he threw out the City of Cinncinnati's lawsuit against gun manufacturers on the grounds that the city is an idiot for even trying something so stupid. Bravo. Why can't people take responsibility for their own actions?
Another case of stupid, fat, obese sweathogs not taking responsibility for their own actions: taking an untested, so-called miracle drug, fen-phen, when all the fatsos had to do was stop feeding their blubbery faces. Now, they've got heart damage from that drug. Serve's them right.

Execute Them.
Although the US Supreme Court did its part today by refusing to allow the convicted, lowlife, half-breed, subhuman piece of shit, cop murderer, Mumia Abu-Jamal, a new trial and let the execution stand. That piece of shit isn't an African-American or black; he's a idiot. However, he can appeal the state conviction in federal courts and may even get another Supreme Court hearing. That's where the US Justice System is f*cked up. Murderers (and rapists, child molesters and traitors) should all be executed after one appeal. I'd love to put a bullet through the head of that cop murderer. At $60,000 - 70,000 per year to maintain that piece of subhuman shit's pathetic life, his 18 years on Death Row have cost the US Taxpayers way too much money. Execute that filth scum. Let me have that lowlife alone for 3 seconds with my .357 Magnum, and he's dead. No cost to US Taxpayers. End of problem.
At least the US Supreme Court is going to review whether the subhuman criminal filth get too many appeals in state and federal courts, which they do. Way too many. Execute them after one appeal, six months is the absolute limit. Hey, the victim(s) are still dead, and allowing the murdering piece of filth to live 15-30 years is quite unfair. If your child was raped and murdered, wouldn't you want justice? I would, and to me, justice comes from a death penalty being carried out. Pronto.
What's with these so-called professional nannies? They're all murderers. Execute the bitch.
Terrorist bombers need to die, too.
Three f*cking trials and all the WTB (White Trash Bitch) murderer gets is life in prison for Killing her father with a 12-gauge. Some system.
Murder has no statute of limitations and this WTB should be executed, not released from prison, for her part in the murder of a bank guard.
Killing four young girls, head-shot, execution-style, in a yogurt shop robbery merits the death penalty for all four, regardless of how old they were when they committed the horriffic crime.
Though I don't agree with their lifestyle, being gay is no reason to whack anyone. The two murderers deserve the death penalty.
But I do agree with this death penalty verdict: the murderer asked to be executed.

Clintonista Scum.
It's amazing that almost all of the minorities Clinton has appointed to cabinet level positions have been charged and convicted of crimes. They seem to let positions of power go to their nappy heads and get into all kinds of trouble. This Togo West moron was caught living large on the backs of the VA veterans. No wonder people drag them behind trucks.
Read more about the Clinton scandals, which the cowardly, so-called mainstream press, are afraid to report. Some of these are real eye openers.
Criminals honoring criminals? Yep, the Clintonista criminal-in-chief is trying to suck-up to mafia son-of-scum, Jimmy Hoffa, in hopes of shoring up AlGoreBore's flagging 2000 campaign hopes. The criminal riddled Teamsters should have been disbanded years ago. They're corrupt scum.

Typical of the sleaze and corruption so pervasive in the Clinton-Gore administration, Gore's campaign manager, Tony Coelho is under heavy legal scrutiny for his criminal actions. I'd love to see the sleazeball resign, be charged and convicted and go to prison; he's got a history of criminal actions in the US House of Representatives.
And typical of the AlGoreBore is his willingness to accept corruption and sleaze as normal, as his boss, the criminal Clinton, taught him to do.
There are few things I'd like to see happen other than all the Clintonistas whacked in an airplane crash than GoreBore self-destruct, and that appears to be happening, albeit slowly.
Lying through his f*cking teeth again, AlGoreBore is promising blue sky to anyone who will listen, just to save his failing campaign. From the criminal deeds of the past 7 years of Clintonism, we know what kind of lies he'd bring to the National Table. He's a criminal and a liar, just as his dead criminal daddy was when he was run out of politics in Tennessee. The Clintonista-AlGoreBore positions and images are inseparable. The Nation's tired of these two lying scumbags.

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