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Friday, October 9, 1998

When it becomes necessary to do things which are, in the normal course of events, unthinkable, such action must be swiftly and positively carried out. Such is the case with correcting President Scumbag Clinton's many years of crimes and lies. Censure, fines or rebukes are not options; prompt and final impeachment is the only course of action permitted by The US Constitution. We'll soon see whether the US Congress has the guts/balls/ovaries to do the right thing. My educated guess based upon their past track record is that they are a bunch of stupid, shit-for-brains dilettantes who are concerned only with re-election. They have proven on too many previous occasions, that when courage and ethics counted, they default to the easy, politically safe path. That goes for both side of the aisle. Ditto the growing number of American people; they frankly don't give a flying shit about ethics and morals anymore either, as long as the economy is good and (almost) everyone is fat and happy. Witness the polls. Then, these polls.

Liberal Democratic Scum.
Ranking among some of the worst lowlife scumbags found anywhere, the liberal Democratic filth in Congress continue to try to give Slick Willie The Bubba an alternative to impeachment for his high crimes and misdemeanors.
Subverting the US Constitution is the norm for Democrats; the rule of Law is a foreign commodity in their eyes. The Democrats are now the political party of liars. They have no credibility, like their Clintonite leader, and are still trying to subvert the Constitutional process.
Liberal Democrats will do anything for the almighty dollar bill, including treason, prostitution, selling children and relatives into slavery and ... whatever they can do to raise cash.
I have no sympathy for any of them, their bed wetting or eternal whining. All should be jailed for their unethical attitudes, immoral behavior and amoral lives.
One of Clinton's former cabinet level officers, an moron named Espy, now indicted for myriad crimes and on trial, calls ethics rules, junk. Typical of the attitude shared by all the liberal Democratic filth these days.
What the hell does that new scumbag mouthpiece Joey Boy Lockhart know about the truth? Zip. He just does what he's told to do. He's brainless flunkie.
What the hell does Clinton know about the concepts of principle or conscience? Nothing, in any way, shape or form.

Worthless Congress.
After the vote to begin impeachment hearings on Not-So-Slick Willie, the Congress is taking the rest of the year off? Wow, maybe I misread that line in the story. Nope, that's what it says, about halfway through the article. Amazing.
Just f*cking amazing. A Congress that accomplishes precious little in '97 and almost nothing in all of '98, now wants to rightly impeach the lowlife moron president, but goes home for over two months and does more nothing in the form of campaigning for re-election. Huh?
The American Voter (collectively speaking) needs to recall all those mistakenly elected morons and install people who can get this Nation's business done in a precise and timely fashion. If any of those morons had to really work for a living, they'd starve and become welfare clients.
Right now, there's nothing more important for Congress to do than to get on with the hearings and resolve Clinton's future, not to mention this Nation's future.

A Fair Appraisal.
Get beyond the news report of the release of more supporting documents and you'll find a very, very accurate appraisal of what the documents clearly show.
Only an moron can't understand what's in these footnote documents: detailed documentation of (soon-to-be ex-president) Clinton's actions. And it certainly explains why so many Americans are ambivalent toward the criminal charges being levelled at Clinton.
The reason we have an OIC also gives his opinion of the independent counsel statute, adopted in '74. Can't say I agree at all with him. He sounds too much like a liberal.

Noticeable Change.
Not all Americans are ambivalent toward the lowlife Clinton criminal; millions the ones not interviewed or polled by the liberal media hate his stinking guts for betraying the truth and lying to us.
Why is it that the phrase, In a national survey, a total of 2,025 randomly selected Americans were asked questions that measured ..., is so f*cking out of touch with reality? I'd love to know the people polled as well as the selection process. America is out of touch with ethics and morality these past six or seven years.
Opinion varies widely in the Nation and around the World. What's clear is that he needs to either resign or be impeached.
It's amazing just how many Americans I've met who aren't in step with the so-called Party Doctrine. I'm not either. It makes me wonder why they (liberal media morons) are afraid to ask us (the Silent Majority) about what we really think. Chickenshits, all. In the article, I agree with precepts of both Ms. Kester and Mr. Brown. Their politics are genuine, as are mine. No bullshit dictates from Party HQ which I'll ever deal with. Merely return the email with the missive, re-labelled Eat shit and Die!
An even later poll shows increasing disaffection with Congress for properly doing its job in evaluating the evidence and trying the lying Clintonite scumbag.
It's become increasingly clear over the past 8+ months just how many Americans are devoid of morals and ethics, as they continue to support the Clintonoid slimeball in leiu of the truth. I have pure disgust for the lack of mores, yet I can't find anyone willing to admit it to my face. I'd (verbally) rip them a new moron and grind them into the shit they are. Moral cowards, all.

Texas Is Wonderful.
Only Texas has the balls/ovaries to do what the law dictates: execute the subhuman filth who've received the death sentence for their heinous crimes. Texas accounts for one third of all executions in the USA, and they should be damned proud of it.
If more states had the balls/ovaries to carry out the law's dictates, the US would be a far, far better place. As it is, executions were up to 56 in 1996, but with 3,700+ subhuman filth languishing on Death Row, it's far too few to be meaningful in giving the scum what they legally deserve.
Texas is upholding the law and so are a few other states. The ones who've stopped capitol punishment are gutless, lowlife liberal bastions of scum, preoccupied with criminals and not with their citizens rights. Time to change the laws and execute everyone on Death Row. That's what they're there for.
Oooops! There goes another scumbag to his just reward. Tag 'em and bag 'em, baby.

Just Plain Bullshit.
In one of the most stupid stories I've ever heard about, a pile of liberal, whining, bed wetting scumbags called Amnesty International is now criticizing the US for its prison system.
The AI scum are also against capitol punishment; they'd rather let the murderer-rapist-robber go free than exact the proper death penalty society has decreed to protect its innocents against such subhuman filth. They also want our police handcuffed as a protection against brutality and violence. Actually, police should be much more brutal when dealing with criminals. A quick head shot with that 9mm would save the courts a lot of paperwork.
I'd rather execute everyone convicted of murder, rape, armed robbery and child molestation. Prisoners have no rights, except to die. Once convicted and sentenced, they should be executed without any delay. 3,700+ subhuman scum now await their just due on Death Row. Give me an M16 and 3,700+ rounds and I'll be glad to do the job with exactitude and dispatch.

Sleazy Media Scum.
I have a hard time believing the two-bit punks, sluts and morons who defend the Clintonoids no matter what the facts are.
These scum are lowlifes, pure and simple, and are on The White House Payroll. They're paid big (taxpayer) dollars to maintain the lies and front needed by the Clintonites.
I see through their lies and diversions; most Americans do too. But most Americans don't care. They are more concerned with their fat wallets than with the truth. Pity their souls.

Fall In PA.
For those who've never experienced this Fall season in all its true glory, take a virtual ride to my home state and see the Fall colors never before. Fall In PA has live webcams catching the leaves turn. That's like watching the grass grow. Well, skip the webcams and enjoy the rest of the site.

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