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wake-up America!____
friday, september 12, 1997


The two most corrupt people in America today are Bill and Hillary Clinton. That's now an unfortunate fact. The First Criminals are now the most investigated politician co-presidents far surpassing Nixon, the Mafia-owned Teamsters and anyone else in America's short 221 year history. Some legacy, Slick Willie and Hitlery. I wonder how they explain away these facts to their 18-year old daughter? Or do they lie to her too? If she reads the mainstream papers and can discern the obvious facts from their collective lying spin, she already knows that mommy and daddy are criminals, scumbags and liars. What a shame that an 18year old girl learns that about her parents.

Ethically And Morally Bankrupt.
Both of the Clintons are easily the sleaziest people in public office to date; so accomplished at deceiving the American public on so many issues that the special prosecutors have apparently lost count. (Yet, Newt Gingrich comes in a close third.) They've had to bring in more legal eagles to keep track of all the lies and crimes that the Clintons have committed in the past. They make Nixon and his corrupt henchmen look like Eagle Scouts.
The Clintons lie, they cheat, they steal, they conspire in everything they've done and continue to do. These people are without the basic fiber and fabric of morality.
The old adage, there's no honor among thieves applies to the criminal Clintons. As criminals and lowlifes are wont to do, the Clintons continually f*ck (no, not the good kind) each other. And that's one of the main problems. Slick Willie's always trying to get into some other woman's pants, while Hitlery is trying to make an alternative career for herself for when she and her soon-to-be-ex-hubby get out of prison. She won't need Bubba anymore; she'll be disbarred as an attorney after the trial, but she can always write third-rate books (It Takes A Village) for mentally retarded adults who don't mind or know they're being lied to. Or take an Amway Pyramid Scheme job. Or something.

Master Teachers.
Slick Willie and Hitlery have taught the fine art of deception and lying to Al Gore. The so-called squeaky clean image that he's courted and nurtured all these years is gone. He's now in a vat of shit up to his lower lip, and someone's shaking the vat and making waves.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) is looking at his transgressions (read crimes) closely, supposedly. This place is run by the same myopic, cowardly Attorney General Janet Reno who caved in on well-warranted investigations in so many clear instances of criminal activity. We'll see once again if she has the guts to appoint a special counsel/ investigator this time around.
From the selling of coffee meetings to the wholesale leasing of the Lincoln Bedroom, Gore was as much a criminal as the Clintons and their minions of groupie scum. But somehow, Reno conveniently forgot to start the investigation until last week's Washington Post story. What a scummy liberal bitch she really is, owned in toto by Clinton's liberal values. Of course Clinton appointed her and left her in for a second term since he knew she wouldn't bite the hand that feeds her, like a well-trained dog. Everyone now sees her for what she is. She is being threatened by congressional impeachment if she doesn't return an independent counsel/ prosecutor verdict in this instance. She needs to be replaced anyway. Someone honest and above suillegal alienion should hold that office.
I look forward with great relish to the Gore scum testifying about his corrupt fundraising activities in 96. Although he screwed major democratic donors by helping to put them over the hard money donation limit, Gore still denies he knew, yet memos show he did. His credibility and honesty are now in serious question. Give the redneck a fair trial and then hang him, along with all the corrupt bastards he did favors for in return for campaign donation money. Here's a liberal lowlife who can't even remember what day it is. He too like Slick Willie and Hitlery and Gore Whore needs some Vitamin A to improve his memory.
The dirty little criminal scumbag Huang's name surfaced again; seems he's woven all through this 96 campaign fundraising mess. Why not just jail the sleazy little dog if he won't testify.
What with the drought here, the Summer sucked. Maybe the Fall will be more interesting.

Common Ground.
In a pathetic effort to re-position herself from a lying, criminal bitch, Hitlery went to Diana's funeral, as did dozens of Hollywood groupie scum.
It was just a show; they didn't know Diana, nor did they belong there. They probably have some pending movies that need hype and jumped at the chance to get back in the limelight. These people are scumbags, dregs of the earth. They live in a fantasy world, devoid of the work ethics and morality we live by. I pity them and despise them at the same time.
It's amazing: the funeral was supposed to be for the people, but it was all about celebrities and other scumbags. The people were outside the cathedral, sitting on the lawn, while the start-struck scumbags were taking up seats inside. It should have been reversed. Well, they did let a few token lepers and AIDS victims in, but the vast majority had to be removed for the likes of so-called movie stars and other garbage. The papers downplayed this story, bigtime.
Next, Hitlery is off to Mother Teresa's funeral in India. Heck, with a little luck, maybe we can keep that lying criminal attending funerals around the world and out of this country for the next, say 15-20 years. Keep your bags packed, Hitlery.
It's been a death-filled 13 days: first Diana, then Mother Teresa, then Burgess Meredith and next Mobutu. A shame about the first three; I'm never sorry to see a dictator die.
Here's a real eye-opener about Mother Teresa.

New Website.
Over the course of two years, I've either built or helped build four websites for other people. And during the course of conversations, I've been asked over a dozen times to build sites for others. But because my business is something other than that, I've balked and referred others to several great site builders. Until now.
Several weeks ago, one of my suppliers in New Jersery asked me to build a site for his company, a propagator and grower of ultra-high quality dwarf conifers. Something that I personally enjoy. So it was difficult to refuse.
The evolving site is temporarily hereand should be finished in a couple of weeks. I have a rough architecture posted so far for Blue Sterling Nursery and will flesh out the details as the pictures are scanned and I can spend some serious time with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Jif, Peter Pan or Skippy?
It's made the news: peanut asser contains the same chemical ingredient that red wine has to combat cancer, heart disease and a host of other ills. I'm a Jif fan, but the others aren't bad either. Uhhh, no jelly, thank you.

1 + 1 = 0.
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Put together, they have as much credibility and imagination as a rock. Zero.

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