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Friday, September 26, 1997


I always get a mild case of the blues when Fall arrives and, from all indications, it's here. Forget the calendar nonsense; Fall arrived early. It and Spring are my two favorite seasons; Summer's too hot and Winter's too cold. I guess that the change of mood is more due to the finality in the change of seasons than anything else. Seeing some things die and pass on and knowing that others will replace them in the newly-emerging growth of Spring. Another cycle completed. The omnipotent olfactory sense brings on the feeling more so than any other sensation. Leaves burning. Crisp, cool days and nights. Smells like Fall. The mid-point of passing and coming is always uncertain. There is a marked relief that some greater force is in charge of this entire process, though. I'd hate to think that mankind was running the show. It would be a very botched job for sure if we were, considering what we've got to show for the infinitesimally short, in geological time, period that we've had charge of this fragile blue orb.

Lots To Do.
After a Summer of drought and excessive heat, people are wanting lots of projects done this Fall. Things which had been postponed because of the brutally-hot weather are now on the table again. This has been one of the busiest weeks ever; dozens of large (14-16ft B&B) trees being reserved, sold and planted by my crews.
The retail sales areas greenhouses, nursery and hardgoods are once again very active. With the advent of cooler weather and some rain, traffic has picked up considerably. And the 25% Off Fall Nursery Sale has helped coerce many into getting back in the mood. One of the part-time salesmen I always count on has decided not to show up anymore, so I'm elected, as utility infielder, to handle all the business I would normally throw his way for commission. Wearing many, many hats is just one of the joys of ownership.
I had the office and bathroom re-painted last week, and it's finally dry. The high humidity prevented curing for at least a week. I ruined a few shirts by bumping into wet grey stain on the trim. Seems if there's a wet area, I always find it with a clean shirt. I think there's a magnetic property in that paint which attracts me to it. Anyway, it's a good excuse to retire those shirts and buy some new ones. The office complex looks great again, as it did seven years ago when I first built the place. I also added a conference table to my office for customer meetings. We've used it several times today alone and it's a great concept. I don't know how I got along without one all these years.
The new website that I'm working on for Blue Sterling Nursery continues to progress. I've got about 72 hours in on it now, and am still not satisfied with it as an entity. I'm planning on driving over to NJ with a (borrowed) digital camera to get some more product shots as soon as the owners return from their Midwest trip.
And the first day of Fall brings the bad news that one of my reliable Ford trucks has finally broken down somewhere in York, on the way back from a landscape job. The crew parked it and hitched rides back with one of the other crews, bringing all personnel, tools and equipment back. I called the local Ford truck dealer to pick it up, check it and give me the bad news. It's a 75 F-350 15ft box truck; my first and for sentimental reasons, I'd like to get it fixed. He did and it's minor; other items need repairs will cost well over $1500. It's time to get another to add to the fleet this Fall.

IRS' Turn In The Barrel.
One of the most evil liberal institutions run amok is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). It's purpose of collecting taxes was clearly against the framer's of The Constitution original intent: no taxation without representation. The IRS routinely harasses and intimidates taxpayers, and several elderly people have committed suicide over the audits and demands for unjust payments. With the IRS, you're guilty until you prove yourself innocent. They attach bank accounts, impose liens again property, notify employers and credit agencies; all to intimidate citizens into paying what they say is owed. And in 40% of the cases, they're totally wrong. Advancement inside that stinking organization is still based upon seizure quotas, outlawed back in the 80s.
Who do these sons-of-bitches think they are? They're morons and degenerate lowlifes. Most of them deserve to be jailed in filthy South American and Mexican prisons for their ongoing crimes against US citizens. The IRS needs to be disbanded and replaced with a more gentle and legal way of collecting a minimal tax.
For them to tell me what I owe them is clearly absurd; I'm the only one who should decide what to spend my hard-earned money on. Not those stinking bastard scum. The abolition of the IRS would be one of government's great accomplishments in the 20th century. Unfortunately, it probably won't happen in this millennium. There are too many liberal democratic civil service jobs tied into it.
After reviewing the grievous history of outrageous acts and evil deeds that the government's committed against American citizens, I can understand why ultra-right wing nut militias take up arms and do what they do against the government. I certainly don't agree with secessionist activity or terrorist bombings. That crime-upon-crime isn't going to solve the problem. As outraged as I get about it all, legally dissolving the filthy IRS and replacing it with something else is the only way.

Gettysburg Battlefield Slaughter.
Every Winter, tens-of-thousands of deer are slaughtered around Pennsylvania by idiots and buffoons who take 1-2 weeks off work, effectively closing many businesses and small towns down, and run around in the woods with high-powered rifles, shooting at anything that moves. It's nice to have all those morons off of the roads and away from civilization for a couple of weeks, but the evil that they wreak on animals and humans in the mountains is both unnecessary and sad.
Many hunters have heart attacks and die, the result of being physically unfit for this activity, while innocent homeowners and hikers are often wounded and whacked by stray bullets. These so-called hunters aren't even qualified to own guns, let alone carry and actually use them. They have no training in marksmanship; the only Commonweath-mandated qualification is whether they can fork up the $25 for the permit to hunt.
The white-tailed deer populations are growing unchecked, mainly because all the predators have been whacked off by mankind. We're shot into extinction, wolves, foxes, bear and other animals that naturally kept the herd numbers in check. Without that valuable group of predators, deer breed at too fast a rate, forage for declining food reserves and soon enter populated areas in search of food, destroying gardens and other man-made areas. Then the public gets outraged about the resultant damage and the hunters take up the phony mantra of herd culling or thinning to save the healthy animals. They're actually doing neither: it's a blood sport, pure and simple, to prove their so-called manliness to their women, who already know they're wimps, idiots and punks. What a sad spectacle these pathetic cretins provide every year.
The smart way to remedy this problem would be to reintroduce the predators and let Nature reclaim her original course of control again. But we, as so-called protectors of this land, aren't that smart. We'd rather generate revenues from hunting permits, gun and ammo sales and game warden salaries. All of which unnecessarily create the problem in the first place. Besides, we've destroyed the natural habitat that both the deer, as prey, and their predators need to live on. All for the sake of, and in the name of, progress.
Any time humans get involved with Nature and try to control things to suit their needs, it becomes a disaster and either animals or people or both suffer. Supposedly, for being the so-called intelligent and thinking species, we're (collectively speaking) pretty f*cking stupid.

Gore & Co.
Scumbag veep Al Gore is in deep shit. Just like his daddy, the crooked Tennessee politician who resigned in disgrace back in the 70s. The shit is getting so deep that Gore's now hired two attorneys to keep his head above the mess. He's probably finished for 2000.
As a result of being enmeshed in the 96 campaign fundraising controversy, over 50% polled said he's got less than a snowball's chance in hell of winning in 2000. Sure. America has a 15-minute memory span. As history has amply shown, Americans can easily forget their own names after 15 minutes. Collectively speaking, we have no memory as a nation. A pathetic statement, but true.
It finally looks like that small-brained liberal puppet, Janet Reno is going to investigate the liberals' crimes a little more closely. She's appointed a true FBI Team to investigate, instead of the mindless, second-rate bimbo originally leading the 60 or so agents who couldn't find any evidence of wrongdoing. shit, the f*cking evidence was sitting in piles on the moron's desk and she didn't see it, until The Washington Post ran a story about it two weeks ago. Duh.
The Reno idiot is controlled by her handler, Slick Willie the Bubba Clinton; he did after all, appoint the scuzbag. She'll do what he says to keep him and Hitlery out of any investigation and jail. She's stonewalled so long that Congress has threatened to remove her from her job. But as we all know, Congress as a collective entity has no guts for anything substantive.
Ex-Energy Secretary Hazel O'Leary's being investigated by the Justice Dept. She resigned in disgrace after being caught taking favors and asking for bribes. Mike Espy, the ex-Commerce criminal chief who also resigned in disgrace, will be next; he's already indicted on 39 criminal counts and his trial's coming up soon. It just amazes me that such people can openly ask for and take gifts and bribes when they're holding such a high profile job. How f*cking stupid can someone be? Obviously O'leary and Espy are very, very stupid. Their avarice far outweighed any morals or ethics they might have had. In these specific cases, it appears as if they had none.
Clinton sure knows how to staff a Cabinet with scum, doesn't he? And it's far from over. The investigation into the convoluted, criminal Clinton fundraising activities is just beginning. All over some lousy phone calls he won't admit to remembering. Moron.
After objectively looking at all the evidence and the ancient 1883 Pendleton Law which still governs this type of unethical activity, I don't think either Clinton or Gore will have any substantive legal problem from this whole mess; just some very messy PR problems to deal with. And so do others. It sure would have been nice to see those two slimy bastards hung-out-to-dry over this minor flap. Too bad.

Teamsters & Other Liberal Criminals.
A few weeks ago, I mentioned that the Teamsters and Liberal-DNC (Democratic National Committee) scumbags were criminals and involved in a plot to funnel laundered money into the Clinton re-election effort in 96. That statement drew more than a few responses, most condemning me for berating unions.
The shit hit the fan this week about the little loudmouth weasel criminal Ron Carey remember the lowlife who led a pointless UPS strike weeks ago? and his henchmen laundering money for the DNCs 96 campaign fundraising. Three lowlifes were caught and are singing their empty heads out to federal grand juries. Hopefully, the DNC-Teamster-AFL-CIO scumbags who committed the fundraising and money-laundering schemes will do some serious prison time. But with the lackeys and useless liberal cretins at the Justice Dept stonewalling all efforts to uncover crime, who knows?
Unions are simply communist, socialist, liberal, democratic-oriented, degenerate organizations who've raped American business and ultimately the American public for the last half century. Useful at first to raise the standard of living, they perform no worthwhile task and should be regulated or abolished for all their criminal activities and misdeeds. They serve no positive purpose anymore, save that of abetting and hiding Mafia activity. They've overstayed their welcome on the American business landscape.
The union-labor scum are meeting in a national convention this week in Pittsburgh. Their rallying cry: We're back! The retort: No you're not, you're still shit!
The same corruption pervades the states, too. Evidence of corrupt White House involvement in secret contributions solicited from Air Force One is now on the table. The henchmen of the liberal socialist-communist Gore are back in the limelight again. Gore's gofer's are still feigning memory loss, though deeply involved, they still can't recall any real involvement. They all really need some Vitamin A enemas; right where all their brains reside. Starting with the criminal Clinton-Gore Group.
The rats are jumping ship: one sleazy, heavy contributor tells all about buying access to Clinton.

A whole new concept of who we are and why we do what we do. Fascinating, captain...

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