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Friday, September 9, 2005

Not in my 55 years have I seen such a horrible mess, as I've seen in New Orleans over the past few week or so. Nevermind the wildly-fluctuating gas prices. From decades of liberal-demokkkRAT neglect, rampant liberal-demokkkRAT corruption, criminal liberal-demokkkRAT politicians who lie through their crooked, rotting teeth, to today's catastrophic disaster where they place blame on everyone except themselves, these current criminal politicians — cowardly Mayor Ray Nagin (RACIST-LA), weepy Gov Kathleen Blanco (BITCH-LA), clueless and weepy US Sen Mary Landreau (SKANK-LA) — and the hundreds of do-nothing, line-their-own-pockets, local and state criminal lowlife politician filth, who've preceded them; the blame is theirs, and theirs, alone. The Federal Government isn't responsible for the individual states' physical and capital improvements. The states are, alone. The Federal Government acted responsibly; the State of Louisiana, didn't. The Federal Government is responsible for the (military) safety and protection of the states. Period. Yet some subhuman filth, liberal-asswipes, such as the mentally-ill, liberal-demokkkRAT, alcoholic, drug-addicted, philanderer, dirtbag, deviant, degenerate, subhuman lowlife, Robert F. Kennedy Jr, the "mentally-ill nutbag Cindy Shithead of the environmental movement", blamed Hurricane Katrina on President Bush (CINO) and Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour (CINO), for not buying-into the global warming crap, and not signing up for the thoroughly-discredited, commie-socialist-nazi, anti-American plot, Kyoto Treaty. Kennedy is a lowlife, opportunistic punk for politicizing this national catastrophe. Kennedy's sodomite-homo "butt-buddy" is criminal, lying, dirtbag, lowlife, subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT, wife-beater, alcoholic, Sidney Blumenthal, a Jew, who can only get published in Nazi-German magazines, such as Der Spiegel. Ditto, the rump-raiding, fudge-packing, sodomite-homo liberal Teddy "Butt Boy" Koppel, who politicized the tragedy at his first opportunity. These liberal lowlifes, and many other hate-America, socialist, commie, fascist, leftist, left-wing scumbag, liberal-demokkkRAT trash, have politicized Hurricane Katrina. But the fact remains that, like the Third World hellhole called Detroit, which the minorities have ruined and destroyed, New Orleans is just another Third World shithole. The Greeks believed that the rising of Sirius, the Dog Star, in August made the sun grow hot, and hence innaugurated a period when people acted a little crazy — as we ourselves all saw the past few months. The Katrina Hurricane tragedy merely washed the facade of corrupt, criminal pc-liberalism off, now, for all the world to see. And see it, we do. I foresee scores-of-thousands of dead, being recovered; with thousands more bodies, never being found. Mark my words: the true scope of this horror will never be known. And this was just a "practice run" for a multi-city, muslim-terrorist attack. Lock 'n load, chums.

Around The Garden Center™.
My Sundays-off came to an end, and my once-a-year 25% Off Fall Nursery-Wide Sale, kicked-in this past week. Thanks to the Labor Day Holiday, on Monday, as I still got to sleep-in, for another day. Personally, I'd rather have Sundays off, and forego the profitable weekend sales. But that's not a sound business decision, and that's not why I'm in business, in the first place. (((sigh)))
Within 15 or so hours of posting Friday's Journal, on Thursday evening, gas prices again soared 70¢-plusto record pump prices, here in the York (PA) area, by Friday morning, mostly due to Hurricane Katrina interrupting 25% of our national supply, and almost 50% of national production, just from the Gulf area. We'll now see $4.00+/ gal before year's end. As of Friday 9/2/05, Unleaded Regular (87 oct) was at $3.39/ gal, Unleaded Plus (90 oct) was at $ 3.59/ gal and Unleaded Premium (92 oct) was at $3.79/ gal. This is in less than 24hrs. Crude at $70/ bbl? Heck, we've not seen anything yet; how does $100/ bbl crude sound to you, in 4-6 weeks? And $4.00/ gal isn't far behind.
With all the gas price problems we're going to be having in the coming months, here's a little laugh break from it all, courtesy of Dave Barry.
Here's what ordering pizza will be like, in the future. Heh.
Major drought conditions have returned to the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions, the likes of which I haven't seen in many years. The reservoirs are full, but the *Ground Moisture Index* is ZERO. Plants of all ages and sizes are suffering, and dying. I see this everyday, in my travels around the region. Man 'o man; we could sure use some of Ophelia's rainfall, since we got zero from Katrina.
Yikes, on Tuesday, I filled-up the '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo; 18.522 gals (87 oct at $3.19/gal) for a mere $59.25! Prices at the pump actually dropped 20¢ for all three grades, since last Friday.
On Thursday morning, as I was driving into work, I noticed that gas prices had fallen another 40¢-plus; Unleaded Regular (87) wass at $2.85/gal, Unleaded Plus (90) is at $2.99/gal and Unleaded Premium was at $3.09/gal. No complaints on this end. Just simple supply and demand, not gouging.

Hurricane Katrina™, Week 2.
It was a natural disaster, not dictated by President Bush. Black Niggas® and white trash, racist, bigoted filth are crawling-out from their slimy rocks, to inveigh against their 50-year, liberal-demokkkRAT Plantation sentence.
This horror is what happens when 25,000 subhuman filth are quartered together, in one place. Chaos, anarchy, rape, beatings, rampant drug use, stealing, sniper shootings, robberies, pillaging, plundering, murder; ahhhhhh, liberal-demokkkRAT voters, on parade. A "man-made" disaster of the past 40-50 years' welfare state, of epic proportions; certainly not a "natural" disaster", in any sense of the phrase.
US Sen Mary Landreau (SKANK-LA), a dumbass, ankle-biting, liberal-demokkkRAT, crybaby bitch of the lowest order, has threatened to "punch the President (Bush)", if he or any other government official criticizes New Orleans police for failing to keep civil order in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Hey, fat, bloated, incompetent bitch: it's Louisiana's f*cking fault, you ignorant whorebag! Here are your corrupt police looting, bitch! Your do-nothing, weepy-eyed bitch of a "governor" — Gov Kathleen Blanco (BITCH-LA) — blew it, you bloated, waddling pig! The firefighting gear was in place, but unused.
New Orleans Mayor, Ray Nagin (RACIST-LA), liberal-demokkkRAT, skunk, bigot, criminal, dirtbag, liar, chump, turd-boy, mentally-ill, paranoid sambo is individually and directly responsible for the death and destruction of that city. Period. Next in line, is worthless lib-dem asshole, Gov Kathleen Blanco (BITCH-LA), and useless-as-teats-on-a-bull, lib-dem garbage, US Sen Mary Landreau (SKANK-LA), both do-nothing bitches, liars, scum, filth and subhuman garbage also share full responsibility for the deaths and destruction, along with LEMA. There is no blame on the federal government. None, lib-dem trash. IT'S YOUR FAULT, Louisiana, incompetent liberal-demokkkRATs! You had an evacuation plan in place, and you didn't follow it, assholes.
I have to chuckle at the fact that after 9-11, New Yorkers, led by a competent, law & order GOP administration, got on with the job, while New Orleans, led by incompetent, corrupt, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT minority scum, are showing everyone what lowlife, subhuman asshole filth, they all are. Another of the leftist wackos' failed experiments in liberalism, is splayed-open to world scrutiny. Pathetic creatures, all.
And BTW world; thanks for nothing.
Hey, Germany: f*ck you, Nazi assholes!
I have more compassion for lost pets and dying animals, than I do for the looting, pillaging, raping, murderous, subhuman Niggas®not black — filth, whom I'd gladly head-shoot, on sight.
If you're thinking of donating to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina, do NOT have anything to do with The American Red Cross. They're garbage; remember what they did during and after 9-11. They wasted millions on limousines, homos, frivolous crap and useless cash gifts to subhuman sodomite garbage. Instead, donate to The Salvation Army, who aren't wasting your dollars on their internal homo, frivolous, deviant, garbage agendas, as the corrupt Red Cross did, back then. The shit-sucking, Christian-hating, commie, nazi, fascist, leftist-scum filth, at Yahoo News have eliminated The Salvation Army from their list of "donate to" sites. Stay away from the subhuman garbage at Yahoo. They're shit.
F*ck off, UN (Useless Nations), criminal, worthless, turd-world scumbag filth. Get the hell out of my country, assholes.
The most racist, bigoted, hate-filled group of blacks racists, The Congressional Black Caucus, showed their true 'colors', in many ways, on Friday. The subhuman filth includes racist, hate-America scum, such as this lowlife, subhuman, hate-America, hate-Whitey filth. These are not Black Americans, Americans or even Humans; they're racists, plain and simple. They live to make everything a race issue; black vs white. These racist, bigoted filth are truly evil. The CBC is truly full of non-Black American, lib-dem, racist garbage.
These people are Black Americans, unlike the subhuman, criminal Niggas® filth, raping, looting, murdering and sniping in New Orleans. I wish I could help them directly with food and water and some cash. I wouldn't give a freaking dime to the New Orleans filth.
Hey, world: New Orleans is a corrupt, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled shithole, owned and operated for the past 50 years, keeping the blacks on the mendacious lib-dem 'plantation', in trade for their votes and unlimited welfare checks, and is a turd-world hellhole akin to NYC, Newark, Baltimore, Detroit, LA, Chicago, Cleveland, Houston, Miami and a hundred other once-proud, clean, safe, decent and well-behaved US Cities, until the corrupt, criminal liberal-demokkkRATs and easily-controlled black racists, got ahold of the power structures through fraudulent and criminal voting, and changed the moral make-up of America. Only a dumbass without a functioning brain, couldn't see the corrupted history of that Cult Of PC-Liberalism. Any questions?
Shoot and kill the f*cking looters and snipers, everyone! If I ever have any of those *subhuman filth* in my area, you can freaking bet I will, dammit! Salute! Lt General Russel Honore!
Buh-bye, New Orleans. If anyone rebuilds you in the same spot in which you were destroyed, they're mentally-ill. There is nothing worth saving in that shithole, called New Orleans. Nothing.
As his city skidded deeper into chaos, New Orleans' mentally-ill, paranoid, lying, incompetent, dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT, skunk, bigot, liar, chump, turd-boy mayor, accused federal officials of dragging their feet while people are dying in deplorable conditions. Scum-sucking Mayor Ray Nagin's voice cracked with anger and anguish (America saw him as a racist and bigot) Thursday night in an interview with New Orleans radio station WWL-AM. Nagin is lib-dem garbage, for trying to pass the blame for his incompetence and abject stupidity, in not handling this crisis.
There are two very different cultures at work, here: the 9-11 Tragedy, where Americans came together, and pulled each other from a murderous muslim slaughter; vs Hurricane Katrina, where Americans were divided along races, and killed each other. Gratis. Thanks so very much, racist scum: CBC, NAALCP, liberal-demokkkRATs, ACLU, DNC, NUL et al subhuman racist garbage.
Failed, lowlife, turd-boy, idiot, scumbag, has-been, never-was, joke-of-a-turd, "singer", turd-world boy, dirtbag, homo-sodomite, deviant, dirtbag, rump-raider, alcoholic, drug-addict, fudge-packer, Kanye West, launched a faggot-sodomite-homo "vicious" attack on President Bush, stating that "George Bush doesn't care about black people". Yes, you're right, subhuman filth. As long as blacks racists rape, beat, whip, torture, mutilate, and kill each other, NO ONE will care about their subhuman asses, sambo! Any f*cking questions, Kanye West? You and your kind are faceless, cowardly subhuman filth, shithead boy. I spit into your mindless, ignorant face.
Think I'm being too hard on criminal, murderous subhuman, racist Niggas®s? Read this; I'll wait. They're lowlife, subhuman filth and deserve summary killing. Any questions?
Stupid, f*cking, ignorant moron Chink garbage.
This is what happened to looters in the 1900 Galveston (TX) hurricane, which killed 8,000+ residents. This same thing should have happened to all looters and criminals in New Orleans: kill them on sight.
Shit-for-brains New Orleans Police Chief Edwin Compass, is a cowardly, lying, flaming asshole for blaming the federal government for that city's criminal element and lawlessness. The responsibility is yours, Compass. And the Mayor's. And then the Governor's. You had a plan in place, but you ignored it, assholes. NO's crime rate is ten times the national average. New Orleans is a liberal sewer and hellhole. Raze the place, completely.
Mississippi got hit much worse than Louisiana, and they're not whining, rioting, looting, raping and killing. What's up with that?
And what terrible week would be complete without a verbal visit from an empty-headed, puss-filled, hate-America, liberal-demokkkRAT bitch, like The Huffington Whorebag? So glad the skank checked-in; my week just wasn't complete.
Likewise, the fat, bloated, racist, pimp, hustler, criminal, liar, drug-addict, tax-evader, piece-of-shit, irrev Al "Interloper Jew Scum!" Sharpton, plays the race card, as he always does. Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
Yet, amid all the death, destruction and horror of last week, there are some good stories coming out of the tragedy. The lowlife, hate-America scum in the MSM won't report them; you have to dig for them.
But what's happening in Mississippi, which was hit harder than Louisiana? The bigoted MSM are willfully ingorning it, since the governor is a Republican. Do you see a pattern here? Highlight New Orleans (liberal-demokkkRAT government) and all its manufactured-race problems, and ignore Mississippi (GOP government) with no race problems. Which one plays to the lib-dem filth's agenda for the '06 and '08 elections? Take a guess.
Personally, I think you could bulldoze New Orleans flat, and no one would miss it. I was there 25 years ago, and it was a stinking shithole back then; I've heard that it's gotten a whole lot worse, since. The homo-faggot-sodomites have destroyed all of what little morals it once had. Bulldoze it, and rid America of the shithole. It's a ghost city; bury and eliminate it, for the better.
What's up with this criminally-incompetent, dumbass, weepy Gov Blanco Bitch in not declaring a state of emergency in Louisiana? Arrest and hang the filthy, incompetent, lib-dem bitch! She's intentionally allowing her constituents to die.
20-year-old Jabbar Gibson modestly confessed that he had commandeered a school bus in New Orleans, then picked up about 70 passengers before heading out for the 13-hour trek to Houston, most likely saving their lives. Bravo; someone down there with his head screwed-on correctly!
Randall Robinson, one of the most subhuman, vile, racist-pimp, pieces-of-shit ever to walk this earth, claims cannibalism, racism and Whitey's hatred of blacks, is rampant in New Orleans, and that Whitey caused the disaster. That so, Randy boy? Where's James Earl Ray when the country really needs him?
Dumbass, clueless, hate-America, lib-dem butt-boy, failed, disgraced, run-from-office, Joey "Turdbucket" Scarborough, gets it wrong, once again. What a perfect track record of journalistic failure you have, Joey. Crawl back under your slimy rock, lib-dem butt-boy.
To get your arms around this disaster, here are some before and after pics of New Orleans.
Go for it, black religious leaders! Raise as much damned money as you can, chumps. It's not Whitey's job to fund your people; we're rescuing your people, idiots. You raise the money, morons.
Shit-for-brains, racist, asshole, punk and nobody, Robert D. Bullard, a race-appointed, "professor of sociology" at Clark Atlanta University and the author of several racist books, needs electro-shock therapy. He's an empty-headed, lowlife subhuman bigot, who contends that racism was a factor in the government's slow response and in the conditions that put so many blacks in harm's way. Asshole.
Here's a military expert who refutes the race-baiters and other lib-dem garbage contentions that aid was slow to get to the shithole of New Orleans. 'Nuff said.
Lawlessness in New Orleans is a national disgrace? Sure it is; buy several guns and lots of ammo, American Citizens. BANG! Problem solved.
Hey, idiotic Louisiana demokkkRATs: look inward to the Katrina aid failure. It's your damned fault, lowlife, racist scumbags! This "blame game", typical of liberal-demokkkRAT filth, is getting old, quickly.
Bring out the 2nd Amendment State Militias, to "control" looting, raping, murdering and crime: shoot to kill all criminals, on sight!
Thanks, Europe. We appreciate the gesture, however small.
Bigots, racists, scumbags, lowlifes, asswipes, Congressional Black Caucus Dirtbag Rep Elijah Cummings (BIGOT-MD) and lowlife Rep Jesse Jackson, Jr (RACIST-IL), along with other racist scum from the Congressional Black Caucus, Black Leadership Forum, National Conference of State Legislators, National Urban League, and the NAACP were critical of the relief effort for victims of Hurricane Katrina. Assholes, all.
The NY Slimes lowlife scum, Dowd-Rich-Krugman-Herbert, should be stood against a wall, and shot, for politically-exploiting this horrific tragedy. They're subhuman filth, hate-America garbage, commie-socialist, fascist, nazi trash. Dowd is a barren, sterile, fat, bloated, rejected, subhuman piece of femi-nazi shit.
Lying, dirtbag, lowlife, piece-of-shit, liberal-demokkkRAT US Rep Robert "Bobbie The Fudgepacker" Wexler (SODOMITE-FL), piles on: Bush Administration's Response to Hurricane Katrina a Disgrace. F*ck-off, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America, hate-Bush, Wexler-punk garbage. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?
New Orleans is dead. Get out, anyone remaining.
The empty-headed, lowlife, subhuman, drug-addicted, alcoholic, PMS whorebag, untalented, barren, sterile, rejected, washed-up, has-been, never-was, dumbass slut, Celine Dion, says it's okay to loot and steal jeans, TVs and more. Shoot the Frog/Cannuck bitch and her looter pals. She's dirtbag garbage.
Ray Nagin is America's Niggas®; nothing more. Kathie Blanco, of Louisiana, appears to have been more focused on securing federal funds for post-hurricane relief than ensuring that necessary troops were deployed to carry search and rescue missions, deliver food and water, and protect the citizens of Louisiana against marauding street thugs.
Get AIDS and die, Southern Decadence filth. Die, subhuman faggot, sodomite homo filth!
Turd-boy, femmy-faggot-sodomite-homo garbage, untalented, has-been, lowlife dirtbag, brit-shit, liberal trash, Pierce Brosnan, loser and scumbag, asks, "This man called President Bush has a lot to answer for," the former James Bond actor told reporters Saturday. "I don't know if this man is really taking care of America. This government has been shameful." F*ck you, fag-boy.
Leftist-wacko, insanely-stupid, mentally-ill, hate-Bush, hate-America bitches like shit-for-brains, Cindy "Bull-Dyke Lesbo" Richards, all need another "opening" in the head, for what ails their saggy, fat, bloated, drug-addicted, alcoholic asses.
Thanks to Noah's Wish, for saving the pets and animals in New Orleans.
Dumbass, fat, corrupt, subhuman, bloated, criminal, sweathog, hate-Anmerica lib-dem, Gov Kathy "Waddling Pig" Blanco, needs to be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for treason to her surviving, dying and dead state constituents. Shoot the f*cking bitch!
New Orleans - murder and rape - fact or fiction? Who knows? Time will tell.
Mississippi Gov Haley Barbour got a hug. Gov Kathleen Blanco was lucky to get a hello. Shoot the Blanco bitchwhorebagslutfilthbitchscum.
American Military Heroes, Lt Matt Udkow and Lt David Shand, two Navy helicopter pilots were praised but then reminded of the importance of supply missions after delivering their cargo and then rescuing 110 hurricane victims in New Orleans instead of immediately returning to base, the US Military said today. One of the pilots was "temporarily assigned to a kennel", but that was not punishment, said Patrick Nichols, a civilian public affairs officer at Pensacola Naval Air Station. "They were not *reprimanded*," Nichols said. "They were *counseled*." Freaking, damned BS! They were **administratively-crucified**.
Jerry Rivers is a fake, a fraud and a liar. Subhuman, fudge-packer, pole-puffer, rump-raider, poofy turd-boy.
Damn, just damn.
Do disasters destroy social cooperation?
Y-a-w-n. More liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America, hate-Bush, pro- commie, socialist, fascist, nazi, left-wing wacko, dirtbag crappola. B-u-r-p. F-a-r-t, lib-dem trash.
Asked why it took days to get National Guard troops moving to the area hit by the hurricane, Rumsfeld replied, "It didn’t."
No thanks, subhuman pedophile piece-of-shitfilthscum.
NOLAPD suicides? Ummmm, sorry; don't believe it. Well, maybe this one.
Gimme a freaking break! WTF cares?
Excellent article.
Just in case you don't remember how a Constitutional Republic works, here's a clue.
The liberal-demokkkRAT Holy Grail-mantra of unlimited abortion, is alive and well, in Hell. Government dependency = liberal-demokkkRATs.
Oh yeah, shit.
No time for turf wars.
Let's take a break from the joy of Bush bashing to reveal the dirty little secret of New Orleans: Its local government deserves an F for its planning and response to Katrina. And one other thing: The New Orleans police force (NOLAPD) would be a joke if it weren't a disgrace.
Sad fact: New Orleans is a massive, failed, useless, worthless, degenerate, deviant, dirtbag, lowlife, garbage, scum-sucking, filthy *welfare state*.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer "they are so black"? What's up with Wolfie's RACIST HATRED 0F BLACKS?
Jay-Z and Kanye West are just racist Niggas®s; nothing more.
The neglect of the nation's poor that has become so evident in New Orleans is happening in other major cities as well, the head of the corrupt United Way, said Wednesday. "This is a wake-up call for America," said Brian Gallagher, president and chief executive officer of corrupt United Way of America, which has taken a lead role in resettling tens of thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors. Bullshit; let them get jobs and earn their way, as most Americans have done. No freebies. Get off the federal teat.
Race was a factor in the death toll from Hurricane Katrina, mentally-ill, hate-America, hate-Bush, liberal-demokkkRAT, socialist, commie, fascist and nazi, Howard Dean, told members of the National Baptist Convention of America on Wednesday at the group's annual meeting. Dean, chairman of the Democratic party, made the comments to the Baptists' Political and Social Justice Commission. The Baptist Convention, with an estimated 3.5 million members, is one of the largest black religious groups in the country.
The welfare state of New Orleans and Louisiana is exposed, for all its ugliness.
Net net: here's who screwed-up the hurricane rescue relief in Louisiana. Surprised? Not me. Lib-dem filth f*ck it up, every time, and we have to bail their sorry, sagging, commie, fascist, socialist asses out, every time.

More US Taxpayer's Monies wasted upon useless, worthless, frivolous BS "studies".
RIP, Chief Justice Rehnquist, and thanks for all you've done for America.
US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO) dismissed the suggestion of prominent hate-Bush, liberal-demokkkRAT columnists to introduce a bill of impeachment against President Bush for lack of border enforcement, saying his immigration reform bill will do what is necessary to stem the flow of illegal aliens into the US. However, after we get hit again, and it's found that the muslim terrorists came through either the Mexican or Canadian borders, President Bush will be impeached.
Are you as tired and disgusted at the lib-dem "blame game", as I am? (((sigh)))
WTF? The 9 SCOTUS get one freaking vote, each. Grow some brains, lib-dem trash.
Shit-for-brains, Taxachusettes Gov Mitt "Duh; How'd I Get Here" Romney (RINO-MA), who helped resurrect the Salt Lake Winter Olympics and is considering a run for the White House in 2008, said Hurricane Katrina caused more economic damage than the Sept. 11 terrorist attack and the government response has been "undermanaged" and "an embarrassment". The Republican refused to pin the blame solely on the Bush administration, but he spared no level of government in his critique during a Statehouse news conference called to discuss gasoline price gouging. F-a-r-t.
C'mon, Rudy. Rudolph Giuliani and disgraced, liar, socialist, commie, nazi, liberal-demokkkRAT, subhuman, piece-of-shit, lesbo-bull-dyke filth, US Sen Hillary Rodham Klintoon, New York's most popular politicians, see a lot of things differently. You can now add Hurricane Katrina to the list. Huh, asshole writer?
Klintoon (LOWLIFE-NY) is pounding the Bush administration's handling of the crisis, calling for an independent commission to investigate delays in aid, and an overhaul of federal emergency organization.
Giuliani, the former Republican mayor of New York City, has stayed out of the debate, even as some Republicans have urged that he be named to take over the federal response. Before a speech Tuesday night in Norfolk, Va., Giuliani told reporters that he was willing to help the recovery effort in some way, but discounted the notion he could be dropped into the multistate crisis and improve things.
The man dubbed "America's Mayor" for his leadership following the Sept 11th, 2001, terrorist attacks — Rudolph Giuliani? — said it was not helpful to question decision-makers while the rescue work is ongoing. F*ck the traitorous, hate-America, hate-Bush, liberal-demokkkRAT shitscumfilthy pols.
Yes, the GOP is addicted to big government, just as the liberal-demokkkRATs are.
Here's a list of 50+ pro-abortion Republican skunks in the House. Vote the scumbags out.
Sigh; is the GOP snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, again?
Hey, Arlie Sphincter (LIBERAL-PA): just die from the brain cancer, will you please?
Patty Buchanan hasn't been a Conservative or GOPers for many years. He's a nutcase.

Hollyweird "star" George Clooney-Looney, the rump-raider, fudge-packer leftist, wacko-nutcase, has slammed modern broadcast journalism, because he fears viewers are fed lies they want to hear, instead of "a common truth".
Join us as we rally around people whose lives and cities were demolished by Katrina. Tune in Saturday at 8:00 pm ET for a three-hour "Larry King Live" special, "How You Can Help." Pheeeeeeeeeew, scumbags!
Left Wing moonbats still at it with Hurricane Katrina & racist conspiracies. (((sigh))) See a previous section, titled "Hurricane Katrina™, Week 2".
Last night, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America, hate-Bush, Governor ???Teddie Kulongoski received a request from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help provide temporary housing for victims of hurricane Katrina who currently are without food, water and shelter. Under the Governor's direction, the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) immediately began coordinating with the Oregon Red Cross to accommodate approximately 1,000 refugees from Gulf Coast states. The refugees are expected to arrive in the Portland area sometime in the next 24 to 48 hours.
Fat, bloated, piggy, deviant, degenerate, subhuman, piece-of-shit filth, Alan Dershowitz, PhD-FAGGOTISM, needs a brain in his empty, hate-filled, racist head. He's subhuman filth.
Put a freaking bullet Popsicle® through the head of the fat, bloated, liar, traitor, thief, scumbag lowlife, deviant, degenerate dirtbag, Sandy Burglar, Klintoonista National Security Advisor piece-of-shit. He's festering, fetid dogshit, and the Bush Power-Elite Cabal is protecting him. Any wonder why I've quit the GOP and become and Independent?
Keep trying, 13% left-winger idiots. We love watching you make assholes out of yourselves, on a daily basis. Dumbass, lib-dem garbage.
Hey, Cindy Tucker loser bitch: eat shit and die, whorebag slut filth.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
French President, Jacques Chirac, was hospitalized last night due to a "slight problem in his vision" as a consequence of a "slight stroke", according to a spokes-asshole of the Military Hospital Val du Grâce, where Chirac will remain hospitalized for a week. Hey Chirac, do the world a favor, and DIE! Sonofabitch terrorist appeaser.
If there was/is anyone more anti-women, hate-motherhood, hate-America, hate-Men, pro-death, racist, dirtbag bitch, it's NOW-NAG (National Organization for Women - National Association of Gals) President Kim Gandy, a left-wing, wacko, subhuman piece-of-shit. Same old BS year after year, Kimmy? Get a new agenda and some new lib-dem talking points, bitch.
Fat, bloated, liar, race-pimp, corporate extortionist, dirtbag, Niggas®, lowlife, subhuman, scum-sucking asswiper, mentally-ill multiculturalist, piece-of-shit, tax-evader, irrev Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Hi-Jackson, truly believes: In confusion and horror, there is much profit.
I've said for years, that all virus, worm and trojan writers and senders, should be summarily head-shot, upon capture; no trials or jail terms. The arrest of two men suspected of being behind the Zotob virus — Farid Essebar was arrested in Morocco and Atilla Ekici was detained by police in Turkey following an international investigation into the Zotob outbreak earlier in the month — two subhuman muslim filth, warrant immediate and summary execution. Kill them.
KILL the Anan criminal filth! Kill them all! They're subhuman, criminal garbage!

islam Is A Terrorist Organization™.
Since reviewing evidence in the '96 OKC Bombing, over the past 8 years, I've steadily-maintained that muslim-islamic terrorists did it. The two, dumbass white boys, McVeigh and Nichols, were merely unwitting, useful idiots. Here's further proof.
Hey, terrorist-supporting CAiR: Michael Graham and I both spit in your face, pigshit-slurping, lowlife, dirtbag porkie filth! Mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him) sucks dead pig butt. Eat pigshit and die, WMAL 630AM in DC; you ABC assholes truly suck for your blatant cowardice! Michael Graham was and is, 100% correct: islam is a terrorist organization.
Stupid f*cking muslim turds think Hurricane Katrina was the work of allah (pigshit be upon him) and that "the US is collapsing". Pigshit guzzling assholes, all. "The Terrorist Katrina Is One of the Soldiers of allah (pigshit be upon him)", is one of the reactions to the hurricane that has ravaged our Gulf Coast. It is the title of an article by one Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi, director of the research center at Kuwait's Ministry of Endowment. His article has been translated and posted on the Internet by the Middle East Media Research Institute. Mr. Al-Mlaifi reckons Katrina is "not an adherent of Al-Qaeda" but is upset with America for its unbelievers.
The leader of the nation's first muslim political party says all Australians should be living under islamic law, dictated by the koran. That would be the murderous, hate-women, sharia law. The "Best Party of allah (pigshit be upon him) in Australia" applied for registration in the ACT yesterday, claiming to provide a political voice for muslims. Founder and lowlife dirtbag, Kurt Kennedy, a Vietnamese-born muslim convert and candidate in the ACT assembly elections last year, said the party wanted to "implement the laws as stated in the koran". Assholes.
Why do so many corporations capitulate to the demands of terrorist-supporting CAiR and its lying, murderous, hate-America ilk? How does the terrorist-supporting Council on American-islamic Relations (and others in the islamist-victimization industry) fare so well when it complains to a corporation? How, indeed.
Big mistake; very big mistake. One of President Bush’s closest confidants, Karen Hughes, last weekend was scheduled to address the annual conference of an organization whose primary purpose is the propagation of Saudi-sponsored Wahhabist islam, and which has praised suicide bombers, whose president has publicly denied that al Qaeda was behind 9-11, and whose web site to this day sells a book that lavishes praise on Osama bin Laden. Not only is Hughes publicly endorsing the terrorist-supporting, islamic Society of North America (iSNA) with her mere presence, but this is the first major public address in her new role spearheading outreach to the muslim world. In the process, she’ll be seen as signaling whom the administration does, and does not support, in the US muslim community. Terrorism = islam; make no mistake about it, America. Here's another take on it: terrorism = islam. His Majesty, King Abdullah II, of Jordan, is also a pigshit-gulping, muslim-terrorist-supporter. Surprised?
Bull-freaking-shit, moooose-limbs! No freaking prayers at public school, asswipes. If Christians and Jews aren't allowed by liberal-demokkkRAT leftists, to pray at public functions, then you aren't either. Fair's fair; sauce for the gander.
Bullshit. British Muslims in several areas said Friday they felt profound shock watching a video of a London suicide bomber seeking to justify the carnage — erasing any doubt a homegrown cell carried out the July 7 attack and that its members were inspired by al-Qaida. For one of his friends, the sight of purported ringleader Mohammed Sidique Khan — speaking in a Yorkshire accent and wearing a red-and-white keffiyeh in the farewell message broadcast on al-Jazeera — verged on the surreal.
The death and devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina and the slow response to the catastrophe by the Bush administration has shown up the "impotence" of the world's only superpower in the eyes of many in the Middle East. "The Bush administration itself through its hegemony and enmity has targeted nations and people with all sorts of human Katrinas, shellings, killings and occupation," said Jordanian independent Arabic-language newspaper, al shithole, Al-Ghad.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Give this man a cigar and an immediate pardon! A man turned himself in to authorities in the killing of two convicted child rapists, saying he picked the victims from a sheriff’s Web site. Michael Anthony Mullen, 36, called 911 on Monday to claim responsibility for the killings. Bravo, Mr Mullen; you're a hero.
Find this subhuman piece of deviant criminal filth — Carl Wayne Harrison — and kill him on sight. If I ever see him, I'll kill him immediately.
Subhuman, piece-of-shit, Roger Evans, needs killing.
Former University of Houston professor, Alexander Brown, who is accused of stealing funds from the UH athletic department, needs killing.
Subhuman, piece-of-pigshit, idiotic islamic, moronic muslim filth — Levar Haley Washington, 25, Gregory Vernon Patterson, 21, Hammad Riaz Samana, 21, and Kevin James, 29 — sorely need killing. Do so, immediately.
A subhuman — Patrick Walsh, 21, — was found guilty Friday of masterminding Maryland’s largest residential arson Patrick Walsh, 21, a cluster of fires last December that caused $10 million in damage at a subdivision under construction. He was found guilty in federal court of conspiracy and all 34 arson counts for planning and helping set fires at the Hunters Brooke development in Indian Head. No one was hurt, but 10 homes were destroyed and 16 severely damaged. Kill him.
A New Orleans subhuman piece-of-shit, was arrested and charged with shooting at a military rescue helicopter. Authorities said the bullets apparently did not hit anything. Wendell Bailey, 20, was taken into custody Monday night by agents with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. Kill him; he's subhuman filth.
It's been a year of staggering news for a region that likes to bill itself as a good place to raise a family. The Spokane (WA) area seems awash in pedophiles. Local residents were already reeling from months of revelations about pedophile Catholic priests when a judge ruled last week that individual parishes, parochial schools and other church property may be sold to pay off victims and their lawyers. This spring, the local newspaper reported that Republican Mayor Jim West used the Internet to seek dates with young men and allegedly molested boys, as a sheriff's deputy decades ago. Kill all the pedophiles, now.
505 murderous muslim, subhuman filth still at GITMO? KILL THEM ALL!
Subhuman piece-of-shit, Bernard Derr, 48, a man with a history of psychiatric problems, needs serious killing. He's lowlife filth. Kill him.
A teenage boy who was charged in January with intentionally beating his pregnant girlfriend's belly with a miniature baseball bat, thereby inducing a miscarriage, has pleaded "no contest" to the charges and will not serve any jail time. The teen, now 17, awaits a juvenile sentencing or disposition on the charge Sept. 29. F*ck that shit; kill him.
A Hurricane Katrina evacuee staying with a Plano family was arrested Tuesday and accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, police said. Freddie Murray, 48, of New Orleans was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Mr. Murray is a distant relative of the girl, police said. Police didn't know the exact relationship. Freddie Murray needs killing. I volunteer!
Stand the illegal alien subhuman filth, Juan Bibinz, 38, up against a wall and shoot him.

Shop Horror™.
For those with a sense of humor, puns can be fun, even playful. However, there can come a point where puns go too far, daring to embark on a frightening frontier known as ... British storefronts! Witness Shop Horror in all its ghastly glory. A self-described collection of "the best of the worst in British shop names," it showcases puns that find a hideously beautiful home on placards throughout the nation. While a few may be a feast for the eyes, some are not appealing at all, while others are simply flat out junk. Wok This Way? Oh man. Well, whether they're enjoyed or endured, you at least have to give them brief props for creativity. OK, that's enough. Please, cut it out. Stop! Oh, when will this witty wordplay ever end?

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