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20 years on

friday, september 10th, 2021

It's hard to believe it's been 20 years, and there's still a living muslim(SPIT!) terrorist remaining on the planet. We should have killed every muslim(SPIT!) terrorist, everywhere. 9-11 still affects me to this day.

It irks me that they call this, as well as the 5-10-15 year "anniversary" of 9-11. Anniversary implies a happy occasion; this certainly wasn't anywhere near that realm.

The anger, hate and rage I still have for the subhuman, murderous, blood-soaked troglodytes-from-hell muslims(SPIT!), still makes me wish I had my finger on nuclear cruise missile fire buttons, or could give the "go order" to our fleet of F-117 & B-52 bombers to obliterate every Mid-East country, except Israel. My 2001 (9.14.2001) "Journal" entry, and a number of them afterward, reflect it.

Evil cannot be "treated", nor should it be. Evil has to confronted and destroyed and it matters not why the evil is in play. Society has no obligation to try to rehabilitate evil. If a person commits acts that cause pain and destruction, that person must be dealt with harshly. SPJNK. There are obviously varying degrees of evil but mass terror and murder is at the top of the list. The terrorists who struck America are modern-day SS men. They are no different than the concentration camp butchers and any nation in the world that harbors them or condones their behavior should be ostracized, whether they produce oil or not.

President Joe "A Rotting Bag of Oatmeal" Biden, who's not qualified to be a Walmart Greeter, is doing the unthinkable. On the 20th anniversary of the dark day that terrorists struck New York City, Washington, DC, and Shanksville, PA, he – more than any other "world leader" – is preparing the way for the next 9-11.

Sept. 11, 2021, ought above all to be a day of remembrance, a reflection on loss, a homage to bravery, and a recommitment to our steely resolve to never let this happen again. And without question, the president will invoke that message at ceremonies in New York, Washington and Shanksville, Penn.

What most of the world will pay attention to, however, is the dementia president’s actions.

Right now, after the catastrophic collapse of Afghanistan and the humiliating American retreat, Dumbass Biden is attempting to salvage the protection of US interests by engaging, enabling, and empowering the Taliban.

To be fair, Dumbass Biden is not alone. The Chinese, the Russians, some Europeans, and the UN General Secretary are all lining to work with the new regime. They will shortly find that working with evil people, will not go well and end well, for them.

The shit-for-brains dementia president may believe this is the safest, wisest course. But on its face, it looks like shameless appeasement and coming disaster for the Western World.

In the Catholic Church, for instance, clergy and educators have for decades promoted a highly misleading view of Islam. One might add that it’s a dangerously misleading view because it leaves Christians unprepared for the dangerous realities of Islam. In short, Catholic leaders are guilty of covering-up Islam’s extremism.

The top five myths that the stupid-assed, moron Church leaders promote are thes idiotic tenets:

• Islam is a religion of peace; Islam has nothing to do with violence.
• Islam has much in common with Christianity, including a similar moral code, and similar ideas about marriage, family, and sexuality.
• The vast majority of Muslims are moderate.
• Jihadists misunderstand Islam. They have perverted a great religion. Luckily, they are only a tiny minority.
• Many Christians also misunderstand Islam. They suffer from “Islamophobia” — an irrational fear of Islam that can be overcome through dialogue.
• Many in the media and in government share and promote the same deceptive myths about Islam. Much of our failure to resist the spread of Islam stems from these myths.

The Taliban invaded a country and overthrew an elected government. Their human rights record is beyond appalling. It is outright slaughter and murder. They dominate the illegal narcotics traffic in South Asia. We should have nuked the opium poppy fields and sterilized the ground, never to grow anything so poisonous again. Engaging them would be like doing diplomacy with the murderous cartels after they overthrew the Mexican government. The Taliban ought to be treated like an international outcast, not an acceptable government. They all need killing, IMO.

It is shocking how the standard-bearers of international “norms” can so blithely discard – well, international norms. In one stroke, they are doing more to undermine a responsible international order than the meanest of Trump’s mean tweets ever did.

Yet this is not the worst of where Dumbass Biden is leading the international community.

The Taliban have operational relationships with al Qaeda, the Pakistan Intelligence Service, and the Haqqani network. Empowering them won’t cause them to relinquish these relationships. Indulging the Taliban will make them more resistant to Western pressure, not less.

The Taliban won’t curtail transnational terrorist activities on their soil that don’t threaten the Taliban. They may whack some ISIS-K operatives, but they won’t interfere with the Haqqani or al Qaeda.

Al Qaeda will see returning to Afghanistan as redemption, and planning the next 9-11 from there as a fulfillment of their historic mission.

Armed with a stronger, more well-armed military, more money, and more international support, the Taliban will be less risk-averse in permitting transnational terrorism, not more.

President Biden has made the world less safe, and that is not the act that Americans deserved on the 20th anniversary of their struggle to ensure no more 9-11s. Never Ever Forget!

I predict muslim(SPIT!) terror cells will begin to hit "soft targets – hospitals, nursing homes, K-12 schools, office buildings, shopping malls, etc etc etc – in the coming dqay and weeks, no thanks to the Biden Filth not vetting the 100,000+ new Afghani garbage and current muslims(SPIT!), hiding in plain sight, in America.

© 9.10.2021 by JS.

A Day In The Life.

Up at 6a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check the BSL (Blood Sugar Level), and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 Chart, made coffee and breakfast, had a couple smokes in the semi-cool garage, listened to the "Chris Plante Show" (WMAL-DC) and checked the "leftover" errands list. It was only 50°, as we start the Labor Day Weekend, and the coolest morning in the past 7-8 weeks. I actually turned-on the heat in the condo, for about 30mins, and enjoyed it. I drove to the New Eastern Market to get a week's supply of food, and back home by 11:30, to unload and get some lunch.

After lunch, Sherry came by at 1p, picked me up, and we went walking in nearby Springettsbury Twp Park, then to her daughter, Holly's craft shop, Virtue Local Art Market, in nearby Hallam, and then to visit a new park location, to have a look.

Traffic was typical Friday afternoon busy, and the Labor Day Weekend surge added more to it. She dropped me off around 5p, and headed home. I had a light dinner of some of the items I bought this morning at the market, watched Discovery's "Gold Rush", FNC's "Tucker", "Laura" and part of "Gutfeld". After doing my nightly finger stick for the BSL, it was lights out.

Up at 8:45a on Saturday, I had coffee and breakfast on the warmer, 71° back patio, checked the weather and news on my office-sunroom's computer. It would be a nice day, so I opened-up the condo to get some fresh air thru, as did many in the 40-unit complex. I took a couple walks around the complex after lunch, caught a 2hr nap, and watched a NASCAR xfinity (2nd tier) race. After dinner, I watched some reruns and new episodes of Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" until Fox News at 10p. Since there's the F-1 Grand Prix of Netherlands on at 9-11a, I decided to make it an early night, and unplugged at 11p.

The death toll from Hurricane/TS Ida is still climbing, as the authorities keep searching. Updated total is over 60. RIP.

Up at 6a, still dark, 65° outside and rainy, I made Kona Hawaiian Volcanic Estate Coffee, did the BSL routine, had English Muffins & Orange Marmalade (sugar free) for breakfast, and a couple of smokes with my coffee in the garage. The Dutch F-1 Grand Prix started at 9a and ran 2hrs; very good race. I had lunch, started 2 loads of laundry, and did some garage and condo chores. After a Lasagna dinner, I watched another NASCAR Cup (top tier) Series Race, which lasted from 6-10:30p, far too long as a night race, and quit for the day.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Monday, and woke to a beautiful 65°, low humidity, sunny Labor Day morning. I had coffee, breakfast and listened to the "Chris Plante Show" (WMAL-DC), and checked my week's schedule. I had some errands to run, but several places were closed due to the holiday, so I'll get done what I can, and do the others over the next few days. After lunch, I did some gardening; dead heading coneflowers and some special hostas on the back patio, and some weeding in the front double garden. Temps jumped into the mid-80s by 3p, still with low humidity. Next task will be a front garden small redesign, when one of my old landscape crews, from (my former LSCP Foreman's company) Alan's River Rock Landscaping, come to do my Fall clean-up in mid-October.

After Shrimp Garlic Angel Hair Pasta Salad for dinner, I watched a number of History's specials: "The Machines That Built America", "The Snackfoods That Built America", "The Cereal Wars" etc etc etc. By 11p, it was time to get some sleep.

Up at 8a on Tuesday, it was a beautiful, sunny 59° morning, with very low humidity. I list to the "CP Show" until 12noon, had a Chicken Salad Sandwich on Croissant, for lunch, and did some gardening out front. Several neighbors stopped-by to ask questions about their gardens and what to do, this time of year. 2 of my 3 Orchids are putting-out flower spikes, and all I do is feed them once-a-week with ice cubes, Yes, ice cubes; no fertilizer.

I said this about the Fauci asshole, months ago. SPJNK.

After dinner, I watched various Fox News shows until 12 midnight, and called it quits.

I slept-in until 9:30a on Wednesday, another sunny, 70° morning, with a forecast high of 83° for the day. After the BSL test, I had breakfast and several cups of coffee in the garage, since the lawnmower crews were here and making their usual temporary mess, with grass clippings and dust flying. I left for a haircut app't at 12 noon, and stopped at Weis Market, on the way home, to get a few things. After unloading and lunch, I grabbed a couple-three hours on the LR couch, had dinner and watched Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" new series until 11p, and unplugged.

I slept-in again until 10a on Thursday, to a rainy, cool 65° day. I did a BSL test, had Kona Coffee, toast w/ (sugar free) Strawberry Marmalade and a few smokes in the cool garage with coffee, and checked my daily schedule: blank! Sacre Bleu I had a day off.

Australia is now a full-blown Police State, by hacking your smart devices, allowing them to destroy you. Coming to America, all too soon enough. If you have any "smart devices – phones, Nest thermometers, refrigerators, TVs, computers etc etc etc – GET RID OF THEM! I've NEVER used any of that crap, which Google/NSA can easily monitor you and your family.

I did a couple errands, but the shirt laundry was closed; open tomorrow, so I'll go then. I did some weeding in the front garden, helped a neighbor get some boxes in her SUV, and had lunch. I took a 3hr nap on the couch, paid some utility bills online and had dinner. I watched "Homestead Rescue" until "Tucker" and "Gutfeld" came on, and bagged it for the night. Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal".

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