too much noise
Friday, September 10, 1999

the sound of various minorities, liberals, indians, gays and lesbians, white and black racists screaming their lungs out makes me nauseous: they all want to be given what they don't have and covet of others, instead of taking responsibility for their lives and earning their way in this world, as other people do. Afraid of honest work, they compensate by whining, complaining, bitching, moaning, protesting, threatening, cajoling and crying. Avoidance of responsibility seems to be at the top of their perverted agendas, while doing nothing positive in their pathetic, sorry-assed lives, to further advance themselves. I don't feel sorry for them; they're way beyond pity. Thanks to liberal scum, these creatures have become so government dependent over the decades that the best scenario is that they "die out" and are replaced by others who can deal with life. And the sooner, the better: the dissonant noise level is almost deafening.

Around The Garden Center.
Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of clouds for days last week, but no rain from Hurricane Dennis all week, stalled out just to the south of us. What a joke. A Cannuck high-pressure system negated a Category 3 Hurricane. A hundred miles to the south, they've gotten several feet of rain, recharging groundwater and wiping out the drought; of course, they've gotten some real damage, too. At least some of the Mid Atlantic Region will benefit from the rain. On the flip side, maybe the hurricane will clean the filthy beaches.
The newspaper folks are out in full force, interviewing all the garden centers and nurserys for their thoughts on the drought and its comcomitant effects. Here's the latest interview with me. Also, here's another, and yet another. BFD.
My office Dell 333's Win95 O/S is getting a little long in the tooth, now that I'm used to Win98 on my SAG Electronics 450, at home. It's soon time to reformat, reload and install Win98 and selected apps. To that end, I've started copying data and image files on to Zip Disks, and have begun to uninstall various non-essential (but cool) apps to lessen the load on the 384mgb SDRAM when I'm working. I'll need to take about two days to complete the project.
With the 25% Off Fall Nursery Stock Sale beginning last Wednesday, walk-in business has again picked up considerably. Unlike other garden centers and nurserys, who routinely give deals and discounts and ruin the industry, I only give an 8-week discount period in the Fall. Helps me clear out nursery stock and perennials, helps the homeowners and landscapers get their work done. Otherwise, all year long, I refuse to discount anything, except a nominal 5% to senior citizens and garden club members. It's called taking the high road.
Labor Day Weekend isn't the end of Summer for me; trees turning color en masse is. And that's a ways down the road, bub. I took Labor Day off and closed for the first time in 9 years. Sleeping most of the day was great.
In another lions-and-the-Christians game, the locals were happy that Penn State won. I could care less.
Sure, we'll take any further moisture we can get. Screw the cookouts and BBQs; we need the rain. It's too late for some.
Although we were officially closed on Monday, I went into work on Labor Day to do some landscape estimates and visit with Pickles. As usual, he was asleep in the Main Greenhouse. He's a "night stalker" and sleeps all day; then he patrols the 20-acre complex all night. I got two lscp estimates completed and will mail them out on Tuesday.
Only 2000 hours? shit, I and many others, are way past that.
On Monday evening and Tuesday morning, we got pounded by the remnants of Hurricane Dennis as it moved northwest-ward through the York-Harrisburg areas: 2"+ at my condo in York, and 1.4" at the Garden Center & Nursery Complex. Harrisburg got 5"+ and floods halted all city traffic. A most welcomed end to the '99 Labor Day Holiday Weekend. Thankyouverymuch, whomeveryouare.
The rain was nice, but it didn't change things a bit: we're still in a drought.
9.9.99 got in my office machine's face on Thursday. I think. Upon starting the Dell 333 w/ Win95 up at 6:30am, it promptly shut down all by itself, after using up all 384mgb SDRAM during start-up. I restarted and it repeated the shutdown 4 more times after gobbling memory. Finally, it stayed up and running with 200mgb+ SDRAM. My SAG 450 w/ Win98 at home, also 384mgb, had no 9999 problems when I opened it at 4am, while feeding the two cats and making coffee. I did maintenance with Symmantec's SystemWorks v2.0 on the Dell and it's okay now. Bet the tech dept's at all the 'puter manufacturers are flooded with calls today. Heh, heh.

Clintonoid Slime.
There goes the neighborhood. Bubba and Hitlery Clinton finally bought a house in Chappaqua, New York, something way beyond their means. They're still saddled with over $5+ million in legal debts. Net net: someone else a criminal, liberal piece of dogshit bought the dwelling for them, illegally. They can't afford it, now or ever. The Clintons are subhuman garbage, shit for brains filth. Not what I'd accept as neighbors under any circumstances. Worse than living next to "the projects".
They will pay $1.7 million for 5,200-square-foot home in Westchester County north of New York City, slightly more than the asking price of $1.695 million. They expect to close on the property on November 1st. Can you imagine that: paying slightly more than the "asking price". Only redneck, cracker motherf*ckers from Arkansas would do something as shit for brains dumb as that. Most people w/ brains bargain the unit down under the so-called "asking price". Stupid rednecks, them. Well, they're using "OPMs money" other people's money, not their's 'cause they have no money.
I find it slightly north of incredulous that this McAuliffe moron is buying a house for the Clintonoids. Just as f*cking amazing, the Clintonoid scumbags were turned down by Irksome Bowles, Bubba's former chief of staff and fellow criminal, for the loan, errr, gift monies. They'll never pay it back. They're White trash.
The lying, medically and politically compromised and sexually challenged Janet Reno bitch is backpaddling and treading water in an effort to limit the damage to her cadre of crooks and assorted scum at DOJ (Department of InJustice), by appointing a moderate Republican, as independent investigator. Oh, they're gonna find some shit buried and hidden, and FBI and BATF heads will roll, but the Reno lowlife will remain as the Nation's Top Crook. Even liberals are calling for Clinton's and Reno's head on this major f*ck-up. So are some GOP'ers. The Reno bitch is asleep at the switch.
Read about what's in our government; chilling, to say the least. Almost as bad as the corruption in Russia. Gore's friend's, ya know.
The Clinton moron is still trying to pardon 16 illegal alien FALN (not good, solid Puerto Ricans) terrorists to help his lying, criminal bitch wife ingratiate herself with another element of New York City's minority. It'll backfire, bigtime. Rudy will have a field day with that huge mistake. C'mon Rudy, rip her a new moron!
And now wait: the Hitlery bitch has withdrawn her support for the illegal alien (not good, solid Puerto Ricans) terrorists in NYC jails, and the so-called lowlife community leaders lowlife, lazy, worthless minority scum that they are are threatening her. Love it. Let's see some public bloodletting.
12 of the filthy, stinking illegal alien FALN terrorist scum have taken the Clintonoid's offer and agreed to whatever the f*cked up conditions were, just to get out of prison. I find this un-f*cking-believeable! Those subhuman scum should have rotted their murderous asses off in prison for the rest of their stinking lives. What's next Clinton, you moron? Pardoning all on Death Row? Just so the Hitlery whore can get the criminal vote, too?
Finally, some people are fed up with the Clintonoid scum, after having voted for the moron twice. I've been there since '92 & '96, when I voted Republican. "Clinton fatigue" is taking hold of millions. It should have happened in '96, before all those moron voters re-elected the lowlife.
Look at how the liberal media portray the presidential candidates; all liberal democrats and no GOP'ers. Does that surprise you? Are we on the same page? Here's a laughable liberal's view of working life. Pathetic, isn't it?
Continuing his 7year old practice of lying to the American Public, the "liar, cokehead & rapist in chief" claims that the GOP tax cuts would gut school rebuilding. That's a blatant lie: there's well over $24billion already in the next 3 year's federal budget for school capital expenditure programs. More than is needed. And this education issue is something the states should deal with, not the federal government. That's socialism and facism. The liberal scumbag democrats just don't want to return money to the Taxpayers, who've been seriously overcharged. Typical lying slime. Anytime there's a surplus, we've been overcharged and are due a cut.
In the fine Clintonoid tradition of lying and obstruction of justice, the lowlife Henry Cisneros, another of the many criminal, unethical and immoral Clinton cabinet members to be run out of town in disgrace, is going to trial. Here's hoping he does some hard federal prison time. $264,000 for a lousy piece of ass? Ummm, I don't think so. Sounds like a high-priced whore to me. Pleading guilty to a misdemeanor since when is lying under oath a misdemeanor? at least he spared the Nation the cost of a trial. He should be in prison, like all criminals. But he won't. Typical, corrupted DOJ plea bargain.
Another Clintonoid criminal, Alexis Herman is being investigated for bribery and influence peddling. Counting the criminal Cisneros, that's FIVE Cabinet Members of the most ethical administration in US History either serving time in jail or under investigation. Babbitt and Espy come to mind right away. Sure Clinton, you brought only the best to government office, didn't ya?
This liberal democrat, Bill Bradley, is no better than the Clintonoids; they're all socialists and fascists and communists.
Once again, the GoreBore moron is trying to take credit for something which other people did. He's a lowlife scumbag liberal piece of shit.
And shit for brains Clinton is wasting another $15 million is a $50 per gun buyback scam. Is he really that f*cking stupid that he thinks criminals it is criminals after all who do 99.973467% of the Killing will turn in their guns? Another moron liberal scheme costing the US taxpayers.

Bullshit Dept.
Getting rid of the mafia filth is far preferable to spending taxpayer's funds to incarcerate them. The Gotti greaseball idiots never learn that, if you do the crime, you do the time.
The world's most f*cked-up company, AOL, is for mental and physical cripples, idiots, morons, cretins and scumbags. They have the highest concentration of mindless lowlifes among users I've ever run into.
Another example of liberal scum filth trying to suppress school prayer, but a thoughtful judge overruled the liberal lowlifes and allowed a prayer prior to a football game. Liberals are avowed atheists and agnostics and will do anything to suppress any form of religion. That's why watching the two Clintonoids go to church on Sunday is a f*cking joke; it's a PR move, nothing else.
Normal relations with Libya? Ummm, I don't think so. Gadhafi Duck needs to die first.
Union liberal scumbags are trying to take advantage of the current booming economic climate in the US to blackmail companies and cities into raising their already too-high wages. Unions have raped and ruined American business for the past 20 years; initially they were a good idea, helping to raise the standard of living and make workplaces safer. Now, they're communist and fascist-infested and should be abolished.
I get really sick of hearing about all the white-on-black racial crimes, hyped to death in the news media. Sure, it's evil, but there's so much more black-on-white crime which is never reported. The conspiracy of the so-called mainstream media to silence those facts is abominable.
Segregation? Nope, doesn't bother me at all, just like it doesn't bother blacks and most whites. People choose their friends, it can't be legislated by any court.
idiots, idiots, stupid f*cking racist muslim idiots all over the place at the so-called "Million Youth March", now officially downgraded to "Thousand Racists March". Actually, only about 1,000 scum showed up. Not blacks or African-Americans, they stayed away from this racist idiot dog boy. Everyone with brains stayed away; only scum and lowlifes attended this "hate Whitey" and "hate Jews" rally in Harlem. Squalid Mu-ham-head, the chief racist idiot boy, sorely needs a bullet through the head, in the same manner as the racist Malcom X-crement received from one of his own.
Peace at last? Yeah, sure. Someone will break this "latest, new and improved" Middle East Peace Deal. Someone always does.
Accurate weather forecasts? I doubt that, too.
Instead of being accepted into the new government, the filth who mutilated thousands by cutting off their hands, should be found and executed. Revenge should be savored slowly, since it can be oh so sweet.
Wanna read a scary scenario?
It's tragic, but not unexpected, that the commie, fascist-founded and led UN, allows such behavior to go on, commie, fascist organization that they are. I'm dumfounded.
I remember the day when those students were whacked. The Country gasped, collectively. It's about f*cking time someone did something to mark the period of discontent.
The commie, fascist Teacher's Union of Detroit finally blackmailed and won over the Detroit School System. never mind the students' needs; lets put money first and foremost. Scum bastards and bastard-ettes, all.
Aw gee, the lowlife scumbag criminal Frankel filth is afraid of "groups" wanting to "get him". Tough f*cking shit, slimeball. The US Gov't should put him in a 8' x 10' cell and let everyone he ripped off have 3 minutes with him and an aluminum baseball bat. Oh, better yet, try, convict and sentence him to prison where some 450lb inmate will make Marty his "girlfriend" for the next 25 years. They'll hear the screams 100 miles away. Now that's justice, baby.
Bull f*cking shit: the China's Chink dogscum population problems are not the world's problems. 30-45 "thoughtfully-placed" thermonuclear devices can easily reduce the hordes of yellow scum way, way down to manageable levels. It would be a great service to humanity and the earth to rid us all of that Chi-Comm filth.
as we know it, America's end is coming: we'll soon be a nation of half-breeds and mulattos and other types of subhuman filth. Oh, there are exceptions but the vast majority of mixed breed scum are inept, lazy, drug and alcohol dependent, criminal and worthy of either deportation or extinction. Look at Cuba and how the Africans and Hispanics have destroyed their races. Facts don't belie the truth. Mixing the races is a huge mistake, based upon past history and current experience.
Read all about Malcom X-crement during his college years, through his letters and notes. The piece of racist, idiot's laughable stuff is on display, confirming he was a liar. The world knows what he was: filth.
In one of the most obscene cases of Justice gone nowhere, the John Benet Ramsey case is still going on and the whacker(s) is/ are still free, since the Denver police dep't idiots can't find their own asses with both hands.
Racial profiling? Sure, why not. Blacks and hispanics commit more crimes per capita than do any other race. Just look at who dominates the prison populations: idiots and illegal aliens. Case closed, Johnnie Cockroach.
Not content to just polish the president's know and swallow semen, the Monica whore is polluting the InterNet now. She's got a so-called website selling ugly bags. Can't someone off that bitch and get the fat, bloated sweathog out of the news?
Here's the old, pathetic Larry King scumbag of the Larry King Live show. He's a criminal. Well, most liberal scumbags are.

Redskins Scum.
Hey, Tonto slime-scum: get a f*cking job, get off the booze and drugs, you redskin moron filth. The world's sick of your f*cking whining and compaining and bitching. Do something you've never done in your pathetic, stinking lives before: take some f*cking responsibility for your pathetic, miserable lives instead of blaming the "White Devil".

Execute The Scum.
With almost 2 million people behind bars in the country, 500,000 are there for petty drug use, and cost the same $40,000 - 60,000 per year per inmate as do murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors. Often they get longer sentences for cocaine use or peddling than murderers do; what kind of f*cking justice is that? Clear out the prisons and reduce our taxes. Keep the filth and subhuman lowlifes behind bars; free the drug offenders. It makes no damned sense to let Clinton who has at least 5 witnesses testifying that he used cocaine and marijuana stay free if all those others are locked up. He's a cokehead, in addition to being a liar and rapist.
This is just one use for subhuman degenerates on Death Row and elsewhere. At least, make their last days count for the living innocents of society. I've advocated it for years. Use 'em, then waste 'em.
Another slow week for executions. Bummer.
I agree with GW Bush's theory on the death penalty: execute the scumbags. I don't agree with any kind of clemency at all. If they're there on Death Row, they're guilty of something, so let the death procedure begin right away.
Research is what should be done to all prisoners on death row, regardless of the consequences. If they die, so f*cking what? Medical experimentation is one way they can pay back society before they die.
What the f*ck is taking so long to try, convict and execute the railway whacker? He's a piece of illegal alien filth who needs to die for murdering 9 innocent people.
Halleujah! A judge with brains, for a change, has ordered that the murderer of two Capitol City cops can be forced to take medication so he can stand trial for murder. The Weston piece of shit richly deserves the death penalty.

TWA Flight 800.
The 3rd anniversary is past, and the FBI, NTSB et al still can't get it right: a terrorist missile took the 747 and 230 people right out of the sky, like 26 aircraft worldwide, before Flight 800.
Did the airline industry, The White House, the FBI, CIA, NTSB ... pervert the investigation? Who lied to the Nation? Who continues the obfuscation (aka cover-up)?
I am greatly saddened by what my government has done/ not done to de-rail and dis-credit the investigation of TWA Flight 800.

The Ultimate Browser Archive.
The first Web browser I used was Lynx. I believe the second was an early version of Mosaic. Ya know, this was back in the days when all you had was big text, small text, some simple graphics, and a nifty gray background. 'Internet' wasn't even close to becoming a household term. Looking for another browser, or perhaps an older version of a browser you already have? You shouldn't have to look too hard here. is kinda like the Web's mini-storage for browsers present and past.

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