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we have had enough lockdown

friday, september 11th, 2020

Take off the masks and remove the “social distancing” circles from the floors. Open the schools, liberate college campuses, fill the restaurants and the gyms and the churches and the salons. Enough.

If 2020 wasn’t twisted enough, the current political imbroglio centers around a verboten visit to a California boutique for a routine blow-out. Americans are lining up either behind House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), who claims she was “set up” to visit the San Francisco salon, or the salon’s owner, a woman struggling to keep her business alive amid cruel and unscientific edicts issued by her governor months ago.

The incident is the latest in a series of “rules for thee but not for me” gut punches from the ruling class; whether it’s mask-free trips to the park or crowded funerals for anointed heroes or casual meals munched indoors, the government-ordered shutdowns apply to everyone except the sadists running government who order said shutdowns.

"Better men than me have given their lives so I could live my life. Time to pay the debt and water the Tree of Liberty."

But here’s the rub: No one should be talking about Pelosi’s coif controversy because it should not even be a story. It shouldn’t have happened in the first place. Erica Kious should never have been forced to close her business, fire her stylists, and sneak in customers like some 1940s underground operation hiding from the nation’s modern-day face covering and social distancing Gestapo. Pelosi should be able to get her hair done whenever and wherever she pleases without concocting a preposterous excuse that she was framed for fluffy follicles.

Almost a half a year ago, Americans were asked to suspend their personal freedoms, business pursuits, and schooling for 15 days to “flatten the curve” of rising cases of the novel coronavirus. Americans, fearful of the unknown and willing to do what they imagined was the right thing to protect themselves and their family, acquiesced.

That was 172 days ago. What has happened since will be studied and debated for decades with one likely conclusion: Global lockdowns, particularly in the United States, were one of the costliest man-made disasters of all time. The decision was rooted in unscientific hocus pocus that resulted in economic, educational, mental, physical, and emotional catastrophes on a scale that can never be fully quantified—not to mention the way stay-at-home orders fueled racial and civil unrest across America months before a national election.

A very small handful of us recognized this horrific mistake at the onset; we were shunned by both the Left and Right as heartless grandma-killers and “armchair epidemiologists” with no place in the debate. It was clear from the start, however, that the “experts” were winging it. The data was totally unreliable; the suggestion a virus could be stopped defied science and common sense. Initial models, based on untested inputs promoted by hucksters with an agenda, were prima facie garbage.

“This is a dangerous time and not just because of the threat of a treatable disease,” I wrote on March 19. “Americans are willingly surrendering to government their freedom, their livelihoods, their long-term economic security, and their mental well-being over unjustified panic about a virus that might have already spread and now is abating. If this is the new normal, where incomplete data and media-fueled panic rule the day, that is an even more frightening prospect than what’s happening right now.”

Now, nearly six months later, the oppression of the “new normal” is baked into daily life.

Kindergartners cry at computer screens instead of navigating those first wobbly days away from mommy, a rite of passage critical to human development. Remote learning strains the mental faculties and physical tolerance of teenagers now forced to stare for hours at virtual classrooms with no engagement or socialization. High school athletes who have suited up for football and soccer and cheerleading and cross country every season since grade school are sidelined; lifelong dreams of college scholarships, gone.

Millions of nursing home residents in some states remain neglected from the life-sustaining touch of a son or daughter. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis broke down during an emotional press conference September 1 when he announced the reopening of nursing homes to visitors. Loved ones would just “like to say goodbye or to hug somebody,” the first-term Republican explained. After composing himself, DeSantis wondered aloud whether the decision to shutter the eldery was the right one. “I think it’s difficult to think that some of our action may have . . . prevented that.”

Every age group is tortured by the inhumanity of quarantine. College dormitories, a place where new adults get the first glorious taste of grown-up liberation, resemble solitary confinement units. At a time when Democratic mayors are releasing criminals from prison, simpatico university deans are criminalizing young people for . . . acting like young people. Students were at first promised a few in-person classes and some semblance of a regular campus atmosphere—until tuition was paid.

Those of us parenting college students already know about the punishing rules and penalties imposed on our children; those who don’t should take a moment and read this collection of campus horror stories gathered by journalist Jordan Schachtel. The accounts are heartbreaking and infuriating.

“My son is a Freshman,” one parent wrote. “All his classes are online. In his giant dormitory, his room is only one with three guys. They have knocked on doors in their hall trying to meet people, and have been chastised and hassled by the RAs for being ‘radicals’ for simply reaching out to others.”

We now live in a “Black Mirror” dystopia—as evidence proves how nonthreatening this disease is to the overwhelming majority of Americans, threats to comply with punitive commands from above escalate. Remedies are dismissed while moneyed interests plug forced vaccinations so we can “get back to normal.” Other serious health issues go ignored or untreated as we fixate on a virus that already has burned out in most parts of the country.

The federal government just canceled contracts to buy more ventilators; nearly 120,000 machines are stockpiled and probably will go unused. Mandatory testing is rising at the same time studies show roughly 90 percent of positive results are meaningless.

Students and teachers are back to school in Wuhan, the source of the plague, while our kids prepare to remain secluded and chained to laptops for the rest of the calendar year.

Meanwhile, grown adults argue over a stupid freaking visit to a hair salon.

This must end. At a Pennsylvania rally Thursday night, President Trump detailed the negative outcomes of the shutdown. He reminded Americans that he once warned the cure couldn’t be worse than the disease and warned prolonged lockdowns in Democratic states are politically motivated.

The president is right—he should now declare the “war on coronavirus” is over. Yes, there are battle scars but the country won. Now, the reconstruction must begin. Take off the masks and remove the “social distancing” circles from the floors. Open the schools, liberate college campuses, fill the restaurants and the gyms and the churches and the hair salons.


© September 5, 2020 by Julie Kelly, "The Tennessee Star". (H/T lightman).


A Day In The Life.

Up at 7a on Friday, it was already 75° and humid outside – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck and shoulder, had oatmeal for breakfast, and checked the weather and news.

Some nice weather is forecast for Saturday and Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it. Heh, I have a feeling that when it's January of February, and a snowy 5-10° outside, I'll wish I had this crappy weather back. Not so!

I met Sherry at The York Galleria at 1p, and we did some partial laps, lots of hugs, and resting at empty tables in the Food Court. I hate saying goodbye to her. By 3p, we'd had enough walking, my lower back and hip were hurting, and we had separate places to go, and if the weathe changes, may meet-up again over the weekend to do some outdoor walks.

Gold Finch Feasting.

I went home, applied some more CBD ointment, and got 2+ hrs of a nap on the couch.

We got another Whitey pretending to be a Sambo bitch: Jessica Krug, a professor covering African history at George Washington University also known as Jess Lam Bombera, admitted lying for years about her race in a Medium post published Wednesday. She's actually a blond-haired Jewish girl from Kansas. Just like the stupid, ignorant, lowlife lesbo bitch, Rachael Dolezal did, a few years ago. And like the dirtbag punk faggot, Shaun King, is still doing. "What up wid dat, faux-niggas?"

More despicable, anonymous Deep State Swamp,demonKKKrat pre-election bullshit; whomever sick bastard started this trash, needs killing, IMO. We have an "October surprise" in September.

After dinner, I watched some of History's "Ancient Aliens", Fox News' "Tucker", "Hannity" and "Laura", and bagged it for the night.

Up at 9:30a on Saturday, it was only in the upper-50s, dry and very cool. I turned-off the AC, opened up the condo but soon felt like putting on a wool shirt. I did the usual morning DR routine, had coffee and breakfast, and took a short walk around the condo complex. Everyone was out walking their dogs, and I spent more time talking to people and playing with dogs, than I'd planned, and got home in time for lunch, and the "CP Show on the local WSBA-AM 910 radio.

After lunch, I cleaned-up the Jeep's front winshield's inside, since it's was slightly smogged-up from cigarette smoke; much better. I grabbed a couple hours sleep on the couch, after doing some gardening in both front and back, but decided to quit since there were so many Gold Finches feeding on the Coneflower seed pods. I watched a couple episodes of History's "America's Book of Secrets: Special Edition" until 6, had dinner and "Ancient Aliens came on until 11p. I did the nightly DR, and crashed; tomorrow from 9-11a, the F-1 Italian Monza GP is on NBCsN.


Up at 6a on Sunday, a sunny, cool, dry 57° outside, I did the usual DR routine, had coffee and breakfast, grabbed the usual morning shower and got ready for the upcoming F-1 Italian GP at Monza, Italy. I was just watching the GP start at 9a, when Lee arrived with lunch fixin's, and we watched the F-1 Italian GP until 11a. Good race; the sambo Hamilton asshole "black Lives Don't Matter" and "End Racism" shit idiocy sent him and his Mercedes shitbox to the end of the 20 car field, with a 10sec penalty, for being a jerkbag. Fuck you, Sambo nigga boy!

I did 2 loads of laundry, made lunch – crabcakes, roast beed sandwiches – and after Lee left, grabbed 2hrs of sleep on the couch. I did a little gardening until my lower back and hips brgan hurting, I applied more CBD Ointment, and that helped. After dinner, I watched History's "Ancient Aliens" until 10, and called it a day.

Have you seen "RIDING THE DRAGON: The Bidens' Chinese Secrets" (Full Documentary)? Watch it.

Here are 6 ways to speed up an old computer. I use CCleaner Premium, Norton 360 and MalwareBytes Premium on this 2009 HP Win-7 Pro box, and it runs like a champ.

Up at 8:45a on Monday, Labor Day, I posted the "Chris Plante (rerun) Show" weekly thread to FR, did the morning DR, had coffee and breakfast. My back was hurting, so I spent much of the day either lying down on the couch, or in mu office-sunroom chair, with the great lumbar support. Sherry stopped-by to visit for a while, and I later had dinner, watched some TV while laying on the couch, to rest my back. I tripped on pne of the large oriental rugs, slammed my l/s face into the carpet, got a swollen black eye and bad carpet burn on my forehead, and broke my glasses. By 11, I was nodding-off, feeling no pain after drinking some "Butter" Chardonnay and went upstairs to bed.


I slept-in until 8a on Tuesday, had such a headache and backache from last night's "face fall", that I did what I needed to do, re-dressed my wounds and went back to sleep. I don't remember much of the day, probably due to the concussion, and the injuries to my face. I slept thru lunch and the midday DR, made it up for dinner and that DR and went back to sleep, for the night.

Up at 8:30a, I was feeling better, but my left eye was so swollen, I could hardly see. I posted the "CP Show" daily thread, did my morning DR, coffee and breakfast, and got ready for 2 Dr's app'ts. After imaging exams of my face, no eye socket bones were broken; it was severe soft tissue injuries, and they'd heal. The Optometrist repaired my glasses, and I went home to rest. After lunch and dinner, I watched "Expedition Unknown" until 9p, did the nightly DR and went back upstairs to sleep.

Up at 8:15a on Thursday, it looked like from the overflowing rain gauge, we'd had a delugw overnight. I did the morning DR, had coffee and breakfast, applied CBD to my right shoulder/neck, and Bacttracin to my face injuries. I had to get some errands and food shopping done, so I posted the "CP Show" daily to FR, and left at 9:30. I got the errands done, and was back home by 11:30, to finish listening to the CP Show. I p[osted the daily "Rush Show" graphics to FR, had lunch, and took a 2hr snooze on the couch. The pharmacy was calling every 30-35mins with Rx refill notices, so I turned-off the cell, and put it on charge, and went back to sleep.

Back up at 5p, I had a couple small chores to do around the condo, had dinner and settled-in to watch Trump's spwwch, "Tucker" "Homestead Rescue" and "american Pickers". By 11p, I'd had a week's full, and unplugged.

Never forget that Day of Infamy, dammit!

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