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Friday, September 11, 1998

i'm really ready for Fall and Winter. Really ready. After the oppressive heat and unrelenting drought, all I want to think about is coolness for a long while. Hot java steaming in the cup, ditto for hot soup or cocoa, vehicle exhausts emitting steam, layers of clothing to protect against the cold, fireplaces roaring, chapped lips, snow, ice and blustery winds. It almost feels like Fall is here; temps in the 50s at night with daytime highs in the 70s. But still no measurable rain after 15 weeks. Cool is nice; cool and very wet would be much nicer.

Change of Seasons.
It's September and the days are getting progressively shorter. Noticeably so. The hum-didity and temperatures are also dropping; a most welcome sign of a passing season of excessive heat and unending drought. I go to work at 5:30am in the dark, and come home at 8:30pm in the dark. Just like during the Winter season.
All gardens should now be getting prepped for Winter. Cut back and dispose of all browned-off perennials. Dump a few handfuls of mulch on each perennial which has gone by and been cut back to the ground; it'll protect the plant's root crown against freezing over the Winter. Dead limbs and branches should be removed from trees and shrubs. Withhold any more fertilizers; growth should be allowed to decline; all plants will begin to slow down from the shortened daylight hours, naturally.
Composting is smart; once you've tried it and seen how well it works when properly done, you'll never go back to bagging up grass clippings and leaves again.
Doing something right the first time, is always preferable to doing it twice.

The Fall Stretch.
With the magnitude of remaining landscape jobs being so large, and my crew strength now cut in half, we'll be working at a much slower pace than we have been all year. We always lose personnel to college landscape contracting schools and various other and sundry reasons at this time of year.
Since we're booked up until Spring '99 and not accepting anymore landscape work, all who call for our services are being placed on a first come, first served list for Spring. I'm hoping the labor market will open up a bit more next year; '98 saw a dearth of available workers and instead of 3 crews, we merely had two this year. Now we're down to one.
I'm going out on the proverbial and virtual limb in predicting another early and bad Winter. The signs are everywhere: acorns and other nuts maturing and dropping early, squirrels and chipmunks busily hoarding them, trees and shrubs turning their Fall colors much earlier than usual. Plus, the Farmer's Almanac agrees: a bad one coming and earlier than usual. We'll see.

Million scumbag Strut.
There wasn't even close to a million there, even adding in all the NYC Cops, but it was still a laughable event. A few thousand islamic-muslim idiots paraded around spewing racism and hatred for whites and Jews, but it amounted to overall bullshit.
Led by a nasty, little two-bit weasel punk who thinks hate and racism is the only way to get what he wants, the whole event was a joke. People laughed at that little, rat shit punk's ignorant rhetoric.
Unlike a growing middle class of blacks who've gone to high school and college and made something positive for themselves, these idiots want the US Gov't to pay them for enslaving their so-called ancestors 400 years ago. They can't quite get a handle on it: black Africans rounded up and sold their own people to other Africans who shipped them across the ocean to the Colonies. Whites didn't have any part in that. Of course, slavery was wrong. If our stupid Founding Fathers hadn't bought slaves back then, we wouldn't have the racial problems we do today. So much for their wisdom.
The hatred of Jews, whites and so many other mainstream and fringe groups by this Muhammad idiot punk is endemic to racially motivated events such as this and others cloaked in Islam. It becomes pretty obvious that all that will happen is violence, arrests and prison for scum like this. They can't grasp the concept of working within the system to get what they want. They hide behind the false religion and violence of Islam, calling themselves Muslims. They hide behind failure and stupidity instead of working for their dreams and goals. The Muhammad idiot punk's agenda is pure hate and violence.
Millions of lowlifes still won't and don't want to work and earn their way; they depend upon the US Gov't and liberal socialistic housing to exist. This is wrong and is what's keeping them down as a race. Moving the poor to US Gov't paid for private apartments will cause a major uproar. Another race war is coming next Summer.
There's an easy way for all those ghetto rat scum to escape their hell: education.
Instead, give all the crackheads 20 tractor trailer loads of raw crack cocaine and let them smoke themselves to death. Give all the shooters 10 tractor trailer loads of automatic weapons and plenty of ordinance (ammo). Case closed in 2 weeks.
The Muhammad idiot punk needs a taste of what the hate monger, Malcom X-crement got.

Jail The Bitch.
Jeeeeez, what more does the US legal System need? This guilty-as-hell McDougal bitch needs to do 20+ years in prison with different butch-dykes from her LA Prison stint. She is so corrupt that she shouldn't be allowed back on to the streets until some time after 2050. Maybe then she'd be dead from prison, or someone on the outside would waste her.
Screw the liberal scumbag judges who let her off with a phony medical excuse. Castrate them all.
And castrate the shit-for-brains-scum-filth-lawyer, Geragos; he's liberal garbage and not fit to collect human waste.

Who Cares?
It seems that confessing something sexual is getting to be very trendy these days. But why so, how come, what for?
Sure, Clinton's lewd behavior with the Lewinsky bimbo was immoral and disgusting, but his lies, coverup, perjury and suborning of perjury are what will get him impeached, if he isn't forced to resign first. He's a World Class Joke now.
The Clintonite scumbag lied about his illicit sexual affair to the Nation, two grand juries and all his supporters. No wonder he's in the legal and political mess of his life. It's about to get a lot worse. The buzzards are circling as we speak. Look at the slimy, weasel-faced, rat-f*ck face White House Chief of Staff Erskine Bowles; isn't he the lowest of the lowlifes?
Want a real laugh? Read this left wing nut magazine's article on Clinton's scorched earth ploy against the GOP, as a means of getting back for exposing Bubba's Bimbos. I used to enjoy reading Salon Magazine, before it went weirdly liberal and universally defended all of Clinton's crimes.
The so-called apology from Clinton won't help now. Too little, too late.
There is one more Democrat I now respect: Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) had the audacity and sheer guts to publicly chastise Clinton for the whole mess on the floor of the senate, last week. I was impressed with his 3,000 word speech based upon values and morality, unlike Clinton's Aug 17th, 415 word evasive non-mea culpa. Joe gets my vote, even though he's on the wrong side of the aisle, he's on the right side of the conscience.

A Lesson Still Unlearned.
The ignorant Clintonites still can't get it right. They're preparing to once again attack Judge Starr and the ongoing investigation into Bubba's lies, perjury and other high crimes and misdemeanors. I can't believe that The White House can be that f*cking stupid. The best defense is a good offense is their pathetic whine.
Caught with their collective pants down and childish genitals exposed, the Clintonite-liberal-democratic scumbags still believe they can salvage the presidency. Not so. Starr's report will detail much worse acts than mere blowjobs in the Oral Orifice. It will be a blistering report and will seal Clinton's political fate.
Meanwhile, shit-for-brains Clinton is trying to make nice nice with lib-dem leaders and whining and crying in private, instead of publicly confessing his stupidity, disease and ignorance of the law. f*ck it; he'll be gone soon. And so will Gore.
I'll give Clinton until December 2nd; he'll either be forced to resign in disgrace, or be impeached. Mark the calendars. His shit-for-brains-lawyer is already begging to see Judge Starr's report before it goes to Congress, a sure sign of them expecting impeachable offenses. Defining an impeachable offense is the difficult task ahead.
It's too late to say sorry, Slick Willie The Bubba. He had that opportunity 8 months ago, when he plunged this Nation into a moral morass; now he must suffer the consequences of his own lies and crimes.
Clinton has no friends anymore; merely associates who are criminally connected with he and Hitlery. Ducking Clinton politically is just starting; it'll get much worse after Judge Starr's report is releasedand we get closer to mid-term elections.
As the time nears for Congress to act upon Judge Starr's report, more and more Democrats are abandoning the immoral and disgusting Clinton lowlife. The American public is also finally waking up to the truth, as Clinton's approval rating drops.

Commie, Socialist Scum.
Yes, unions. The second worst form of societal filth next to lowlife Islamic-Muslim racist hate mongers is the union.
Always closely-aligned with Mafia and Liberal Democrats, unions are just recently declining in membership and political clout. They're a long way from finished and still very formidable. Bribing and owning politicians, police departments and whole cities, unions control more human thought than any other single entity. That fact alone makes them dangerous.
Their ultra liberal dogma and communist-socialist programs have almost bankrupted this Nation, coupled with individuality-stifling welfare programs, which gut all manner of peoples pride and self-worth. The words, welfare trap and ghetto dwellers quickly come to mind when talking about union-lib-dem influences.

The process began with this first step, in the House of Representatives on Thursday.
What a sad state of affairs this Nation will be in for through the foreseeable future. It will be a most interesting Fall.

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