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Friday, September 13, 2002

this week was the one-year anniversary mark of the beginning of our newest world war: the first attack by a foreign power on the continental United States in almost 180 years, The Massacre of September 11th. Wednesday was day of mourning for all of us, in one way or another. We remembered where we were, what we were doing when we first heard, what we felt. We remembered the thousands of dead innocents, and the selfless heroes of that darkest of days, in recent memory. After Wednesday, we returned to our usual routines, and wait in anticipation of the next battle in the war. But all that was for Wednesday and beyond. Before Wednesday, before the remembrances and the tears, I think it would be good for us to take a moment and remember another day, an important day. An ordinary day. A day like any other. A day when war was the furthest thing from our minds. A day when the Red Cross reported critical shortages in blood banks nationwide. A day when firefighters did their job as they always had, putting out fires, saving lives, and as always, no one noticed. An ordinary day. A day when the news was filled with star wars and phony lockboxes, social security and the stock market. A day when the September 11th didn't stand out on the calendar as if the letters were written in blood, the digits in fire. A day when the Twin Towers stood at the south end of Manhattan, majestic, tall, as familiar as the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building to all who know and love New York; rock-solid symbols to the world of our economic might and freedom. A day when people who worked in these towers and elsewhere, went home as they always did after a busy day. They may have eaten dinner, watched tv, packed for an early flight the next day, read to their kids, or done a thousand other tasks we all take for granted. Perhaps they were thinking of their future, which looked so bright and oh so long, thinking not so much of the next day as of the years ahead, planning, hoping, anticipating a bright future, which was not to be. A day like any other. As we mourn those lost on September 11th, take a moment and remember them as they were when they were still among us; still alive, still with thoughts and hopes and dreams. Remember them as they were, before courage made them heroes. Remember the world we lived in and what we were doing on that most ordinary of days. Remember September 10, 2001 — the last full day of the "old world", as we once knew it.

Around The Garden Center.
The Drought From Hell is getting worse by the day: York County (PA) is down to a 52-day supply in the Lake Redman Reservoir — the smaller Lake Williams Reservoir is already dry — so they're pumping water from a nearby quarry, and at 40 days, will begin water rationing. It hasn't been this bad since '66; not living here, I don't remember it that far back, but local farmers do and have told me about it. And dammit, Texas doesn't need anymore rain; we do! C'mon Gustav, we need the rain! Even The York County Fair — America's oldest county fair — is feeling the pinch because of water shortages and restrictions.
And Tropical Storm Gustav is ever so slowly spinning up the eastern seaboard, and we're not getting a damned danged drop! What gives here? NOW, I'm getting depressed.
For the past several years, I've said that one day, the world will go to war over potable water; here's an article which puts water vs oil, into better perspective.
Putting 87 octane gas into my new '02 6cyl Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, at $1.29.9/gal, is a real pleasure, now that I don't have to feed that old '94, octane-hungry (89 octane at $1.36.9/gal) V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD. I drove down into Maryland on Tuesday, and was shocked at their gas prices: 92 octane — $1.56.9/gal; 89 octane — $1.49.9/gal; 87 octane — $1.42.9/gal. Now I remember why so many marylanders are flocking to Pennsylvania to fill-up.
I love this: ancient Illinois village unearths lode of "questions". Have you ever heard of the The Giants? NO! They're not the football/baseball teams. In '61 or '62, I visited these ancient monuments of The Mound Dwellers, in southern Illinois with my Boy Scout Troop 7 (Arlington Heights, ILL), and marvelled at their mass and size, yet they were not yet excavated or explored. I'm following this scenario with intensity, but I'd venture a guess that PC shit will delay the full excavation for 50 more years.
Hmmmm, the '02 Darwin Awards are finally out.
All last week and this, people from various companies in the area have been coming in to buy 9-11 Memorial Trees, planted on Wednesday as a memorial to America's terrible loss on that horrific Tuesday, last year.
Threat-Con(dition) level raised to Level Orange Alert on Tuesday, at 1:15pm. Lock and load, friends.
Mmmmmmmm, best use of "Macromedia Flash v6" I've seen in a long time. Ooops, sorry, ladies.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser.
When the first plane hit WTC North, it was an "accident", according to the lowlife, lib-dem media. The second plane hitting the WTC South, changed all their spin and lies to crushing truth. The third plane hitting The Pentagon made us all realize it was WW3 at our National door. The fourth plane, which never hit its intended target and crashed harmessly in a Wester Pennsylvania field, became a rallying cry for bravery in the face of certain death: Let's Roll!, stirred our collective soul and spirit.
WARNING! Not for the squeamish: a picture of a WTC Jumper after hitting the pavement from 1,000 feet.
An empty claim from al Queerda; we already knew that, Muslim filth. We'll be getting around to all of you subhuman Islamic pigshit Muslim filth, real soon.
Further proof that we'll soon be "breaking things and Killing people" in Iraq, notably Sodomy Insane.
I love this empty statement from the lowlife Muslim, Middle East Islamic diaperheads: "...we believe that it will open the gates of hell in the Middle East". Actually, the gates of hell were flung open on September 11, 2001, by Muslim and Arab garbage. Let's keep the gates open, since millions of Islamic scumbags need to be shoved in to hell, as well.
Sweden, another broke, over-the-hill European country with a negative birthrate, committing cultural suicide, even more rapidly than the US' "PC Crowd". There are no Swedish Muslims. They are just Muslims. And if ever they had their wish and all countries were Muslim there would be no Sweden, Europe, America, etc. Just one country. One world. All Muslim. Or else.
Here's a gut-wrenching story of why one toddler's daddy didn't come home on a clear Autumn morning in September '01. If there's any scarcity of anger, hate and rage about The Massacre of September 11th and the evil, subhuman Muslim creatures, this'll help it along toward fufillment. Promise.
Amazing how the lowlife lib-democRAT scumbag politicians got right back to partisan politics, despite 9-11's lesson for all Americans. I don't consider any of them Americans; they're traitors and seditionists. Makes me wish all pols had had offices in the North Tower on, say, the 90th floor, last September. I wouldn't shed a tear for the US Congress criminals.
Hmmmm, SATURN; I'm liking that new program. I've already got all the right weapons for it: Ar-15 A3 Carbine and a Remy 870 12ga Tactical Shotgun, and of course, my Glock 32/.357sig.
I don't have an anxiety and depression problem because of 9-11; rather, I have an anger, hate and rage problem, and I'd like to relieve it by Killing Muslim and Islamic terrorists. And yes, I'm flying the US Flag; have been since last September 12th. Any lib-dem traitorous dogshit have a problem with that?
Military air patrols resuming over NYC and DC? And lots of missiles deployed around Washington, DC? What's up with that?
Jeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz! Let's Roll! Let's break things and whack people!
A vast majority of Canadians believe the United States bears at least some responsibility for the Sept 11 terrorist attacks The Massacre of September 11th, because of US Policies in the Middle East and around the globe, according to a Globe and Mail/CTV poll. Really? Really! Thanks a lot, lowlife lib-dem, socialist-communist, Canuck Froggies, laughable society and culture, cheese-eating, surrender-monkeys!
Here is the nugget for the day.
Extremist muslim clerics will meet in London on September 11 to celebrate the anniversary of al Queerda's attacks on America and to launch an organization for Islamic militants. Time to whack them all in one place, don't you think? And stop your whining Muslim filth; Islam is evil, you are evil. And the Brits want to ban airguns, while the Muslim filth are planning to take over the UK and implement Sharia Law.
I'll say it again: Saudi Arabia is pigshit. They sponsor terrorism worldwide, were 15 of the 19 9-11 terrorists, lie, cheat, steal, murder, obfuscate and are cowards of the truth. The House of Saud are goat- and camel-humping punks, who should be buried alive, face down in a pit so they can't see their false moon god Allah-The-Fag, and be smothered in pigshit. Throw in a pound of raw bacon for good measure. Saudis are cowardly pedophile garbage.
"Tales of enemy agents infiltrating the United States. You’ll meet the U.S. Coast guardsman and FBI agents who worked together to stop these acts of sabotage. This is the story of the men who invaded our country, and those who stopped them". I wonder if this is going on with the deviant Muslims and degenerate Arab terrorist filth? Ummmm, sad to say: reflecting on the '00 Election Results v Election '00 Map, I'm not so sure. America has changed for the worse.
Once again I warn that al Queerda is ready to start localized terrorist operations in the US and abroad. You'd better be armed and ready for assassinations, truck and car bombings and lots more. Coming to a town/city/state, near you. Sooner than you think. Islam is the enemy, and the coming war with the deviant cult called Islam, will settle the problem.
Excellent analysis: no more Mr Nice Guy for us.
And the leftist wacko liberal democRAT filth still don't get it. I'm just now beginning to realize that they never will. Time to "marginalize" them even further in the Fall Mid-Term Elections, and in the '04 General Election.
Perhaps the best article I've yet read, explaining why Islam has waged war on the West and Christianity. Islam is an evil cult of deviants and murderers.
Under a policy quietly imposed by the Bush administration three months ago, tens of thousands of Muslim men, from more than 26 countries, have not been able to get United States visas, disrupting lives, creating diplomatic tensions and causing headaches for American diplomats. Awwww, cry me a river; best news I've heard in months. Screw the diaperhead Muslim filth. Keep the subhuman Islamic garbage out of America!
Think I'm a racist? — for my views of Islam? — nah, don't think so. We're all on the same page, chum.
Nice job, for once, by the slimy socialists, communist, lib-dems at TIME.
Nearly 200 people from mosques in the Northwest gathered at a courthouse to show support for an Islamic leader who was arrested and charged with document fraud. Sheik Mohamed Abdirahman was ordered held without bail at a detention hearing Tuesday. Federal Agents searched his apartment the same day. Execute him.
As much of the world paused Wednesday to mourn the victims of The Massacre of September 11th, a group of Islamic militants gathered to discuss the "positive outcomes" of the violence they claim to reject, and to praise the aims of Osama bin Laden. Find them, track them down and whack them without mercy. The UK is insane to allow this shit shit to take place. So much for our so-called "friends and allies".
Beat these psycho death cult supporters, to death. I'd use an M60 .50cal or a Vulcan mini-gun, to turn this lowlife socialist, communist, terrorist-supporting Islamic homo garbage into hamburger. Adios, porky!
Here's al Queerda's Fantasy Ideology, explained in great detail. A bit long, but worth the read in understanding the subhuman Muslim filth.
Pope John Paul, marking the anniversary of the attacks on U.S. cities, branded terrorism "ferocious inhumanity" but asked for prayers that God would show mercy and forgiveness for the attackers. Huh? More proof that the old man is getting more senile, by the minute. Screw mercy; I want all 19 to burn in hell!

GOP & RINO Poseurs.
Finally, some progress on the porous 5,000 mile Canadian border. Not that it means much; it's merely cosmetic and designed as a "feel good" measure, much the way "airport security" has been laid out.
Good riddance to ex-Senator Bob Smith of New Hampshire, the fat, stupid, whining RINO blubber-boy, who quit the GOP and then crawled back with his tail between his chubby legs.

Lib-DemocRAT Lowlife Scum.
Looks like black farmers are getting the shaft from the Black Caucus, the DemocRATs, the Sierra Club, etc. pretty regularly here lately. If they are interested in private-property rights and good school choice for their kids, the door is open over here at The Conservative Club of The GOP. The libs and dems have been screwing blacks for the past 50+ years; hard to nail it down exactly. I guess they like "victim status". A truly pitiful people, if that's true.
A decision to call the lowlife criminal bitch, Martha Stewart before Congress, could come early next week as lawmakers grow increasingly frustrated by Stewart's level of cooperation with a probe into allegations of insider trading. Can you say Leavenworth, Martha? Grey walls and pink jumpsuits!
Read what this whining, howling San Francisco fudge-packing, rump-raiding "writer" for the SF Chronicle, Mark Morford, says about VP Cheney. Those AIDS-riddled fag-bag-hags are hilarious when they've been deprived of sex with sheep or goats.
Speaking of deprived, most notably of oxygen to brain cells: Norman AbNormal Mailer, the cowardly traitorous Hollyweird punk, who can't find his own ass ass with both hands, criticizes America. What a hoot from a never-has-been, socialist lib-dem scumbag.
Read this take on the communist, socialist, liberal, left-wing wacko New York Slimes, and its anti-American, anti-Jewish bent through the decades. Pitiful.
"Has-been actor" Alec Baldwin is a traitorous, degenerate lowlife homo; ask his ex. He's a lowlife punk with a two inch weenie, who hates the US, and has promised to leave the US for Paris if W was elected. Now, the scumbag Baldwin has renigged. Here's my $1, rump-raider turd-boy. Board the plane, so Muslim filth can shoot it down, fudge-packing Un-Hollywood weirdo.
Finally, the parasitic, alcoholic, criminal, murdering, druggie, rapist Kennedys are losing the PR battle in America; they're despised and hated more and more by Real Americans, who know what subhuman filth they truly are. And the wannabe turd-boy liar, worthless scumbag, Andrew Cuomo, is a most welcomed casualty. Good riddance, greaseball. Get a job in a Burger King, as befits your talents, punk.
The lowlife, turd-sucking old fart, Walter Cronkite, is a socialist Blame America Firster, just like the other scumbag lib-dems in the media. Shaddup, old man; nobody gives a rat's ass what you think, moron. I never trusted your sorry ass, scumbag.
The stinking lib-dem media once again gives BJ Klintoon a pass on his responsibility for The Massacre of September 11th. He should be indicted and imprisoned for treason and murder.
Good riddance to the alcoholic, corrupt criminal Janet "El Reno" Reno bitch. May you rot in hell, Ol' Shaky.

Subhuman Garbage, of All Stripes.
Who the hell cares, about who, of this subcultural, lowlife garbage, dies?
Gary, Indiana is a festering shithole; bulldoze it and the lowlifes, therein, too.
Time to round-up the Black Hebrew Israelite (BHI) movement, and whack all of the violent porch-monkey filth. Are you listening, FBI? Jeeez, I hope so. Otherwise, we'll have to do it for you.
I hate calling the Brits raging morons and ignorant scumbags, but they're putting people who defend themselves with lethal force, into prison as the criminal; they've disarmed the public and no one's safe anymore from criminals. Read this and weep for Merry old England.

Execute This Subhuman Garbage.
This subhuman needs Killing: Everette Johnson was convicted Friday of Killing his 15-month-old daughter, then dismembering the body and feeding it to dogs.
All home invading criminals need Killing; oh wait, this scumbag is dead. Nevermind.
These two black idiot racist murderers, Reginald and Jonathan Carr, need to die, for Killing 5 innocent whites. If they'd just had a gun, the two scumbags would already be dead and rotting, the whites alive and no need for a trial wasting taxpayers' monies.

Murphy's Laws Site.
If anything can go wrong, it will. Murphy's Law is one of the most famous (and quoted) laws on the books. A pessimist's dream, this cynical yet entertaining site explains the origin of Murphy's Law and the wide variety of corollaries it has spawned. Sure, all the basic Murphyisms are listed — "You will always find something in the last place you look" or "When a broken appliance is demonstrated for the repairman, it will work perfectly" — but they are only the tip of the iceberg. You'll also find Murphy infiltrating the world of computers, law enforcement, and love. As a final tip, just remember this comforting law: "A knowledge of Murphy's Law is no help in any situation." Well, that's just great!


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