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Friday, September 17, 1999

it's always a guessing game who's telling the Truth: the FBI or the very partisan (In)Justice Dept., Janet El Reno, or Bubba "Liar, Rapist & Cokehead-In-Chief Clinton", The US Congress, "Watchdog Groups", Ordinary Citizens Inc, the Mainstream Old-Time-Media, the InterNet Media didn't we used to trust those f*ckers implicitly? who knows for sure. Duh. No one's sure, anymore. Liberals and Democrats lie, Conservatives pontificate, while Moderates ameliorlate. The combination is lethal to perception. Understanding what makes forces interact is paramount. Reality begins in the basement. Just ignore the little man behind the curtains.

Around The Garden Center.
It was a benign week; nothing of note not much happened. Except to me. I'm going through another phase of Green Industry BurnOut. Been here, did this before, once. Got through it just fine. Not unusual.
We got a culmulative 4" of rain this past week as violent thunderstorms and a much-welcomed cool front blew through. The Lake Williams Reservoir is almost empty; the York Water Co is pulling exclusively from Lake Redman now. Ground moisture continues to be non-existent below 12". It's grim and getting grimmer. Hard rains do not recharge groundwater supplies, steady rain does that over time, as does slow snow melt runoff. We haven't had either for 3 years. Maybe the upcoming Hurricane Floyd will help us out.
Last weekend, the 2nd weekend of my annual 25% Fall Nursery Stock Sale was busy. It seems that the local perception is since we've had several inches of rain, the drought's over. I've had to explain to hundreds of callers and visitors that we're still in a drought, no matter what the TV weather idiots claim. There is no ground moisture deeper than 12". I continue to advise using either drip irrigation or soaker-hose systems, and will not install any landscape material without one or the other.
On Monday, a group of 26 women from a neighboring Maryland "Friendship" Garden Club arrived for a pre-arranged lunch, their monthly club meeting and a 30-minute presentation by us, on dividing perennials and ornamental grasses. Oh boy, are we having fun or what?
One of the workhorse trailers I use to move equipment from the garden center & nursery complex to job sites broke its frame after 10 years of continuous operation. I had to rush out to a local John Deere dealer and buy another one ($3500) so we don't lose a beat on our landscaping jobs.
What damage and destruction Floyd will wreak through the rains will serve us in the Mid-Atlantic region well; we need the water desperately. I hate to see all of the deaths caused by the high winds, but people should be smart enough to leave the path of a hurricane.
It started raining in York, PA, on Wednesday morning and continued until well past midnight, when I crashed: we got just shy of 4" during Wednesday. When I got up on Thursday morning at 5am, it was still raining. Music to my parched ears. We'll lose several days (at $5,000 income per day) of landscape work due to Floyd, but after 3 years of drought, I'll gladly accept the rain delay. Like I have a choice. Needless to say, I slept in that morning. At 9:40am when I got up, the Net was down. Phone lines were being ripped away from the poles and service interrupted. I got DNS replies everywhere. When I got in to work at 11am, the multi-billion gallon retention ponds were overflowing and the rain gauge read 7.5" so far. I sent everyone home for the day, did some computer estimates and billing, and left around 2pm. Well, at least the Net was working again.
Heck, many of us in the industry already knew this.

Outrage Dept.
It's absurd that the Clintonoids and other liberal scumbags want to restrict citizens from owning and carrying concealed weapons. Here's what happens when criminal filth run into armed citizens. I can't wait for my first, legal, non-military whack of a criminal. I lust for that exquisite moment.
Yep, you betcha. Keep away from the InterNet, US Legal System. It's way beyond what the stinking Clintonistas are even fit to regulate.
Soon, the Earth will have far too many people living on it and the consequences will be disastrous. 6 billion is too many people. We need some large-scale, aggressive plagues AIDS is too slow to devastate the developing countries and rid the World of all the extranneous filth, who do nothing to help the Earth, but rather act as parasites or pollute indiscriminately.
Talk about wasting Taxpayer's money. Federal workers, including the criminals in Congress, are giving themselves a raise, without our permission.
How much did we have to pay these stinking gook motherf*ckers off to get them to halt their long-range missle testing program? Lots, you betcha. I'm tired of the US Government spending my tax money on payments to rogue nations of scum and filth. We should send a couple of ICBMs over to North Korea and waste the slope dogs, missles, army - everything. End of problem.
"Soccer mom"? Umm no, this bitch is a terrorist and deserves execution.
We're still f*cking-up the Earth, and time is running out to repair and reverse the damage.
The government is once again interferring in family matters: trying a father who spanked his child. That's beyond outrageous.
The f*cked up company, General Mills, is contributing to the immigrant language problem by offering its shitty, dog-shit-tasting cereals in Spanish. If they're living in this country, speak English, the language of this country. Keep the guttural and offensive Spanish language out of society. Hear me, pedro-muther-f*cker?

Clintonite Lowlifes.
To say that America is sick of both of the Clintons would be a gross understatement.
The a arrogant Clintonista filth refuse to cooperate with a legitimate inquiry on the issue of clemency for the FALN illegal alien scum. Even the liberal democrats are pissed at the stonewalling of questions.
Clinton is a lowlife piece of shit who has, almost singlehandedly, ruined this country. Add in his bitch wife, and they're both a real menace to America.
Both of the Clintons are the sleaziest, dirtiest scumbag motherf*ckers ever to come down the pike. My hope is that Air Force One goes down, but that the pilots and crew get out safely, and the Clintonoid filth die a fiery crash. Good f*cking riddance, crooks.

FALN Murderers.
That the lying, rapist, cokehead Clintonoid scumbag would even consider let alone offer clemency to a bunch of murdering terrorist illegal aliens (nay Puerto Ricans) is unthinkable. The Puerto Rican community in NYC as well as the rest of the Nation is outraged.
The Hitlery bitch stuck her big, fat lard-ass into the fray and is now taking all kinds of flak from NYCs Puerto Rican community. Love it.
The murderous scumbag illegal aliens were released Friday.

The government's lies and spin is insidious.
We've been lied to for over 6 years about what really happened during that 51-day siege. Oh don't get me wrong: I despise and hate religious cults Nation of Islam, Moonies, Heaven's Gate, Branch Davidians et al and think they should be destroyed outright. But just do it and and tell me you did so; don't lie about the results. Don't try to Clintonize what happened.
The lying Reno bitch should be in prison, for her part in the cover-up.
Former US Senator John Danforth, selected by the criminal Reno bitch to investigate Waco, will get stonewalled and mired down in the politics of the lying Clinton administration, just as all of the others have who've preceeded him in any kind of investigation.

Bullshit Dept.
Prisoners are subhuman filth and should be readily tortured and whacked on a regular basis, no holds barred.
Sure, sell your town to a lowlife piece of shit liberal moron from Hollywood. Ummm, I don't think so. Those filth don't have enough money combined to purchase anything I own.
Hey f*ck you Pedro: I'll color my tequila whatever color I want. Choke on your f*cking lemon.
Well, this is one way of cleaning out human garbage; if only it didn't take so long and use up so much money and resources.

Execute The Scum.
There's nothing worse than Killing an innocent baby and faking a kidnapping, but these so-called parents apparently don't think so. They need to die for such a heinous crime.
These two pieces of subhuman filth should NOT even share the same air the rest of us breathe. Kepping a six year old girl chained to a bed for five years is unimaginable and they should be executed right after conviction.
Did I say there's nothing worse than Killing an innocent baby and faking a kidnapping? Here's one that's worse: a father shooting to death his 2-year-old son and critically wounding his 3-year-old daughter. Yep, he needs to die, too, right after the two preceeding groups of subhuman filth do.
How does a murderer of 20 people get out of jail after only eight years? Simple: make a deal with the US Government. Just f*cking amazing, but not surprising.
A symptom of how the US Justice System is f*cked up occurs when the US Supreme Court stays a perfectly good execution until after it reconvenes in October, for no good reason at all.
Miscarriages of justice happen daily in the country. It's a shame that a murderer isn't executed for the crime which s/he's been convicted. "Life in prison" just isn't acceptable.
One of the four groups of subhuman filth murderers, rapists, child molesters and spies who should be executed upon conviction, have been unearthed by the UK last week. Both Soviet, commie "moles" are garbage and deserve to be executed immediately, regardless of age.
Prosecute and execute the the old Brit Spy Bitch. In a f*cking heartbeat. Death to the white-haired, commie whore. Amen.
f*ck this shit, too. If the DNA tests weren't available to exonerate someone at the time, then they're f*cking guilty, based upon the available evidence. There is nothing wrong with the system of execution, except that more murderers aren't being executed in a timely fashion.
This piece of white trash shit surely needs to die for his part in the dragging death of a black man in Texas last year, as do the other two involved.
This towel-headed scum need to die for their part in terrorism and murder, rather than get simple jail time in France. The French are, afterall, cowards and traitors to everything civilized and cultured.
Suing the system? I don't think so, criminal motherf*cker scum. This piece of shit isn't worth the cost.

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