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Friday, September 1, 2000

Technically, Fall isn't "scheduled" to arrive for another three weeks or so, but the temps are dropping fast and many trees and shrubs are already getting their "Fall color", albeit prematurely. It's not unusual that plants, well-established in the landscape, would do so well as compared with past years of drought in this region. The weather has been kind: greater than normal ground moisture from greater than normal rains, as compared to the past 3 years of drought in the Mid-Atlantic Region has helped considerably. Fruit-set berries, nuts, cones etc are unusually prolific this year, party due to the previous three years of drought, and partly due to the rainy weather we've had since Spring. Squirrels and chipmunks are happy campers, already busily gathering treasures for Winter's feast. It's been meager in past years, again due to drought; most trees and shrubs aborted their fruit since there wasn't enough ground water to continue production. This year, that hasn't been a problem: fruit, nuts and cones are as large as I've ever seen them in recent memory. It bodes to be a wet (read snow & ice) Winter.

Around The Garden Center.
By last Friday morning, I still hadn't gotten up and running, completely. I was tinkering around with html files, UNIX code, TelNet, Dual-Java Applets, FTP, folders, and whatever else I could tinker with to get the website to work. I was baffled by the two Java Applets not loading; never had that happen, where re-loading wouldn't fix it. And the re-post/cgi-bin script for visitors to sign-up for the print version of our quarterly newsletter was also not working. I got that fixed Friday afternoon, learning UNIX; similar to DOS. Gulp. Got the Java Applets repaired Saturday afternoon. Cool.
This just in: gas prices have dropped in a short week's time to $1.46.9 (89 oct). It cost me $32.50 for 22.124gals to fill up the Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD at a local Getty station. Exxon and Amoco were still around $1.49 or so. The bad news is that instead of manufacturing heating oil for this coming Winter, refineries are still pumping out gas to further drop prices. Predictions are for heating oil (and natural gas) to quadruple in price by Winter. Get out the long-johns.
Mr."On-Line Gamer", Jeff, called to let me know he's got a 933Mhz CPU for sale to upgrade my just-upgraded (from 450Mhz) home unit: the SAG Electronics 700Mhz PIII, 384mgb SDRAM, 10,000rpm ultra-wide, ultra-fast LV2D SCSI HD. At $475, it's a bargain, since 1Ghz units are still at $1200-plus. It'll be here in a week or so, and we'll bolt that puppy on and take it for a spin around the Net and some intensive graphic apps. Whoosh!
Large, violent thunderstorms rolled through last Sunday afternoon and evening, shutting down all airports on the East Coast for a while, disrupting phone and CATV service, and screwing up my office modem and dedicated phone line for the corporate website. I tried dozens of tests and workarounds at 6am on Monday morning, but wound up calling Verizon (GTE+another company merger) for repairs to the computer line in my office. About an hour later, it "fixed itself" and I cancelled the service call. Scary stuff, isn't it? Several of our customers did sustain damage to their water garden pumps and drip irrigation controller boxes, but we repaired them as well.
For two years now, we've used Integrated Pest Management (IPM) to control aphids and whitefly in our production and display greenhouses, instead of toxic chemicals. We even made the local news with our pioneering effort. But here's a new twist on "beneficials" that I'm just learning about, and which we've not yet encountered, and hope we don't.
As a card-carrying Eagle Scout (class of '63), I fully support the Boy Scouts of America in their moral stand against perversion, degenerate and demented behavior, by denying homosexuals admission to the BSA. The US Supreme Court has agreed in a landmark ruling in July. If the funding for Scouting USA begins to dry up due to pressure the sodomite lowlifes puts on corporate funding, I and millions of other Americans will write personal checks to keep the program alive, and I'll boycott those corporations who buckle under to such fudge-packer scum. Think I'm being too hard on homosexuals who want to get into the BSA, where the young boys are? Read this. That's exactly why the subhuman rump-raider filth shouldn't be allowed into Scouting!
I'm enjoying the heck out of my new Char-Broil Patio Caddy Grill, though not quite to this extent.
In a few weeks, all of my 7 greenhouses will be recovered with new 6mil poly (plastic sheeting) by a company from Lancaster County. The poly is rated for a life of 5 years before it begins to go opaque and stops transmitting light. Then plants begin to suffer. To avoid that scenario, we recover every 4 years in the Fall so that the plant material benefits from 100% light transmission, as they break dormancy in early Spring. A team of Amish workers will arrive in early September and have all 7 houses stripped and re-covered in 5-6 days. Those guys are fast; it would take my landscape crews 2-3 weeks to do the same job. It's much more efficacious to bring in specialists to do the job than to waste my crew's time and lose the landscaping income.
After days of connectivity problems at my Office with a local ISP, I've started looking around for another. Problem is, the local GTE phone lines charge per minute usage on my dedicated computer line: last months, I racked up 12,786 minutes for a whopping $321.53 just for my online connection. That's standard for GTE to charge a per minute fee for business customers, whereas residential customers aren't. Bummer. There's nothing I can do except logon-logoff constantly all day long to minimize costs, and that's what I'm doing this month. If you send mail, don't be surprised at my tardy response time, as I won't be connected constantly. We'll see if this makes a difference.
Speaking of connectivity problems: my 500-128kbps two-way cable modem went south Wednesday night after a severe thunderstorm rolled through and, when I got up at 4am on Thursday, hadn't "repaired itself". After calling the ISP and finding out that it was system-wide and was now fixed, I also found out that they have an upgraded two-way cable modem service at 768-512kbps and I signed up. It'll be installed by next week's Journal and I'll let you know about the appreciable difference. Whoosh!
Oh, BTW, from all of us who will work 2-3 days of the Labor Day Holiday: Happy Labor Day Holiday!

Chores In The Garden.
Finally, it's almost Fall and here's a "list of things to do" in your gardens this month:
»Start fall compost pile,
»Plant for fall color,
»Plant winter- and spring-flowering bulbs,
»Divide and replant summer- and fall-blooming bulbs after leaves yellow,
»Buy winter- and spring-blooming bulbs,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped fruit trees,
»Plant permanent ground covers,
»Plant and aerate lawns and loosen thatch,
»Plant or transplant fall-winter vegetable seedlings,
»Sow seeds for frost-tolerant perennials,
»Divide and replant summer- and fall-blooming perennials after bloom,
»Plant container roses,
»Plant container and balled-and-burlapped trees, shrubs and vines,
»Plant summer-blooming shrubs and vines,
»Plant frost-tolerant trees,
»Plant needle-leafed evergreens,
»Get the grill ready for Labor Day BBQ Finale.

Rumors Of War.
Soon, the US will go to war against Red China. Fact. From massing 700,000 troops in the Sudan to taking over the Panama Canal and infiltrating the US with illegals, Red China is positioning itself for a major world conflict. We should massively strike Beijing and selected strategic targets as soon as W has rebuilt the US Military, which the Clintoonista traitors have let fall into disrepair over the last 8 years.
Think I'm kidding? Read this US Intelligence Report about China's intentions.

That W. Bush Guy.
W better do something coherent, and quickly. AlGoreBore is running too close. He needs to focus on the Clintoon-GoreBore sleaze of the past 8 years, rather than tiptoe around it.
W. himself has taken no meaningful stand against the massive abuses and illegalities of the Clinton-Gore years. W. has said nothing about Clinton's wag-the-dog bombing of Sudan, nothing about his clemency of the FALN terrorists, nothing about his illegal transfers of nuclear technology to the Chinese, nothing about his and Gore's massive receipt of campaign funds from foreign sources, nothing about his illegal capture of Elian Gonzalez, nothing about his destruction of Kosovo, nothing about his campaigns of personal destruction against private individuals who have criticized him, nothing about his administration's endless mocking of congressional subpoenas, nothing about his wholesale corruption of the Justice Department, and nothing about innumerable other violations of public trust and decency that Clinton and his minions have gotten away with, violations that sit like an undiagnosed cancer on our national conscience. Get moving, W! Say something about the stench of Clintoonism!
Huh? Don't think the lib-dem media love AlGoreBore and despise W? Read this screed by some moron at AP. Or this f*cked-up pile of lies from the morons at CNN.
Battling the arrogant, congenital liar criminal First Bitch, Hitlery Clintoon, for US Senator from New York state, Rick Lazio also continues to take the so-called "high road" against her dirty tricks. If he doesn't get his ass in gear and fight her on her terms, he'll also lose. What's with Rick these days? Someone bitch-slap him awake, quick.

Clintoonista Filth.
Hey Mexican president Fox idiot: go back to your shithole country! You're not welcome here, lowlife garbage. We don't want the f*cking borders "opened up" so illegal immigrants can flood this country. It's way too much of a problem now. We should be using the US Army to keep the illegal alien scum outta here now.
Why the hell would the idiot GOP pull an ad attacking AlGoreBore's ability and proclivity to lie? Everytime he moves his lie-stained lips, he lies. AlGoreBore is dogshit. He's filth. He's the lowest life sonofabitch piece of shit there is; probably worse than Bubba Clintoonista. AlGoreBore IS Bubba Jeff Clintoon; just minor changes. Does this AlGoreBore shit sound like commie-socialist shit? From both AlGoreBore and Fox scum, it does.
shit for brains Clintoon has promised to veto the inheritance or death tax, just as the moron did with the marriage penalty tax a few months back. Great, there's a few million votes the GOP can now count on. Both of those bills could have added enormously to his so-called legacy, but he's too f*cking stupid to realize that. Veto away, Bubba.
Of course, the gutless and cowardly US Congress can't even find their own asses with both hands; how the f*ck can any citizen expect them to override the criminal Clintoon's veto of the inheritance tax bill?
Oh lovely: now the US is giving asylum to perverts, degenerates and transvestites and other subhuman forms of filth. What's next? Don't ask; I don't wanna know. This just shows how demented US Laws have become under the Clintoonista scumbags and why we need to rid the Nation of the sickening influence of the ultra-liberal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in SF.
Desperate for anything which resembles a so-called "legacy" other than perjury, obstruction of justice and blowjobs in the Oral Orifice, the Clintoon slime are grasping at anything, mostly stupid and worthless land grab acts. Hopefully, the GOP will rescind them all and return the Nation to some sense of normalcy after the Clintoonite filth have been voted out.
You ugly, red-bulbous-nosed piece of lying shit, Bubba J. Clintoon, lowlife of the century, going to other nations, spending USA Taxpayers' monies without authorization. I despise your sorry-assed, pathetic, cowardly, convicted liar, scum redneck, Arkansas-slime, piece of dogshit presence. This Nation collectively wishes you'd die in a cheap traffic accident, soon. This Nation would rejoice.
It's amazing (not!) how AlGoreBore, the pathological liar and scumbag, has profited immensely from his ties to the commie Occidental Petroleum over the past 8 years, and the stinking lib-dem press doesn't even bat an eye. Instead, they go after GOP VP-candidate Dick Cheney, whose non-conflicting ties with Halliburton Co are not a matter of public record, and don't need to be, since he's not held public office since '92. The GoreBore liar, and his criminal redneck racist senator daddy (whose dead, thankfully), are disgraceful in their coverups and lies. Aw, gee whiz. Think I'm being too hard on the scumbags from Tennessee? Read this, lib-dem scum.
And why the f*ck are the criminally coward Clintoonista scumbags allowing this towelhead Iranian murderer of our 243 Marines in Beirut ('83) into the US? If I ever got that piece of shit, towelheaded sand idiot in my sights, I'd squeeze off a clip of .223cal M16 rounds in a heartbeat. Bet on it.
Think I'm being too hard on Bubba Clintoon? Read this. If anything, not hard enough.
Already, a group of pompous, ignorant moronic morons are predicting AlGoreBore will win over GWBush in November. First, I laugh at these lib-dem lowlifes, smug in their assertion that a criminal will again win; we've had 8 years of Clintoonism, a perverse disease on the land. If the American People again vote a lowlife, lying scumbag like GoreBore into office, I'll seriously consider leaving and renouncing my citizenship. Second, it ain't gonna happen, so Canada is safe from my presence. Third, whatever those cretins are smoking should be freely available to the mentally ill; the blind euphoria and stupidity it causes can remedy even blind faith.
Oh be still my beating heart: the legal experts believe the recently-empanelled grand jury will indict Bubba Clintoon on a criminal charge of perjury and obstruction of justice. Mrs. Bubba Hitlery Rodman Clintoon will also be excoriated in the report for lying to Whitewater investigators. Great news, at last.
Awww geee whiz, Bubba thinks his disbarment in Arkansas is too harsh. Actually, for a criminal of his caliper, it's not. He should already be in prison for all the crimes he's committed.
Soooooooo, Bubba's in Columbia, digging us in deeper to the morass, and we're comparing Columbia to VietNam? No f*cking comparison, amigo. Too bad, "they" missed.
Now the corrupt and evil Clintoon adminstration is "investigating" the Boy Scouts for its ties to government agencies, in an effort to persecute them for their correct stand on homos. Typical Clintoon slime.
And the cowardly lowlifes at The United Way are dropping the Boy Scouts' funding as the fudge-packers whine, cry and wail about being kept away from young Boy Scouts and not being able to pervert that organization, as well. I know I'll never donate a shiny dime to The United Way ever again.
That AlGoreBore is a racist should come as no surprise, since his criminal senator daddy voted against the '64 Civil Rights Act.

The Sad State of Blacks Today.
Read what this racist bigot says about everything that's wrong with blacks's lives being someone else's fault, not theirs. Welfare? Quotas? Set-asides? Yep, that liberal-democrat stuff of the past 60 years.
The greatest destroyer of another generation of blacks is rap, gangsta and hip-hop music. Hell, they can't even fill an auditorium without fighting. Pathetic people. f*ck it, let 'em whack each other. Give 'em some more crack and 9mm bullets.
In case you've missed the "reparations" debate raging amongst idiot blacks, like Rep John Conyers of Michigan (Detroit), and white trash morons, namely many lib-dem filth, read this about what blacks owe whites.
Dr King's "dream" took a huge step backward as racists and bigots gathered to whine about "racial profiling" and "police brutality", when in fact, it is blacks who commit the most crimes and richly deserve additional scrutiny and prison. Fat Al "Interloper Jew Scum" Sharp-scum, Jesse "Hymietown New York" Jack-scum, Queasy "Uncle Tom" Buffom-me and the greedy, money-grubbing King descendants all bitched, moaned, complained and wet their panties wanting more handouts and federal programs to further addict blacks to government largesse. For over 60 years, the lib-dem filth have addicted blacks, poor whites, hispanics etc to welfare and other handouts, and they're afraid to take responsibility for themselves and let go. Dr King was rolling over in his grave at the sound of his name being used for individual profit and continued enslavement of his people. "Redeem The Dream"? More like "redeem the welfare coupon", bro. Made me puke, too.
In Mississippi, a young black man hanged himself after a break-up with his white girlfriend. Tsk, tsk. The racist, bigot, race-baiter, lowlife piece of shit, Irrev Jesse "Hymietown New York" Jack-scum jumped in and he and the dead boy's momma started seeing the KKK behind ever tree and shrub. The lib-dem media jumped on it as a white-on-black hate crime. The family is traumatized by both the suicide and the Jack-scum bigotry. American is baffled why Irrev Jesse "Hymietown New York" Jack-scum isn't in prison for inciting to riot and for racist tendencies. Why, the lib-dem media pumped-up the accusation and soft-pedaled the rejection. They think they're judge, jury and executioner. Natch.
Handouts, easy money? Sure thing, bro: just yell racism loud enough and Whitey will cave? No f*cking way in this Denny's case of fraud by a couple of lowlife racial looters. These blacks should have been jailed for a felony conspiracy. Another instance where blacks don't want to take responsibility for their own lives and want handouts.
Here's a racist, bigot bitch wailing about Fat Al "Interloper Jew Scum" Sharp-scum and how the lib-dem slime only want his vote and won't accept him "mainstream". Well, of course not, he's an anti-Semite, liar, criminal, lowlife, racist, scumbag, bigot, race-baiter, inciter to riot and so many more negative things that the entire Web doesn't have enough space to list them all. He's dogshit and a putrid disgrace to his race, and that sums it up nicely.

Waste The Subhuman Filth.
Two convicted, murderous inmates, fighting fires, whacked by lightning? Hey, however they die for their crimes of murder, they deserve to die. And good f*cking riddance. Saved the US Taxpayer the trouble.
Isn't it wonderful when a murderous piece of subhuman shit gets his wish and is executed? This one only took 5 years, since the '95 murder; still too long by my standards, but at least it wasn't a 10-15-20-25 year battle to get justice. Nice going, Florida!
There's no doubt that this murderous lowlife piece of shit deserves the death penalty, for kidnapping and shooting two college students. No doubt in my clear-thinking mind. But some lowlife liberal judge gave him life; now we taxpayers have to support his carcass to the tune of $60,000 per year to keep the slime alive. What a waste of money.
This bitch needs a psychiatrist. She's in love with a condemned rapist and murderer she was the jury foreman and is running out of control. She's totally f*cked-up. Remove her sorry ass from society and into an institution. Or a .357 Magnum hollow-point to the brain? Much nicer.
Thank you, Texas, Virginia and Missouri, for making my week and executing 3 pieces of subhuman shit. All were well-deserved executions and sort of restored my faith in the criminal justice system, nationwide. We need to execute 15-20 per day to rid the Nation of the 3,700 filth still on death row.
Punk kids, aged 11-19, Killing for the thrill of it. Sure thing, they need execution as soon as they are of age; hell the few over 18 can die right now. Here, let me push that lethal syringe into their veins.

Uh Oh, More Trouble From Idiots.
Here we go again with that whining towelhead old dogscum, Mohammed Al Fayed, dredging up imagined "evidence" that his worthless scumbag of a son, Dodi and Princess Diana were the objects of an assassination plot by the UK and US, both of whom he's now suing.
Looking and sounding more like something from Ringling Bros Circus, thousands of heathen scum assembled at the commie-socialist UN to do what? To examine whether religion can be used to support the peace-making aims of the United Nations? Hell, religion has always been the cause of war; who are these lowlife scumbags kidding?
Russia is on its way to total collapse militarily, economically and socially. This past month was a mere harbinger of things to come.

Grease Car.
In the proud tradition of the Veggie Van comes the Grease Car, a converted VW Westfalia van that runs entirely on used cooking grease. As it turns out, the first diesel engine exhibited in the 1900 World's Fair ran on peanut oil. Who knew? Your intrepid hosts Justin Carven and Skip Wrightson are currently on a grease-fueled road trip across the United States. Check out photos from the road (including some great engine shots), read diary entries in the trip tracker (they just did a segment for Ripley's Believe It Or Not), or learn how to create your own bio-engineered, four-wheeled wonder. But watch your backside: GM and Ford hate these guys; AlGoreBore loves them.

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