Friday, September 20, 1996

Is The GOP History?

nfuriating as it is, there's not much going to stop 'Slick Willie' Clinton from being reelected in November.
Sorry to ruin your day, week or whatever. Bob Dole, Jack Kemp and all the king's horses and all the king's men, won't be able to put the GOP back together again after this 1996 General Election. When the wheels come off of the GOP in November, as I'm afraid they will, it will take a Herculean effort to repair the damage this time around.
Clinton seemingly, no matter what happens in either his public or private life, endures and gets more popular. He's a great campaigner, but a lousy president. Even though all his former friends and business associates are being convicted of crimes and going to prison, Clinton gets more and more popular. What's wrong with this picture, America? Wake the hell up!
Back in July, I'd written a short piece on Clinton's lead in the polls in spite of what was and continues to be a very negative character quality: none whatsoever that anyone can detect. A more recent poll of registered voters now confirms Clinton's lead again at 51-36 percent, with a nothing 8% going to that paranoid, megalomaniac, little twerp Perot. That's a 15 point spread among middle America voters. People interviewed, just over 62%, said they don't care about Clinton's morals or character; he's a nice guy who seems to be trying hard and doing the right thing. Duh...
Where are all these peoples' f*cking brains? On a collective vacation? Inside jars in the fridge? Well, their brains must be somewhere else, because they're certainly not in their empty heads to even rationalize something as stupid as re-electing the Clintons. What abject lunacy.
I can't understand how anyone, who can simply read the available facts and data about Slick Willie Clinton and the liberal philosophy he's now shed in favor of the Republican conservative viewpoint (a la Dick Morris), could be fooled by William Jefferson Clinton. It flies in the face of all reason and sanity. He's turned his back on his former friends, his liberal Democratic party philosophy; all that now, for merely getting reelected. Then he will revert to what he showed us he was in the early months: a bumbler and a congenital liar. No... wait a minute; that's Hillary Rodham who's the congenital liar. Slick Willie is a philanderer and habitual liar. It's difficult to remember which is which type of liar, since they each are one type or another.
Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when you really need him?


If Clinton and Gore are reelected, the chances of the Republican-dominated Congress will be greatly-lessened. It looks also like democrats will be elected to offset the majority that the Conservatives gained in the '94 midterm congressional election, and things will revert to what we had for the past 40 years: a continuing fiscal disaster in the making for the next generations. Some legacy we're leaving to others.
The outright lies that the liberals have used on the public over the past two years will take their toll among those without the facts; these people who have a sympathetic mind-set for the morally-vacuuous liberalism will return the congressional seats to democrats. And that will be the end of progress as we know it. The tax-and-spend days will return, no budget will ever be balanced; in short, nothing positive will ever be accomplished again by Congress.

Clinton Character Scale:
Whitewater... FBI Files... Travel Office... Dick Morris... Liar!

Given the choices, I'll hold my nose when I vote; but I will vote again. As it was in the '92 General Election, I'd hate to think the effort is all for naught. America blinked, and somehow Clinton slipped through. Let's get our collective shit together and NOT let this happen again.

Political Polls.

There's just something about political polls; they are valid for aout 10-15 seconds or until the people being polled hear of something else to change their mealy, little minds about. ABC News found that 87% of the people interviewed about election voting didn't even have a valid voter registration card, and hadn't voted in the last two General Elections. Imagine that! And here are all these TV Networks, Magazines and Newspapers banding together to give us, the voters, a glimpse of what the general polulace is thinking, and they haven't even checked the credentials of the people they're interviewing.
Here's the race as it looks right now: Clinton's lead will drop as the election approaches, but he will beat Dole; the small election victory will allow Republicans to keep control of Congress, but by a much smaller majority; both parties will have to work closely since neither has a clear majority there; and if the Republicans lose control of Congress, look for the long knives to come out for Uncle Newt.
Another poll, this time from Time - USA Today - Gallup shows that of "623 likely voters", Clinton leads again by 47% to Dole's 41%, with the shit-for-brains Perot at 5%. Other polls are so far scattered around the grid, it's useless to try to make anything of their data. Actually, it amuses me to read these total wastes of time and money.
Don't believe a single poll. They're garbage. shit. Junk. Vote your own mind and conscience, not what others are doing. 'Nuff said.

Religion vs Politics.

This is one thing that has angered me for many years: the intrusion of religion into politics. It has no damned place in the political arena whatsoever.
Religion is something that should and must be kept out of politics, and should be between you and your God, whomever that is, according to what religion you follow and practice. Likewise, prayer should and must be kept out of schools and other public places, where because of its emotional and volatile nature, it simply clouds all other issues.
This is the reason politics has gotten an even worse reputation that it ever had: The Christian Coalition, Jews for Jesus, the Religious Right, the Religious Left, the Religious Center and dozens of other agenda-laden, quasi-politico-religious groups meddling and interfering in something that is expressly prohibited by our Constitution. The separation of Church and State is guarranteed in that Document; now the religious zealots have contaminated politics with their filthy ideology. And what's even worse: the stinking politicians have allowed this travesty to quietly occur.
And yes, to further muddy the whole political arena, the religious zealots have thrown-in the abortion issue to polarize the voting polulace. This is another topic that has no damned business being involved in politics! Wake up America! Get religion and abortion out of politics. And let government get back to the business of governing.


For the next three weeks, I'll be spending Tuesday and Thursday evenings at The Bradley Academy of Visual Arts here in York, Pa., learning Photoshop. Last night's first session was interesting: I worked on a MAC 8800; what a trip. It's a introductory course, so nothing very heavy-duty will come out of the sessions, except learning how to use the software. There's a lot of pixel-oriented theory involved here. The Prof has been using PS for four years, and he's good about sharing his experiences. More on this course as it develops.

The Fall Rush.

It starts every year around the beginning of October; this year it started early. Labor Day Weekend was the inception of our 25% Off Fall Nursery Sale, and people came in by the hundreds. They're still coming in by the hundreds. It's time for Fall Planting. Soon, it will be by the thousands and we'll be swamped.
It's that time of year. Again.

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