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Friday, September 21, 2001

'm not one prone to giving up on anything; my doggedness and stick-to-it-tivity has taken me many places and gotten me where I am today. But I know when to fold a hand of cards, concede a chess game and cut bait. Such is my state with the government agencies of DEP (Dep't of Environmental Protection), Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Land & Water Management and the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), here in Pennsylvania. I'm worn out from dealing with GP-3 Endangered Bog Turtle General Permits, GP-7 Minor Crossing of a Wetlands Waterway General Permits, GP-1 Pond Bank Rehabilitation General Permits, and have advised my client a 800+ house development in Stewartstown, PA to abandon the proposed Community Park Project. There is too much red tape, government agency overlap in rules, restrictions, directives, permits, codes et al to deal with. The October 1st start date is toast; I've been working on this since '98, when I first proposed it, and hot-and-heavy since June of this year, to get the permitting process completed. To vainly continue this constantly-obstructed government process is akin to smashing one's head against a steel pillar; the result will be a bloodied and banged-up skull with a resultant headache. I already have the headache from many hours of meetings, both on-site at the proposed project and at their offices, with government types; I don't need any further damage to my mental health. Time to bail out; enough is enough, already.

Around The Garden Center.
With the Community Park Project abandoned and effectively whacked effectively by US Government regs and techno-bureau-crats, I turned my attention to re-scheduling other landscape jobs into that two week slot; we're getting up to a dozen of requests each day for work, now that cooler weather has arrived and a few much-needed showers have passed through the region. It's still not enough moisture to do any good; kinda like cut flowers and throw pillows at the burned-out World Trade Center buildings' rubble.
Thousands of flags were flying by last Friday in all the small communities Winterstown, Red Lion, Yoe, East Windsor, East York, Springettsbury Twp I drive through daily on my to work, from home daily. Made me damned proud that I am an American. There are no flags to be found in any retail stores; I get a dozens calls daily from people wanting to buy American Flags. If I could get some, I'd give them away. I have my Garden Center's American Flag, at the driveway entrance, flying at half-mast, but don't even have a flag for my car or condo.
In my lifetime, Tuesday, September 11, 2001 joins the "where were you when ..." list with the day (November 22, 1963) President Kennedy was assassinated, and the day (January 28, 1986) the Challenger exploded, and the night (January 16, 1991) the Gulf War started. My Mom & Dad can remember two additional "where were you when ..." days. They, and the others of the swiftly declining numbers of their generation, also remember where they were when they heard the news (December 7, 1941) about Pearl Harbor; and they remember where they were when they heard (April 12, 1945) that President Roosevelt had died. Six of these momentous events is too many for anyone to live through.
Despite all the horrible events of last week, the weekend was busy in retail traffic during my once-a-year, 25% Off Fall Sale. Lots of people taking advantage of the Fall Sale prices, cooler weather (but still no appreciable rainfall) and their Income Tax Rebates, to get things done around their homes. The DOW (DJIA, Dow Jones Industrial Average) took a 684pt dump, Monday the 17th, but with no stock holdings in the "Transportation Sector", I didn't feel the crush. It's funny how all of my/ our problems, trials and tribulations pale in comparison to what happened last Tuesday, September 11th, in NYC, DC and PA.
I've lost track of how many weeks we've now gone without appreciable rainfall replensihing the ground moisture. My landscape crews have dug 6-8ft and encountered merely dust; unending dryness. Older, well-established plant are suffering, getting their "Fall color" much too early and dropping leaves, as are local crops suffering and drying up. There's still no sign of the Fall rains, which should be here by now. Hurricanes, which should be forming in the Atlantic and Gulf, aren't. Major bummer.

Don't Bring Them To Justice;
Send Them To Hell.

I certainly don't advocate Killing all Muslims, just the lowlife, subhuman evil extremist fundamentalist islamic wacko terrorist filth. There are many good American Muslims; don't know any personally, but I'm sure there are many. And harrassment and abuse of American Muslims should never, ever take place.
Forget bringing the evil towelhead filth to "justice"; that's not what is called for. Track them down, find them and whack them with impunity. Put their evil bullet-riddled carcasses on display for the world to see. Let the maggots feast.
Evil cannot be "treated", nor should it be. Evil has to confronted and destroyed and it matters not why the evil is in play. Society has no obligation to try to rehabilitate evil. If a person commits acts that cause pain and destruction, that person must be dealt with harshly. There are obviously varying degrees of evil but mass terror and murder is at the top of the list. The terrorists who struck America are modern-day SS men. They are no different than the concentration-camp butchers and any nation in the world that harbors them or condones their behavior should be ostracized, whether they produce oil or not.
Their action on Tuesday, September 11th which was supposedly in planning for 5+ years was simply a mass assassination. And they used their god as an excuse. How f*cked-up repulsive is that? How f*cked-up mentally deranged is that? How f*cked-up evil is that? The world deserves to be rid of whackers and those who bring misery to human beings. Society needs to see evil for what it is and adopt a "zero tolerance" policy. I couldn't care less don't give a flying rat's ass why child whackers and terrorists decide to do what they do. They must be eliminated, terminated, whacked. That is the only "treatment". "Complete and total elimination from society" is the solution.
Back in January '99, I said that the World Trade Center Towers would be "ground zero" for a madman with a nuclear weapon, which would obliterate 12 million New Yorkers in a matter of minutes. Fortunately, this time, that didn't come true; unfortunately, only half of it did. No, I'm not clairvoyant, but I can add things up and see what's coming. Doesn't take a genius, only someone who is astute at world events and trends. But the day is coming when chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction will be released on the west coast, and the prevailing winds will carry the contaminants across the USA and whack millions. Or several nuclear weapons hidden in vehicles will obliterate several entire cities simultaneously and their inhabitants. The muslim extremist filth have now found our soft underbelly, and they're gonna go for the bigger whack, sooner than we'd like to think.
Personally, I favor the nuclear option in dealing with the extremist fundamentalist towelhead filth. Total obliteration. Ashes and cinders.
Here go the EU (European Union) cowards, those cheese eating surrenderists whom we're saved time and time again, distancing themselves from the right thing to do, once again. The European governments, not the people whom I adore, are the worst when it comes to showing any backbone or spine in a tough situation. They're so socialized and communized from 50+ years of cowardice, the US should just let the European banks and economies fall into anarchy, instead of propping their sorry asses up as we've done since WWI. Instead, the Federal Reserve Board propped them up with $50billion of US Taxpayers' monies. Huh?
I'm just so f*cking gosh darned happy that all the extremist wacko fundamentalist towelhead radical Islam filth scumbags are "not afraid to die" for that pork-sucking murderous moron, Allah. 'Cause a lot of you subhuman garbage filth are gonna die, as soon as the US gets its collective ass in gear and nukes your stoneage shitholes, where you live. I think the should put the "magic asson" on their website, and encourage all Americans to push it and initiate the total and complete obliteration of muslim-islam garbage shitfilth countries. The US surely has enough ICBMs to incinerate all towelhead filth countries, don't we? I really believe we do, fellow Taxpayer; we've paid taxes for building thousands of them. Time to use them up on the towelhead garbage countries.
There's a theory that the Israelis were behind the whole attack; that I find hard to believe. But read this guy's interesting rationale, anyway.
This theory sounds more like it, don'tcha think?
I'm clearly moved by the support the world is showing the US in the new war against terrorism. As I've said in previous Journals, I love the European people; it's their cowardly, socialist-communist governments which I so vociferously despise.
We're standing behind you, W, 100%.
Yep, I think Bill had his Wheaties® when he wrote this.
Here's some lowlife moron Brits who denigrated the US two days the terrorist attacks for "our foreign policy". Oh really, Limey filth? You scum-sucking, testicle-pudding eating degenerates are very, very lucky I and other Americans weren't in the audience.
Ummmm, Rush's little brother sums it up quite nicely, thankyouverymuch.
Ron Marr at also sees this as I do: we're gonna get our asses kicked in another conventional war mode, in pursuit of guerrilla terrorists; nukes are needed to obliterate the terrorist towelhead extremist filth worldwide.
I'm still wondering what happened to the FBI, CIA, NSA et al's failure to detect and prevent, as it appears they were warned? You got any theories you want to share?
WNDs site puts some of this horror in true perspective.
Hard to believe that some companies and schools actually banned Old Glory from their premises; after protests erupted, those cowardly bastions of lib-dem slimeballs relented caved. Punitive action should be taken against all who discriminated against our US Flag, by the companies' customers and the schools' communities.
The list of dead grows from the Tuesday, September 11th tragedy, and it's going to get much, much larger in the coming weeks and months. Our Nation weeps for them and their orphaned families, and demands revenge retribution Justice.
The FBI et al are "doing all they can" to investigate the terrorist bombings, but covered up the TWA Flight 800 shoot-down in July '96, by terrorists. I wonder why? Actually, I know why. Read on and find out for yourself, Fellow American. And beware of what you find; it'll chill you to the very bone.
Polls show 87% of Americans support a war on terrorism. Good, spine is showing. Lib-dem filth in retreat. One week after the mass murder of innocent US Citizens, life goes on. These are the wrong Muslims to harm, Fellow Americans. Get the other guy, and his pork-sucking buddies. And this shit must end; it's a war.
Dad and Rush hasve been saying since the minute it happened, the horrific terrorist attack on America was the work of Iraq, and Sodomy Insane (aka Saddam Hussein); bin Laden was on the fringes, and that his personna has unduly grown to epic proportions. At first, I disagreed. Now, I agree.
Why is How the United States Protects Itself on the Web? Is this really a defense secret? f*cking Freaking A! What's going on here? Why is this a public article, rather than a secure document? Sorry, I'm having chest pains, I gotta sit down.
It's time to track down and whack every subhuman radical Muslim fundamentalist extremist in the world. There'll be millions, maybe hundreds of millions of the filthy pork-sucking towelheads, but all should and must die for the wanton crimes they're committing against Humanity. None must escape.
On Wednesday, September 19th, the prelude of the military plan called Operation Infinite Justice, began. US assets were being deployed in anticipation of action against Afghanistan. Personally, I think we're going after Sodomy Insane (aka Saddam Hussein) in Iraq and bin Laden, but who the hell heck really knows.
Terrorist attacks have united the country (true) in its backing for a strong military response but have left many Americans depressed (NOT true, distracted (also NOT true and sleepless (bullshit, a poll concludes. Where do they get these mental health basket cases for these polls? I'm pissed-off and angry, but sleep just fine (thankyouverymuch), am not depressed or distracted, whatever that means.
No pressure, W. Do the best you we can.
New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani raised estimates of those missing and presumed dead in last week's attack on the World Trade Center to 6,333 people. "Nuff said; waste the towelhead extremist filth.

Lib-democRAT Scum.
Rep Marty Meehan and Rep Richard Neal, the left-wing wacko lowlife lib-dem scumbag Massachusetts DemocRATs, whose vile anti-Bush attacks during this national crisis have infuriated NewsMax readers and good people everywhere, are now backpedalling, lying and spinning so fast they just might spiral straight down into the ground. Meehan and Neal are subhuman, lowlife, fudge-packing, rump-raiding lowlife white trash, on the order of Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer & Murderer" Kennedy, another well-known liberal whacker, alcoholic and drug addict.
On the night of Sept. 11, with fires still raging in New York and at the Pentagon, the congressional leaders gathered to draft a joint resolution. Democrats refused to support a measure to grant "war powers" to the president or to classify the attacks as acts of "war." Timid Republicans allowed the resolution to be watered down to a statement of sympathy, outrage and vague resolve. They then gathered to sing songs and hug. In the midst of so much carnage, compassion and courage, congressional cowardice is shameful.
Lowlife lib-dem filth like Torricelli the criminal and disgraced, impeached, lying lowlife ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon effectively blinded the CIA back in '95-'96, outlawing their use of informants of quesitonable character. Current and former CIA operatives say that Clinton administration policies, which forbade the CIA from recruiting known terrorists and other criminals, left the U.S. government bereft of all intelligence about such terrorist groups. Those two traitors are directly responsible for the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001.
This bitch is a lying, filthy, socialist-communist, left-wing wacko, lowlife, dirtbag whore; she voted against pursuing the murderous terrorist towelhead pork-sucking sandidiot trash.

The Turd That Won't Flush.
As the TV networks were shifting to NYC for the National Day of Prayer and Remembrance, who do you think appeared on camera walking the streets with his ugly, dog-faced piglet of a daughter in tow? Right-o: disgraced, impeached, lying ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, like a bobbing turd in the toilet which refuses to flush. What a piece of white trash shit filth.
It was this lying lowlife scumbag moron Clintoon who brought us directly to the point of vulnerability, and he should be tried and executed imprisoned for sedition and treason. His gutting of the CIA and other intelligence gathering agencies made us susceptible to terrorist attacks. Too bad the whole criminally dysfunctional scumbag family wasn't in the WTC when they came down Tuesday. I'd be dancing in the streets about their well-deserved deaths, instead of weeping for the innocent dead.

Shit-for-brains Orrin Hatch can't keep his mouth shut, and is a liar, two-faced moron, scumbag, traitor, lowlife seditionist, persecution-prosecutionist against MicroSoft in favor of the junk shit shit software Novell Co, in his own pathetic state of Uterus Utah idiot, moron, cretin, degenerate, pervert, and all-around closet queenie. He and J Edgar Hoover shared lingerie closets. Now, OH owns 'em all. Same size; a petite size 4 5 6 Uhhhh, a "moderate" size 8.
Okay, here we go again. The US Congress idiots-morons-Scumbags-Cretins are at it again: federally funding lackluster, lowlife, junk airlines with US Taxpayers' monies. Duh, of course they are. We're idiots for allowing it to occur. No one else to blame, but ourselves.

Lowlifes, Scum & Deviants.
No, no, no, I'm not referring to lowlife liberals or democRATs this time; rather to degenerates like Gary Condit, race-baiting misery-profiteering criminals like Jesse Kack-scum and Al Sharp-scum, who've been now relegated to the back pages of this Nation's scrutiny, since the terrorist attack in NYC and DC, last week.
All three scumbags are liberals and democRATs, and are glad to be out of the spotlight, for now. I, for one, am pissed off angry that they're getting a pass; someone should be delving in harder and harder on their criminal activity, pushing for prosecution and keeping their racist, bigoted and deviant crimes alive in front of the Nation.

Richly Deserving Death.
When they catch this rapist and murderer, the police should execute him on the spot. No trial, no sleazy lawyer, no appeals clogging up the courts. Most All capital-crime criminals deserve immediate death and no consideration under the Law. f*ck Screw the bed wetting, hand wringing liberal scum. Execution is clearly called for, and promptly.
It's been a slow couple of weeks for subhuman murderous filth and the execution chamber; hopefully, the coming weeks will see more of the condemned lowlife filth go directly to Hell, as they so richly deserve.

Fear of Physics.
This site attempts to explain the unexplainable, simplify the complex, and generally make sense of a field of science "mired with images of weird old men electrocuting themselves, strange equations, esoteric concepts, indecipherable books, etc." Interactive experiments let you explore physics in action by dropping virtual tennis balls off the Empire State building or the Golden Gate Bridge, practicing your dunk shot, and riding a roller coaster. Areas of the site attempt to demystify the Doppler Effect, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, friction, and other strange and wonderful forces at work in the world. Coulda used this in high school science class, man.

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