(::: “The American Indian found out what happens, when you don't control immigration” :::)

matrix: what's coming next
friday, september 21st, 2007

a uber-terrible 'terrorist plan' is in the works, I'm afraid to say, and it will happen to America's Schoolchildren. Ever heard of "The Perfect Day"? It's a murderous muslim-islamist-al Queerda codeword for a massive terrorist attack against America's schoolchildren. Do you remember the Russian Beslan School Massacre in 2004? That was just a "warm-up" for what's coming to America, BTW. What will the murderous, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth hope to accomplish by awakening the massive seething rage and hatred of America, by slaughtering tens-of-thousands of innocent American schoolchildren? The film's answers will surprise you. So, given what pieces we know so far, what do we do to prepare to prevent it from happening? Or is it inevitable? The National Terror Alert Response Center has many articles and links about the many disconnected bits and pieces of intel, floating around, unconnected in many minds, but quite cemented in my mind: the threat against innocent schoolchildren is imminent and going to happen, in multiple cities and location, on "The Perfect Day". I've been saying, since December 2002, that the subhuman, murderous muslim-islamist-arab garbage are planning massive and widespread, multi-city/town slaughters against American Citizens, in hospitals, shopping malls, schools, college campuses, sports stadiums etc. Remember the two murderous, NOI (Nation Of islam) muslims filth Niggas®, during the Beltway Sniper Murders (October, 2002)? Think of that, multiplied by 500x or 1,000x! The USA would come to a complete stop: all intrastate and interstate commerce would cease; stores would empty of food, water and supplies; gas stations would become ghost towns; power generating and water purification plants would shut down without daily workers to maintain them; banks and ATMs would close, cutting-off all money supplies; chaos and rioting would follow as starving and thirsty people go door-to-door, robbing their neighbors for water/food, just to stay alive; armed homeowners would begin killing those who try to invade their homes to get water/food supplies; *Martial Law* would quickly be declared and police and military would patrol the towns, streets and highways, making civilian free movement impossible; internment camps would overflow with American Civilians, caught trying to feed and water their starving/dying families; as more and more once-thought-to-be 'moderate US murderous muslim-islamist-arabs', join the 'jihad slaughter of the American Infidel', the few (in comparison) tens-of-thousands of police/military would be overwhelmed, and heavily-armed, Patriotic US Citizen Militias would have to take-over the day-to-day civil-governance and law enforcement (think 2nd Amendment!); all criminal, illegal alien filth, from mexicans, middle-easterners, south americans, eastern europeans etc, would be rounded-up by the heavily-armed, Patriotic US Citizen Militias, and either be interned in desert camps, or summarily-tried/shot (I'd perfer the latter option, BTW); the US cities/towns/streets/highways are made-safe again, and turned-over to the US Civilian Gov't; intrastate and interstate commerce once again resumes, and shipments commence, replenishing stores' stores; full/total/complete immunity is accorded to all the heavily-armed, Patriotic US Citizen Militias "for their actions in a time of war"; life begins to return to semi-normal; American begins to bury its tens-of-thousands of dead schoolchildren; grief, anger, hate, rage and revenge prevails, as millions of Americans locate, find, root-out, summarily-try/shoot/kill hundreds-of-thousands of murderous muslim-islamic-arabs who participated in the capture-torture-slaughter of America's Precious Treasure — Our Babies, Schoolchildren & The Future of America — and thrown into pits full of festering and fetid liquid pigfat, face-down, facing north. Problem(s) solved. islam and muslims/islamists ARE THE PROBLEM, and it/they need "fixing", on a permanent basis.

Around The Garden Center™.
The fall-like weather continued through the weekend, although the hum-didity increased a tad-bit, while temps moderated into the upper-60s/lower-70s. Light showers on Friday night helped put some moisture back into the parched ground. And I actually wore one of my wool Pendleton® Board Shirts™ into work, over a short-sleeved cotton shirt, on Saturday morning; it was 53°F outside on the way into work. Nighttime temps are now down into the mid-40s, and make for great sleeping-with-the-windows-open conditions. Actually, I couldn't stand the cool/cold night air, for more than a couple of hours, and had to close the place-up. Must be getting old, or something. I was up at 6:30am Sunday to feed the cats, turned on the heat, ran Adaware and SpyBot, to clean-out the junk, and Norton SystemWorks 2007's Defrag/Optimize on my RAID 0+1 machine, and went back to sleep for another 5rs. The heat felt pretty good, as it was 39°F outside! Brrrrrr; feels more like Nov-Dec outside!
Early Winter? I'm thinking so. Not only are air and ground temps dropping about a month earlier than normal, the 10-15 remaining Praying Mantis (mantids) in GHs 1-2-3-4 are mating and females are producing their chrysallis egg casings, 4-5 weeks early. In past years at this time, we had 30-50 mantids remaining, feeding and not yet beginning to breed and lay egg casings (Ootheca). I'm also seeing northern ducks and geese beginning to head south. 99.99% of the trees are still green, so nothing on that front, until frost comes. Just a guess. Wow, "light frost warnings" are issued for 6+ Pennsylvania Counties, on Sunday evening, by both WGAL-TV and The Weather Channel. Did I say "Early Winter" coming? Yes, I did, and it looks like it's on-track to be here, 4-6 weeks early, IMO. Remember my warning on this date, BTW. Just damn. NOTE: I saw frost in Adamsville (PA), in a valley ~100ft below Dallastown (PA). Wow!
Although I've cut retail operations on Sundays, for the first time in 16 of our 17yrs, I'm thinking that I can't do 6 days a week, anymore. I'm going to take a weekday-off, in 2008, and get back to a "normal 5 days a week", next year, and afterward. Enough of the 6 and 7 days a week workload, IMO. Time for a permanent change.
I did some food shopping on Sunday, and amongst many items on my list, bought some fresh chicken breasts, butterflied them, stuffed them, and made 8 Chicken Kievs, for immediate eating and quick-freezing, for later dinners. I've also done Chicken with Wild & Long Grain Rice, and Chicken Cordon Bleu, amongst many other chicken dishes. Not a fan of bland chicken, I've seasoned and "kicked-up" the flavorings, to where I can readily-eat the dishes. Otherwise, they'd be just too bland, and I couldn't take them. Ha! Much more to come. (NOTE: I used those readily-available www.omahasteaks.com pics, because they're available in one place, and I didn't have to do mega-searches for each dish, and not because I got the food from that supplier.)
Do you like seeing close to $1BILLION in exotic cars and hardware? Watch this and other linked videos, here. See the Ford GTs? That's my next $160k+ "toy", BTW. Probably not for a while, though. Yes, John needs a "new toy" to play with, IMO.
It was 38°F on Monday morning, at 6am, as I fed the cats, made coffee and got ready for work. I had the heat on, once again to take the chill off the condo, and it felt good. Ditto on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings; it was only 41°F and I fired-up the natural-gas, condo furnace with newly-installed $59.95 Hepa-Pure® 16"x25"x1" Electrostatic-Allergen Filters. No, I don't clean and reuse them; I discard them after 2mos, BTW. But they're the best AC/furnace filters I've ever used.
Last week, I told you how I felt about people who have tattoos, and how I 'actively-discourage' them from shopping at my GC&N Complex. This article says 17% of those morons (age group 18 to 50-year-olds, surveyed in 2004) who've had themselves tattooed in earlier years, now want them removed, at great pain and cost. Ha! How I feel about body piercings is 10x worse than I feel about tattoos, BTW. Anyone and everyone who defaces and disgraces themselves, by either method, is complete and total dogshit, IMO. And they richly-deserve all the pain and cost involved; I just wish I could publish their agony and remorse, for all to see, as a discouragement to all idiots, contemplating such personal stupidity. Okay, enough on that topic.
My IRA and other investments are loving this 335.97 pt jump! I see 14,000 coming again within 3-4 weeks.
Summer temps made a brief return by Wednesday, into the low-80s and kept us in a dry, high-pressure pattern, when rainfall was desperately needed. All moisture has been cooked-out of the ground, and the soil is like baby powder. It's like a desert out there, once again, and retail customers are staying away from planting much of anything. Our landscape schedule and ongoing jobs are doing just fine. Normally, the once-a-year, 25% Off Fall Sale would have generated several hundred tree sales and installations, but we're at about 40% of normal sales. Hopefully, October sales will be better, and the Fall Rains will incite people to buy and want to plant.
To all my Jewish Friends/Journal Readers, on Friday evening: Happy Yom Kippur! I wish you all health, long life and happiness! Mazel tov!
Gas prices, at the pump, have risen another 4¢/gal this week. Unleaded Regular is now at $2.69/gal, Unleaded Plus is at $2.89/gal, and Unleaded Premium is at $3.09/gal. I don't track either K2 or diesel, anymore. Drill ANWR and the US Coastal Oil Fields, shoot any liberal-demokkkRAT piece-of-shit who protests, and dump the $80+/bbl ME garbage oil! Any questions?

Talk Radio.
Over the years, I've been asked about what specific Talk Radio Shows I listen to, and why. Right now, I listen to The Gary Sutton Show, locally on WSBA-910AM, from 9am-12noon, infrequently, after throwing the crappy Glen Beck Show under the bus, since he sold-out his principles and morals, to the CNN liberal-demokkkRATs. I listen to Rush Limbaugh, in the afternoons, from 12-3pm EST, also infrequently. In the evenings, from 6-9pm, I listen to The Michael Savage Show, every day, on KFMB and KNEW, since they re-broadcast the 1st hour as the 4th hour, in case you missed it by getting home late.
Savage is the quintessential Conservative/ Independent/ Libertarian, and I enjoy and identify with his positions on 97% of the subjects he tackles. You need a thick skin, be focused on America's problems, understand who America's enemies really are, within and without, and who knows what he talks about.
Savage has 4 back-to-back NYTimes Best Sellers: The Savage Nation (2003), The Enemy Within (2004), Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder (2005), and The Political Zoo (2006), all with the clear emphasis on "Borders, Language, Culture®". He also has written 17+ other health-related books, back in the 70s and 80s, none of which I have read or own. I have his set of autographed best sellers, and have given the set to Family and Friends in 2005, as Christmas gifts.
Here are a few snippets of The Savage Nation, to listen to, if you haven't heard him before. Go ahead and listen; I'll wait.
I also enjoy listening to Mark Levin, from 10-12pm, despite his ridiculous, ongoing "feud" with Savage. Levin's a brilliant legal mind, while Savage is a brilliant social mind. Together, they could rule the world of Talk Radio. Feuding, as they have been for the past 2-4yrs, they denigrate the world of Talk Radio, IMO. Truly, a shame.

The Truth About Iraq, IMO™.
Yes, I watched President GW Bush's Thursday speech about the "Progress in Iraq", and I agreed with much of it, but I also disagreed with a major point of his contention that "democracy in Iraq is very possible." It isn't, and never will be the case. The ME is a 6-7th century, tribal, turd-world shithole, like Africa and 80% of Asia. Killing, murder, rape, boy-buggering, death, destruction, death squads, wanton slaughter, 'honor killings', primitive subhuman filth seeking and getting revenge (not civilized reconciliation), 'good v evil', and so much more primitive intentions and actions, prevail and wil continue to be the mainstay of those tribal (there's that word again!) subhumans, that it will be another 200-500 years until they are able to grasp the concepts of 'democracy', 'republic' and 'nation of laws', and move toward the noble and lofty goals, which GWB and America so desperately want for it.
Of course, the treasonous, seditious, liberal-demokkkRAT saboteurs came on, immediately afterward, with their cowardly, cut-and-run, surrender-at-all-costs message, given by the treasonous/seditious/saboteur punk, disgraced, corrupt scumbag, criminal lowlife dirtbag, US Sen Jack-off Reed (TRAITOR-RI), who bent-over, grabbed his thin, feminine ankles, and pleaded for mercy from the murderous, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth, IMO. Reed is a cowardly, butt-boy, homo-sodomite-faggot of the worst kind, and needs charging, arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and killing, IMO, as are 97% of the treasonous, seditious, US liberal-demokkkRAT saboteur party, now paid-for, wholly-owned and controlled by the subhuman, radical, hate-America, hate-US Military, socialist-commie, piece-of-shit, Georgie-The-Faggot Soros.
IMO, Iraq will never be a part of, or adopt any democratic/republic-type of government, and will continue with their 6-7th century tribal bloodbaths, despite America's loss of 3,600+ brave, heroic US Military, in the war. We are there primarily to subdue Iran and Syria, by whatever military means necessary, to prevent their taking-over Iraq, using their conflicted land and oil revenues to attack the Western Civilized World, in the coming years and decades. The dumbass lib-dem filth/idiots still can't grasp that simple concept that, if we don't obliterate Iran and Syria there, they will attack Europe and America, with nuclear weapons.
GWB has already drawn-up war plans to attack Iran and Syria, before he leaves office, IMO. We have to/he has to, since there'll be a likely-elected dirtbag, cowardly, treasonous-seditious, lib-dem scumbag, who wants to surrender, cut-and-run, withdraw US Mililtary, and abandon the ME and Israel. America will pay a huge and bloody price for doing so, with millions of US Citizens slaughtered, and Israel completely-obliterated, from the face of the earth. And that isn't acceptable to either God (or me, BTW). The "End Times" will come much faster and more ferociously, than the Bible ever prophesied.
Yes, We Remember You. Thank you for your service.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Harley-Davidson, York, which have always been backlogged 4-6-8 months for motorcycle buyers, is shutting down for the week of Nov 26th, since their sales are now in the proverbial "dumper". Across from their Springettsbury (final assembly) Plant, they've rented a huge amount of warehouse space, and unloaded scores of tractor trailers full of unsold mototcycles into storage, to keep from flooding the market, any further. I'm sure their corrupt, criminal, commie-union thugs will take care of all those hundreds/thousands of laid-off workers, from their overstuffed bank account.
Are you, as I am, a fan of the early-60s Beatles? The you need to see these previously-unpublished still pics and interviews, of them. Absolutely amazing stuff, IMO!
Reason #11 why I don't fly anymore. You?
A laudable, wonderfully-refreshing, Conservative Judical Voice of sanity, in a morass of idiotic, mentally-ill (AlGoreBore&Co) scumbags pimping "global warming crap", US District Judge Martin Jenkins in San Francisco, is to be reverred and accorded great praise, IMO.

The Coming Conflagration, Here In The USA™.
Years ago, President GW Bush warned us all that, "If we didn't fight them over in Iraq, we'd have to fight them over here." He was/is right, in the respect that the War In Iraq is drawing tens-of-thousands of subhuman, murderous, lowlife muslim-islamist-arab filth, into Iraq from the other turd-world hellholes, instead of letting them pour into the USA and start slaughtering innocents, here.
Since 9-11, I've warned you, in numerous John's Journals entries, that thousands of subhuman, lowlife, murderous muslim-islamist-arab terror cells are already here in the US, and will begin acting-out their subhuman 'jihad' filth, in short order. Schools of innocent children — kindegarten through pre-high school kids — with unarmed teachers and school admins; hospitals of ill, helpless people; nursing homes of frail, elderly helpless parents; colleges of unarmed kids — (VaTech Massacre ring a bell?); VA Hospitals of injured and ill US Soldiers; corporate office campuses full of unarmed/dumbass execs; shopping malls full of families with children; well, the list is almost endless. All of those are "gun-free zones", and IMO, will be the very first targets of hundreds/thousands of murderous muslim-islamist-arab sleeper cells, coming-in and already here, getting ready and quickly-activating, upon "orders".
Remember The Beltway Snipers of Oct 2002? I sure do. I spent 3 days with my AR-10 (.308cal) ($2,700 "sniper rifle" w/ $1,500 Leupold Mk IV CQ/T Glass, looking for them, and truly-hoping to find them and kill them both, regardless of the consequences to myself, BTW. Two lowlife, dirtbag, murderous nigger-muslim-islamist subhumans who terrorized the region, and murdered 13+ people in the DC Beltway? Think of 100-200 teams of subhuman, lowlife dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab trash/filth/garbage, attacking America, and shutting-down commerce, natiowide, for days or even weeks. Tens-of-thousands of us American Patriots would have to arm ourselves, take to the streets, since the police and US Military would be overwhelmed, and find them and summarily kill them all. I don't look forward to that day, but it's coming and I'm ready when needed.
I told you about this socialist-commie-NAU (North American Union) being created in North Carolina, last week, dammit. It's coming, in 'baby-steps', slowly but surely, although GW Bush has denied it, it's coming and America is seemingly powerless to stop it, short of an all-out very bloody Civil War, in the streets of America! NAFTA, CAFTA, SPP, Texas Trans Corridor, and a host of other behind-the-scenes socialist-commie agreements with impotent-and-useless Canada, corrupt-criminal-turd-world South America, and the corrupt-criminal-needs destruction-commie-shitfilth UN, have all but assured it will happen, within the next 10-15yrs. IMO. Buy more ammo (stock-up on lots of food and water) my Friends, as we will have to *take back our Nation* from the globalist, one-worlder garbage/shit/junk/filth/crap/junk! If you think I'm kidding or merely 'waxing poetic', you'd better think again.
Okay, when's it going to happen? As soon as we hit 2,000+ targets — I'm betting more like 6,000 targets — in Iran and Syria.
Houssein Zorkot, a third-year medical student who was apprehended in Dearborn, Michigan, with a loaded AK-47 and his face covered with camouflage paint, needs killing, IMO, as do all "wannabe murderous jihadis" punks, here in the USA. KILL THEM ALL!

Lowlife, Subhuman Garbage Filth™.
Air New Zealand is delving into the gay and lesbian faggot-dyke market with a special themed flight — the airline's one-time "Pink Flight," scheduled to depart San Francisco International Airport on Feb 26, is the Gay and Lesbian Faggot & Dyke Filth Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia, one of the world's most well-attended gay homo-sodomite-filth events — that will feature subhuman drag queens, pink cocktails and a cabaret performed by the perverted flight crew. This is one flight I wish the murderous muslim-islamist-arab terrorists would shoot down; no survivors!
Vile dirtbag, traitor, seditionist, saboteur, cockbreath, homo-sodomite-faggot, asswipe scumbag, verminous US Rep Tommie "The Commie" Lantos (TRAITOR-CA) needs due-charging, arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and execution/killing, IMO. Lantos is a lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-shitfilth, and ahould be stood against a wall, and shot, IMO. Lee Harvey Oswald, James Earl Ray and John Hinckley all need to have unlimited target practice at the subhuman traitor, seditionist and saboteur, Lantos. Kill/execute him in the 10-ring target, IMO. Lantos is a verminous, dirtbag, commie-shit, lowlife garbage/shit/trash/junk/crap/filth/scum/, and needs execution/killing, IMO. Likewise, the fat, bald, bloated, stupid, illiterate, urinal-licking, homo-sodomite-faggot scumsucker from NYS, Gary "The Seditionist" Ackerman (TRAITOR-NY), a pig-fucking, liberal-demokkkRAT saboteur filth, needs to be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed/killed, IMO. Stand the piece-of-shit/filth against a wall, and shoot him, with the Lantos trash!
US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO) sent a letter to scumbag spic "director" John Torres (TRAITOR), of the Office of Detention and Removal Operations (DRO), expressing concern over new regulations forced onto local jails across the country that detain illegal aliens. The new regulation requires jails to ban the use of tasers on inmates in any detention facility temporarily housing illegal aliens. Tancredo also questioned a policy that requires that illegal aliens/criminal spics receive a “bed” rather than a “pad” when the use of pads is legal for citizens. Tancredo asked, “Why is there a different standard for the accommodation of illegal aliens/criminal spics than for citizens?” Hey Torres, you piece-of-shit: we're waiting for an answer, scumbag spic!
Lowlife, Nigga® dogshit scumbag, do-nothing, liar, liberal-demokkkRAT filth, racist, bigot, New Orleans mayor Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin (RACIST-LA), has decided not to run for governor of LA? Are you fucking kidding me? That a racist nigger® scumbag pieces-of-shitfilth sambo, porch monkey shithead boy, would even contemplate that bullshit? Where's the racist NAALCP and all the other black bigots to denounce his racism? Oh gosh, oh golly gee whiz: I forgot, they're all racist scum from the same bigoted mold. Hey Nagin: get a massive heart attack and die, Nigga®!
The empty-headed, blank-eyed staring, hate-America, hate-US Military, skank-whorebag-filth, run-out-of-office, disgraced, liar, corrupt, criminal bitch slut, alcoholic, drug-addicted ex-US Rep, Jane Harman (TRAITOR-CA), said that, "al Qaeda is a real and growing threat to the United States". Really, Janie? After all her pathetic, useless, wasted years in The US House of Reps, she said: "Car bombings and suicide bombings are likely to be in our future." Really, Janie? What'd SNL's Bill Murray/ Chevy Chase used to say to Jane Curtain, on "Weekend Update", when she made an incredulous statement? "Jane, you ignorant slut!" Wasn't it, IIRC?
Lowlife, homo-sodomite dirtbag filth, anal-protoege of Liberace-faggot, Barry Manilow, aka “Barely Manenough”, inarguably the worst piece-of-shit scumbag "entertainer" for the past 40yrs, cancelled an appearance on “The View”. Who the fuck cares? You? Certainly not me! Manilow is a pillow-biting, $3 faggot, living in his butch, alcoholic, bull-dyke mommy's basement's spare room, with lots of hand towels and Kleenex boxes for his constant 'self gratification', with massive kiddie-porn file pictures, gathered by his *boy-girl-friend* thing. Manilow is a subhuman, lowlife, dirtbag, garbage, filth, crap, scumbag, trash, butt-boy faggot, loner, dangerous asswiper, punk, swallower, homo-sodomite-faggot, talentless, washed-up, has-been, never-was, offensive, irritating, laughable, spit-face disgrace from the USA. No wonder America is hated and reviled around the world, with a lowlife like him/it, playing a crappy piano around Europe/Asia, where he's laughed-at and spit-upon. Manilow is way beyond White trash®, and truly-needs 'eradication' from the face-of-the-earth, IMO.

Global Warming Bullshit™.
Have you seen the BBC's "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was banned from Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be amazed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.
Global warming is an entirely natural phenomenon and its effects can even be beneficial, according to two leading researchers.

The Religion Cult Political System of Perpetual Outrage™.
No, I don't advocate or recommend the harming or killing of "innocent, moderate muslims"; but then, I've never met any such people. All muslims hate us Infidels (you and me) and truly wish us (you and me) dead. Remember: islamics want to kill us (you and me); muslims merely wish us (you and me) dead. I do heartily-advocate and recommend the outright targeting and killing of all muslim-islamic-arab terrorists, and their supporters, everywhere and anywhere you find them. Find the terrorists and KILL THEM!

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Find the spic" target="_blank">spic-nigger®" target="_blank">nigger filth, and KILL IT! Spic-nigger criminals, just as White trash® criminals, are lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman garbage/shit/filth/crap/junk/piss/ and need killing, IMO. Got it?
Did I say *spic-niggers*? The same subhuman garbage/trash/shit/filth/junk, who murdered one and shot three Miami-Dade cops? Gee-whilikers? Nigger garbage, Shawn Sherwin Labeet, 25, needs tracking down, torture with a blowtorch, hammer and a pliers, and killing after 2-3 days, of brutal, bloody mutilation and screaming, IMO! I'd volunteer for the "necessary and pleasurable" task, BTW! Gime a chance, guys! You al don't have to do anything, except watch the blood spurt and the flesh burn and fall. Deal? Your hands are clean.
Murderous, subhuman piece-of-shit lowlife nigger® filth, OJ Simp-scum-bag, 60, should have been found guilty and executed for the obvious 1995 murders of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ronald Goldman. A civil jury later held him liable for the killings in a wrongful-death lawsuit, awarding the Goldman family $33.5 million. But a so-called "OJ jury" of racist, bigoted, sambo, porch-monkey, dumbass nigger® filth, acquitted him even with ample evidence against him, thanks to a corrupt, mentally-ill gook/dink/slope judge (Lance Ito), and a mentally-ill, ambulance-chasing, now thankfully-dead, racist scumbag nigger lawyer (Johnny Cockroach). Now, Simp-scum-bag is involved in armed robbery, and he should be headshot in the hotel's hallway, and thrown in a garbage dumpster IMO, where he belongs, thereby saving US Taxpayers' the cost of another corrupt trial.
Well, well, well, the fat, bloated, illiterate, sambo, porch-monkey, dumbass nigger® piece-of-shit asshole, OJ Simp-scumbag — in trouble again — and has been arrested for armed robbery at a hotel in Las Vegas. Shoot the murderous, lowlife, hate-filled nigger filth. Problem solved, IMO.
Pedophile, child molester, rapist and kiddie-porn lover, subhuman piece-of-shitfilth, Assistant US Attorney from the Northern District of Florida, John David R. Atchison, 53, needs summary trial and execution/killing, IMO. An undercover officer posed as a mother offering her 5-year old child to Atchison for sex.
Subhuman lowlife, garbage, filth, dirtbag White trash® skank filth, Jennifer Hyatte, was sentenced today to life in prison without a chance for parole for the 2005 murder of a prison guard and the wounding of another guard in an attempt to free her husband, nigger® sambo, porch-monkey, George Hyatte. The former prison nurse shot and killed corrections officer Wayne “Cotton” Morgan, and wounded officer Larry “Porky” Harris, then fled with her husband to Ohio, where they were captured 36 hours later. IMO, both pieces-of-shit should have been summarily shot and killed, on-the-spot, and US Taxpayers spared the cost of trials and prison, for those two subhuman filth. I'd headshoot/kill them both, in a heartbeat, IMO!
Yes, I think the subhuman, lowlife filth, piece-of-shit dirtbag, homo-sdomite-faggot punk, Andrew "Sodomite Butt-Boy" Meyer, needs due-arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and summary-execution/killing, IMO. He's garbage-shit-trash-scum-filth-a liar, and needs "permanent removal" from the face of the earth", ASAP, IMO. He set this fake-confrontation up, and also this fake confrontation (alternate viewpoint), and will probably profit by it, but he should "meet John Hinckley's .38cal", real up-close-and-personal, IMO. BANG!
Likewise, the piece-of-shit dirtbag traitor, liar, seditionist, phony, fraud, coward, saboteur, disgraced, criminal, corrupt scumbag, US Rep Johnnie "Pork-Pie Boy" Murtha (TRAITOR-PA), needs due-arrest, trial, conviction, sentencing and summary-execution/killing, IMO. Murtha's a cowardly traitor; I spit/piss/shit on his fake-phony US Military Service! Murtha's a fraud, liar and a phony! When cornered over his lying, fake, phony charges against US Marines, now proven false, the Murtha Pig wet/shit himself, as cowards-frauds-fakes are wont to do! Die, Murtha bastard! Get a heart attack/stroke and DIE, you subhuman shitscumbag trash! DIE, Murtha bastard! You're subhuman garbage-shit-trash-junk-crap-piss, Murtha filth!
IMO, all Code Pinko Sweathog Bitches should be summarily shot and killed, without benefit of any legal trial. They're homo-lesbo-bulldyke-sodomite-traitors-seditionists-saboteurs, known "Enemies of America", and need killing! Shoot them all to death, IMO!

Art of Office.
Having spent a collective lifetime (17yrs!) inside the gray, corner executive offices of the corporate advertising world in NYC (1971 — 1988), I know it's a rare event to see the words "art" and "office" rubbing elbows. Yet, an unlikely source, Microsoft®, has unleashed a web site that may entirely change our perspective on office computing. Art of Office is, on the surface, a Web marketing site for the company's Macintosh® software division. But digging past the bold colors of Microsoft's office logos (bold blue for Word, charming orange for Powerpoint, and Excel's bountiful green) lurks a community of cubicle workers — and a host of creative types — who look beyond dialog boxes and drop-down menus to conjure office assets, the likes of which I've never seen. In the end, I've learned that a Pac-Man® chart can make or break a pitch, and the "secret" to a successful meeting is to embed your agenda in a word search puzzle. For my next project, I plan to follow one man's example and spend company time cataloging the 5,000 things, which I love in life. Ha; just kidding!

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