october surprise
Friday, September 22, 2000

the United Nations is preparing renewed Iraqi arms inspections, setting the stage for President Bubba Clintoon to make a dramatic pre-election military move if he wishes. Would the president consider such an "October Surprise"? The opportunity, if not the temptation, would be there should it appear during the coming two months that the presidential campaign of Vice President AlGoreBore, the Democratic nominee, is failing against the Republican nominee, George W. Bush. The Clintoon-GoreBore administration is not unaware of the powerful argument that an incumbent political party can make: "Don't change horses in the middle of an international military crisis." And a few Washington observers, with solid foundation, suspect Clintoon is not above finding a pretext to declare an extraordinary national emergency and perhaps even try to suspend the November presidential election, thus continuing his occupancy of the Oral Orifice, at the expense of a constitutional crisis. Here is the background, as reported Tuesday, August 22, in the New York Times: Nine months after saying it would resume arms inspections in Iraq, the U.N. Security Council is ready to put a fresh arms-inspection team on the ground in Iraq. An entirely new inspection organization officially known as the U.N. Monitoring, Verification and Inspection Commission is headed by Dr. Hans Blix, a Swedish arms-control expert who was once director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna. This new organization, with members from 19 countries, is more accountable to U.N. Secretary General Communist Socialist-In-Chief Kofi Annan, with the inspection team staff working directly for the United Nations rather than for their own countries as before. It has been more than two years since American and British aircraft bombed Iraq after President Sodomy Insane (Saddam Hussein) cut off all cooperation with a previous group of inspectors. Since then, Sodomy Insane has said Iraq will not cooperate with any new inspections. If Sodomy Insane refuses to let the inspectors do their job, that leaves the United Nations with two options: Continue the present sanctions against Iraq or resort once again to military force. Both George W. Bush's father, President George Bush, and Clintoon have taken military action against Sodomy Insane. If Iraq defies the United Nations again, it could happen right in the middle of the 2000 presidential campaign. The Clintoon-GoreBore administration would then be under political pressure to act forcefully. If the Iraqi leader were to yield to U.N. arms inspections, Clintoon's successor Bush or GoreBore could be confronted with the politically difficult decision of whether to go along with a suspension of sanctions. Both presidential candidates would be on the spot to take a position during the heat of the campaign. One unnamed "senior administration official" refused to rule out the possibility of an "October Surprise" of American military action at the height of the presidential campaign, "should the Iraqis provoke it." And this might be the provocation Iraq is looking for. In the two years since U.N. arms inspectors were in his country, Sodomy Insane has had ample opportunity to begin rebuilding his arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Earlier this month, Congress received a Central Intelligence Agency report that Iraq has already rebuilt its missile and chemical weapons factories since the 1998 air strikes. Also, Sodomy Insane is reportedly dying of cancer, so his lowlife, incompetent, inbred bastard son will make every effort to "establish his credentials" upon the world's stage; and what better way to resume prominent entry than being attacked by the US? And finally, there's always the Russian Factor, now looming larger and further muddying the waters.

Around The Garden Center.
Today is the First Day of Fall, my personal favorite time of the year, with Spring coming in a close second. A certain crispness is already in the morning air, leaves are changing color although frost hasn't yet visited the area, ground and air temps are noticeably lower. The smell of burning leaves harkens me back to a time in my youth when it was encouraged and legal; now we all know that composting is the smart choice. Heavy thunderstorms and torrential rains blew through early Friday morning, waking me at 2am and 3am; ditto the two condo cats, Murphy and Mama Kitty. Getting back to sleep in the rain was easy, after feeding the cats, so I "slept in" until 6am.
My cable modem's newly-upgraded speed 512Kbps out, 768Kbps download is doing what it should: 507Kbps out and 656.1Kbps download and better, on various "spot checks". I occasionally get into the 1.24-1.46Mbps area for FTP uploads. Whoosh! Not too shabby for $49.95/mo for the ExpressPro PowerPass option. Here's a quick link to find out your speed.
Most of the major orders for Spring 2001 nursery stock have already been placed, and the "acknowledgements" from wholesale nurseries in Oregon and elsewhere are coming in. We won't receive "confirmations" until after January and then it's a scramble to fill-in the "gaps" for various products we've been shorted on. The whole system is archaic and short-sighted, as is the industry itself, which still lives and does business as if in the 19th century. A major reorganization and shake-up is sorely needed in the way the Horticulture Industry does business.
I don't give a flying rat's rear end what the quasi-scientific studies say, garlic is my friend and I'll continue eating it in its natural form not weakened from processing into pills and enjoying it. The scientist morons didn't test natural garlic, they instead chose the greatly weakened form of supplements. Some study.
The remnants of weakened Hurricane Gordon reached us in mid-state Pennsylvania and most of the Mid-Atlantic early Tuesday morning. Showers and thunderstorms were all that was left of a storm which dumped 5"+ of rain on Florida, Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia. Heck, we can always use the additional moisture; it didn't deter my landscape crews in their projects. I sent them home to dry out after they'd completed the necessary, scheduled work. It rained hard all day (2.6"), easily filling-up the half-billion gallon retention ponds on my Garden Center's 20 acres. The geese and ducks passing through were happy to take advantage of the just-filled ponds as rest stops.
Jeff & Denise got back from their business-vacation trip on Monday, and Jeff stopped by Tuesday evening with the new MotherBoard which replaced the one we "damaged" last week in upgrading my SAG Electronics 700Mhz to a 933Mhz CPU. After replacing the MoBo and all internals connected to it, BINGO!: nothing worked. No power, no nothing. We spent the next several hours fiddling with BIOS settings, three 128mgb memory sticks, plugs, wires, connectors, pins and other such stuff. All to no avail; by 11pm the unit was DOA and we gave up for the night. The saga continues. I had originally planned to take Wednesday off, but without a computer, email or a browser, life sucks. I went into work at 6am and used my office SAG 600; same for Thursday. Somehow, on Thursday evening, Jeff got it all working again. Jeeez, how did I ever manage without those damned things?
In a world full of personal disappointment, often overflowing with human shit and bullshit, here's a heart-warming story of something actually going right.

National Damage Recovery.
Can the U.S. ever recover from the damage done by the communist Clintoon-GoreBore machine? It has taken us 30 years to begin recovering from the damage done by LBJ and the Warren Court liberals. "The Great Society" of LBJ, which was Mao-Lite, led us to "The Degenerate Society" of the Clintoons-GoreBores.
Red diaper-doper baby lawyers seized power. Criminals were given more freedoms than cops. Junk lawsuits proliferated. School children lost the ability to add, spell or write. Pornography penetrated every home with a TV. Violence became the national sport. Athletes, once role models, became models of ghetto trash. Sex, once sacred, became a cheap sneeze in the night. Unborn babies were slaughtered, their body parts sold for profit by factories of death. Homosexuality became superior. Diseased and criminal immigrants flooded into America. White males were scapegoated as the incarnation of evil. Voting was rigged and turnout fell to new lows. Free speech disappeared. Thought crimes were targeted. Monopolies appeared in all major industries.
America's moral standing was destroyed. War crimes against humanity were committed in Yugoslavia by U.S. pilots. The U.S. media, once a watchdog, became a tool of the GoreBores. The jewels of our nuclear secrets were sold to China for donations to the GoreBore campaign and the DNC.
Now, it has taken us 30 years to begin correcting just some of the social damage done by LBJ's army of do-gooders who did very bad, indeed.
How long might it take us to correct the damage done by the GoreBore Democrats? Will we ever know how deeply they have injured the nation? Not until and unless the Democrats' grip on the major media is broken by antitrust legislation. Not until and unless the Andover/Yale know-nothings behind Bush stand up and fight the New York lawyers behind GoreBore in the only way they can win: eye to eye, nose to nose, mano a mano.
How is it that the Andover/Yale rowing team behind Bush has let GoreBore get off the hook for Clintoon's high crimes and felonies? Seven and a half years of the same administration and GoreBore has been permitted to position himself as "His Own Man"!
The Degenerate Society we have inherited from eight years of trickle-down immorality can be directly traced to GoreBore's straight man act, which has enabled Clintoon to get away with all the shocks and outrages mentioned above. Rush Limbaugh disclaims an "armed insurrection"; he much prefers the ballot box, and so do I. But there comes a time when a "choice" will be made en masse.
Not since the Weimar Republic of pre-Nazi Germany has such putrid decadence so completely permeated a free society. If the social pollution of AlGoreBore is permitted to continue for another four years, normally tolerant people will be pushed beyond the firewall of the right wing into realms of reaction we don't even want to dream of.
What's next? Don't ask; you don't want to know.

AlGoreBore The Liar.
Just as AlGoreBore's criminal redneck daddy, the very dead US Senator, was a racist, Al's son-of-a-bitch kid is also a criminal: reckless driving and speeding. Case postponed until after the Nov 7 elections, so as not to embarrass his criminal daddy and Prozac-guzzling mommy, Tipster.
Once again proving that the scummy liberal media suck his dick when and where he wants, AlGoreBore made an moron of himself and shit-for-brains David "I've got no f*cking hair anymore" Letterman, while trying to get a laugh at W's expense. The show was pathetic, as always for the very unfunny Letterman who had most of his brain removed when the triple bypass was done this past Summer. morons, both of 'em.
As with Gore's criminal dead daddy ex-US Senator, he's got an uncle who's a drug trafficker and who is under "investigation" by the DEA and FBI. But you and I both know that the lib-dem old time media will never cover it; GoreBore gave them orders not to even consider writing anything about it. Another "non issue".
In '96, the GoreBore filth committed a felony bribe a quid pro quo with Bubba Clintoon in exchange for campaign cash from some crooked trial lawyers in Texas. But the dept of InJustice will simply bury it as they've done with all the other felonies and crimes of this most corrupt administration. GoreBore should be impeached as VP and headed for prison.
As if AlGoreBore's lies about "inventing the InterNet", "discovering Love Canal", being the "model for Love Story", "no controlling authority" at the Buddhist Temple fundraiser weren't enough, he now lies about prescription drugs for his dog and mother-in-law. Of course, none of the old time liberal-biased media, except ABCNews, carried the story about the lying scumbag.
Sooooo, America's women are airhead idiots afterall, giving the GoreBore Liar his margin of lead in the current polls? I once had more respect for women than that.
Finally, most Americans are beginning to realize that the lying scumbag AlGoreBore had nothing to do with the booming US economy; neither did the Liar In Chief, Bubba Clintoon. It merely occurred on their corrupt watch. Both are incompetent morons, taking credit for the Reagan-Bush impetus in the early 80s.
Lying through his stinking green teeth again, the stupid GoreBore moron told some really gulliable millionaires that "a tax cut was no good for you" and that he said he would push for "middle-class tax cuts," although he and Bill Clinton made the same promise in 1992, then raised taxes after taking office. Liars, both.

Clintoonista Scumbags.
"The Lincoln Bedroom was never sold, "Clinton said in 1997, when aides released a list of 938 guests who had spent the night at the White House to that point in the Clinton presidency. The list included political supporters, as well as entertainment luminaries and old Clinton friends. It's a wonder that the First Liars have any "friends" at all.
I didn't stay up to watch the Lazio-Clintoon debate re-broadcast on MSNBC last week, but watched it the next day on the Web, via RealAudio on several news sites. Net net: the lying, criminal, do-nothing lardass Hitlery Rodman Clintoon got her fat ass kicked by Rick Lazio. Now the "old time liberal media" spin it the other way, that Clintoon won. No f*cking way, if you saw it, you know what I mean. Rick was in her face all night. And Bubba thought Hitlery did just fine. She still plays the victim card to New York state voters. I certainly hope they're smart enough to see through the lies and bullshit of Hitlery!.
So, shit for brains Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is "very concerned" about "abusive executive authority", in the jailing of the traitorous nuclear scientist, Wen Ho Lee? Hell, he f*cking authorized it with Ol' shaky dyke, alcoholic Janet "Waco" El-Reno! He's covering his ass now and AlGoreBore's for the future election, laying it off on the Dept of InJustice. Clintoon's a lying hypocrite hey there's a hot one and is preparing some "wiggle room" for a huge backlash a wimper from the Asian community and race baiting bigots like Fat Al Sharp-scum and Irrev Jess Jack-scum. Hmmm, looks like the former CIA Director, John Deutch, is going to be found to be a bigger liability than the little Chinese spy was.
At last, a voice of sanity in the wilderness: a Chicago circuit court judge upheld a motion to dismiss the case charging gun makers and retailers with negligence and creating a public nuisance. The ignorant, shit for brains lib-dem slimeballs are trying to hold gun manufacturers guilty for what crimes criminals do with guns. Huh? That's like suing a match manufacturer for an arsonist's actions, or suing GM or Ford for what damage drivers do in car accidents. Looney tunes, to be sure. But it's not over. The slimy liberals and democRATS will keep at it until they find a lowlife lib-dem judge who sides with them, and then it's going to the US Supreme Court.
Think I'm being too hard on the Clintoonista psycho sociopath? I think not; read this. And speaking of psychos, read this about Janet "Waco" El-Reno; it'll curl your toes.
Think I'm also being too hard on the ugly, nasty, arrogant, lardass Hitlery Rodman Clintoon bitch? Nope, I don't think so. She's a liar and a criminal: taking 93 political trips to New York state at a taxpayer cost of over $1,000,000 and only reimbursing a paltry $185,000 so far. She's a corrupt bitch in every sense of the phrase.
I don't believe this report clearing the Clintoonistas for a f*cking minute; they're criminals and liars. They've hidden and destroyed the evidence, delayed justice and stonewalled at every turn. Their cover-up worked. They're slime and scum and shit.
I wonder why the 6-year old Elian Gonzalez remember that whole mess? kid was illegally kidnapped by the INS-US Gov't and returned to Cuba, when these newly rescued Cuban refugees are now allowed to stay and file for permanent status after one year. Sure, Clintoon had a deal with Castrate; they're both commie scum, from the same sewer. Amazing, but not surprising that such double standards exist.

Waste The Subhuman Filth.
You stupid, lowlife piece of subhuman shit: we don't f*cking care if you're half-"this" (Italian) or half-"that" (American); you kidnap, rape and murder someone, and you die for the crime. f*ck Italy, the Pope-a-dope and all the bed wetting liberal filth who whine for murderers. Nice going, Virginia! You made my week.
As much as I despise Red China, I greatly admire their system of justice and immediate punishment: a bullet to the back of the head immediately after conviction really makes a point to other criminals. Instead of spending $60,000 per year per piece of shit, just to keep them alive as we do here in the USA, China has no death row. The USA should take heed and implement the same system of justice and punishment.
How can the US legal System allow a admitted murderer to plead to attempted murder? It's f*cking outrageous! This subhuman piece of shit filth should be executed immediately after trial and conviction. No f*cking pleas; execution. Get this stinking filth out of society. What's wrong with this picture?
Another piece of subhuman shit in the infamous Yosemite murders of 4 women pleads guilty to murder and will probably get "life in prison", which means he'll be out in 20-30 years for "good behavior". f*cking A! Make my Dictator For A Day and I'll rid the US and world of all this filth, sending them to hell where they belong.
A Death Row Marv doll; what a great idea! I'd rather substitute real felons, but it would in deed be fun to ship one of these to every one of the 3,700+ subhuman filth on Death Row for Christmas.
I choked when I read this: the convicted and sentenced-to-death rapist and murderer of a 2 year old girl is being freed because the State of Oregon took too f*cking long to bring him to trial initially. Can anyone in their right mind allow this to happen? If I was that child's parents, I'd be waiting for that subhuman piece of shit and whack him with great delight. No jury anywhere would convict me. Oregon? f*cking left coast filth slime is what that state supreme court is!
f*ck the whining, bed wetting liberal scum filth: this subhuman piece of shit deserves death. Read what he did to 13+ people.

Lowlife Scumbag Filth.
First, there's the weird truly bizarre androgynous Michael "Wacko Jacko The Child Molester" Jackson; next, there's Mike-O "The Psycho Rapist" Tyson, plus a whole slew of NBA, NFL and Baseball blacks who whack, rape, are addicted to drugs and who just can't handle fame and fortune. They belong back in the jungles with their cretinous-moron brothers. Some role models for the ghetto kids, huh? No wonder there's so many of 'em in prison. And no wonder they drag 'em behind pick-up trucks.
And then there's lowlife degenerate homo filth like Elton "don't mess up my wig when you blow me" John, who leaves people in the lurch when he walks out of concerts. He should have gotten AIDS and died years ago; no loss to this world. Sir Elton John? Nah, not in my country, Limeys. You f*cking stupid idiots are still living on an island. Speaks volumes. And keep the f*ck out of American politics, you ignorant homo slimeball, John
Hell, I don't see anything wrong with cops kicking some criminal's ass and breaking some skull bones. Anyone who'd shoot at me would receive worse treatment than that, f*cking guaranteed. And f*ck the NAACLP (Nat'l assoc for the "Advancement" of Liberal Colored People), too.
shit for brains Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum defended these idiot not black or African American punks from expulsion in Decatur, ILL, and got his sorry scumbag ass kicked by the school board. Now the lowlife punks have been arrested again for robbery and a slew of other crimes. Time to just lock the cretinous-morons away for the rest of their pathetic lives, so they don't damage society. Actually, I'd prefer a 9mm in each of their empty chitlin' heads.
Huh? Parents treating their 5 year old son as a girl? Trans-gender identity disorder? Bull f*cking shit! Put that damned kid into the US Army and beat some f*cking sense into him; make him a man as he should be. And jail the idiot parents; they're cowards and scumbags for letting this situation progress.
So, Mikey "Wacko Jacko" Jack-scum, the perennial child molester and degenerate idiot not black or African American scumbag, is being inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum? Bull f*cking shit. He should be in prison and the "girlfriend" or a 500lb lifer convict, fetching crotchless panties and Pepsis for his "big daddy".
To say that the US spends way, way too much on prisoners is a gross understatement. Now, the Clintoonista slimebags want to spend another half-billion dollars on the 600,000 prisoners scheduled to be released in 2001-02. They're a menace to society's innocents. Instead, let's execute them all and save the cash. A $0.17 .22cal bullet to the head, mass burial in a landfill and a single headstone reading "shit & FILTH BURIED HERE" would more than suffice.
Here's a hot one: fat, stupid Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is thinking a real oxymoron for this cretinous-moron lowlife of running for NYC mayor. He's a race-baiting, bigot idiot not black or African American who seriously needs prison time for his crimes. Where's the guy who shot and whacked Malcom X-crement when the country really needs him?
Speaking of lowlife lib-dem shit filth, the two bit weasel slimeball who persecuted and prosecuted Microsoft in the Dept of InJustice's looney case, is resigning; no doubt to chase ambulances, once again. Of all stupid moves by the most f*cked up administration in US history, persecuting MS on behalf of the whining Netscape, AOL, Sun Microsystems and Oracle scum was the most ludicrous act of their tenure, next to Bubba's spilling his DNA all over Monica's blue dress. Good riddance, Joel Klein, you moron! May you get a case of richly-deserved AIDS, and die painfully.
There's only one thing worse than a White racist: a Black racist looking to make a buck. And Denny's Restaurants found a couple of lying idiot racists, videotaped their scurrilous lies and is now reverse-suing their sorry asses. Go Denny's, go! Put those slime in prison where they belong.

Heavy Metal Memories: Lunchboxes.
Whole Pop Magazine Online presents this special feature dedicated to that icon of twentieth century childhood: the metal lunchbox. The golden age of lunchboxes flourished from 1950-1980, when Dad's depression-era dinner pail metamorphosed into a way for Baby-Boom and Gen X youngsters to express their aspirations and advertise their heroes and role models "to a largely indifferent world." Paileontology is an illustrated history; Lunch Money links to the economics of lunchbox collecting; there's even a Lunchmeating of the Minds. Thanks for the memories.

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