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the decline of american civilization

friday, september 22nd, 2023

Civilization” or “being civilized” are not terms that are wholly easy to define.  Vagaries and degrees can exist; it would be hard to argue that any human being is totally “uncivilized” or that any human being (or culture) has a monopoly on the term.  We tend to think of “civilized” societies as those who possess at least a modicum of decent behavior and progress.  Perhaps “civilization” can best be defined—though possibly not with total accuracy—as a distinction between man and the animal kingdom, or in the word Durant used, the “jungle.”

Civilization is an occasional and temporary interruption of the jungle.

Animals -- despite some idiotic Leftist claims today -- don’t have morality, art, economic goals, religion, science—things that we have often considered to be representative of “civilized” societies.  Some animals do, on occasion, show some features of what we might call “civilized” behavior, but such is not planned by intelligence; it is wholly by instinct and a desire for self-preservation.  The “jungle” isn’t “civilized” in any intelligent definition of the word.  “Civilization” is an offshoot of humans created in the image of God, yet with a crucial, important conception:  God gives man freedom of moral choice and thus the freedom to descend into barbarity and the jungle if we choose to do so.  As the quote from Durant suggests, and any good historian will tell you, such has happened in human history and not necessarily infrequently.  Not many of us would call the Nazis “civilized.”

Want more CRIME? Vote demonKKKrat.

Thus, there is a standard of behavior—again, not always clearly or distinctly defined in human activity—which we can call “civilized” vs. “uncivilized.”  When people sink below a certain standard of decency, responsibility, concern for their fellow creatures, and wise, virtuous conduct, it would be hard to call them “civilized.”

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Are the inner cities of most Democratic Party-controlled metropolises “civilized”?  I, personally, would not call them that.  There is some behavior everywhere that classifies as “civilized,” but when that certain standard is no longer reached, barbarity becomes dominant.  The streets of Chicago and San Francisco are probably more dangerous than an Amazonian jungle.  

What other kinds of human behavior do we see today that qualify as “uncivilized”?  Let me suggest a few examples.

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Civilized beings do not kill their own offspring for pleasure or self-gratification.  There are indeed some animals who do occasionally kill their offspring; a male bear, for example, might kill his own cubs to have sexual access to the female again.  Quite frankly, this sounds a lot like abortion to me, at least in principle—the destruction of life for the carnal gratification and selfishness of the parent, in this case, the mother.  We accept male bears doing this as simply part of their nature; they aren’t “civilized,” they are acting by instinct, and as a result, we cannot hold them morally responsible for their behavior.  But that’s the point.  The killing of one’s offspring is not “civilized” behavior, and in creatures who do (supposedly) have moral “sense” (humans), it becomes a reprehensible, uncivilized act.  All the more because it is done deliberately and primarily for ultimate carnal gratification.  A baby would be a nuisance; the procreation of the species, which is the ultimate purpose of the sexual act, is no longer in view.  Pleasure is.  This isn’t “civilization,” it is barbarity gone to seed.

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The mutilation of children for sexual purposes is also a distinctly “uncivilized” act.   As noted, some animals will kill their offspring.  Perhaps there are some who mutilate their children in order to produce a creature they can eventually have sex with, but I know of no such creature -- except humans.  What the Left is doing to America’s children today is beneath barbarity.  It is savagery in the basest meaning of the term.  Civilized people do not mutilate their own children.  Period.  Anybody who believes that conduct is proper is as uncivilized as any creature can be, even below the most monstrous of animals. 

Contrariwise, civilized people nurture and care for their children, educate and discipline them, and protect them from uncivilized predators. It is called “the family,” and it has been the foundation of every civilized society in history.  The more a society destroys the nuclear family, the less “civilized” it becomes.

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A civilized society knows the difference between males and females.  Even animals do.  Any society that doesn’t have descended beneath a jungle level.  Nature cannot be destroyed, and civilization can be advanced.

A civilized society knows that all its collective parts should contribute to the well-being and advancement of that society. It will structure itself in such a way as to accomplish that.  A civilized society does not encourage wanton, degraded, degenerate, slothful—or uncivilized—behavior.  It isolates the animals inside it in order to protect its civilization.

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The glorification of violence and sex in a society is uncivilized.  These things appeal to the most squalid nature of man, his most carnal appetites, not his noblest.  Uncontrolled lust and violence are characteristics of the lowest common denominator of humanity.  Jungle instincts must be restrained, contained, and overcome for civilization to exist.   Any society that refuses to do so will suffer dire consequences, as indeed we see in America today.

Want more COMMUNISM? Vote demonKKKrat.

I could mention other matters pertaining to a “civilized” vs “uncivilized” society, but space is limited.  It is evident to any wise, just observer that many parts of the United States today have descended into the jungle and are getting worse.  And all at the behest and encouragement of those who should know better.  It is critical to understand -- and too many people do not -- that left unchecked and unhindered, a jungle will overrun everything in its path.  But when the jungle is the source of someone’s wealth and power, it is obviously in their best interest to let it grow and flourish.  

Hence, the Democratic Party in America.

© 9.03.2023 by Mark Lewis, "Townhall". (H/T Pastor Tom)

A Day In The Life.

Up at 7:30a on Friday, I went thru my finger stick to check my BSL (Blood Sugar Level) and recorded it on my Diabetes 2 chart, made coffee and breakfast, took two 50mg Tramadol and a 300mg Gabapentin for various pains, fired-up the Win-7 Pentium HP desktop to let 32 million lines of code load, had a couple smokes in the cool garage and checked the leftover errands list.

It was a dry, cool 53° and not a cloud in the blue sky. Still, only "Fair Air Quality". The flora and fauna are pleased. No showers and t-storms were forecast for the weekend. No complaints. I scanned the news and weather sites. Same old news crap as yesterday. Today and tomorrow, Saturday, are the Condo Assn's "YARD SALE" days, and several hundred cars/trucks will be thru the 40-unit complex buying "Other Peoples' Crap", both days. Everyone's got kids and a dog with them, so the noise -- combined with two annoying birds who screech like a mechanical klaxon -- were making my time in the garage, having a smoke with my Kona Coffee -- annoying. It is what it is. Heh.

I tuned into the "Chris Stigall Show" until 9; then switched over to the "Chris Plante Show", from 9-12 as I did every Mon-Fri morning. I checked eMail, scanned and edited the crap out of the queue. Rite Aid has some Rxs waiting for me. Eh, maybe tomorrow or Sunday. The doorbell rang and it was an old friend and the general contractor who'd transformed/renovated my condo, back in 2017-18.We spent some time talking about everything under the sun, and catching-up after all the years. After he left, I had lunch while listening to the "Dan 'Bonehead' Bongino Show", for a while. After 15-20mins, he gives me a headache.

Republicans use power to get money. Democrats use money to get power.

Lunch was good: Roast Beef, Mashed Potatoes and Sweet White Corn. Temps finally rose to 75°, with clear blue sky and plenty of sun. I reset my timer on the front Drip Irrigation System, for every other third day, since plants are slowly going dormant as the temps cool and days shorten, they need much less water. Traffic for the Condo-wide YARD SALE finally thinned-out by 4p, and it was nice to sit outside again, without all the noise. My cellphone charge dropped quickly from 84% down to 3%, and began screaming at me, so it went on charge for the afternoon. I had some condo chores to do, had a late lunch, and Sherry stopped by after she got off of work at 4p. We sat and talked for 2+ hours, and she left to get errands done, and home.

I caught the evening news, watched "Gold Rush: Mine Rescue w/ Freddy & Juan" and the mother series, "Gold Rush", until 11:30. Lights out.

Up at 7:30a on Saturday, I started coffee, Had a couple of smokes in the wonderfu1 51° garage, and noticed not many of the usual bird chirps were missing. It was almost cool enough to turn on some heat in the condo. Heh; just kidding. I did turn the heat up to 74v, from 71°, to take the chill of the place. Brrrrrr... Well, it looks like the condo complex' (CHCA) YARD SALE isn't going all that swimmingly; not many people thru here, so far today. Not all that busy yesterday, either.

I fired-up the furnace to take the chill off, and scanned the news and weather sites. Same old news crap as yesterday. I did computer work, made a trip to Rite Aid to p/u waiting Rxs, had Crab-Filled Ravioli, and grabbed a snooze on the LR couch. After dinner, I watched an hour's worth of a 500 lap TRASHCAR "race", roundy-round on a 1 mile track, but nodded off. I switched over to some "Gold Rush: Mine Rescue w/ Freddy & Juan" until 11;30; then unplugged. There's an F1 Singapore GP at 8a.

Up at 0-Dark-Thirty -- 6a on Sunday -- I could have slept another 1-2hrs, no doubt, but I got coffee going, had a smoke in the garage, waiting for the daylight. An almost "cold" 51°, so I cranked-up the condo heat to 74°. Daylight came at 6:25, with sunrise at 6:49, but there'd by no sun today, just clouds and rain. I scanned the weather and news; massive t-storms heading our way from the south-southwest, and we'd get some all day and evening, per the AccuWeather.com forecast. The FI Singapore GP Race was a great race, exciting to the end, and was one of the better races I've seen in a long while. I re-checked the radar, saw that most of the storm and rain would be to the west of us, and headed upstairs for the morning shower.

I had laundry, regular condo chores and some computer maintenance to do. After a very lunch, I got tired and hit the LR couch around 4:30p, and woke up at 7. Damn, where'd the afternoon go? Sunday's another "NBC" (Nothing But Crap) evening for TV, so I reverted to some previous years' episodes of "Gold Rush". By 11, I'd had enough and called it a day.

Awake at 6a (aka 0-Dark-Thirty) on Monday, I rolled over and went back to sleep until 7:30. A very cool 51°, heavily overcast, drizzly and damp morning, with a high of only 76° forecast. We got 1" of rain last night, to help with the ongoing drought. No complaints, as compared to the brutal Summer months' heat and humidity. I got coffee going, did the finger stick, scanned the computer's news and weather sites. I had pain, so I took the 3 pills; 2 for the lower right back and right hip, and 1 for the feet.

Fetterman's ever present handler is the giveaway that he is walking the tightrope of sanity and could fall off at any moment.

Pennsylvania US Sen. John Fetterman, aka "FetterWoman", a shit-for-brains miscreant vegetable revolting slob, and a character from "The Adams Family", who has regularly attended the Senate wearing a hoodie and basketball shorts, has been branded a "revolting slob" following a change to the chamber's dress code. US Senate Majority Leader Up-Chuck Schumer, has directed the Sergeant-at-Arms to no longer enforce/ bastardize the chamber's dress code for its members, although exact details of what members can and cannot wear is not currently available. The law is drastically lowered for that POS subhuman garbage asshole from PA. Shame on us.

PA is to blame!

Apparently, we have a missing F-35B Lightning II jet, "somewhere". down in the Virginia area. Put it's pic on a milk carton! It'll turn up, someday, or maybe not, if the aliens got it.

I left in heavy traffic, at 12:30p for DeVono's Cleaners, down south in Dallastown. It was a beautiful, cool, not humid, sunny day, a 180° from the morning weather -- that's why it's called WEATHER -- and had a nice trip, with a few stops along the way. Back home by 2p, I had lunch, had a visit from the condo assn handyman, to estimate the scope of the office-sunroom back window job, and crashed on the LR couch, for several hours. The day went fast. After dinner, I missed the news on Fox, but dialed-up CNN to hear their report. I went back to listening to "CP Show" Podcasts on WMAL's station, until 11p, and bagged it for the night. Cleaning lady is in at 8:30a, tomorrow.

The US Government Wants to Mandate, Regulate, Restrict or Outright Ban everything in our lives.

Up at 'precisely' 5:59a on Tuesday, without the alarm (!), it was another 52°. I started coffee, had a smoke in the garage and fed the squirrels, and scanned the weather and news websites. It was very cool in the condo, so I turned-up the heat to 74°, had breakfast, and resumed reading the news sites. JoAnne arrived at 8:30 and I tuned into the "Chris Plante Show", from 9-12.

So, Lunch Bucket Joe paid Iran $6 Billion for 5 US Hostages -- that's $1.2 Billion each, for any demonKKKrats following along -- while POTUS Trump got 58 back and didn't pay a dime. Trump, in fact, droned several muslim(SPIT!) terrorist leaders, in addition to getting several back from those subhuman filthies. So it goes, but the corrupt leftist-fascist-DNC media doesn't mention a word about it.

Just what the Nation needs: government-owned and run grocery stores. America is becoming Venezuela, or the old Soviet Union. Remember those pictures of hundreds of poor people standing in a line stretching for 1/2 a mile, waiting for hours, to get a meager selection of spoiled and rotting meats and vegs, and empty shelves? I sure do. Just what we need. Not. Funny that the shit-for-brains, lowlife, idiot, Chicago mayor, dumbfuck sambo moron, Brandon Johnson continues the murderous ruination of that once-great city. It's Murder Capital USA, and a dump.

JoAnne finished-up at 11:30, I had 2 wonderful peaches for a quick lunch, and Sherry arrived at 1p. We drove down to the nearby Springettsbury Twp Park, parked not in our usual parking lot, but in the new, expensive parking area behind the municipal and police building, which took 3+ years to complete. We had a good walk, drove over to Flinchbaugh's Orchard &Farm Market to get some goodies, and we did. Back home, we parted ways as Sherry had food shopping to do before traffic got bad. I grabbed about 45mins on the LR couch, and replayed the morning's "CP Show" in the background.

After dinner, I missed the news on Fox, watched another news show on NEWSMAX TV Channel, switched over to old episodes of the original "Gold Rush" Season 12 until 11:45p, and unplugged. Tomorrow's another day.

Up at 7a on Wednesday, it was a cloudy day, giving way to sun and blue sky. At 50°, I fired-up the furnace to get the condo up to 74° from 70°. I made coffee, had a couple smokes in the very cool garage, fed the squirrels front and back, and tuned into the "CS Show" until 9. I had some Bacon-Cheese-Egg Pull-Apart Bread for breakfast, checked the day's to-do list, and prioritized the tasks. A lot of driving ahead. I listened to the "CP Show" until noon, and left.

The 2023 Drought Emergency is now in effect. We have 2 huge multi-billion gallon lakes -- Lake Redman and Lake Williams -- and one is empty, while the other is down 10-12ft. All non-essential water use banned, is now declared. Car washes -- both DIY and drive-thru, are closed. No watering lawns or gardens etc. This morning, I received this email: "Update 9/18/23 to MANDATORY NONESSENTIAL WATER USE RESTRICTION ANNOUNCED SEPTEMBER 15, 2023. Update September 18, 2023: Thank you to our community for being aware of the drought. While we are thankful for the bit of rain we received on Sunday, September 17th, it was only 0.69” of rain. This amount of rain does not take us out of the drought conditions and the East Branch of the Codorus Creek still remains low. Please continue to conserve as a community. Every little bit helps. Mandatory restrictions remain in place."

A rock in bad hands, killed Abel. A rock in good hands, killed Goliath. It's definitely not about the rock.

"Journalists who get "harassed" online can seek taxpayer-funded counseling and other services as part of a program that seeks to fight "misinformation." No, I'm not making that up. Your, and my, hard-earned tax dollars are going to soothe the souls of aggrieved, shit-for-brains leftist 'journalists' who get trolled online so they can return to doing the regime's bidding." This is NUTZ! You and I are paying for RNC-leftist-demonKKKrat-sponsored "journalists" to get 'fluffed' by counseling, if their 'feathers' get ruffled? Heh; why am I not surprised at that crap?

After 2½hrs and a lot of 'construction/road work' checkpoints, I finally got home, unloaded groceries and tuned into the morning's "CP Show" Podcast, to hear the 2nd hour, which I'd missed. After an early dinner, I caught the 6p news, and switched over to History Channel's "American Pickers" until around 11, and unplugged for the night.

Up at 7a on Thursday -- Happy 1st Day of Fall -- to a very cool 50°, bright, sunny, cloudless morning. I turned-up the condo heat to 74° to take the cool edge off the place, started coffee, had a couple smokes in the garage, fed the squirrels, who were waiting for me, and took the 3 pain pills for lower back/right hip/right elbow pain. I scanned the weather and news sites, and tuned into the "CS Show" until 9, when the "CP Show" came on. All I had on the day's to-do list is a trip to the pharmacy for waiting Rxs; no biggie, nothing of consequence.

At 69°, I opened-up the condo's screen/storm doors and windows for some fresh air, as tomorrow is forecast for rain, from Hurricane 'Shithead' (Invest 99L), or 'Potential Tropical Cyclone 16' -- who the hell knows? -- all weekend. Here's how the dumbshits at the NHC (Nat'l Hurricane Center) name Hurricanes, while smoking crack and snorting coke. Idiots.

The treasonous Bidet&Co Cabal is giving ICE ID Cards and legal Work Permits to hundreds-of-thousands/millions of criminal, illegal, diseased, drug smuggling, child-trafficking, alien invaders, the total has now reached over 8 MILLION! Eight Freaking MILLION! That's larger than an invading army! If all 60-70-80 MILLION illegal; alien invaders had the same uniforms on, America would look like a country under occupation! My BP is exploding!!! (I hate exclamation points.)

I napped on the LR couch for almost 2hrs. After dinner, around 7, I watched the news, switched to Dioscovery's "Gold Rush" (main series), until 11p; then called it a day.

Tomorrow starts a new week here in the "Journal", and it's a clear one, once agin. Next month, it gets busy with the Dr app'ts.

Hey Pennsylvania, You Really Suck!

Honest to God, Pennsylvania sucks. There are some good areas and some good people up there, but for the most part the entire state is just this side of a clogged toilet politically. Not the system, the people they elect. Smart and good people don’t tend to elect morons; elected officials usually reflect the majority of their constituents. Given what the Keystone State has sent to Washington and their own capitol, the state sucks.

This isn’t just about Senator John Frankenstein’s Monster Fetterman, though he is a big part of it. It’s also about their Governor, Josh Shapiro, and ultimately about the voters there.

In a big middle finger to integrity, Shapiro is making voter registration in the state automatic. Why? To hear these little Maos tell it, they want to make it “easy” to vote. But how hard is it?

If you can’t figure out how to register and vote under current laws everywhere, you’re probably in a coma. Either that or you’ve suffered a series of severe head injuries and have to prioritize your recovery over your franchise. Or, and this is the most likely option, you just have no interest in voting. Given the people we have to choose between most times, a lot of people decide not to pick between two competing plates full of feces.

But automatic registration makes it “easier.” I have to ask, again, how easy do we have to make it to vote?

I want it to be harder. Before you freak out, I don’t mean a poll tax or any of the other obstacles racist Democrats created to prevent black people from voting in the south during their Jim Crow days. I mean, put in a little effort by doing something, anything. Check a box, show your ID, actually put pen to paper and lick an envelope. Demonstrate you want to vote and are able to. All automatic registration does is increase the size of the potential voter fraud.

I know progressives deny voter fraud happens, but that’s because they engage in it. And “expanding the voter rolls” is the easiest way to avoid getting caught.

Think of this this way – If someone hasn’t voted in the last two or three elections, the odds of them showing up in the next one are pretty slim. Corrupt politicos can confidently vote under their name any number of ways, without much concern of anyone noticing. The actual voter likely won’t show up to “discover” they’d already voted, though that happens sometimes, and no organization is going to go through the rolls and check with each person who voted whether or not they actually did. The latter option is too expensive and only left-wing groups have that kind of money. That would be like the Mafia calling the FBI on itself.

What Shapiro is doing is setting the table for a feast of potential fraud in the future; the voter registration equivalent of mamma bird spitting the pre-chewed worm into the mouth of its baby, only the baby is quite capable of feeding itself. This isn’t by accident or out of concern that people might not be able to vote, it’s in case they vote in a way the Democrat Machine in Philadelphia doesn’t approve of.

I repeat myself: You suck, Pennsylvania.

Now we get to Senator Uncle Fester.

He clearly isn’t recovering from the stroke his campaign lied to voters about. He can’t talk, can’t understand, and no one around him cares because who shows concern for a puppet? As long as he’s in the seat he’s the party’s gimp. That’s all they really care about. You’d think his wife might have some real concern, but apparently you’d be wrong.

Given he spent six weeks taking up a hospital bed reserved for our military heroes for “depression,” when the normal stay for depression is only 2 weeks, I assume he was really in there trying to do intense rehab for the stroke to try to make up for the damage he did by not dropping out of the race and working to undo damage when it was possible. It clearly didn’t work.

Now, this zombie has gotten the dress code for the US Senate changed to accommodate his seeming inability to tie a tie or buckle a belt. It’s the perfect example of how the left functions – rather than press for high standards for everyone, they lower the standards to give the appearance of “progress.” Don’t demand better from students and (especially) teachers in cities Democrats rule, eliminate high achieving classes and schools so everyone gets screwed over equally! Ain’t equity grand?

Fetterman reportedly just doesn’t feel comfortable dressing like someone hasn’t leeched off their family well into their 40s. Tough. If having a zipper on your pants raises the odds of your wetting your pants, quit your job and focus on fixing your motor skills. To the leftists who think that’s mean or making fun of the disabled, I don’t give a damn. It was you people who insisted he was perfectly fine. If I’m making fun of the disabled, you lied. If he’s fine, he’s a special kind of dumb and lazy you should be ashamed of yourselves to be associated with.

But the real problem is the voters in Pennsylvania. You elected these people. It wasn’t even close, in either case. I get that Dr. Oz was a horrible candidate, but he could talk; he could do the actual job. At some point doesn’t there have to be some kind of standard in what you’d accept from a politician?

Not in Pennsylvania, apparently. They’ve joined California and New York in choosing people with IQs lower than their shoe size to represent them. When literally no one in the Senate will work with Fetterman because how can you work with someone you can’t communicate with, who’s also incredibly stupid, don’t worry, he’ll be reelected easily thanks to your Governor.

Now that Democrats have destroyed the steel industry and are in the process of killing the coal industry, we really don’t need anything else from the state. Can we just cede Pennsylvania to Canada? Other places in the country can make Chocolate and garbage beer while producing violent obnoxious sports fans.

© 9.21.2023 by Derek Hunter, "Townhall".

The inevitable EV implosion.

The electric vehicle honeymoon is over. Don’t expect the marriage itself to last much longer either.  

The mass conversion from internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEs) to electric vehicles was never more than a Democrat/environmentalist hallucination anyway. It was the most ill-conceived government policy objective in modern history.

The transition should have been a non-starter. It’s riddled with numerous deal killers. It’s like having a dozen fatal diseases all at the same time.

Any goal as massive as a total conversion from ICE vehicles to EVs requires careful planning and infrastructure preparation. It would necessitate a rapid doubling of electricity generation and grid expansion. In today’s world that’s impossible.

EV promoters could never deliver on their promises. Their grandiose assurances were nothing more than wishful thinking.

There was no market research. Hmm -- I wonder why. There were no feasibility studies. Hmm -- I wonder why. Did they actually believe everyone would tolerate spending hours to charge their vehicles rather than the minutes they were accustomed to?

Car dealers are resisting further deliveries of EVs because of swelling inventories. Avis and Hertz can’t even get people to rent EVs! Yet, manufacturers are ramping up production just as consumers are balking. Something will have to give, and soon. EV makers and their shareholders will tire of pouring money down a rathole.

We are spending trillions of dollars on a fabricated dream, all for imaginary payoffs decades in the future.

When the EV house of cards collapses what will the reaction be? Ordinarily, for normal persons, it would be a time for regret, rethinking, and humility.

It would be good if the Democrat/environmentalist true believers learned something from the EV debacle. However, the same utopian blindness that caused this fiasco will prevent any lesson-learning on their part. We are more likely to see them doubling down instead.

© 9.12.2023 by Ron Ross, "American Thinker".

California Ends Boycott of America.

California, according to Gov. Newsom, is the land of freedom and opportunity where everyone with special regard for race, creed, and sexual fetish has the right to wear a mask and get castrated at taxpayer expense.

Indeed, California is so free that its government sites have a “banned states list”. I don’t think that outside of the Civil War such a thing existed, but ever since Ballotharvestan became a one-party state any crazy idea that Lorena Gonzalez, Scott Weiner, and any random oil fortune heir or billionaire tech founder comes up with becomes law faster than you can say “democracy dies in woke darkness”.

As of now, there are 26 states on the ‘Banned States List’ which means government employees can’t travel to them on business and sports competitions become a problem.

But who would want to attend events in Florida, Indiana, Ohio, and Texas anyway?

In a touch of East Germany in the West, traveling can require filing a “Request for Approval of Travel to Prohibited States”.

It didn’t take much to end up on the wrong side of the Sacramento Curtain.

W.R. Castle Elementary School in Johnson County, Kentucky struck out Linus reading passages from the New Testament in A Charlie Brown Christmas. The Charlie Brown Bill was introduced and signed to protect the religious freedom of students in Kentucky schools.

California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra, now Biden’s HHS secretary, claimed that the bill “could allow student-run organizations in colleges and K-12 schools to discriminate against classmates based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.”

That’s how Kentucky originally made the list.

After adding Missouri and Wyoming this year, California may be ending its boycott of America before every state except New York ends up on it.

California may soon lift a ban on state-funded travel to states with anti-LGBTQ+ laws and instead focus on an advertising campaign to bring anti-discrimination messages to red states.

Any resemblance to Gov. Newsom’s presidential promotion ads in Florida is purely coincidental, I’m sure. Using public monies to fund a national campaign across state lines for a governor would seem to be an abuse of office. But that ship probably sailed a long time ago. Either way, the iron curtain may fall.

The prohibition has prevented elected officials, state workers and university scholars from traveling to more than half of the country using the state’s money. That has posed a significant challenge to sports teams at public colleges and universities, which have had to find alternative funding sources to pay for their road games in states like Arizona and Utah.

But that’s always been the case and they didn’t care about inconveniences to normal people. No, this is about the boycott colliding with another leftist agenda item.

It has also complicated some of the state’s other policy goals, like using state money to pay for people who live in other states to travel to California for abortions.

Kill babies in other states or boycott those states for not castrating their boys? Tough call.

“In many instances, the travel ban has inadvertently caused California to isolate its services and citizens in a time when we are leading the nation in ensuring inclusivity and freedom,” said Democratic Assemblymember Rick Zbur, the former executive director of the advocacy group Equality California.

Building a giant wall with barbed wire around the state may have given people the impression that we’re not beacons of inclusivity and freedom. How could they have misunderstood our beautiful machine guns of equity and mines of tolerance?

Finally, Californians, like East Germans, will be able to bring their values of freedom to the degenerate capitalists suffering under the lash of their lackeys. They may even be able to buy fireworks.

© 9.12.2023 by Daniel Greenfield, "Front Page Magazine".

Democrats Really Do Hate America.

Honestly, if you’d told me just a few years ago that the Democrat Party would become a party that literally hates the United States…well, I probably would have believed you because they do and have for a very long time. However, if you’d also told me they would proudly proclaim that hatred with regularity, that entire cable networks would be dedicated to preaching that hatred, you probably would’ve lost me there. Not anymore. 

I would not have believed any political organization would proudly proclaim they despise that which they seek to lead, but that’s where we find ourselves now. There are countless examples of this, everywhere you look. Even the President of the United States calls half the country monsters and transphobes simply because we don’t think children should be subjected to sexualization of any kind, let alone having an adult grind their crotch in their face, or have their body butchered in the name of some weird “progress.” 

There are literally hundreds of examples on a weekly basis of some leftist on cable news smearing everyone and the country and “fundamentally this” or “that to the core.” Hell, Joy Reid makes a living simply burping out “this person is a racist” or “that thing is racist.” She’s so oppressed she’s paid millions of dollars per year to chase away the audience from the show before hers. If merit mattered, Joy would be homeless. But she has her job for different reasons, ability be damned.

Then we have this piece from the New York Times, it really boils everything the left is now down to its essence. Democrats are only close to honest when dealing with other Democrats, and the Times is the ultimate choir-preacher.

It’s entitled, “Can We Put an End to America’s Most Dangerous Myth?” Is it about the idea that country was founded on and for racism? No, the Times makes too much money off that one. 

So, what is this “myth”? “Our most toxic myth is our “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” individualism,” the piece contends. 

Yes, that’s right, individuality is “toxic.” The idea that Americans are independent, able to live within their means and stand on their own is a huge problem…says the Communist Manifesto, er, this column. 

“So, yes, some independence is worth honoring,” the author allows. “But other strains are not as positive. For instance, being required to be ‘independent’ when we are ill and without adequate health insurance coverage is not to be recommended. Neither is having to take care of our children entirely on our own, in the silo of our immediate family, without a state-supported nursery in sight. And going into debt for simply covering the cost of our own or our children’s college education is far from salutary.”

Socialism, essentially, is what she’s pushing for here. Never mind looking at why some many of those “problems” exist (Democrat policies), just know that you shouldn’t have to deal with them because…progressive, or something. 

What the column is complaining about isn’t individuality, really, it’s responsibility. That your actions have consequences and you should maybe consider them when making choices. No, Democrats would rather absolve you of the consequences for your actions -- a political priest -- as long as you obey them. They’ll give you just enough to get by, bless away your mistakes, and never look back at the destruction in their wake. 

Meanwhile, people will be so dependent on government for their existence, and desperate for more absolution, that a blind loyalty will be created in the voting booth. Like a junkie always in need of another hit, people hooked on the concept of no personal responsibility are always in need of being told it’s not their fault, especially when it is.

The conclusion of the piece reads, “Dependence is, if you think of it, a form of connection and social cohesion. It brings us closer to others, which at this moment in America might be the thing we need most.” That’s exactly the opposite of reality, of what we need. Unless, of course, your goal isn’t to empower people or get out of their way so they can make their lives better, but rather to make people serfs; junkies who will do your electoral bidding if you just give them another hit. I’m not saying that’s what Democrats want to do, but it’s what Democrats want to do…

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InterNet Archive Movies: "No Man's Land" (1927).

Despite the popularity of "The Jazz Singer" (1926), movies were still mostly silent in 1927, including the gorgeous Metropolis by Fritz Lang. Laurel and Hardy’s first film, Putting Pants on Phillip, was released that year, along with an early Gary Cooper Western, Nevada, Joan Crawford in Spring Fever, Mary Pickford in My Best Girl, Clara Bow in Get Your Man, and Cecil B. DeMille’s King of Kings. I was particularly taken with No Man’s Land, which gives top billing to a horse (Rex the Wonder Horse, in case you were wondering -- if you’d like to follow his career he also starred in "The King of Wild Horses" and "Black Cyclone").

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