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Friday, September 23, 2005

hen I heard President Bush's speech from NOLA, last Thursday, I cringed at what he proposed: US Taxpayers should pay for restoration of that stinking, perverted, liberal-demokkkRAT welfare shithole, called New Orleans, built 12ft below sea level. "Whatwever it takes", he said. Absolute madness and idiocy, IMO. The US government is, in no US Constitutional sense, liable for the restoration or rebuilding of any US City, under any arguable circumstance. That's the whining state's and local's responsibility; not ours, dammit. (There is a Stafford Act which does mandate the federal government pay 75% of the costs, but that's a load of bullshit, IMO.) We do this because we're Americans and they need our help; not because we're legally-forced to. The muslim terrorist slaughterers of 9-11, who kicked our economy in the knees, were another instance of the US Gov't spending billions of our hard-earned tax dollars, without specific authorization, as outlined in The US Constitution. (I support The War On Terrorism, 101%, in case you haven't noticed.) Ditto the Education, Highway and MediCaid Prescription Bills. The spineless, gutless GOPers are spending like drunken sailors, or like liberal-demokkkRATs. Whatever happened to Fiscal and Social Conservatism? Dead in the water? I shudder to think it. Both Delta and Northwest are tanking this week, along with American Airlines and United, back in Sept '01, and US Taxpayers are bailing them out. The airlines should be raising prices to cover costs, and make a nice profit, dammit; I don't operate my business at a loss, with subsidies from the US Taxpayer/ US Gov't. Okay, President Bush: spending cuts are a good thing, IMO. You should be doing them, without spending increases. Meanwhile, liberal-demokkkRAT filth are PO'd that NOLA's death toll is "lower than expected", and that all Conservatives, "should be shot". Hmmmmm, I value the lives of NOLA's pets far, far, far, more than I do any liberal-demokkkRAT piece-of-shit, lowlife garbage, dirtbag, in that NOLA sewer. I'm enjoying watching the leftist-wackos, self-destructing, publicly. I'm also getting so sick of minority racism, I could go ballistic. But I won't. Here's my answer to their lies of racism. YES, wiretap every damned mosque in America, as all muslim pigshitfilth, are either murderous terrorists or their supporters, just by a matter of degree. I agree, Mitt. Do it, dammit. I hate "hiding the truth about muslim trash", BTW. PC — Political Cowardice — is rampant. The traitors in our own government are scurrying, like cockroaches in a just-lit room, to cover their incompetent, traitorous, cowardly, hate-America, hate-US Military asses and limit the damage, aka cover-up. The world sees and criticizes our "dirty laundry", while they hide theirs, in plain view. God bless our US Military, for what they do for us. Thank you, US Military. You are the Best There Are. (((SALUTE)))!

Around The Garden Center™.
Both Katrina and Ophelia were recalcitrant, stingy bitches, giving the Mid-Atlantic Region, ZERO MOISTURE. Darnit. We just can't catch a break, here. On the way home from work on Saturday, I drove through a passing, localized cell of blinding rain, turned around and drove back through it, twice. Fun stuff! Doesn't look like Rita will bring us any moisture benefits, either.
The ongoing drought is causing trees and shrubs to color-up early, this year, and the show should really be a good one, as in past years of drought in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast Regions. Personally, I'd rather have the rains, and a diminshed foliage show.
Gas prices at the pumps have dropped $1.10/gal in the last week. Two weeks ago, I said that gas would be over $4.00/gal in a few weeks; I was wrong again, happily. As of Tuesday 9/20/05, Unleaded Regular (87 oct) was at $2.69/gal, Unleaded Plus (90 oct) was at $2.79/gal and Unleaded Premium (92 oct) was at $2.99/gal. Milk is at $3.89/gal and bottled water is just over $3.40/gal. Coffee, bananas and other fresh fruit are all up in price, temporarily, according to this article. I can handle that inconvenience. What don't politicians understand about the economic laws of supply and demand?
Autumn officially started this week, and it's again dark when I leave for work, at 5:45am; soon enough, it'll be dark on my way home at 5:00pm. At least the air and ground temps are slowly dropping, but the negative ground moisture still remains problematic. Many plants and trees have shut-down and have gone "dormant" for now, and it remains to be seen what will happen in the Spring. It could be a very meager display in the Spring, if we don't get some serious rains, very soon.
Oh crap, here we go again.
My back has been doing much better over the past few weeks; heating pads or hot showers applied early in the morning, more bed rest, and cold-paks applied in the afternoon and evening. The formula seems to work, so far. Knock on wood.
Pray for them.

The 'Able Danger' Cover-Up™.
First, what was Able Danger? Go ahead; I'll wait. Got it, now?
This is easily the most important, wide-ranging and security-riddled national scandal ever to hit America. Ever; I kid you not. I've been watching this information leak-out for months, and have dreaded what the truth will bring to light, about traitorous, incompetent and hate-America, hate-US Military bureaucrats, congress-critters, embedded commies, socialists, fascists and lawyers and other assorted subhuman government filth, subversively trying to destroy America from within. Hostile, commie lawyers are running the Pentagon, CIA and much of our intelligence assets, and instead of protecting America and its Citizens, they're pursuing an agenda designed to destroy America. Lawyers... kill all of the lawyers.
As much as I despise US Sen Arlen Specter (LIBERAL-PA), he deserves a gold star for exposing the US Government's cover-up of this 9-11 story.
The liberal-demokkkRAT MSM (main stream media) is effectively-ignoring the hearings, willfully not reporting anything about it, and cooperating with the US Government's cover-up. Scroll down to post #759, for an excellent summary of the hearings. C-SPAN 3 carried them, buried deep in digital hell. Snort!
I am seething with anger, hate and rage — very similar to the same feelings I have for the pigshit-slurping, muslim-islamic filth who brought the hell of 9-11-01 to us — for the US Government commie scum, who've tried to institutionally-derail 'Able Danger', treasonously-erased 2.5 terrabytes (¼ of everything in the US Library of Congress) of data about Mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him) Atta and three other muslim 9-11 murderers. Traitorous, disgraced, run-out-of-office, ex-US Sen Slade Gordon (COMMIE-WA) is one of the main conspirators, subliminally trying to destroy America, and actively protecting destroy-America, muslim-islamic filth. I want to **** them all. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!

After watching this Katrina Video, I've changed my mind about W&Co; thanks for what you did, Mr President. They needed that, precisely then.
Wow, a Republican with guts, balls and a spine: Gov Mitt Romney (R-MA) must be reading my weekly Journal, since he's standing-up to the subhuman, lowlife, pigshit-gulping, murderous muslim filth. No other explanation, since all the other pols are cowing before the subhuman, islamic garbage filth.
After reading this, I'm thinking US Sec'y of State, Dr Condolezza Rice (RINO-US) has to be one of the dumbest, illiterate, most gullible morons ever to walk the earth. The so-called "Palestinians" — actually murderous, criminal muslims, arabs and assorted subhuman filth — should be exterminated by the tens-of-millions. The Jews are the original, historical, Biblical Palestinians; those degenerate muslim-arab-islamofascist criminals were subhuman garbage kicked-out of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria in 1964; they were never, and are not now, Palestinians. Rice is a delusional idiot, if she truly think any of that murderous garbage will keep any agreements. They never have, and never will. They are avowed to destroy Israel, "agreements" be damned.
Even more troubling than Rice's blatant stupidity and ignorance, is the coming suspension of The Posse Comitatus Act, enacted after the Civil War mainly to prevent federal troops from supervising elections in former Confederate states.
To fund the Katrina Clean-Up and rebuilding, cut the $286 billion pork-laden Highway Bill.
Sorry to say, that I don't think the GOPers will ever wake-up and truly see what's going on, and do the right thing.
New York Mayor, Mikey "I Hate America" Bloomberg (LIBERAL-NY), on Friday opposed John Roberts' nomination to be US Supreme Court chief justice, making him the first noted Republican RINO to break with the Bush administration over who should lead America's top court.
State Delegate Patrick L. McDonough said yesterday he will propose legislation in the upcoming General Assembly to keep illegal aliens from receiving workers compensation. His decision follows a state Court of Appeals ruling Monday that upheld a lower court ruling that such compensation must be paid to illegal aliens. Finally, a GOPer with some guts.
Bullshit; I give "it" 48 hrs before they renege and threaten the world, once again. Nuke the North Korea gook shithole.
Duly try, convict, sentence and execute this fat, bloated, alcoholic, lying, criminal, white trash pig, indicted, disgraced ex-gov George Ryan, when he goes to court to face 22 charges stemming from a federal probe. Ryan is lowlife, criminal GOP filth.
US Sen Johnnie "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ), a coward, traitor, liar, scumbag, back-stabber, dirtbag, commie, socialist and all-around asshole, thinks he and RINO-socialist-liberal Rudy Giuliani (RINO-NY), are "the two most popular" members of the Republican Party. What an asshole! Bwahahahahaha, moron!
Failed, voted-out-of-office, disgraced, ex-president X41, George HW Bush (SOCIALIST-ME), is a low-class act, like the Klintoon filth he's trying to rehabilitate. I voted for him, twice, BTW.
How does your governor stack-up to a comparable pile of festering, fetid, steaming pile of shit?
I agree: I want all arab-muslim-turd-world-filth to be stripped naked and cavity-searched SHOT DEAD if they get within 100 yards of an airport!

Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Where's James Earl Ray or Mark David Chapman when a mentally-ill, subhuman, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America, hate-US Military, traitorous bitch, like Cindy Sheehan, needs "the fix"?
Yeah sure, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon; you disgraced, impeached, convicted, dirtbag, degenerate, liar, lowlife, ex-POTUS scumbag. Get some more heart problems, and DIE! Do the world a favor: die.
Lowlife, dirtbag, failed, disgraced, incompetent, criminal, alcoholic, dirtbag, liberal-demokkkRAT-plantation-boy, Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (SAMBO-MI), facing a tough re-election fight, last week caused a controversy when he singled out two school districts in neighboring Oakland County as having higher rates of drug use than the bankrupt, crime-riddled, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled shithole, called Detroit. Dumbass scumbag.
Buh-bye, liberal-demokkkRAT media shit!
Sambo & Lesbo; what a lib-dem, dream team!
Police found cases of food, clothing and tools intended for hurricane victims at the home of the chief administrative officer for a New Orleans suburb, authorities said Wednesday. Officers searched Cedric Floyd's home because of complaints that city workers were helping themselves to donations for hurricane victims. Floyd, who runs the day-to-day operations in the suburb of Kenner, was in charge of distributing the goods. Floyd needs to go to prison, for theft and looting; he's a lowlife scumbag. Typical demokkkRAT asshole.
Hey, 77-year-old singer Burt Bacharach, an empty-headed, untalented, washed-up piece of liberal shit: STFU!
Another lowlife, failed, piece-of-shit lib-dem creep — US Congressman Bobbie "I Hate Bush" Wexler (TURD-FL) — with his head firmly planted up his ass.
Send this ugly, subhuman, crooked sambo — state sen Ernest Newton II (ASSHOLE-CT) — to prison.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Flight 93's "Crescent of Embrace" Memorial redesign? There; that's better. LOL! Never allow a mentally-ill liberal to do any kind of memorial. Liberal filth should be shot upon sight.
Yes, failed, untalented, alcoholic, mentally-ill, Aussie "actor", Sammy "Clammy Boy" Neill, is a lowlife piece-of-shit, hate-America, hate-Bush, left-wingnut, dirtbag asswipe, not even fit for Preparation H™ commercials. He's off my movie screen from now on, until hell freezes over. F*ck you Sammy, scumbag.
C'mon Germany, dump the left-wing, Nazi-SPD Schroeder bastard. He's leftist filth and destroying your country.
Nope, I can't work up any degree of sympathy for those who "contract" AIDS, through dirty needles or unsafe sex. Die, all of you subhuman garbage. Quit wasting oxygen.
If you're gullible enough to believe this bullshit from North Korea, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to talk to you about. I'll give it 48 hours before they renege on it all. Hmmmm, they didn't even make it 24 hours. Told you so. Those gooks are mentally-ill.
Who the hell cares about The Enemas, anyway?
It's hard to believe the incompetence, stupidity, ignorance, racism, hatred and outright idiocy of NOLA's so-called mayor, Ray "I Hate Whitey" Nagin (SAMBO-LA). He blames everyone but himself, and refuses to take responsibility for his stupid, criminal actions. He gets a "pass" from the racist, liberal MSM, but he's got the blood of a thousand dead people on his dirty, liberal, do-nothing hands.
Ahhhhhhhhhh, NOI (Nation Of islam Idiots) "Minister" Calypso Louie Farra-Con Man (SAMBO-?), mentally-ill lowlife, dirtbag, liar, racist, Jew-hater, needs to meet James Earl Ray, from about 250 yds. End of racist filth. Hey James, you're up on the firing line.
The subhuman, lowlife, liberal, commie, socialist, fascist, nazi, ACLU-bitch, lesbo-bull dyke, alcoholic, hate-America, dirtbag filth, Ruthie "Bad Girl" Ginsburg (SCOTUS-COMMIE), also needs to meet James Earl Ray or Lee Harvey Oswald. Real soon. Read about her "views"; it'll make you sick, as it did me.
A memorial service for ABC News anchorman Petey "I Hate America" Jennings, who thankfully died of lung cancer on Aug 7th. Good riddance, Petey; rot in hell, you hate-America, piece-of-shit, asshole Cannuck! Look at all the pathetic pics of the lowlife, subhuman, hagged-out, alcoholic, dirtbag, liberal, drug-addicted filth on parade. Priceless!
CRapper Lil' Kim-Slut-Skank, whose real name is Kimberly Jones, goes to prison to be some bull dyke bitch's bitch. Throw away the key and lock that untalented sambette up forever.
LA County Superior Court Judge George H. Wu, rules that racist, shakedown artist, extortionist, bigot, criminal, lowlife, deviant, degenerate, subhuman filth, irrev Jesse Jackson, must face Civil Trial for assault and civil rights violations. Good; let the games begin.
Yet another list of American corporations supporting the subhuman homo-sodomite agenda. I will be dropping Daimler-Chrysler (my '02 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo) and buying a Nissan Murano, next year. I avoid all the others in my purchases, at all costs.
Racism in NOLA? Nope, not at all. Race baiting as NOLA sinks? Yes, lots of it from liberal-demokkkRAT filth.
Put a bullet through this bitch's hate-filled head. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?
Katrina: the black nation's 9-11? Are you freaking kidding me? The Whites saved your black asses, race-baiting idiots.
Nuke Madrid and waste all the subhuman homo-sodomite filth. Targets of opportunity, IMO.
Put a bullet through this asshole's hate-filled head. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the country really needs him?

islam Is A Criminal, Terrorist Organization™.
The horror that is islam, is an evil, fear-based political doctrine, invented by a murderous, child-molesting psychopath, Mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him). Here's the motherlode of links about islam.
Oooooo, a hunger strike at GITMO? I sure wish I was in charge, down there. The murderous, subhuman muslim pigshit-drinking filth would be wiping their filthy asses with the koran (pigshit be upon it), the book of death, and flushing toilets all day long. They'd be tortured beyond belief, then laid face-down in liquid pigshit, facing north, head-shot and buried under human excrement and soiled koran (pigshit be upon it) pages. End of freaking problem, dammit.
I call for an immediate fart-wa on the subhuman piece of muslim filth, Ayatollah Ahmad Jannati, for his immediate death by liquid pigshit enema, with chunks. Ouch; that's gonna leave a mark.
Awwwwwwww, think I'm being too hard on the poor, backward muslim filth? Read this; I'll wait.
Tony Blair has a radical plan to stop muslim extremism? Kill them all, Tony; that'll do it.
Need some more proof that muslims are the most fucked-up subhuman filth in the world? Read this article about ice cream and the idiot, allah (pigshit be upon him). I was walking across the yard the other day and stepped in some dogshit, looked at the bottom of my boot and it was an image of Mo-ham-head (pigshit be upon him). How about that, islamic trash?
Hunger strike at GITMO? F*ck it; kill all the subhuman, pigshit muslim trash.
Yeah, islam sucks liquid pigshit. Sue me, muslim filth.
There are no moderate muslims, UK. They all suck pigshit.
I issue a fart-wa: kill muslim pigshit-slurper, Ali Asad Chandia of College Park, Md. He's a terrorist supporter. Kill him.
I issue a fart-wa: kill muslim pigshit-slurper, Mahmoud Maawad. He's a terrorist. Kill him.
Destroy and execute all subhuman pigshit filth at CAiR, terrorist supporters. The terrorist-supporting subhuman garbage at CAiR, is The Enemy Within™.
Yes, islam is the enemy. Kill them all.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
I don't give a rat's rearend what anyone says about not wanting the death penalty, it ends recividism permanently and is most appropriate for rapists, murderers and all crimes against children. I'd rather one innocent be executed, than 10 murderers be set free. Deal with reality, folks.
Chai Soua Vang was found guilty last Friday, of first-degree murder in the shooting deaths of six hunters in Wisconsin's north woods last fall. A jury of eight women and four men deliberated about four hours before coming to their verdict. Vang was also found guilty of two counts of attempted homicide in the shootings of two other hunters who survived. Killed in the confrontation last Nov. 21 were Dennis Drew, 55; Mark Roidt, 28; Robert Crotteau, 42; his son, Joey, 20; Allan Laski, 43, and Jessica Willers, 27. Wounded in the shootings were Terry Willers, 48, and Lauren Hesebeck, 49. Four of the victims were shot in the back, and all but Willers were unarmed. KILL THE F*CKING GOOK! Try the yellow pig on US Hate Crimes!
Lowlife, piece-of-shit, Jon Leaver, 23, from Lancashire UK, a suhuman, "sadistic" rapist who used his mobile phone to film an attack on a young woman was jailed for 14 years today. He sorely needs killing, UK. Your laws are all f*cked-up, Brits.
Kill this subhuman, White-Trash, piece-of-shit.
And this subhuman, too.
Traitorous, lowlife commie, socialist, nazi, islamofascist, dirtbag, punk, rump-raider, alcoholic, drug-addict, disgraced, Georgie "Pole-Puffer" Galloway, needs a couple of bullets in the head. Where's Lee Harvey Oswald when the UK really needs him?
Kill the summer camp muslim youths. Kill them all!
Duly try, convict, sentence to death, and kill this traitorous, subhuman, seditionist, leftist bitch, Lynne Stewart!
Pedophile, pervert, child molester, deviant, subhuman filth, Mikey "I Love Little Naked Boys" Jack-scum, needs execution, as do all pedophiles. Zero recividism. End of problem.
Gore Vidal, a senile old queen faggot, needs a bullet in the head. He's subhuman, diseased liberal shit.

The Color Television Revolution.
Hey, all you iPod-festishizing, TIVO-addicted, Blackberry-dependent techno-geeks. Kris Trexler is here to tell you to quit slinging all that trendy jargon long enough to marvel at the simple joys of... color TV! That's right, back in the day a color receiver was as pricey and exotic as that high-def plasma behemoth you've got your eye on. Trexler, who's worked in television since the '60s, waxes ultra-enthusiastic as he presents a look at some important aspects of the great color revolution. Among the highlights: Quicktime video (with sound) of the color presentation logos seen on NBC, CBS, and ABC; behind the scenes photos of early color TV shows; footage from the first NBC color special (An Evening with Fred Astaire, 1958); and a couple of pages on The Edsel Show, including video from the opening. Yes, in these polarized, partisan political times, it's nice to know not everyone sees things in black and white.

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