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Friday, September 24, 2004

a really good measure of the current level of hate and divisiveness in America today, is the combined IQs of the infantile, New Left-wing wacko, hate-America, hate-Bush, post-Marxist liberal-demokkkRATs; something on the order of a warm, soft, glazed donut, but with chards of broken glass, inside. Stupidity and treason knows no boundaries or class. The lib-dem wacko socialists — "soft America" — are concerned with John F(ucking) Kerry's VietNam antics, while Real Americans — "hard America" — is concerned with fighting Muslim filth and Islamic terrorism, and preserving our way of life. The contrast couldn't be more stark. Our borders, language and culture are under incessant attack from The Enemy Within™ and The Fifth Column™, while murderous subhuman Muslim filth, aided by their New Leftist enablers, attack and whack us around the world. America's, and indeed the world's Leftists, are fully-responsible for the murder and mayhem being committed in the name of Islam, The Religion of Peace™. I'm not of the opinion anymore, that the Left doesn't realize what it's doing to destroy America; that would be being charitable to the lowlife filth. They know full-well what they're doing, despite a "public personna" of do-gooding, tree-hugging and benign socialism. The New Left is rife with traitors, seditionists and fomentors and eco-terrorists, and quite focused on slowly destroying our borders, language and culture; their patience is amazing, and their opportunism, unabashed. Most of Real America doesn't even know what's happening behind the curtain; they're too busy with the lives, family, work and a myriad of other distractions. The Massacre of September 11th woke all of us up for a short time, but then 95% climbed back into their familiar daily rut, and forgot.

Around The Garden Center®.
Hurricane Tropical Storm Ivan moved through our region last Friday evening and Saturday morning, depositing 3.2" of rain and widespread flooding. I was awakened several times during the night with pounding rain on the condo's skylights, lightening and heavy thunder. Hurricanes Charley, Frances and Ivan already through, with Jeanne, Karl and Lisa on the way. Many of those folks down there, who didn't have much to begin with, now have nothing left. Head for the basements: 27 tornadoes in the DC area, just to the southwest of me! Yikes: look at the damage in Pensacola, FL, alone. And Ivan is reforming in the Gulf? WTF!
Harrisburg has been declared a federal disaster area, as have 47 of Pennsylvania's 67 counties. Here in York and Lancaster Counties, widespread flooding occurred, but receeded quickly and did little damage. Except in low-lying areas, such as Harrisburg, which really got hammered.
The flooded roads were empty (duh!) as I carefully drove into work on Saturday morning. 30-45 mph winds and driving rain, overflowing retention ponds, branches and trees down, scattered power and phone outages, nursery stock laying down all over the garden center; I wished I'd stayed in bed all morning. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday turned out to be some of the nicest days of the year: cool, clear, low humidity; great sleeping-with-the-windows-wide-open, weather.
I finished downloading and installing the much-dreaded Win XP SP-2 (Service Pack), with its massive 97.1 Mb file, and so far, everything's working better than ever. Knock on wood.
Oh shit; spoke too soon! Another Windows flaw, in graphics handling, is going to open up a flood of new viruses.
The giant John Deere and Massey-Ferguson combines are harvesting field corn all over the region, and the soybeans aren't far behind. Because of the early Spring, and the resultant early plantings, everything has been greatly accelerated; I'm of the opinion that we'll get an early Winter, too. Want to know what's in store for you? Right here.
We're getting ready for Winter; pruning dormant plants back and readying them for Spring '05 growth and vigor. Potting-up bareroot plants, and seedlings, cuttings; readying them for the next growing season. What are you doing to your gardens?

Denny Hastert speaks the truth: al Queerda wants John F(ucking) Kerry to win, because Kerry's a wimp and a coward, and al Queerda loves homo punks like Kerry.
A team of 20 Turd World UN *subhumans* to monitor US Elections, invited by the US SECSTATE, Colon Bowell, RINO? Fire the scumbag, W. Are you kidding, Mr President?
Bravo, Porter Goss. Now, round-up, jail, try and execute all illegals, Muslim garbage and other subhuman trash. whack them all.
An FBI agent shot an acquaintance of a border watch group member while trying to serve an arrest warrant, FBI officials said Thursday. Hey guys: shoot and whack illegal aliens, not American Citizens, dammit!
Great speech at the useless UN, Mr President! Bravo!

John F(orged) Kerry Is A Liar.
Here's the 4 SwiftBoat Vets ads, about the mentally-ill, lying, fake, fraudulent, lowlife scumbag, Kerry The Liar.
The vacuous, empty suit advisors of the Kerry Kampaign, gather, to consume money, take up space, and lie.
If you learn nothing else about the lying, treasonous, fraudulent, fake, scumbag, liberal, hate-America, John F(ucking) Kerry, read this article.
Read what the Kerry dumbass would do in the first 100 days of his administration, if elected president.
Yes, John F(ucking) Kerry is mentally-ill; check this out.
No, John F(ucking) Kerry wasn't honorably discharged. Read this. And he's certainly no war hero. Kerry's a traitor, coward and liar.

Dan Rather is a criminal, guilty of fraud, forgery and unlawfully trying to influence a federal election. CBS is backing away from him, as are radui and TV affiliates and many advertising sponsors. CBS weakly apologized for "being misled", and not for airing Rather's forged report of lies. The minions of wild-eyed liberal-demokkkRATs are under suicide watch and suffering from dementia. Even Rather The Criminal tried to apologize, for not authenticating the documents, but not for his part in the forgery and fraud and election tampering.
The so-called US Old School Liberal Media Establishment has skidmarks in their drawers from "RatherGate"; their credibility has taken a huge hit. This isn't the first instance of outright lies from the media. On April 20, 1997, Mike Wallace hosted another "60 Minutes" segment that claimed US Customs officials were allowing trucks with drugs to cross easily into the United States. As proof of his allegations, Wallace cited what he claimed was a US Customs memo written by Rudy Camacho, then the San Diego Customs district director. Last week, Michael Horner, a Customs department whistleblower who had anonymously provided Wallace and "60 Minutes" with the memo, admitted he had fabricated the document.
Complicit in the felony is Bill Burkett, a former commander in the Texas Air National Guard and a critic of Bush's past service in the Guard, told the Star-Telegram in an interview that he still believes that memos he gave to CBS are authentic. Hey Bill: you're in deep doo-doo, asswipe. Get a good lawyer. You and Rather are going down.
The FEC (Federal Election Commission) is now involved, so the ball has started rolling.

Liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags™.
Here's the typical liberal-demokkkRAT Kerry-Edwards supporter, tearing-up Bush-Cheney signs and making 3 year old children cry: a lowlife, cowardly punk from the International Union of Painters and associated Trades (IUPAT) Union. IUPAT is dogshit.
Hey, any demokkkRATs out there, with a functioning brain? Watch this.
Barack Obama (LIBERAL-IL) is a lowlife piece of subhuman, degenerate, Muslim pigshit.
Pennsylvania Gov Ed "Fat Eddie" Rendell (SCUMBAG-PA), said that fellow liberal-demokkkRAT John F(ucking) Kerry has listened too much to his Washington consultants, and not enough to local party leaders like himself, comparing the situation to the failed 1988 Michael Dukakis campaign. FACT: Fat Eddie's a loser, like Du-ka-ka and all lib-dem garbage. STFU, asswipe!
Sue Niederer of Hopewell, NJ, is a fat, smelly, ugly, repulsive, traitorous, whorebag loser. Crawl back under your slimy rock, left-wing wacko, liberal-demokkkRAT bitch.
Fat, stupid, assboy asswipe chef cook, Mario Batali, is Killing his career and restaurants, by supporting the lying Kerry traitor.
City officials in Norwalk, Conn., are considering denying a permit for the Boy Scouts to use a beach for a recruitment drive because of the Scouts' discriminatory policies regarding gay rump-raiding, fudge-packing, deviant homo members.

Islam, The Cult of Pigshit™.
If there was any doubt in your mind as to whether Muslims are subhuman filth and should be whacked en masse, there should be after reading this article about the beheading of another American hostage. Got guts? Here's the video of Eugene Armstrong, beheaded by the subhuman pigshit Muslim garbage. Homeland Security's Website also has the video.
Good reading: "World War IV: How It Started, What It Means, and Why We Have to Win".
The homo Muslim, Yusuf "Pigshit" Islam — formerly known as 70s singer Cat Stevens — is an Islamic pest, a supporter of the murderous Hamas scumbag, and should be executed. whack him.
If there was any doubt that Islam is at war with America, read this. Could the Islamic States of America actually happen? Read it.
The leader of Ohio's largest mosque was sentenced Monday to two months in federal prison and four months of house arrest for lying about his connections to terrorist groups when he applied for US citizenship. Palestinian-born Fawaz "Pigshit" Damra, imam of the Islamic Center of Cleveland, could have received up to five years in prison on the charge of obtaining US citizenship in 1994 by providing false information. He should be executed.
Here's the motherlode of links in the War On Terrorism, Islam and much more.

Lowlife, Scumbags & Degenerates™.
No, I'm not talking about left-wing, wild-eyed liberals, demokkkRATs or other assorted subhuman garbage here — like the hate-America degenerate wackos at, who are blaming this season's hurricanes on President Bush — but I easily could be.
The ignorant, lowlife, asswipe RINO that is Bill "Bloviator" O'Reilly, can't distinguish between the Kerry-fantasy and the Bush-reality.
The traitorous, ugly, empty-headed, liberal-demokkkRAT, hagged-out skagbag, "Hanoi Jane" Fonda, who betrayed America and the US Military in the 70s, bloviates about something she knows nothing about: president Bush. What a stupid, dumbass bitch.
Rick James died of a massive OD? Good riddance, subhuman. What a dumbass.
Speaking of subhuman, deviant, lowlife freaks: Mikey "The Pedophile Pervert" Jack-scum, has pics of young, naked boys? I'm shocked! NOT!
More than 100 countries have endorsed a campaign to raise an additional $US50 billion ($71 billion) a year in development aid to combat global hunger, but the United States has poured cold water on the project.
Degenerate homo activists have apparently decided to reveal the next phase of their agenda this fall in theaters all over the United States. Nicole Kidman’s film "Birth" and Kevin Bacon’s "The Woodsman," both present sympathetic views of pedophilia. "Three of Hearts: A Postmodern Family," by film producer Susan Kaplan tells the story of two male fags and a female who become a "family" and eventually produce a child. Her film was recently shown at the Toronto Film Festival. I have long been warning that the next phase of the deviant homo movement would include the "normalization" of adult/child sex and the promotion of polyamory—multiple sex partners as "family". Apparently, that time has arrived.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Mikey "The Child Molesting Pervert" Jackson, should be lined up against a wall, and shot. He's a subhuman freak.
Ever wonder what the executed whacker had as his last meal? Right here.
Another subhuman scumbag, Andrew Flores, goes to hell from Texas.
An 11-year old, inner-city scumbag, terrorizes and rapes a 76-year old woman? whack him and his subhuman, whorebag bitch adoptive mommie.

Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame.
Most screenshotmuseums celebrate and enlighten the past. But Seattle's Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame encourages visitors to revisit a fantastical future. It's the one we grew up with in books, movies, and TV, and the SFM's mission is to showcase Sci-Fi's enduring archetypes and artifacts. Its otherworldly exhibits feature everything from sass-talking simian Dr. Zaius, to a bug-eyed bevy of whacker bots, to a salute to the Azimovs, Shelleys, and other visionaries who lived ahead of their time. Of course, the thrill of Sci-Fi is in imagining that make-believe could someday happen. So for a treat (or perhaps a dose of reality), check out the infamous terraforming debate swirling around Mars. When hard science collides with hardcore obsessions, expect ripples in our universe.

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