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Friday, September 24, 1999

Always a guessing game as to what was originally contained in a text file, the severely-redacted evidence files continue to appear en masse and speak Truths-In-Volume, with their multiple, black-streaked content deletions. Waco. Vince Foster. TWA Flight 800. Everything will come back to haunt the lying, lib-dem-scum Clintonoids. Maybe. I didn't know that "redacted" meant "officially heavy-censored". Did you? Duh; anyway, onward and upward. The "gummint" (US Government) releases bits and pieces of Truth, daily, as suits their perverted agenda. Anyway, we're here to get the Truth. Which'll never happen with this gutless US Congress being terrified of the current Liar-In-Chief. After redaction, does any of this resemble coherency? Not.

Around The Garden Center.
Floyd was less than feared; more than anticipated. At 10:57pm on Thursday evening, Floyd scooted northeast, after dumping 8"+ in the Pennsyl-Tucky area. Thankyouverymuchforallthemoisture, Floyd!
To have both dumptrucks become inoperable on the same day is unfortunate. Fortunately, it was a Saturday and only a few minor deliveries were cancelled and re-scheduled. The 15ft box truck started right up and one of my weekend workers went out on calls to assist Hurricane Floyd distressed homeowners. Lots of trees had been uprooted by the winds.
Glad I don't have anything to do with North Carolina or New Jersey, any more.
Penn State made the locals happy, again.
On Tuesday, it rained all day and the temps dropped into the low 40s. I turned on the heat in the Main Retail Building. One of my crews went back to Hershey to continue working on the water gardens and landscape project; the other crew stayed here and worked outside. Either way, everyone was cold, wet and tired at the day's end.
It only got into the 50s on Wednesday; looks like Fall is here a tad bit early. Customers were literally streaming in all day, due to heavy rains early that morning and greatly-lowered temps.
Well yes, actually Fall is here: Thursday at 7:30am, it arrived. It was 47F on the way into work at 6am. I had the Jeep's heater cranking some warmth for the 14 mile trek.

Bullshit Dep't.
Why doesn't someone tell this idiot towelhead Fayed that his dead kid was a worthless piece of shit, as was the bulemic Diana slut. The moron still thinks a conspiracy was afoot to whack them both. Sure.
Read what the stinking, lowlife liberal filth are doing now, in California.
Why we're even wasting our time with the North Korea filth is beyond me. Several well-placed, thermonuclear-tipped ICBMs would ameliorate the problem, once and for all. No one in Washington have the balls/ ovaries to push the assons? Just f*cking show me where the console is. I'll do it. Bang zoom, done.
Why can't these DSL-less telco idiots get their collective acts together and standardize the technology? Backward countries like Canada have far faster InterNet access than we do.
These are the scum who will soon be clogging up the "future" Net. Just what the world doesn't need: the poor spending their welfare checks online at adult websites.
What's with these Indonesian filth? They can't even control what's happening inside their own country.
Filth like this shouldn't even be teaching in schools, public or private.
An alcoholic punk kid suiing under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) to get back on the high school basketball team? Alcoholism isn't a disability; it's a character flaw and the rat-bastard kid should get a job, keep his f*cking yap shut and not waste the court's time.
Why does the US allow Russian or Chi-Comm spies to operate here with impunity? Why aren't we arresting and deporting those scum? Why aren't we executing them Clinton, you moron?
Despite all the bleeding hearts both liberals and conservatives I agree with this philosophy.
Oh great, NJ is putting a former FBI agent into the head spot of NJ State Police Commissioner. Just what the state needs. Since 99.99785428465888% of the drug traffickers are either black or hispanic minority drivers the state has adopted a pathetic attitude of hands-off minorities, when they should be increasing the profiling and arrests against lowlife minority motorists, just exactly what the former SP Chief did; it worked and reduced the drug trafficking to much lower levels. They commit 98.336285439578747% of the drug-related crimes. Dunbar would replace Col. Carl Williams, who was fired in February, when published remarks appeared in which he linked minorities to the major volume of drug traffic. It's true; where's the lie? idiots and illegal aliens (not Blacks or Hispanics) commit the vast majority of drug-related trafficking crimes through I-95 corridor. Any argument, from anyone? Huh?
I have no problem with Whites, Orientals, African-Americans or Hispanics, etc, but I have a real problem with WHITE TRASH, GOOKS, idiotS and illegal alienS; I'd rather see them dead: they pollute the Earth and destroy whatever they touch. Any disagreements, liberal filth?
Gaaaaawd: does this Nation ever need to get Bubba & Hitlery behind us. Those two lying, criminal morons have devastated this Nation. They're lying scum, subhuman filth, lowlife son-and-daughter-of-bitches. They're the lowest form of White Trash.
Journal regular, Doug, sent the most unbelieveable article to me last week. It's so astounding, but I'm sure their attorneys checked it out carefully prior to running it. Actually, why am I surprised?
The politically-compromised, sexually-challenged and Parkinson-diseased Janet Reno scum has evaded all honorable questions about The Clinton Scandals; she's the #1 Clinton Defense Attorney.
A good case of terminal cancer is what all lib-dems deserve. Serves you right, Ginsburg whore.
Connect the dots and follow the money in Clinton's schemes with East Timor and the terrorist FALN scum. It's just amazing what he gets away with and the lowlife liberal, so-called mainstream media ignore.
Always trying to profit politically from other peoples' misery and misfortune, the Clintonoid scum was out Monday and Tuesday "surveying" the flood damage from Floyd. What a waste of aviation-gas; the Clintonista scumbag might as well have stayed home and diddled an intern-slut, rather than waste helicopter time at Taxpayer's expense.
The First Piece of shit, Lowlife, Rapist, Liar, Cokehead, Son-of-a-Bitch Clintonoid says, "The world (UN) must do more to curtail violence". He's a lying scumbag. He has no intentions except when it suits him politcally to do what needs to be done.
Still can't trust those damned Daimler Nazis. They buy Chrysler and now they're ready to get rid of all the US Management. What a surprise. Not.
Heck, I've been saying this for over two years. Wonder why it took so long and cost so much for "them" to figure it out?
I hate to see it happen anywhere: cops accused of misconduct or crimes. They are the Thin Blue Line which separates us from the criminal scum. I have a lot of respect for our police officers.

Clintonite Filth.
As I was making my daily journey to the Post Office the other day, I patiently waited for a car to vacate a parking space near the door. As the rear of the vehicle came toward me, I noticed a bumpersticker, which read, in big, bold letters, "THANK ME. I VOTED CLINTON-GORE." Uh-huh.
Pondering the message of the brave, stubborn soul in the car ahead of me, I considered all the things I could be thankful for as a result of the Clinton-Gore regime. Indeed, I discovered the list was long and varied:

    Thank you for reminding us that the government that gave us the Internal Revenue Service and welfare also lusts for control of the greatest healthcare system in the world.
    Thank you for reminding that the FBI, who has a file on millions of Americans, including myself, can give those files to people powerful enough to demand them.
    Thank you for giving us a President who supports partial-birth abortions.
    Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and about two dozen other names that we might not have met and known otherwise.
    Thank you for allowing a WAR HERO and the author of one of the most successful military campaigns in history to leave the presidency because, no matter how successful he was, in all our moral outrage, we just wouldn't tolerate someone who would lie to the American people by promising "no new taxes" and then going back on his word. We certainly can't have a liar in the White House, now can we?
    Thank you for giving us a President who discusses his choice of underwear with teenagers. We always wondered if presidents wore boxers or briefs.
    Thank you for installing a man who reminds us of those good old days of pot smoking (without inhaling, of course) and war PROTESTING.
    Thank you for showing us that the ridiculous plot of the movie, "Wag The Dog," could really be plausible after all.
    Thank you for showing all the men and women in America that sexual harassment in the workplace, and on the job, is okay as long as it involves powerful middle-age executives and young women half their age under their power. It is, after all, a "private matter."
    Thank you for revealing that the agenda of the National Organization of Women only includes some women. Women like Anita Hill and not women like Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, et al.
    Thank you for reintroducing the concept of "impeachment" to a new generation that missed the discussion surrounding it the last time it was brought up.
    Thank you for curing me of my addiction to the evening news, riddled with your lowlife liberal, sycophantic lackeys and hacks, reporting just what you tell them to report.
    Thank you for reminding us that, when all is said and done, "CHARACTER" really, really DOES matter.
And, in comparison to recent days:
    Thank you for making Dan Quayle look like a Rhodes Scholar.
    Thank you for making Jimmy Carter look competent.
    Thank you for making Gerald Ford look graceful.
    Thank you for making Richard Nixon look honest.
    Thank you for making Lyndon Johnson look truthful.
    Thank you for making John Kennedy look moral.
    Thank you for making Al Gore look positively presidential.
    Thank you for reminding us of the importance of term limits.
    And really, thank you not once, but twice! Why, if not for YOU, instead of the current, interesting discussion all over the television networks and newspapers, we would be focused on a whole slew of trivial matters such as global defense, the economy, nukes in North Korea, genocide in Africa, the containment of terrorism, and all those other boring topics.
So Bubba, you lying, rapist, cokehead moron, thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Oh, and if you voted for Ross Perot, thank you, too. You deserve just as much of the credit as my friend with the bumper sticker.
Since Bill Clinton took office, here are some of the "GOOD" things that have happened:
    72 House and Senate witnesses have plead the fifth.
    17 witnesses have fled the country to avoid testifying.
    19 foreign witnesses have refused to be interviewed by US investigative bodies.
    19 prosecutions from Whitewater investigations.
    14 convictions from Whitewater investigations.
    8 imprisonments from Whitewater investigations.
    55 total criminal charges in all Clinton scandals.
    32 total convictions (so far) in all Clinton scandals.
    14 total imprisonment's (so far) in all Clinton scandals.
    938 overnight stays at the White House for Clinton donors.
    $40 million taxpayer cost of Clinton's trip to China.
    62 House of Representative seats that have changed from Democrat to Republican.
    12 Senate seats that have changed from Democrat to Republican.
    13 Governorships that have changed from Democrat to Republican.
    1,200 state legislative seats that have changed from Democrat to Republican.
    353 elected Democrats who have switched parties since Clinton took office.
Yes, it's been an interesting six years for "the most ethical administration in the history of the Republic." But then, everybody knows it's ALL the fault of the "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."
(Thanks to whomever sent the above to me.)

Execute Them.
As with all murderers, rapists and child molesters, traitors and spies should also be executed. Arrogant, left-wing filth who furthered the commie cause should die publicly.
All three white trash scum who dragged that black man to his death in Texas should be executed, without question. To even consider life in prison is ludicrous. Hey, the jury did the right thing afterall. There's one in a row.
Why is this piece of wacko-shit sill alive? he should have been terminated with extreme prejudice, right after conviction and sentencing.
I can't believe this piece of subhuman shit is still alive, after confessing to Killing the four women in Yosemite, he should have been summarily executed.

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