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friday, september 25rd, 2020

The Chinese government intentionally manufactured and released the COVID-19 virus that led to mass shutdowns and deaths across the world, a top virologist and whistleblower told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, on Tuesday.

[Correct Title: "Tucker Carlson criticizes Facebook for censoring interview with Chinese virologist". Sorry, I just had to rename it.]

Facebook and other tech giants have engaged in a troubling pattern of censoring speech surrounding major issues in the coronavirus debate, Fox News host Tucker Carlson argued during his Wednesday night monologue.

Carlson's comments came after Facebook slapped a warning label on video of his Tuesday interview with Chinese virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who claimed to have evidence showing China "intentionally" released COVID-19 onto the general population.

"Within a few hours of her interview last night," Carlson said, "a video of the segment reached 1.3 million people on Facebook."

"And why wouldn’t it? The coronavirus pandemic has touched the life of every American. And justifiably, people want to know where it came from. But Facebook still doesn’t want you to know that. So Facebook suppressed the video, presumably on behalf of the Chinese government. Facebook executives made it harder for users to watch our segment. Those who found the video had to navigate a warning that the interview 'repeats information about COVID-19 that independent fact-checkers say is false," he added.

"Instagram, which Facebook also owns did the same thing. Twitter suspended Dr. Yan's account entirely. It did not explain why. Nor did the tech companies explain how they would know more about disease transmission than an MD, PhD virologist like Dr. Li-Meng Yan. Instead, Facebook and Instagram linked to three so-called fact checks which supposedly proved Yan was lying.

"But if you clicked on the provided links, you'd noticed something odd. The fact checks were all published months ago, many months – in January, February, and March, and they had nothing whatsoever to do with what Dr. Li-Meng Yan said on our show. One of the fact checks attacks a completely unrelated claim, the virus was patented and that a vaccine was prepared and ready to go.

"What does that have to do with the interview we did last night? No one will tell us that. The truth is, and you know it if you've watched carefully, experts have been wrong frequently throughout this pandemic. They have changed their prescriptions many times."

Carlson argued that the solution to experts being fallible was more speech. "The solution to this age-old problem, and we used to understand this intuitively is more informed voices in the conversation. That’s how you make wise decisions, that’s how you get to the truth. Diversity of view. Facebook doesn’t believe this," he said.

"They believe in censorship. Censorship does not make us wiser. It does not make us better informed. If it did, we'd be speaking Russian right now, the Soviet Union would run the world. It would have worked. But instead the Soviet Union is extinct. It collapsed under the weight of its own absurdities – absurdities abetted by censorship. And that's the most basic lesson of dictatorships, all of them. Anything built on lies falls apart over time."

Carlson also defended Yan and her research. "COVID-19 is not from nature, she said. It was created in a lab in Wuhan, China. The Chinese government intentionally unleashed it on the world. Those are her claims. Are they true? We have no way of verifying them. We do know that Dr. Li-Meng Yan is not a quack," Carlson said.

"She’s authored peer-reviewed papers on coronavirus transmission in both "Nature Magazine" and "The Lancet". Those are two of the most respected publications in all of science. Her paper on the origin of COVID-19, which she has published online, is not frivolous. In it, she points to specific evidence for the claims that she makes. She identifies so-called cut sites which are frequently used in genomic engineering that would allow scientists to swap in sequences from other viruses to create what she described last night as a Frankenstein bioweapon."

© September 18th 2020, by Sam Dorman, Fox News

A Day In The Life.

Up at 8a on Friday, it was already 45° outside – had a couple smokes in the garage while the coffee brewed, did my DR (Type 1 Diabetic Routine - Blood Sugar Level Test and Sliding-Scale Insulin Shot), applied the CBD Hemp Ointment to my neck and shoulder, had simple toast for breakfast, and checked the weather and news.

I had errands to run, got them done and back home by 11a, paid some utility bills online, helped a couple neighbors with some garden design projects, and had my midday DR and lunch.

After lunch, I grabbed a couple hours sleep on the LR couch, woke-up midday to watch Fox News, to hear that "Buzzy" Ginsburg had finally died from metastatic Pancreatic Cancer, after fighting it, Colon Cancer, Lung Cancer and several other forms of cancer, for 3 years. RIP, Buzzy.

I fell asleep at my office-sunroom's comfy over-sized leather chair, woke at 3:30a, shut everything down, and went upstairs to bed, and slept until well.

I woke-up on Saturday morning at 11a, did the late DR, had coffee and breakfast, and checked the news and weather. I knew it was going to be a Buzzy Ginsburg commie weekend, and week ahead, with everyone eulogizing that leftist/socialist/commie witch.

I pretty much spent the day doing errands, paperwork and filing, and backing-up my identical 2 industrial/commercial-grade HP desktops. No F-1 or IndyCar races on this weekend; it's a bye. I caught the late news, and made it to sleep by 10p.

Again sleeping-in until 10a on Sunday, I did the usual DR ritual, had coffee and breakfast, the usual morning shower and started a load of laundry. All of our masks are worthless, according to that MD; did you know that?

No races on this weekend – it's a "bye" weekend for all venues – so I did some light condo chores, had lunch and dinner, and watched "American Pickers" until 10:30p. Lights out.

Up at 7:30a on Monday, to a very cold 36° outside (Frost Warning!) and just plain too damned cool in the condo, I fired-up the furnace, had a couple smokes, did the morning DR and had coffee and a very light breakfast. I need to loose 20-25lbs, to hopefully alleviate my lower back and hip pain. I posted the weekly "Chris Plante Show" and "Rush Show" threads tp FR, and left at 12:30p to layout Sherry's new garden beds, designate shrubs for transplant and removal, and then head-over, with her, to the nearby park to do some walking. We did and had a good time, as usual.

Home by 4p, I collapsed on to the couch, to rest my aching back and hips, and slept until 7p. After the evening DR and dinner, I watched "Tucker", Hannity" and "Laura", as usual, and called it Yankee Doodle at 11p.

Up at 8:30a on Tuesday, I made coffee, did the morning DR, had oatmeal and a few blueberries for breakfast, posted the daily "CP Show" thread graphics to FR, and got thru the lower back pain, after applying the CBD ointment. Today's the First Day of Fall. I went out for a short walk in the brisk 51° temps, back/hip pain returning, had lunch and a 3hr snooze on the LR couch, while Rush was on the air. By 6p, I'd done the evening DR and had a light dinner, watched the usual "Tucker", Hannity" and "Laura" until 11p, and unplugged for the night.

I was up early at 6a on Wednesday, another chilly 42° morning, did the morning DR routine, had coffee and breakfast, and posted the "CP Show" to FR, and got ready for my 10a Dr's app't. That went well. I stopped at Weis to get a few things, on the way home, and was back by 11:30a. After the midday DR, I made a pot of Italian Sausage, Peppers, and Onions, and settled-in to listen to the "Rush Show", after posting the graphics to FR. High for the day was 82° and comfortable.

I reapplied the CBD Pro-Level 5 Ointment to my lower back, caught a 2hr snooze on the couch, and felt better. Discovery's "Expedition Unknown" Marathon was on all-day, so I started watching around 4p, broke for dinner, and continued watching until the usual "Tucker", Hannity" and "Laura" shows, and quit around 10:30p. My office-sunroom's replacement electric blind comes tomorrow between 11a-1p, with Ed The Installer, to swap it with the broken one. Then, I need to wash the dusty Jeep at the local DIY Carwash. Lights out.

Up at 6a on Thursday, I did the morning DR, made coffee and breakfast, and finished-up some computer work, just as Ed-The-Installer arrived at 11a, to replace the electric blind, and adjust the other two. Ed left around 1p, I recharged all 3 blinds, and I did the midday DR, had lunch and did a few errands, and washed the Jeep at the nearby DIY Carwash. For the rest of theh afternoon, I paid some utility bills online, rested and watched the "American Pickers" Marathon on History Channel.

After dinner, I continued with the "AP" Marathon, switched-over to the usual "Tucker", Hannity" and "Laura" shows and called it a day at 11p. Tomorrow starts another week here in the "Journal".

Let’s See If I Got This Right...

If a dude pretends to be a woman, you are required to pretend with him.

Somehow it’s Un-American for the census to count how many Americans are in America.

Russians influencing our elections are bad, but illegal Mexicans voting in our elections are good.

It was cool for Joe Biden to "blackmail" the President of Ukraine, but it's an impeachable offense if the President inquires about it.

Twenty is too young to drink a beer, but eighteen is old enough to vote.

People who have never owned slaves should pay slavery reparations to people who have never been slaves. This after 250,000 white union soldiers died to free the slaves and the subsequent freed slaves had already been given 40 acres and a mule to stimulate their life of freedom.

Inflammatory rhetoric is outrageous, but harassing conservative people in restaurants is virtuous.

People who have never been to college should pay the debts of college students who took out huge loans for useless degrees.

Immigrants with tuberculosis and polio are welcome, but you'd better be able to prove your dog is vaccinated.

Irish doctors and German engineers who want to immigrate must go through a rigorous vetting process, but any illiterate Central-American gang-banger who jumps the southern fence is welcome.

$5 billion for border security is too expensive, but $1.5 trillion for 'free' health care is not.

If you cheat to get into college you go to prison, but if you cheat to get into the country you go to college for free.

People who say there is no such thing as gender are demanding a female President.

We see other countries going Socialist and collapsing, and it seems like a great plan to us.

Some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, and other people are not held responsible for what they are doing right now.

Criminals are catch-and-released to hurt more people, but stopping them is bad because it's a violation of THEIR rights.

And pointing out all this hypocrisy somehow makes us "racists"?!

Prisoners who have been convicted of a crime serious enough to have been sent to prison should be released into the community to avoid Coronavirus, but citizens who want to go to work or patronize a business in the community should be jailed.

Think that about covers it?

[H/T, ppc.]

Ooooops; just a few more...

When one door opens, and another closes, you are probably in prison.

To me, "drink responsibly" means don't spill it.

Age 60 might be the new 40, but 9:00 pm is the new midnight.

It's the start of a brand new day, and I'm off like a herd of turtles.

The older I get, the earlier it gets late.

When I say, "The other day," I could be referring to any time between yesterday and 15 years ago.

I remember being able to get up without making sound effects.

I had my patience tested. I'm negative.

Remember, if you lose a sock in the dryer, it comes back as a Tupperware lid that doesn't fit any of your containers.

If you're sitting in public and a stranger takes the seat next to you, just stare straight ahead and say, "Did you bring the money?

When you ask me what I am doing today, and I say "nothing," it does not mean I am free. It means I am doing nothing.

I finally got eight hours of sleep. It took me three days, but whatever.

I run like the winded.

I hate when a couple argues in public, and I missed the beginning and don't know whose side I'm on.

When someone asks what I did over the weekend, I squint and ask, "Why, what did you hear?

When you do squats, are your knees supposed to sound like a goat chewing on an aluminum can stuffed with celery?

I don't mean to interrupt people. I just randomly remember things and get really excited.

When I ask for directions, please don't use words like "east".

Don't bother walking a mile in my shoes. That would be boring. Spend 30 seconds in my head. That'll freak you right out.

Sometimes, someone unexpected comes into your life out of nowhere, makes your heart race, and changes you forever. We call those people The Police.

My luck is like a bald guy who just won a comb.

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