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Friday, September 25, 1998

Writing new copy for Fall and Spring ads has preoccupied me for the past week. After creative, part 1: copywriting, the finished copy is shipped via email or a Word *.doc file attached to a missive to Dot2Design, in Baltimore, for creative, part 2: graphic design and production. After I see final proofs, they go to the selected publications around the region, including daily, weekly, and monthly newspapers and magazines. By then, I've already made all the decisions and am out of the loop. I depend upon other professionals to do their jobs correctly, as I've done in the initiation of the process. I'm very rarely disappointed; it's nice to know there are other pros out there, too. But I'm still smarting from the damage to over 90 GIFs and JPGs used in past issues of my Journal last week during and FTP file transfer in a storm, when a power surge occurred. Looks like they're all damaged but I'm still trying to repair them.

President Scumbag.
As I work several projects this Monday morning, I'm simultaneously listening to pathetic Slick Willie The Bubba lie his ass off in the US Grand Jury Hearing on August 17th, conveniently taped and now played back for hundreds of millions of people around the world to see and hear. What a sad spectacle.
His lawyers screwed up big time in allowing this to be taped as permanent evidence. A written transcript would have revealed a whole lot less than the body language, voice intonations and facial expressions did to me. He really came across as a slimeball liar.
Everything about the Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal is here. Actually, too much is there.

The Slime Machine.
The world has paid particular attention to the Clintonoid scum and their efforts to weasel out of the felonious trap they've fallen into. I frankly don't think that Slick Willie The Bubba has a snowball's chance of surviving his second term, if US Law is invoked and followed. He has almost no supporters left. He'll either be forced to resign, or be impeached. Good riddance, moron.
Since getting caught lying, suborning perjury, tampering with witnesses and obstructing justice, the Clintonoid is now resorting to tactics befitting his irresponsible and immoral values: smearing their accusers. Three prominent Republicans have been outed for distant past indiscretions.
Just like a petulant child caught doing something naughty by a sibling, blackmail is the Clintonoid's answer to any problem, instead of telling the truth and taking personal responsibility. Very typical of the lib-dem filth.
The source of all this slime is the rat bastard, two-faced, left wing liberal nutcase named Sidney "I'll sue, I'll sue!" Blumenthal, and a piece of shit, online 'zine called Salon Magazine. Salon is editorially directed and owned lock, stock and barrel by The White House's resident wifebeater liberal, Blumenthal. It's a low-quality hangout for rejects, sexual misfits and other scum, and it's based in (surprise!) San Francisco. The FBI is now getting involved to investigate Clinton's scorched earth policy, directed through the slimy weasel, Blumenthal. Hopefully, they'll find Blumenthal's slimy trail and send him to prison, where a 450lb smelly convict named LeRoy will enjoy Sidney-baby's sexual favors for years to come.
What these White House scum and the Blumenthal wifebeater still can't seem to get through their f*cked-up heads is that Clinton's crimes weren't just blowjobs and funny-tasting cigars; it was the coverup, witness tampering, obstruction of justice and perjury for which he's being crucified and soon hopefully, impeached and sent packing in disgrace. The bountiful sex part of the OIC Report was to disprove the lies which Clinton told to a Federal Criminal Grand Jury.
Even Bubba's shit-for-brains, miscalculating, inept lawyer, Kendall, won't be able to get him out of the upcoming mess, this time. He'll get what he richly deserves.

f*cked Up Americans.
It truly pains me to say that, but what other reason can there be for so many people not wanting to hear the truth about Clinton's crimes? As much as 65% of America still believes this whole sorry episode is about sex, when it clearly isn't. It's about Clintonoid crimes; high crimes and misdemeanors which should ultimately lead to his impeachment.
Clinton clearly committed crimes (how's that for alliteration?); it's in the OIC Report and is even more evident in the grand jury testimony videotapes showing Clinton lying, and now planned for release.
Hey America! Time to wake up! Clinton's a stinking criminal. And you morons elected the son-of-a-bitch, twice!
This Nation is so devoid or morals and responsibility for its own actions that it (collectively speaking) doesn't care about the crimes of Clinton. As long as everyone's pockets are full of jingling change. What happened to our (collectively speaking) sense of outrage at the lying? Why aren't we (collectively speaking) pissed off at his crimes to cover up a stupid series of blowjobs? Why do we (collectively speaking) allow this kind of behavior from our (collectively speaking) so-called president?
Read these f*cked up polls and try to make sense out of the amoral answers which our fellow Americans gave to the questions. What rocks do these lowlifes being polled live underneath? Why don't they interview normal Americans instead of this liberal filth?
And speaking of lowlifes, why are blacks closing ranks with the criminal Clinton? Have they discarded their collective morality and ethics for political expedience? It would seem so. I haven't seen any other racial, religious or socio-economic group rushing to the aid of the criminal Clinton. Their rationale for this behavior doesn't hold any water. This is, in itself, a very significant and disturbing development.

Waste Of Time & Money
What's this White priviledge problem all about? Is that all a multi-million dollar so-called Federal Commission can do to waste more taxpayers time and money?
Well, duh. Of course, there is a White priviledge; we founded and built this Nation, and we keep it funded and moving forward with our tax dollars, which we work hard for. The scum decrying white priviledge doesn't want to work; they're welfare case filth and degenerate parasites living off of our efforts.
There is a growing Black middle class in America who has also achieved their dreams; Hispanics and Asians, too. They didn't let alcohol and drugs become their excuse for laziness and stupidity; they worked as we have and have made something positive out of their lives. The racists just cry and whine about it, and want the US Gov't checks to arrive every Thursday, so they can get more crack, cheap liquor and a stolen TV from the dealers on the corner.
Hey Clinton, you dumb moron: we don't need more time and money-wasting commissions; we need you to find a way to get the scumbags and parasites off of your democratic-liberal welfare handout programs and to work, as we Whiteys have done for the past 260 years. When they can actually work and earn a living, then there'll be no more White priviledge. Then they can earn their way in the world and have what they need to live. Instead, the stinking liberal democratics have ruined their incentives to earn a living; heck, just wait until the government check arrives, courtesy of Mr & Mrs US Taxpayer. You and me.
Using race as a convenient excuse for not wanting to take responsibilty for oneself doesn't cut it with me. Get a job or two or three and earn your way, lowlifes.

Union Scum.
Here's another reason why unions are abject shit: graft and corruption are rampant among so-called officials who cheat, lie and embezzle millions from their members. Do the names Jimmy Hoffa or John Gotti ring any bells?
In the early 20th century, unions served a worthwhile and clear purpose: to elevate workers from miserable and deadly working conditions into a safer environment and better life. That was a clarion call for organizers. Now, unions strike at any and every chance they can find: wrong color bars of soap in restrooms, no disinfectant cakes in the urinals, pencil sharpeners not working at 100%, only 40 vacation days per year, $35.00 hourly wage isn't enough to buy Ferrarris for the airline pilots. Silly, stupid shit. They're merely trying to re-assert their control once again, after Reagan blasted them out of power when he fired the air traffic controllers in the 80s. After that, unions went downhill and lost their membership base.
The recent GM, UPS and airline strikes were stupid examples of grieveances unworthy of such unilateral action. bargaining could have solved the issues quickly and easily had they been seriously engaged. Instead, the union morons shortcut the process and went on strike to once again, prove they're a power. In fact, they're a laughable joke and their membership base is still eroding.

MS Outlook 97 v Outlook 98.
After trying to install from both a CD and 30mb download, I gave up on Tuesday evening. I'm stuck with Outlook 97s shortage of features and quirky ways, at least until I bring the new Dell 450 home next month.
The CD gave me a message: Cannot load IE v4.1 title *.bmp; this installation cannot continue. Whatever the hell that means. And the 30mb download a breeze with my 500kbps cable modem couldn't install due to heavy Net traffic, even at 4am. What the f*ck are all those goddamned people doing clogging up the bandwidth at 4am? I actually tried nine times at 30min intervals, but gave up.
Maybe after all this Clinton shit subsides and the Net's pipes clear out will I be able to re-download and install Outlook 98.
I use it on my office Pentium II 333 and it's great; the home 233 could also benefit from its seamless integration and multi-faceted abilities. But for now, it's on hold.

Stupid Medicine, Continued.
Well hey, drinking more milk is now curing colon cancer and relieving PMS discomfort. Looks like Calcium Institute is doing some behind the scenes funding, with the Milk Institute, of global medical studies, designed to mislead the public and increase their business. Well, duh.
Jeeez, what next? It scares me to think about what phony so-called studies are being funded with our tax dollars.

The Wonders of Javascript.
You'll need a quick browser for this site. Other than a great JS exercise, I haven't figured out what the site is all about. Yet.

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