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Friday, September 27, 2002

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Poor W's got his hands full of trying to control so many divergent events and disparate things, he must be going nuts. I'm sure I couldn't do it. From the RINOs, wimps, liberal traitors and no-guts moderates in the GOP, to the lowlife, whining, lying, subhuman, America-hating 5th Column liberals and democRATs obstructing his every move on behalf of America, it's got to be immensely frustrating getting shit stormed blindsided from virtually every corner. Kind of like this hilarious TV spot for herding cats: chaos with fur. As if it's not bad enough on the political front, it's almost as bad on the homefront. Twin underage daughters who can't control their penchant for guzzling booze with fake IDs, in public places, and a wacko niece who's a certifiable doper and crackhead. But somehow, W will rise above all the ambient shit and prevail, as will America, in spite of our fairweather Euro-weenie "allies", Britain excepted. He's light years ahead of the smarmy, snivelling democRAT trash who constantly berate him, to assuage their own personal and unprofessional shortcomings. Ditto, the impotent critics and sterile pundit, none of whom can find their own asses asss with both hands. Somehow, he's held it in and together, and led this wounded and grieving great Nation through a year-plus of grief, terror, anger, hatred, rage, tears and mourning. No lib filth or democRAT can make that claim, and that's what irks them royally. They were "robbed of their turn at greatness", which they would have failed, miserably. Let's Roll, W! We're with you.

Around The Garden Center.
Another relatively busy weekend at the Garden Center; we're getting closer to a full-blown water rationing emergency, but many people are determined to get large trees installed as we go into the Winter. A lot is going to depend upon what kind of Winter we have; one like last year's will be disastrous: a mere 3" of snow and no ground moisture come Spring, will add-up to widespread plant death. Grim scenario, indeed.
What kind of Talk Radio do I listen to? After receiving tens dozens hundreds thousands lots of email requests, here's my daily regimen: I leave the condo at 5:45am, listening to WITF-89.5FM Harrisburg (PA) or WSBA-910AM's The Gary Sutton Show, from 9am-12noon; Rush Limbaugh, from 12noon-3pm; and The (Michael) Savage Nation, from 7-10pm. Conservative Talk Radio at its best.
Here's a hilariously-funny satire of the "Fast Food Free Nation", authored by someone on freerepublic.com's website. Sadly, we're a lot closer to this ridiculous scenario that most would like to admit.
Dredging up the long-forgotten past, York (PA) plunges into trials for the '69 race riots I was living in NJ, but going to Drake University in Des Moines, IA, that summer of my junior year guarranteed to bring racial tensions back to the community. The idiot DA & Co are lib-dem publicity seekers, nothing more.
I got a helluva eye-opener on Tuesday, when I stopped at a local convenience store to buy a pack of Marlboros: $5.12! Now, I usually buy a carton (10), which is around $41.50, or the promo 1/2 carton (5) and get 5 for the price of 3, at $12.50 or so. The increased sales tax of $.90/pack here in Pennsylvania isn't as bad as the $1.50 on NYC's $8.25/pack, but nonetheless, I was shocked. Making-up budget deficits on the backs of smokers is wrong; it's not "for the children", it's the tax monies they want. The liberal-democRATs don't give a rat's ass rearend about the children.
C'mom Hurricane Tropical Storm Isidore: give us some of that 20" rainfall!
As of Thursday afternoon, we've had less than a 1/10th of an inch of rain; barely enough to wet the mulch. I'm hoping praying we're going to get lots and lots more. This may be our last, best hope for Fall rain.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Muslim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". Here's another very moving tribute; worth the wait to load in your browser. And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemmorative edition of 9-11.
Nothing wrong with racial profiling; that's how we catch criminals, terrorists and other subhumans in America. I'm a big fan and supporter of racial profiling.
I agree with Pat Robertson 100%: Prophet Muhammad was and is a murderous pedophile and a lowlife scumbag, as is the Islam religion cult of deviants and murderers. And place the blame for 9-11 where it rightfully belongs: on the subhuman Islamic pigshit filth, not America.
This report on the inept, incompetent and dysfunctional INS isn't very heartening, one year after 9-11. The agency needs to be disbanded and re-built from the ground up.
Multiculturalism and diversity are shit and are ruining America. Get the lowlife filth outta this country and back to the Turd World shitholes from whence they came.
Another liberal lowlife judge clearly what is wrong with the US Justice System is afraid to detain the al Queerda terrorist cell in Lackawana, NY. Huh?
Long past time that shithole, Saudi Arabia, was added to the "terrorist traveler watch list". The Saudis are filth and garbage, as is their deviant Islam cult of buy-buggering, women-mutilating degenerates.
This article is multi-part, and is perfect reading for a rainy day; it explains why the deviant, murderous cult of Islam wants to take over the Western World, more specifically the US. Great reading.
The Euro-weenies are finally waking-up to the dangers of Islam in their countries, but have no will or determination to reverse the wanton immigration and degradation of their cultures. They'll be extinct by 2050, as both a culture and a race of people.
I've said it before: all hell's going to break loose when the murderous, lowlife islamic filth begin assassinations, suicide bombings and planned, random acts of violence in the US. Arm yourselves and be ready to whack them, or be whacked. The al Queerda terrorist cell in Lackawana, NY, was the first of many to come.
Federal Magistrate H. Kenneth Schroeder Jr is a traitor and a gutless coward. A 66-year-old skeptical former prosecutor, this lib-dem lowlife is ready to let the al Queerda terrorist cell in Lackawana, NY, go free on bail. Do you think they're flight risks? They should be tried by a Military Tribunal, and immediately executed. The so-called judge, should be dis-barred and made to clean toilets in a halfway house for democRAT election losers. He's a turd-boy punk. Read the article; look at the six pics of the subhuman Yemeni Muslim garbage pigshit Islamic scum. They all should be headshot and buried face down in pigshit, so they can't see the Allah-homo punk false moon god scumbag, and go to hell instead.
Do you think we're any safer than we were a year later, than we were on September 12th? Are the borders more secure? Guess again. The INS is just as inept, incompetent and impotent as it was on September 10th. We're in deep shit doo-doo.
Why the hell heck is Israel stopping before Killing Ara-homo and all the subhuman Arab filth in that remaining building? No food and water for the Islamic trash; only death. Idiots; finish the job!
70,000 terrorists identified, ready to strike the US? Let's get 20-60 CIA "hit teams" together and find them and begin the Killing.
I still think the West Nile Virus has been introduced to the US by Iraq or Cuba. Time will tell; eventually, it'll come out. The Feds are prepping everyone for smallpox now; think they know something we don't?
The US Congress is responsible for the intelligence failures that led to The Massacre of September 11th? You bet; they gutted the CIA in the mid-90s; lowlife lib-dem scum like Torricelli were responsible.
A CIA agent talks; what do you make of it all? A lot of scary reading there.
Further proof that Islam is a deviant cult full of liars, lowlifes and murderers. Islam is pigshit.

GOPers & RINOs.
Here's one of the very few Republicans I can even respect anymore: US Rep Tom Tancredo, the Republican lawmaker from Colorado who recently phoned the INS to demand the deportation of a local honor student and his family, is now calling for mass deportations and troops to be stationed along the border. The rest are mostly wishy-washy lowlifes who go along to get along. Not a true Conservative in the bunch anymore.
Why does the US "import" 1,500 subhuman Somali Muslim pieces of shit into a small town in Maine? To further pollute America? To raise property taxes by remaining unemployed? Immigrants who can't assimilate ruin America, and there are millions of such filth across the country. We're under no obligation to take-in the world's garbage. Something is very, very wrong in DC with the scum who allow this to happen.
Bill "Billy Bob The RINO" O'Reilly's an moron cretin/moron/idiot on FNC (Fox News Channel). I no longer watch the two-bit scumbag when he's on. I'm already listening to a The (Michael) Savage Nation, from 7-10pm. O'Reilly's a mere, insignificant fart in the wind. Less, actually. So's FNC, these days.
What's your definition of Conservatism? Ummm, all too telling, chums and chum-ettes.
It's time we pulled all military forces out of Germany, stopped buying their inferior products, and taught the Nazis a lesson, for comparing W to Hitler. The dirt-bag, turd-boy Herr Schroeder is a liar and an opportunist. Let Germany rot from with with the socialists, communists, Greens and other filth.
W: seal the damned Mexican-US border! We are being overwhelmed with illegal alien filth, drugs and terrorists!!
I've always liked the Italian people their communist/socialist governments have sucked since the 50s and now they have a wonderfully Conservative leader, Premier Silvio Berlusconi, and I like him as a quality force in righting the myriad wrongs that the lowlife socialist/commie filth have wrought over the past 50 years. Fix it, Silvio!

Cowardly, Traitorous Lib-DemocRAT Scum.
The FEC levied over $719,000 in fines against the sleazy, criminal and traitorous democRATs for illegal '96 campaign contributions, from the Chinese, Koreans and other foreign sources. This article, from The Washingmachine Toast, who'd stuck up for Klintoon-GoreBore and lied and denied they were guilty. Ditto this article from The NY Slimes, who covered for the Klintoon-GoreBore lib-dem filth. The truth finally comes out and is reported. Only took 6 years. We knew it many years ago that those lowlife scum compromised America and are traitors, worthy of execution.
Hey, Dr. R. Scott (S)Hitt, an AIDS "specialist" and gay homo activist, a deviant "doktor" who once headed the Presidential Advisory Council on AIDS and HIV, has been accused by state regulators of sexually molesting two patients at his office: die, you homo subhuman scum. Get off this world, subhuman garbage.
The Ol' Shakey Lib-democRAT fag-lover, Michael Kinsley, is at it again, before he slips into a Parkinson's coma and dies. Good riddance, lowlife subhuman dirtbag. Die soon, lib trash!
Another lowlife democRAT who can't keep his pants up and hands off young women: Kentucky Gov. Paul Patton. Resign, moron; do the Nation a favor and commit suicide, scumbag. Poops, sorry; look at the portly, ugly pig he was porking.
Did I once say that blacks are more racist and bigoted than whites? Here's further proof.
Every bit as traitorous and insidious as the murderous islamic filth, are the left-wing wacko, lying socialist Green scumbags, who try and often do manage to legally-subvert America at every chance they get. Does ELF (Earth Liberation Front) ring any bells? They are terrorists, and should be declared public enemies, arrested and imprisoned for a myriad of crimes.
The Food Nazis just keep marching on, right into the US Courts. And they're passing Anti-Obesity Laws; can you freaking believe it?
The lowlife Holly-weird treasonous homo scum are running ads in the lib-dem rag, NY Slimes, denouncing America as having deserved 9-11 pronouncing the WOT as aggression. Those lib-democRAT traitors including Ed Asner, Ossie Davis, Jane Fonda, Danny Glover, Casey Kasum, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone and Marisa Tomei need to be publicly branded as the lowlife, degenerate, America-hating scum they truly are. Consider it done, here.
Why the hell heck is Israel stopping before Killing Yow-sir Ara-homo and all the subhuman Arab filth? No food and water for the Islamic trash; only death. Idiots; finish the job!
KKK ex-Grand Wizard and West Virginia's senile, dementia-riddled US Senator Robert "Bobby The Ol' Turd" Byrd, is siding with subhuman Arab filth, against W's stance on Iraq. He's a dottering, alcoholic, criminal, lying, old redneck scumbag who should have been tried and convicted many years ago for ordering the murder of many blacks in WVa, during his years with the KKK. He's responsible for dozens, if not hundreds of hangings and murders.
Terry McAwful, the DNC headcase psychopath? Yep, that's him.
Actor Nick Nolte, lowlife lib-dem turd-boy, checked himself into a substance abuse treatment center earlier this month, three days after he was arrested, dazed and drooling, on suillegal alienion of drunken driving.
AlGoreBore The Loser speaks out against W. Who cares? He says nothing of any import, ever, except lies. In June '00 he was all for overthrowing Sodomy Insane; now he's against it. He's a loser, like all lib-democRAT trash.
Another lowlife lib-dem judge, ruling that the death penalty is "unconstitutional". Ummm, last time I checked, it wasn't mentioned anywhere in The US Constitution. Fudge-packing, rump-raiding US District Judge William Sessions is a moron moron, and the ruling will be overturned. He's making law, not interpreting it. More KJlintoon residue which needs cleaning-up.
Illegal, obstructionist, pink-tie homo Senate Majority Leader Tommmie "The Dwarf" Dass-hole demanded an apology on Wednesday from President George W. Bush for saying the Democratic-led Senate "is not interested in the security of the American people," arguing that this "outrageous" remark politicized a possible war with Iraq. An apology for telling the truth, Tommie The Turd-Punk? Ummm, don't think so, scumbag lib-democRAT shithead. Go get a Monica from your ugly, criminal whorebag wifey, Linda The SlutBag. Take those American Flag Pins out of your lapels, liberal-democRAT trash, subhuman filth: you're heinous traitors and deviant scumbags, not Americans.

Scumbags, Morons and Lowlife Trash.
Dumb white trash falling for scams from the idiots in Nigeria. Pathetic; wish I'd have thought of a scheme to bilk thousands of people out of millions billions; oh wait, that's been done. Nevermind.
The DC Police taking pro-active action? BWWAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAA!!! The comical idiot inept, lowlife, impotent scumbags can't find their own asses asss with both hands. Too funny!
Remember this bitch mother beating her 4 year old daughter, caught on tape? She deserves 15-20 in a dyke-filled prison. Probably another liberal democRAT scumbagette. She's an "Irish Traveller", an ugly gypsy whorebag, who is an alcholoic doper slut. whack her. Head shot with a .22cal short into the base of the skull. CIA-style.
I could go through the Euro-weenies, country by country, and detail the lowlifes and subhuman garbage communists, socislists, greens, fascists, muslims, et al which denigrate the original population's wishes, and thoroughly soil the governments. All the afore-mentioned scum should have been rounded-up, charged, tried and convicted, sentenced to death for treason, and summarily executed. End of problems; return to sanity and safety. German Chancellor Gerhard's ruling coalition of Social Democrats and Greens need "elimination", as do all Euro-weenie countries, Britain included (gun-grabbers whacked, wholesale). The UK's totally dis-armed and crime's up 45%.
homos still don't get it, and neither do lib-dem judges trying to make law from the bench: you're not welcome in The Boy Scouts of America, and the US Supreme Court has backed that up; go start your own rump-raiding, fudge-packing organization, lowlife filth.
Look at this pathetic lib-dem Holly-weird trash giving themselves awards for nothing important. What a laugh these lowlifes are.
No doubt about it: "affirmative action" is blatant racial discrimination, against Whites. I'm glad it's over.
Is Scott Ritter, the former UN weapons inspector a liar, as well as a moron, idiot and scumbag? Read this a decide for yourself.

This Filth Needs Killing™.
Why is subhuman murderous filth like this punk scumbag, Angelo Buono Jr, whose Killing of young Los Angeles women in the 1970s earned him the nickname "Hillside Strangler", allowed to live so many years, and the victims are still dead? Something's grossly wrong in America's perverted legal system. He should have been executed upon conviction. Ummm, he's dead now.
Hey drug-dealing idiot boy shit-for-brains Lamont Branch, it was your lowlife, murderous, porch-monkey, scumbag bro', Lorenzo Branch, who sent you away, slick, not the government. Go whack sue him, Tyron LeRoy-boy, scumbag prison homo doper. You and your subhuman idiot brother should be executed; cleanse the gene pool.
One less subhuman murderer wasting oxygen and space in this world; too bad it took 10 years to rid society of him, for what he did to two little girls. Nice job, Texas. Rot in hell, Rex Mays.
How this piece of subhuman shit garbage rates a new trial, is beyond me. He should be dead for many years for murdering a young woman and stuffing her into a trunk. Ira Einhorn is subhuman white trash.

Mean Kitty.
No sweet pussy antics here this site reveals the true face of felinity, and it's not a pretty sight. The gallery of mean kitties tells the stories behind the grouchy cats. What makes Felix so bad-tempered? Perhaps it's his weird habit of ingesting Advantage flea-control products. Other cats have their own idiosyncrasies. Bittle prefers Kentucky Fried Chicken, Harrison chews up newspapers, Dinky attacks parakeets, and then there's Sylvester a cat who will bite anything. LucyFurr may look awfully sweet, but she loves nothing more than beating the shit out of every cat in the neighborhood. If a mean kitty is terrorizing your house, maybe the site's advice section can help. Or you can just share the nastiness with Mean Kitty postcards. But don't let your cat catch you surfing this site, for hell hath no fury like a kitty scorned.

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