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Friday, September 29, 2000

it's a marvel of an invention, just like the humble yet venerable safety pin and wood screw. Simple and straightforward. Clean and neat. Works every time with a minimum of muss and fuss. Does what it's asked; no more, no less. And it never seldom breaks, causes trouble or needs extensive repairs. Why the heck can't computers, SUVs, cars, VCRs, stoves, alarm clocks, TVs, modems, BBQ grills et al be like that? Taking it a step further: why can't life be like that? Well, it can't, it isn't and it won't ever be that way. It's just that simple.

Around The Garden Center.
With the onset of Autumnal Equinox (and Fall) last Friday, I noticed large areas of snow in the mid- and upper-Great Plains, are headed east as rain. It looks like it'll be an early and wet Winter this year. Normally, we can get through October and into the first week or two of November before I give the order to start stowing all container nursery stock into the two 30ft x 100ft storage greenhouses 5 & 6. Then the crews work at a frenetic pace to get it all put away before the first ice storm or snow "event" visits itself upon the Mid-Atlantic region. All B&B (balled & burlapped) trees and shrubs will stay heeled-in for the Winter, but containerized stock must be protected from wind and below-freezing temps or severe damage will occur to the rootballs.
Work continues — as time permits between landscape jobs — on the new 1-acre (44,000 SqFt) Oriental Meditation Garden, just below the main parking lot. Excavation was completed last Winter, and over-story canopy trees moved into place this past Spring. Now, we're placing major shrubs and readying two areas for multiple-level water gardens. The raked gravel garden, dry stream bed and meandering paths will be completed before Spring 2001's Open House in April, for public preview. This is "Phase One" in my plan to eventually turn my entire 20-acre complex into a John Shelley's Botanic Gardens & Horticultural Center, run by my soon-to-be-established foundation, for York County and northern Maryland residents, as my legacy to the region.
Thirty years? Gawd, it doesn't seem like 30 years since Jimi Hendrix died. No way. Say it ain't so, Moon Love Bunny! Click on a few of the music files to relive the "experience" of the 60s. Good sounds.
Gas has dropped to $1.56.9 (89 oct) in the York area from last week's $1.62.9; what a rollercoaster ride we're on around here. It cost me $34.00 to fill-up the Jeep Grand Cherokee LTD V8's tank with 21.57gals of petrol. Europe is still going through a self-made gas tax crisis. And thanks to the Clintoon morons, this Winter is going to be very, very hard on many families, just to keep warm.
Last weekend, the remnants of Hurricane Helene moved through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, soaking the regions for the entire weekend. No complaints, though it was a bit messy working with customers in the nursery during the infrequent downpours. We maintain a stock of "jumbo umbrellas" for our and customer's use, so no one gets wet. I routinely check in on various states' Fall "FoliageCams" to see leaf change progress. Here's a listing of websites with reports and pics on Nature's progress in the Fall. This should be an exceptionally nice season of color in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.
Still working on my Case Mods and even cooler Case Mods.
Since horticulture and gardening is weather-driven, I'm constantly watching the latest weather maps for approaching fronts and storms. Here's the one I use: Intellicast. By clicking on various portions of the USA Map, you can get regional maps showing detail and activity through radar loops. This is the local map I use for detail of the Mid-Atlantic Region. You can select your own from the USA map.
As the remnants from last week's blizzard in the Great Plains moved through the Mid-Atlantic region, very cold rain and low-40s temps wiped out my landscape crew's jobs, and everyone except me had two days off. Flood warnings were posted for the mid-state Pennsylvania, but didn't materialize, though the rains were continuous and heavy. It was a boring two days and, combined with an ear infection which laid me low, I dozed off at the office computer constantly despite infrequent customer visits and calls.
Ever in search of a better browser, I upgraded both my home and office machines from MSIE v5.0 to v5.5, and from Netscape v4.73 to v4.75, with little trouble. There were some superficial differences between the versions, but nothing major as I could readily discern. Netscape has a beta pre-release v6.0 Communicator available, but I'd never install such a "buggy" piece of software on any machine which I use daily.
Thanks to Jeff, my Home SAG 933Mhz CPU/384 SDRAM-133fsb, 10,000rpm ultra-wide, ultra-fast LV2D SCSI HD, external IDE Zip 100, SCSI plextor 40x CD-ROM is humming along just fine, thankyouverymuch. His perseverance of three evenings of "getting it working right" paid off, and I probably won't upgrade the unit again until after next Spring. The Office SAG 600Mhz CPU/384 SDRAM-100fsb, 10,000rpm ultra-wide, ultra-fast LV2D SCSI HD, internal SCSI Zip 100, SCSI plextor 40x CD-ROM will be rotated out to the Front Counter Cash Register to run Synchronics Counter Point, our retail POS (point of sale) software, before next Spring's rush. So I'll be looking at SAG's latest offerings to replace that unit over the Winter or early Spring.
I took a much-needed day off Thursday, getting some long-overdue projects completed, prepped the garage and Jeep for Winter, and did some shopping. Best of all, it was nice to sleep in until 11am, negating some of the sleep deficit I operate under on a daily basis.

Why I Hate The Clintoonista Filth.
I am not by nature a hater; it takes a whole lot of something bad or stupid to get me pissed off. While I despise the liberal policies of those on the left, I can rip any of them a new moron in showing them the fallacies of their twisted thinking. When Clintoon first ran for the presidency in '92, I did not hate him but disagreed enough with the socialist-communist agenda he put forth and supported Bush Sr as being the lesser of the two evils. Ditto in '96 with Dole.
Since that time I have come to have a raging hatred for the man because he has put our Nation through a period of turmoil that has so divided us that one can hardly believe it. For the first time in my life, I am ashamed for our country. While debating ideological issues is fair and proper in a republic, the practice of doing and saying anything to stay in power is repugnant. Clintoon totally disregards the rule of law and shreds the Constitution as if it were just another sshit of useless paper.
His first action when he became president was to welcome homosexuals into the military, as Draft Dodger In Chief. While I defend the rights of homosexuals to be as they are, I know that their life-style is disruptive to an efficient military. The armed forces have but one function and that is to defend the nation. When it becomes a school for social change it defeats the purpose for which it was created. This is a battle better fought in the public sector.
Then he and his arrogant bitch wife, Hitlery, attempted to completely socialize the health care industry, an action which had no constitutional validity. The list of socialist programs that he has promoted go on and on. But this is not what instills the hatred. We can fight these things in the political arena.
The thing that really brings out the hate in me is the way that the man is able to manipulate the decent people in the country by any unscrupulous method that he can think of — not because he wants to do good but because he wants to rule. All the sexual peccadilloes, campaign scandals, crooked financial dealings, firing travel office employees unjustly, allowing government to whack innocent people at Waco and Ruby Ridge, obtaining FBI files to destroy his enemies, declaring through an executive order that a large part of Utah becomes a national monument, accepting campaign funds from foreign communist countries, allowing strategic technology to be sold to our enemies, and many more misdeeds are done with an arrogance that surpasses anything that has ever gone on in the country before.
With all the cover-ups and destruction of the opposition and crucial evidence, many of these charges cannot be proved but finally along comes a charge that can be proved. Being a proven sociopath, he blatantly engages in sexual activities with an intern less than half his age in the Oral Orifice. He denies that it happened and throws every roadblock in the way of our discovering the truth. For nearly a year he stonewalls and refuses to show any shame. Finally when confronted with a semen-stained dress he confesses (sort of). Even after shaking his finger in the faces of the American people on national television and denying that he had sex with her he still denies it by obfuscating and creating a new definition of sex. He denied being alone with her and coached his secretary to lie for him. He creates a new definition of "alone" claiming he was not alone with her because there were other people in the White House. By this definition the only way he could be alone would be if he were the only creature left on earth. Then he lies to his staff and they go out and spread his lies before a jury and the American people. He is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer of the United States, yet he does everything possible to obstruct justice, even allowing private detectives to be employed to dig up dirt on those who are trying to dig out the truth. He allies himself with subhuman porn peddler Larry Flynt and encourages him to dig up enough dirt to destroy those who would try to bring him to justice.
He creates photo-ops to convince the American people of his compassion and has mastered the art of biting his lower lip to show he cares. He far surpasses Ronald Reagan as an actor. He is so good at it that he has convinced a large segment of America that he really "feels" their pain and is concerned for their problems and that he is the only human who can solve these problems. At the same time he proposes legislation that will not solve the problems but only make them worse. He does everything that he can to stir up trouble by pitting one group against another — the whites against the blacks, the rich against the poor, labor against management, women against men, agnostics against Christians, Democrats against Republicans and so on. He promotes abortion — even partial-birth abortion which many have termed infanticide, the Killing of babies.
Whenever he thinks his demise is getting close, he distracts people's attention by starting a war or attacking his enemies. He has put more soldiers in harms way than any other peace-time president, when we are supposedly in an era of peace. He sticks his nose into affairs that are none of the business of America. His foreign policy is deplorable; only stirring the animosity of many world leaders. He attempts to destroy the sovereignty of the United States, through cooperating to create a one-world government. He bombs pharmaceutical factories Killing innocent people, to distract attention from his problems.
The most hateful thing of all is his ability to hoodwink nearly all the Democratic leaders and many decent people into supporting him. First, his apologists come out with the story that Clintoon did not do any of the things with which he is charged. Then, when the charges are proved, they come out with the story that he didn’t lie about his misadventures, he just mislead the questioners. When it is proved that he did lie, they say that his misdeeds do not rise to the level of an impeachable offense. It almost makes me physically ill to hear all these Democrats and supporters of the president show their undying devotion to a man who deserves to be in jail when they know in their hearts that he is as corrupt as a man can get. It makes me wonder how they can possibly live with themselves or sleep at night. When Nixon was in trouble for doing things that were less reprehensible than Clintoon’s crimes, many Republicans, including Barry Goldwater came forward and told him he must resign for the good of the Nation. Not so with the Democrats who march in lock step with the most corrupt president in the history of America. They then have the gall to come out and accuse the Republicans of partisanship! Nobody could be more partisan than scumbags like Charlie Rangel, John Conyers, Eleanor Clift, Margaret Carlson, Alan Colmes, Bill Press and a multitude of other lowlifes who would defend Clintoon even if it was proved that he committed murder.
Through his intimidation he has convinced many poor stupid Republicans to try to compromise with him and through their decency they have tried to be fair and have prevented an honest trial in the Impeachment Proceedings which allowed this man to go scot-free. The decent honorable house Republican managers were stymied at every turn from being allowed to conduct an honest trial that would show just what kind of a man we had for president. They will now suffer for their integrity in trying to do what is right by being defeated in their runs for re-election. If you ask me, that shows a lot of courage and I commend them for their efforts. The Senate seems to be a different institution with many Republicans putting roadblocks in the way of a fair trial by depriving the house managers of providing live witnesses and setting up all kinds of rules that mitigate against an honest hearing. For them I have nothing but overt contempt and disdain.
Clintoon was acquitted by the Senate of any wrong-doing. Who would have ever dreamed that the country that I, and most of you have always loved, could come to such a travesty of justice? Still, knowing the character of this man, he is probably smoking his cigars and beating on his bongo drums and saying to himself "Boy, I really fooled them all and got away with it. That leaves me free to do anything I want to do." With this arrogant attitude he may feel free to commit some acts even more atrocious than those he has already committed and the American people just might wake up. I would not yet concede that those honorable Republicans who tried to do the right thing will be defeated in their re-election bids.
Not long ago New York Times liberal journalist Anthony Lewis asked, "Does Clintoon want to be remembered as the one who sold out our civil liberties?" One could also pose the question, "do the Democrats in congress and some Republicans make this sell out possible?" Recently, Senator Don Nickles (R-OK) attempted to limit the executive branch from acting like the Caesar it has become. Clintoon has used executive orders and various acts of congress in less than constitutional ways. By willy-nilly declaring huge tracts of land as monuments, in effect he has taken the land and its use away from the states and its citizens. He has given taken something which doesn't belong to him and handed it over to government in the name of a faceless, "public." One third of Clinton's executive orders cite no specific constitutional authority or even statutes pertaining to legitimizing executive orders or mandates and regulations. In other words it becomes the law because he says so and it has no constitutional basis. The Nickles' amendment went down to defeat by one vote. It would seem that Clintoon, the Democrats and a couple of Republicans have lost their constitutional compass and are leading us on a treacherous path towards despotism and fascism.
If this sounds a bit biased, I want you to know that it is, but I have read everything that I can get my hands on about this lowlife Clintoon, both pro and con. I believe that most people, if they had the time and the inclination to learn about this horrendously-flawed human being, would denounce him and he would be removed quickly and forced to live his remaining days in abject disgrace, in total isolation. He and Hitlery both belong in prison.

Lowlife GoreBore-Clintoon Scum.
True to form, the criminal GoreBore-Hitlery Clintoonistas released the "quid pro quo" Hitlery's donor sleepover list on a Friday afternoon, so it would get buried in the weekend news cycles. But it hasn't. They refuse to release dates or amounts of money, in clear violation of election law; as if that's ever meant diddly-squat to the lying sons and daughters of bitches.
Speaking of violations of the law, a GoreBore staffer has been suspended for participating in "espionage" in Bushes' campaign, by obtaining copies of the documents, the commie socialist lib-dem moron replied "he couldn't remember" — the standard Clintoonista answer — because all were too insignificant. A lie, obviously. Such a lowlife staffer would have had his career greatly enhanced if he'd scored the rehearsal and related tape and documents, and kept his stupid liberal mouth shut. Glad he didn't and was a true-to-form lowlife lib-dem slimeball. Have a nice time in prison, ass boy.
More lies: shit-For-Brains Bubba Clintoon actually claims he and GoreBore had an energy policy; if that's so, no one's been able to find a coherent draft copy of one. Anywhere for the past 8 years. Sooooo, the Clintoon-GoreBore morons are lying again. Yep, sure seems like it; sure smells like it. Billy Jeffy Clintoon wouldn't know "the right thing to do" if it smacked him in the face. If that was truly the case, he'd have offered to commit suicide after being convicted of perjury, suborning perjury and obstruction of justice.
Ponder AlGoreBore, the environmentalist who caused American gasoline prices to skyrocket because he imposed reformulated gasoline restrictions on suppliers. Ponder AlGoreBore, who in the name of cleaning the air forced a toxic chemical into gasoline that leaked irretrievably into a large percentage of America’s groundwater — a carcinogen that now turns out on re-investigation not even to reduce air pollution. Ponder flaky AlGoreBore, who wants to restrict Denver residents from burning their fireplaces but favors a “natural” policy of letting whole forests burn down, endangered species and all. Ponder the demented AlGoreBore who urged Clinton to expropriate and prohibit mining on millions of acres of Utah land whose clean, low sulfur coal tax revenues had been promised to public schools for Utah’s children — all so the Indonesian-Chinese Riady funders of Clintoon-GoreBore could have a more profitable global monopoly on such coal. Ponder wacky AlGoreBore, who opposes fossil fuel and nuclear power but now wants to tear down the one "clean" major source of electricity America has - the hydropower dams of the Pacific Northwest. GoreBore is environmental, minus the mental. Luckily for GoreBore, the Leftist national media is eager to cover up Democrat scandals and corruption.
I'm always amazed and stunned when I see such tracking poll results, showing GoreBore ahead of GWBush. After eight years of the most corrupt administration in US history, how can anyone in the USA with a functioning brain even consider voting for such a lying criminal as GoreBore? I know that on November 7th, I'll be at the York County Voting Booths early, pulling a straight Republican ticket lever, as I've done in both '92 and '96. American cannot take another 4 years of the immoral and criminal hell that we've collectively suffered for the past 8 years, and that the heavily-biased national media have condoned, approved and promoted.
Who gets credit for the booming economy of the past 18 years? Everyone and no one, at the same time.
Yes, you're right. I've neglected to say much about the two-faced lying Joe "not-so-pious Jew" Lieberman scumbag, since he dumped all of his personal and religious values to be AlGoreBore's VP choice. I could fill an entire Journal entry with his hypocrisy and double-talk. But here's just one, well-written piece on his betrayal of school vouchers and his subsequent prostitution of himself. Joe, you make us sick.
Here's an updated list of AlGoreBore's documented public lies; four pages long! How does anyone with a functioning brain even consider voting for such a congenital liar and sociopath?
Oooops, Gore made another lie just this past week: he helped invent the Strategic Petroleum Reserves in '75; actually he didn't get into the US Congress until '77, and by then, it was already underway and being filled. Once again, the lying GoreBore can't produce a "salient lie". What an moron. Add this one to the formidable and shameful list.
Here's another crucial part of Clintoon's so-called "legacy": the New World Disorder. Are we better off than we were eight years ago? Read it and decide for yourself. Bombshelters won't help this time around.
Go on, slap the Hitlery Bitch! Uh oh, the Femi-Nazi Bitches are pissed off. Watch out for their ire, NOT. Hypocrite sluts who turn a blind eye to the Rapist In Chief, but defend the Hitlery Bitch outright. f*ck off NOW (Nat'l Orgasm of Women) Bitches.
Finally, some sanity to the filthy Clintoon slimeballs at Dept of InJustice: the persecution of MicroSoft — done so at the behest of whiny socialist pimps like AOL, Netscape, Oracle, Sun Microsystems — goes to the US Court of Appeals, who will almost certainly overturn the twisted ruling and finding of the fat stupid lardass judge, Tommie "the commie" Pen-fart Jack-scum-bo. Nice ruling, US Supreme Court.
Did you know, did you know, did you know? That AlGoreBore's US Senator and-quite-thankfully-so-dead-criminal-daddy (TN) was a racist, idiot-hating southern-bigot, LIAR and usurper of other lawmaker's bills? Yep, he was and we're all glad he's dead. Not quite the "end of lies": his lowlife, half-breed, trailer-trash, punk AlGoreBoreJr The Liar, has surfaced. Spreading Lies, bastardizing the Truth, perverting Reality, dementing Our World with his filthy lib-dem shit garbage, is his way.
Hmmmmm, not many Blacks at all at the Lib-Dem-shit-Filth SleepOvers at The Once-White House or Camp David facilities. Nope, none at all. Just a few administration idiotS; certainly NOT Blacks: The Irrev Jesse "criminal" Jack-scum, Clinton confidant Vernon Jordan, California congresswoman Maxine "the lying filth" Polluted Waters, Harlem congressman Charlie Rangel-Wangel, 3rd tier lowlife author Maya Angelou, Children's Defense Fund founder & lib-dem pervert Marian Wright-Edelman, and 3rd rate porno author Toni Morrison, who popularized the concept of Clinton as "America's First idiot-Black President, the Irrev Fat Al Sharp-scum, Labor Secretary & criminal Alexis-shithead Herman, Georgia congressman John Lewis-f*ckis-screwis, New York State comptroller Carl No-Balls-McCall, NAACLP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) Chairman Queasy Buf-fume (Kweisi Mfume), Illinois congressman Jesse "the third-rate punk criminal" Jack-scum Jr, Georgia congresswoman Cynthia "gimme some of Whitey's money" McKinney slut slime, Texas congresswoman Sheila "shit-for-brains" Jack-scum-Lee Bitch, Michigan congressman John Con-job-yers and former Energy Secretary Hazel O'Sleazy-Leary Bitch. All in all, a real upstanding crowd, dontcha think? All well deserving of termination.
There's 10x more sweet crude in Alaska than in all of Saudi Arabia, and perhaps most of "Towel-Head-Land". Total energy independence is mandatory, by 2003.

Lowlifes On Parade.
Why this murderous piece of shit cretinous-moron, OJ Scumbag, is still alive is beyond me, but he's committing more and more crimes as time goes by. Pretty typical of the ghetto trash athletes these days in the NFL, NBA, Baseball and other so-called pro sports. His victims' parents should have had him contract whacked years ago and rid society of the garbage.
Only in the UK could a dick-sucking slut like Monica Lewinsky get a job as a roving reporter. Monica's Postcards? Sure thing; I'll want to tune right on in to see that bloated hippo? NOT.
Gee whiz, US Olympic athletes involved in illegal drug use and doping? All the way back to '88? Of f*cking course, nothing else matters except the stinking medals; the competition and national honor has become a joke. Actually, the Olympics and pro sports should be disbanded permanently, and all doper athletes jailed.
Susan Sarandon? Huh? Susan Sarandon? Nah, we don need no steenkin, mindless, airhead, talentless Susan Sarandon slut bitch! No f*cking way, maaaaannn!
Aw gee whiz, sorry, I have no f*cking sympathy for morons who mutilate themselves with body piercing. Let the mass infections and amputations continue unabated!
And I certainly have no f*cking sympathy for the same slimy lowlife protesters who trashed Seattle last Fall, now that they're in Prague. Gas the scum, crack some ribs and smash some empty heads, coppers!
Did someone yell idiot? Nope, sure didn't. But because this restaurant owner in the south flies the Confederate flag and has his own views of slavery, the "PC" scum like Wal-Mart, Piggly-Wiggly etc are dropping his products. Think the NAACLP (Nat'l assn for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) complained? Yep, sure did. Screw the scumbags.

Richly Deserving of Execution.
Many liberals have taken me to task over the years for my outspoken support of the Death Penalty, something which I truly believe should be applied much more frequently. Here's a very lucid piece on why capital punishment works, and why the pathetically twisted and biased liberal media bends the stats to "prove" it doesn't.
Does my heart good to hear that a murderer wants to be executed, so give the subhuman piece of shit what he wants. Would that all of the resident garbage on Death Row opted for their due reward in Hell. His federal execution date of Nov 15th is circled in red on my calendar; once again, I'll be dancing in the streets.
Mark David Chapman, the lowlife piece of shit who murdered John Lennon 20 years ago in NYC, should have been executed for that crime, but the liberal state of new York was a coward; now they're thinking about releasing him. I sure hope that hag-bag Yoko Ono has a 9mm Glock ready for the scumbag when he's out. There are about 50,000 others waiting for the chance to avenge Lennon; hopefully someone will whack Chapman and send him to hell where he belongs.
Hell, better late than never. The lowlife subhuman piece of shit filth who raped and ax-murdered his 12 year old stepdaughter in Texas is getting his one way ticket to Hell punched. I hope it's slow and agonizing for what the slime did to that child. Stay away, Gov Bush. Let this subhuman filth-scum die, as prescribed by Law. NEXT...

Using cutting-edge radar techniques and good old-fashioned people power, the folks at BirdCast have put together a fascinating picture of bird migration in the mid-Atlantic states. Log on and view the predicted density of migrating flocks — including Canadian Geese, Red-Winged Blackbirds, Great Blue Herons, and dozens of other species. In addition to checking the current avian forecast, you can view historical migration data collected by workers and volunteers, sorted by date or by species. So read up on how BirdCast works and get outside and watch the traffic fly by.

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