the emperor's new clothes
Friday, September 4, 1998

nary a day now goes by that I don't think about what it would have meant to this Nation-And-Its-People for Bubba Clinton to have told the whole truth, the first time around. Instead, he now wears and will always wear the clothes of a confirmed, pathological, sociopathic liar. He's shown himself for what he really is, for everyone to see. Even his staunchest supporters have backed away, and many are calling on him to resign. In addition to being morally and ethically crippled, he's politically impotent. I hope the people who voted (not me, either time) for him are proud of what they've helped him to accomplish while in the Office of President Of The United States of America. The office will recover when an ethical and moral person is again elected; for now, it's a tarnished and a sullen abode as long as the Clinton & Gore scum reside there.

The Past Is Prologue.
I'm disgusted at what Clinton did, and ashamed, frankly at his inability to come to terms with it, and will never forgive Clinton and the Clintonites/ Clintonoids for what final damage they've done to that once-revered office and to the American People's now-waning faith and trust in elected government. We were recovering nicely, thank you, from the Nixon-Watergate mess of the early 70s, when this shitstorm blindsided many; most of us knew it from the start and the louder we yelled, the more we were branded a vast right wing conspiracy by other Clintonite liars, such as the Hitlery bitch. How 20-20 hindsight would have helped the poor saps who voted for and trusted in the Clintons and their scummy ethics, morals and politics.
Or not. So far, 13 people are either indicted or in prison for having business dealings with the Clintons.
While his sexual escapades are revulsive and should have been conducted in a two-bit motel and not the Oval Office, the many lies and obstructions of justice are the worst offenders in all of this seamy mess. It's rampant in the Democratic party, nationwide. The spin of lies continues, even on their so-called vacation. And also during the anti-terrorist strikes. At least Clinton didn't lie about his golf score on this outing. But he lied again on the Russian trip this past week.
I was watching some CATV newsfilm footage of the chronology of this sleazy affair and suddenly felt sorry for Clinton. That lasted about fifty-three seconds; then the disgust returned in spades. How could a man who has acheieved all that he has risk it all for a lousy, or even great, blowjob? He's a sex addict needing medical assistance. He's a congenital liar, just like the Hitlery bitch.
Simple. By thinking all along he's the law, or above the law. Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.
Soooo, get back at the politicians you hate: warp the bastards!

Ad Stirs Controversy.
My new ad, The Truth About Fall Mums, really generated some controversy over the first weekend it ran in both the central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland newspapers.
That's what it was designed to do: stir up the pot and make people think before they make a purchase.
For years, people have been getting ripped off by all kinds of vendors, purchasing Non-Hardy Florist Mums, instead of Hardy Mums. Of the 15 varieties of Hardy Mums, we carry nine.
I caught some shit for it, and some praise too. But at least it made people a little more educated than before they read it. The final act of choice is an individual responsibility and right. f*ck the sons-of-bitches who can't handle the truth; go to the shithole KMarts and Wal-Marts for your warped version of the truth.

Murderous Children.
It's sad when the headlines scream Child Murders Child! and detail the evil, brutal things one child does to another. But what's any legal system to do when it's not prepared to handle such unusual cases?
It does the only thing it can: hold competency hearings, jail them until they reach adulthood, and then execute them after they turn 18 so they won't be a further danger to society when they grow up. Too harsh? Not at all. It's exactly what they deserve.
Even more important, the US Legal System needs to execute the 3,500+ convicted murderers on Death Row right now. Waiting 10-30 years for endless, court-clogging appeals is absurd; those scum need to die and right away, preferably after they've been convicted. No appeal. A 9mm bullet to the base of the brain, into a body bag and then into a mass grave. Bang-zoom! End of problem.
The US Legal System has lost sight of the fact that punishment for murder rape, child molestation and armed robbery should also be included as capitol crimes provides for the protection of society's innocent members. Once criminals whack, they lose all rights. So what the f*ck are we so worried about prisoner's rights for? Why isn't the flawed US Legal System protecting the innocent citizen's rights?
The fact that we spend $40,000 - $60,000 taxpayer dollars per inmate per year is outrageous to keep those subhuman filth alive while they clog the courts with endless and empty appeals. What the f*ck are we waiting for? Execute them all right away.

Execution, Not Incarceration.
What the f*ck are we (collectively speaking) whining about? Throw the switch, drop the pellets, push in the needle. Give the filthy, murderous scum what they deserve and protect society from the subhuman lowlifes who prey on the innocent.
In a typical bed-wetting, liberal style, ABCNews obsessed and whined about the innocent being executed. f*ck 'em: to make omlets, you gotta break some eggs. It's better to execute an innocent than to allow any murderers and while we're at it, include rapists, child molesters and armed robbers to go free. Too often, the US legal System has been fooled by slimy lawyers and their criminal charges.
Liberal scum are far too concerned with the right of thew criminal. As soon as a crime is committed, all rights are forfeited and punishment is meted out. What happened to society's concern for the rights of its innocent citizens who become the victims? The victims are almost always overlooked in favor of the criminal's rights. Huh? Rights to what? How about a speedy trial and execution!
If I had the power for one day, I'd order the execution of all 3,500+ on Death Row; plus, all rapists, child molesters and armed robbers. None would escape. My Day of Justice For The Innocent would seal the fate of all that criminal garbage once and for all. And the Nation would sleep better every night for it.
The United Nations morons claim that the USA uses the death penalty in an unfair and racist way. Well, f*cking duh. If more minorities commit capitol offenses, then those offenders should die, regardless of their color. Pretty straightforward to me. What's the problem, UN morons? And what about women on Death Row? Should we be lenient with them just because they have nothing hanging between their legs? f*ck no! No sexist discrimination shit here: execute them too. Equal death for equal crimes, baby.

Scum Who Need Real Justice Applied.
This piece of shit should have gone to prison for attacking, choking and threatening to whack his NBA coach. Instead, he's suing the NBA, team, coach, refs and anyone else who was within 3 miles of the incident. This lowlife idiot is just one reason why so-called professional sports are populated by immature morons and so f*cked up. I could name hundreds of them, all deserving prison time but instead, getting a pass from the system, and hundreds of millions of dollars in salary for behaving badly. No wonder crimes like this proliferate. Others see these scum getting lenient treatment from a defective legal system, and quickly rationalize that they can get off too. Severe examples need to be made of these lowlifes for public consumption.
The second worst offender is a two-bit punk who should have died in The Nam, but lied about his war record instead, to gain parole favortism. He should die for his crime of murder, but the wimpy, soft-oc-crime, then-governor, William Weld, caved in and pardoned him. He's the same so-called moderate which Clinton nominated to be Ambassador to Mexico, and the GOP rightly blocked it because of his lousy politics.
This piece of shit needs to die for what he did to a little, 7 year old girl. If the Law won't do it, maybe some of his fellow prison inmates will cut his throat. Hope so.

One Year Later.
I was stunned at the news of it: someone like Diana could be so careless and lose her life in such a senseless and stupid act. But I never grieved. She had responsibility for her own life, but instead foolishly entrusted it to a worthless, lowlife bum and lost in the gamble. I considered her relatively cheap whore, easily purchased by fame (the Royals of Windsor) or money (the towelhead Fayed scum family). The minute she got involved with that two-bit towelhead, Dodi Fayed, she lost all allure and interest to the civilized world. Only scum mourned her death. I was ambivalent, at best. At least the bitch wouldn't show up on the evening news moaning about landmines or AIDS anymore.
Her scumbag of a brother sees the Dead Diana, Inc. clearly for its financial possibilities and plunders it all for all it's worth, while two-facedly lecturing others about morality and ethics. Earl Spencer is the lowest of the low, a real leech; completely worthless until his little sister carelessly allowed hereself to be whacked. Otherwise, he'd still be in a bad marriage and broke.
There's just no end to this Diana shit, everywhere one turns. I'm sick of it and won't mention it again. When it comes on TV, I turn the channel; switch URLs on the Net; turn off the radio as it's reported. Ignorance is bliss.
Net, net: who cares? Millions still do, and that's a shame.

Million scumbag Strut.
It's that time again: time for all the good and bad little islamic idiot boys to march around, littering, spitting and cursing. New York and Atlanta are going to be a mess after it's over. No wonder trhese lowlifes have a bad image. They're filthy racists.
Frankly, it's getting old. First, it was The Million Man Shuffle in DC; then the Million Woman Waddle in Philadelphia; now the Young scumbag Strut in New York and Atlanta.
Only Rudy Gulianni, NYs Mayor emeritus, has the guts to stop this shit; the scumbag in charge of Atlanta lets anything happen as long as he doesn't have to get involved. He's a cowardly, lib-dem lowlife.

DOJ vs MS.
For over a year, I've followed the stories and developments pertinent to the upcoming antitrust trial that the idiots at Dept of (In-)Justice (DOJ) are preparing to wage war against Microsoft (MS). Being an MS software user since '82, I've sided with MS. Until now.
The idiot, lowlife, liberal, half-breed scum at DOJ are some of the very worst cretins and morons ever assembled in a courtroom; witness their ongoing refusal to investigate the Clintonite scum for campaign finance violations. But they are uncovering information previously unknown to me, at least, which reinforces their initally weak case against MS. The more I read, the more I'm surprised at the depth of it all.
Several friends have consistently railed against MS since I met them way back in '96; they refuse to use MS software, although it's far superior to anything on the market. I choose to use what's best and what I'm comfortable with. f*ck the DOJ and the whiny, crybaby companies which can't stand the heat in the kitchen; go out to the porch and lay down with the puppies if you can run with the big dogs.
Read MS' answer to the browser question. It will be an interesting period of high tech jurisprudence for the next several years.

Pizza Toppings.
See what toppings Bill and Monica put on their private pizza in the Oral Office.

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