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Friday, September 7, 2001

it's Fall and time for kids to head back to school. Labor Day Holiday Weekend is a distant memory for the kids; a major point of "demarcation", for Mom & Dad, eh? Yellow schoolbusses clogging the pre-dawn, rush-hour roads, new outfits, new shoes and backpacks, sharpened pencils and empty tablets, all geared toward the three R's: Reading, Riting and Ritalin™. I've heard all the horror stories about the mindless shit being taught these days in our public schools, to make everyone conform to the liberal NEAs warped socialist vision of America's future. Back in the early-mid 50s, when I first started school, individuality and achievement were prized above all. Now homogeneity is the norm, and God forbid, should a child show promise and enthusiasm, s/he's dosed with drugs to combat the convenient liberal-twisted diagnosis of ADD (attention deficit disorder or somesuch shitpola). Children reduced to controllable drones, drugged right through their all-too-brief childhood, missing some of the most important formative years of their young lives. Can't have some children pulling ahead of others, now can the NEA lib-democRATs? That would be very "politically incorrect" and the feds would have to step in and "correct" the situation. Litigation and endless court battles between adamant school boards and perplexed parents usually results in countersuits and appeals, which never make the newspapers. The complicit liberal media always side with the socialist school's administrators, to a fault and to a point. When the parents finally realize that their child isn't their child anymore, it's too late and the damage is done. And damaged children are hard to reclaim. Liberals are living proof of that. Paging Dr Jack Kevorkian...

Around The Garden Center.
Last Friday, by 12noon, all currently-planned staff changes had taken effect. The changes was noticeable over the Labor Day Holiday Weekend, and yes, we were open on Monday with limited hours. I worked Monday, too; thanks for asking. No rest for the weary. It was extremely busy all weekend; people came in waves, now that my once-a-year 25% Off Nursery-Wide Sale is in full stride. Seems nothing's going to deter them from getting what they want, despite the persistent drought and high ground and air temps. While lesser junky garden centers and nurserys have sales all year long, and get the public addicted to deals and discounts, I do it only for 30 days in the Fall, always September, and occasionally extend it into October if demand is there, which it always it to get the rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material in which I specialize, without peer.
Looks like the Labor Day Holiday Weekend has once again driven gas prices up to $1.44.9/gal (89 octane) from last week's $1.36.9/gal, and that's at the so-called "super-stations" which do the huge volume sales. I filled up on the way into work Monday morning — we were open 10am - 3pm Labor Day — and was surprised at how empty the place was; it's usually packed. In fact, the roads were empty of vehicles; I'd guess everyone who was going someplace was already there. On my way through the small towns, parades were being assembled, roadblocks were in place and American flags were proudly flying. I saluted each flag I saw; almost had an accident. Stupid me.
Ummm, why does the first Monday in September mark the "end of Summer", when Fall is still 3 weeks away? Good question. As you gathered 'round the barbecue this past Labor Day Holiday Weekend to roast that last weenie and prepare for the bare-branch realities of the coming Fall, just remember: you were cheated out of three weeks of Summer fun, and the federal government is to blame. Those schmucks idiots morons in Washington don’t know when Summer really ends. Consult any calendar. The Northern Hemisphere’s autumnal equinox, better known as "the first day of Autumn," does not occur until Sept. 22. But still, year after year, we let Labor Day mark the end of easy Summer schedules and the beginning of the school year. President Grover Cleveland proclaimed that Labor Day — the first Monday in September — should be a tribute to the American worker. And it has since become Summer’s last hurrah — that three-day BBQ-fest that abruptly ends all the fun in the sun.
On Tuesday, the first day back to school for York County (PA) kids, I left 45mins early, so as to miss the road-clogging yellow schoolbusses. Instead, I ran smack into huge tractor trailers hauling (highly-questionable) "municipal waste" in from New Jersey and New York to York County's (PA) massive landfill incinerator. Dozens of 'em. Clogging up the roads after coming off the Penna Turnpike with their toxic loads. Not even painted yellow. Can't win for trying.
While my "A Team" Landscape Crew was in Hershey for the week on a large job, I worked on the Spring 2002 nursery stock orders with our various sales reps and the DEP (Dept of Environmental Protection) permit paperwork for another upcoming large job. I had a few on-site appointments with customers, additional requests for landscape work this Fall — we're booked into November, so I had to do some schedule shuffling — and more people calling for Spring 2002 landscape and/ or landscape maintenance work. Our "dance card" for Spring is getting filled-up quickly.
Nothing to be alarmed about; happens every year. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz...

GOP Bumblers.
Dolt of the hour day week month: Rep. Bob Stump, R-AZ, has admitted that he has never lived in the precinct where he has voted during his 41 years as an elected official, and that since 1980 he has lived in Phoenix, 17 miles from the 80-acre farm in Tolleson that he lists as his voting address.
Why the hell is Ws InJustice Dept still persecuting and prosecuting Microsoft? Ashcroft should have wholesale fired everyone and brought in some quality people, instead of allowing all those lowlife Clintoonites to remain and pursue their twisted agenda. The anti-trust persecution of MS, through Clintoon's corrupt InJustice Dept singlehandedly brought the Tech Sector down, and aided in the overall tanking of the US Economy. Hey! Finally someone with brains and a backbone has prevailed: no more MS persecution and prosecution!
W ought to know by now that no one can trust the lowlife, subhuman Chi-Comm chinks to keep their word, on anything. Best bet: 20-30 thermonuclear bombs strategically placed to obliterate the yellow dogscum.
If W and that moron Mexican president Fox agree to allow the illegals from Mexico to inundate the US, our quality way of life will disappear by 2050 and the white majority will be replaced by a hodgepodge of several ethnic groups, none with a clear majority. The Southern border's human tide has resulted in more than 3 million illegal immigrants from Mexico alone. The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) estimates the total illegal immigrant population living in the United States at 6 million to 9 million. Telling them to stay out has failed miserably. Personally, I suggest a 15ft tall, electrified (22v) chain-link fence across the 1,000+ miles of common US-Mexico border. 220volts will discourage anyone from climbing it. On the other hand, if Mexico weren't such a festering, fetid shithole — and that's clearly their government's fault — people wouldn't want to leave for the US; they'd stay and work there, as they should and not soil this Nation with their filth and crime. Any questions W? Then tell Fox to get the hell outta Washington and go solve his shithole country's problems the correct way: foreign investment and jobs and a decent standard of living for all. There, not here.
Wow, a 7-member "Shark Task Force" created by the idiot Republican governor in Virginia. Now that's a very f*cking stupid project to waste taxpayers' monies, isn't it? It's a shame two moron swimmers were out too far and were whacked by sharks, but lessen here: the ocean is the sharks' home and feeding ground, not your swimming pool! Swim in the motel's pool, stupid. Any time a non-thinking human goes into the ocean, that's a natural consequence without diving gear (underwater divers can see the sharks coming and take protective action; above-water swimmers can't do either) and a loaded bang-stick for protection. Stupid f*cking people. They deserved what they got. No sympathy here.

Racists and Bigots.
I hate racists and bigots of all stripes. When I hear those terms, I immediately think of the misery-profiteering, race-baiting Irrevs Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum and fat, stupid Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum and the NAALCPs (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) president Kweisi Mfume (aka Frizzell Gray), himself a 5-time father of illegitimate children. But now there are some world class racists and bigots rearing their ugly heads from the slimy third world, at the UN World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance. Some name for a convergence of cretins, morons and idiots.
Palestinian leader Yasser "Just Call Me Ringo" Arafat, one of the most murderous lowlife subhuman towelheads around, is on a racism crusade against Israel. Personally, I think Israel should use several well-placed thermonuclear weapons and waste as much pork-sucking towelhead filth as they can.
I find it both disingenuous and humorous that slavery is rampant in Africa today, yet these cretinous-moron and towelhead "delegates" are blatantly calling for the former Colonial Powers — Britain, France, netherlands etc and the US — to apologize and pay reparations for past "offenses". Huh? What offenses? They're just pissed off that blacks living in America are thousands of times better off than the wretched souls dying daily in that shithole of the world, Africa.
Lowlife scum like U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo, Cape Verde President Pedro Verona Rodrigues Peres, Fidel "The Murderer" Castro and thousands of other scumbags and slimeballs — did I mention that Irrevs Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum and other assorted lowlife scum are there, too? — are looking for Western Nations' monies to line their own pockets with.
What I really "cherish" about the U.N. World Conference on Racism speakers, is that when they call for an "apology and reparations" from the "Western Colonial Powers who captured, enslaved and sold our ancestors", they fail to mention that it was their black and arab ancestors who caught and enslaved the unwitting stupid Africans and then sold them to waiting ships. The Whites didn't capture blacks; blacks captured blacks, for money. Sure wish the hypocrite, race-baiter, misery-profiteers would get it right.
Here's the net, net: if your black ancestors hadn't been rounded-up, captured and sold into slavery by other blacks and arabs, you would still be dying in Africa, the world's infected boil on the moron of Life. We'd have 65% less crime and murder here in America, 70% less illegitimate black-mulatto-half-breed scumfilth born in this once-proud Nation, yearly. So Fidel "The Commie Butcher" Castro, what's your next move against the Imperialist Yankee Dogs?
Finally, the US and Israel pulled out of the racist and bigot-loaded UN meeting. They should have never gone there. Just being there lended a degree of credibility to lowlife racist socialist filth of the UN.
Here's a new one: many minorities are choosing segregation over integration. In many places throughout the country, well-off minority families are moving into new neighborhoods to be with members of their own race. This couldn't happen to whites; we'd immediately be labeled racist, have feds investigating, lib-dems holding congressional hearings and be forcibly relocated. What a two-faced system we live within. Simply amazing what we put up with these days. Ummm, lesse: racism = ethnic identity = racism = culture consciousness = racism. Yep, that's a fact, Jack.
I'm now believing that blacks see bias in everything; they're so innundated with their "victim mentality" from 50+ years of lib-democRAT welfare, racial preference programs, set-asides and those racist methods used to bring them into America's "good life", that they don't know how to fend for themselves without Uncle Tom Sam pushing everyone else aside to let them through the door first. What pathetic people they truly are.
Hmmmm, smells like fat, stupid Irrev Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum's scam: can you say Tawana Brawley? Another idiot black bitch being "imaginatively raped by a phantom whitey"?
A week later, the 32-year-old black woman who said she was abducted, robbed and sexually assaulted by two white men last week has recanted her story. The woman, who lives in Bivins, about 150 miles east of Dallas, told police that she carved the letters "KKK" into her chest with scissors. Her motive is unknown. Unknown? Hardly; she's a racist and bigot. Pretty damned clear to anyone with a functioning brain.

Lib-dem Garbage.
A former worker in W’s presidential campaign, Juanita Lozano, was sentenced to one year in jail and fined $3,000 on Friday for leaking secret debate material to democRAT rival AlGoreBore’s campaign and lying about it. She's a 350lb sweaty, behemoth, stinking lowlife lib-democRAT; fer chrissakes, why was the slut whore bitch even working for a media company employed by W? Truly a stupid move to allow the scuzbag spy into the campaign. She'll enjoy her year in prison, soon becoming a piece of meat for the Butch Dyke Brigade.
The losers and criminals are coming back to the political trough: AlGoreBore "I Invented The InterNet" Jr and Janet "Butch" Reno are getting back into politics, and not for the better, obviously.
Getting her dyke-ducks lined up in a row, while publicly saying she hasn't decided, former U.S. Attorney General, alcoholic, coke snorting, leather lover, ol' shaky Janet "Butch", "Waco" El Reno is giving every indication that she is about to announce her candidacy for governor. Hmmm, I'll bet the Cuban community in South Florida will have something to say about that. Remember the pre-dawn Easter 200 raid to kidnap Elian Gonzales? Remember Waco? Remember Ruby Ridge? Remember... sheeeesh, there's too many of 'em to name. She's a criminal, like the Clintoons are. 'Nuff said. Squash the criminal dyke alcoholic coker bitch Reno, Jeb.
Why is it that local lib-dem pols don't whack sharks after attacks, but the lib-dems pols euthanize dogs, etc, after any kind of attack? Makes for great sub-headlines in the Local News section.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
A group of current and former subscribers — lowlife, subhuman, pork-sucking, towelhead muslim filth — of AOL Time Warner's Internet service complaining about racial harassment in online muslim chat rooms said on Thursday they have sued the company for not living up to its terms of service. I love it; wish I could find the "offending" chat rooms and put my two cents in. I despise AOL and won't go there, anyway.
Speaking of lowlife, subhuman towelhead pork-sucking filth vs Israel... I certainly favor Israel using WMD (weapons of mass destruction) on the pork-sucking arab shitfilth muslim, islam garbage world. Millions and millions should die horribly, as they've lived.
OK, so they're all sad I don't give a flying rat's rearend that Aaliyah is dead, and certainly don't begrudge her a proper send-off, but a Midtown NYC traffic-snarling, horse-drawn cortege in honor of a pop singer most (87%) people have never heard of? She's been described as "a beloved daughter but undistinguished singer of forgettable pop songs". Okay, sure thing. Ridiculous it is, and the lowlife death-profiteers plan to make a "tribute" video out of it. MTV will no doubt air the bogus tape. The talentless bitch is more popular dead than alive. My those people are nasty, aren't they?
Not as good & quick as the Bubonic Plaque, or Black Death in olden times, HIV/AIDS still whacks and is going to get much worse as current strains become immune to current drugs. But too damned slowly; a virulent strain which "terminates with extreme prejudice", is sorely needed to rid the world of filth. I just have no sympathy for deviants, degenerates and perverts who put their and other lives at risk for a moment of so-called pleasure. No, no, don't even go there.
I can't believe this shit shit. As Andrea Pia Yates sits in the mental ward of a jail, facing a possible death sentence for brutally drowning her five children, the National Organization for Women (aka NAGs - Nat'l ass'n of Gals) has stirred controversy in the case by rallying to Yates’s defense. The NOW-NAGs blame her "ordeal" on prosecutors’ "callous refusal" to recognize that she was allegedly driven to whack by postpartum psychosis, a true bullshit defense. What about the 5 dead children? When will they get Justice? Execute the filthy bitch! No sympathy!
Here the lowlife socialist, communist EU (European Union) scumbags go again, sticking their cheese-eating surrenderist noses into a business merger which is none of their business: the $25bn HP-Compaq deal. The Commission's "powers" apply even to mergers between two US companies, and earlier this year it blocked General Electric's proposed takeover of Honeywell. Frankly, I'd tell all of the morons to go f*ck off. Europe, the very same backward cretins who gave us Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, the Black Plaque, Stalin, Milosevic and much more, are in no position to dictate anything to anyone.
I'll never understand it: the enmity anger hatred and violence in Northern Ireland. Yes, I'm part Irish, and English and German and mostly American, but what's up between Catholics and Protestants? What they need is a good war to unite them, or finally destroy the country for good.
Paula "Strap On The Vibrator, Ellen & Rosie" Poundstone has pleaded innocent to three counts of committing a lewd act on a girl under the age of 14 and endangering two other girls and two boys while an alcoholic, lesbian lowlife subhuman degenerate. She faces a maximum prison term of 13 years and four months if convicted. She is free on $200,000 bail and has been living in an alcohol rehabilitation facility. She should be in prison, fresh red meat for the 450lb Butch lesbians. Betcha $500 she walks with a slap. Any takers? Any guess why? Sure, they're shopping around for a lowlife lib-dem judge to hear the case and pitch it. Natch.
An AIDs/HIV vaccine "within sight"? Gaaaawd, I hope not; there's too many lowlife, subhuman degenerate, deviant filth in the world who need to die horribly and painfully, that I don't want the "ignorance" to end. Hell, they knew how to cure that simpleton virus years ago. But letting another 15million become infected certainly helps to cleanse the planet, doesn't it?

Richly Deserving Death.
Gosh, it's been a slow past few weeks in the world of well-deserved executions, at any level. The US has 3,700+ subhumans languishing on death row and no one's being sent to Hell for their heinous crimes. I can't understand why... Oooops, now I do; the US is full of cowardly Justice. Executions are down sharply across the country for the second year in a row, with dramatic declines in the leading death penalty states of Virginia and Texas, and if the trend continues, the United States would execute the fewest inmates since 1996. Major bummer. Nationally, 48 people have been put to death in 2001, down 27 percent from this time last year. With 14 more executions scheduled, this year’s total could be down a third from the 1999 high of 98. The declines reflect the decade-long reduction in the crime rate and a public less enthusiastic about the death penalty. As discussion has grown about the fairness and reliability of capital convictions, judges and governors also have become more willing to stop executions and take a second look at questionable cases. Bullshit. Execute those who've been convicted and sentenced. Rid the world of the subhuman filth. Do your duty for the victims. Enforce and implement the death penalty.
This is an evil crime against society: allowing sexually violent predators (SVPs) to be released from prison. Lowlife lib-dem scumbag Marin County (Calif, where else?) Superior Court Judge John S. Graham is allowing convicted eight-time rapist Patrick Henry Ghilotti back into society, most probably to rape again. Where's the NOW-NAGs to protest this? Cowardly bitches are in hiding. This lowlife piece of subhuman shit filth should have been executed, or at least raped and murdered in prison. He's a clear and present danger to everyone he comes into contact with. Execution would have been best.

Everything About Bees.
Curious about bees? Then buzz on over to this fact-filled site to learn, well, "everything" about the "most important pollinating insects." Although there are over 20,000 species of bees, the site focuses on some of the main categories, such as the honey bee, bumble bee, and the dreaded "whacker bee" (technically known as Africanized honey bees). Read up on orchid bees, brightly colored tropical bees that can sport tongues twice the length of their bodies, or learn more about those pesky sweat bees, which are attracted to human perspiration. After you've brushed up on your bee basics, maybe you'd like to try your hand at the ancient art of apiculture, commonly known as beekeeping.

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