the dreaded report
Friday, April 10, 1998

i take a week off from contact with any news service, and Clinton gets a pass in federal court on the Paula Jones deal, from one of his former law school students, no less. It's somehow difficult to imagine Clinton teaching anything about respecting the law, but since he and Hitlery break it so often with impunity, who else better qualified to teach that facet? I now find it humorous. Except one thing: way too many Americans don't care about morality and ethics anymore. They (not me) elected him twice, and smirk when he commits ethical and moral violations right under their faces. The Dept of Justice (DOJ) plays hide the (IE4) icon in our computers while Clinton plays hide the salami in the Oral Office.

The Ken Starr Report is almost ready, or so the rumors go.
After 4 years and upwards of $30 million, Starr is ready to release the long-awaited report to House Judiciary Committee in Congress, so impeachment proceedings can begin. It will be a wonderful Summer, indeed, if they can nail the Clinton criminal.
The perjury and obstruction of justice charges are where The White House f*cked up, by lying about not having documents which were subpoenaed. Someone please, oh pretty please let it be Clinton will legally hang for that.
Clinton's (both of them) offenses are many and s/he deserves what s/he gets.

GOP Weighs In.
In a move that calls to mind the pot calling the kettle black, GOP honcho Dick Armey has called Clinton all kinds of names in front of school children. As if the kids didn't really know what kind of scumbag Clinton already was. Armey's got several choice closet skeletons, too.
Then Newt Gingrich counselled patience; hell, he'd give everything thing he has to see Clinton's ass hanging from a rope at the nearest oak tree. What a bunch of hypocrites the GOP conservative right-wing nuts are.

Criminal Acts.
If this story's true, a whole new phase of criminal investigation will open and something concrete might happen to some conservative right-wing nuts.
The McDougal whore's attorney needs to do some hard prison time for being an moron. McDougal herself just finished 18 months for contempt of court, is now doing 2 years for fraud and other assorted embezzlemnt charges, and faces more of the same in a Los Angeles federal court. Good riddance, liberal bitch.
Starr's been offered the opportunity to investigate these charges and since the people are friends of his, it'll be interesting to see where it all goes.
In fact, Starr seems to be in big demand just about everywhere.



More Kooks.
People as mentally distrurbed as these scumbags are need professional counseling, not the designation of religious status. Cults with minions of mindless followers need re-indoctrination back into society, while their perverted leaders need some serious prison time and elctro-shock therapy.
This country's sad practice of religious freedom for weirdos, kooks and morons is getting old. I'm a big supporter of that Constitutionally-guarranteed right, but when other lives are involved and threatened, a line must be drawn. Those types need to be identified and segregated from the general population, treated for their delusions and mental illness, and reintroduced, if at all possible, back into society. If they're not able to be rehabilitated, then execute them and rid society of such flotsam.


Don't Try This At Home.
Next time you hear about someone who wants to end it all, for whatever reason, point him or her to this site for a few innovative and fun ways to whack themselves. Just kidding of course.

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