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Friday, April 13, 2001

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The plain truth about parking meters, slot machines and the US Government is that the parking meter provides a genuine fee-based service; while you give the slots your no, I don't gamble money in return for anticipation of record jackpot earnings; and the US Government incessantly takes from you and gives nothing back, except threats if you refuse to pay up. For the lowlife slimeball criminals who are the US Congress, money is their only power, their only God, their only way of life. This applies especially the slimy, liberal-democRATs, who need desire crave the power to enact more "cradle-to-grave", worthless social programs upon us, whilst bolstering the corrupt bureaucracy. Sure, some people do need the help and they should receive it but 93% of the population is able to earn a living without the engorged federal government funding so many tax dollar-enabled entitlements. The never-ending flow of tax dollars from our paychecks is robbery; no other word for it. Why else does every American work from January 1st to May 14th just to pay their taxes? The lowlife, lib-dem shitheads call it "necessary" for government to work; that's socialism and communism. The Founding Fathers decried taxation as anti-states' rights and most essential that federal government be not allowed to work in that pernicious way. Somewhere along the road to where we are now as a Nation, it all became perverted. Whom do you trust to put a dime in your parking meter?

Around The Garden Center.
I'm going to go way out on a limb and say that Spring has indeed arrived early and that we're free of any more snow or ice storms, until Winter arrives. Last Saturday, during our 11th Open House, which ~1,500+ people attended, Sunday, and all week long, temps were in the upper-40s, rainy and cool. This is unprecedented since I built my Garden Center & Nursery 11 years ago. Usually, we get nailed with either snow or ice storms during late March and once or twice during April, but we're halfway through April and all looks clear for a nice, gentle Spring.
Early Monday morning, around 4am, heavy-duty thunderstorms rolled through and dumped 1-2" of rain; it continued until about 11am when everything cleared, the sun came out and temps reached 85°F. Muggy, hot and very humid. Since I had several landscape appointments in southern Pennsylvania and norther Maryland, I used the Jeep's AC all the way. I was dressed in "layers" for early Spring weather, so I shed the outer layers and sweated through the day. Very unusual for early April; kinda reminds me of '98 when we went directly from Winter temps in the low 40s to Summer temps in the upper 90s, completely bypassing Spring for a 3-4 week stint. Both the plants and people suffered terribly. LA had the unpredictable Spring weather, too. Around 8:30pm, severe thunderstorms knocked out power and my cable modem at the Condo. I re-set the dial-up in both MS-Outlook 2000® and MS-Outlook Express v5®, since I use Netscape Communicator® v4.75, to get eMail during a Cable Modem blackout power service outage. Connecting speed of the Dial-Up's 50.666Kbps was a whole lot different than the Cable Modem's 768Kbps downstream - 512Kbps upstream bandwidth.
Want to check your connection speed? Try this URL.
On Tuesday, I felt sick and left at 9:30am; no landscape appointments that day, just lots of estimates and paperwork. The rest of the week is already loaded with on-site visits and meetings, so taking a day upfront to get over this "bug" was the smart thing to do. I visit peoples' homes (for landscape meetings) who've had sick children or who were recently sick themselves. Occasionally, just walking through the house I pick up a "bug" and it kicks my ass for a day or two. I usually try not to go in, opting instead to walk around and meet them in the backyard, if that's the landscape in need of work. If they invite me in, I usually explain that there might be some "dog poop" on my shoes/ boots, since I've been to several homes prior to this stop. It's not that I don't want to go in; I do. I'm mildly curious about OPHs other peoples' homes (I could tell you stories) but if it means possibly contracting a cold or flu, I'd rather not. At 51, I don't have the immune system I did at 25. Best not to stress it too much, so it's full strength when I really need it.
Cynthia Frossen, a reporter from The Wall Street Journal called to chat on Thursday afternoon. She was doing an article on gardening-horticulture for next Monday's edition, and had tons of questions about the varieties of plants available today versus 50 or 100 years ago. She also had read my ad, Big Trees v Fast Trees, and peppered me with questions about my customers preferences for large trees versus those people who want cheap, "fast growing" junk trees. She'd enjoyed my "attitude" in all my ads. I merely explained that I was trying to "raise the bar" for the industry and the consumer. An avid gardener herself, I think she understood.
After being here for 3 weeks and helping us get ready for the 11th Open House event and Spring, my Sister Becky turned 50 on March 28th and is now headed back to her real life job in San Francisco. She's an RN with a Masters in Public Health and a bigwig at Kaiser Permanente in SF. Thanks, Becky. I look forward to her visit every year; 3,000 miles is a long commute by anyone's standards.

GOP Blunders.
Three lowlife, liberal slimeball, dick-sucking, scumbag Senate liberal Republican scumbags Lincoln Chafee of Rhode Island, Jim Jeffords of Vermont and Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania vermin of the lowest order, who are actually democRAT filth in disguise, have sold out their party, the people who voted for them and the American people, by voting against W's $1.6 trillion Tax Cut. Specter, you lowlife homo moron: you're outta here in the next election. I'm voting for anyone but you, fudgepacking rumpraider son-of-a-bitch.
W's next blunder to Conservatives, was to appoint disgraced Massachusetts Gov. Paul Cellucci as U.S. ambassador to Canada. He's a confirmed homo lover and pro-abortion supporter and not a Conservative; he's garbage, dogshit and subhuman shit. Bush made a major mistake on this issue.
A "formal letter of regret" to the stinking Chinks? W, what the f*ck are you doing? The lowlife Chi-Comm Chink filth caused the incident, and you're apologizing for our side? f*ck that shit. This letter is bullshit; should never have been written to the yellowdog scumf*cker slime Chinks.
Okay, okay, for a liberal, Krauthammer nails it. At least they're home. Good job, W. Now let's have some retaliation.
If this report is true, it pisses me off. The fact that congressional Republicans are delaying a report which affects our lives through known carcinogens Dioxin TCDD causing cancers is horrific and unconscionable.
Read about how I took on a local multi-million dollar paper mill's cancer-causing mulch in '95, and how the cowardly EPA refused to tell the truth back then. Finally, in 2000 the truth leaked out. It's always nice to be right.

Chi-Comm Filth.
Looks like W's selling out to the yellowdog Chi-comm oriental slope chink dink slimeballs. A letter? A letter of regret? Here W, allow me to send a letter of "apology" to the Chink dog scum:

DATE: Friday, April 13, 2001

TO: Scum-sucking, Lowlife, shitfilth, Yellow-dog oriental Slime, Jiang Zemin, Tang Jiaxuan, Yang Jiechi, Chi Haotian, Zhu Bangzao & Co,

I'm sorry that you've whacked millions of your own innocent people during the laughable, fat, stupid homo Mao's "Cultural Revolution".

I'm sorry that you continue to whack female babies by the hundreds of thousands; instead preferring males with which to stock your growing armies, for war with the US.

I'm sorry that you persecute Christians on a daily basis.

I'm sorry that you murdered thousands of innocent students seeking democracy, at Tiananmen Square.

I'm sorry that you were able to buy the disgraced, traitorous ex-president Bubba Jeffy "The Liar" Clintoon and disgraced ex-vice-president AlGoreBore in the '92 and '96 elections, as well as the entire DemocRAT National Committee.

I'm sorry that you both bought and stole US Military secrets from US traitors, like the Clintoon Administration and democRATs.

I'm sorry that your country is polluting the environment, on a scale which dwarfs all nations, combined.

I'm sorry that the US is the market for $40 billion a year of China's exports.

I'm sorry that I and millions of other Americans will now completely boycott everything made in China.

I'm sorry that U.S. companies are among the largest foreign investors in China and have been instrumental in China's recent economic expansion.

I'm sorry that 54,000 Chinese students study in the U.S. every year, more than any other nationality.

I'm sorry that the US has shown restraint in weapons sales to Taiwan.

I'm sorry that the moronic US Congress voted to grant you Normal Trade Relations status.

I'm sorry that the US paved the way for China's entry into the World Trade Organization.

I'm sorry that you're so f*cking stupid as to play the wrong hand of cards with a superpower such as the US, to your distinct disadvantage, by kidnapping our citizens.

I'm sorry for the coming plagues, famines and widespread suffering of all of China's people.

I'm sorry your cowardly Chi-Coms and PLA shitheads have ruined such an historic and wonderful country as China.

I'm sorry that your stupidity about world domination has reached alarming proportions. Soon, the US will have to nuke your entire country and obliterate a billion-plus of its people.

I'm sorry for the almost total loss of the Chinese culture that will result from China being turned into a smoldering cinder.

But I'm not sorry that your moronic, shit-for-brains, after-the-fact actions have finally awoken America to what corrupt, lowlife scum, untrustworthy and murderous filth you truly are.

Racist, Bigoted Filth.
I don't understand it; I must be just plain dumb. The stupid, shit-for-brains New Yorkers voted in a known criminal, lowlife, disgraced bitch named Hitlery Rotten Clintoon as US senator for 6 years, over an honest, homegrown guy like Rick Lazio. They continually fawn over disgraced ex-president criminal Bubba Jeffy Clintoon as he ties up traffic in Midtown, steals White House furnishings, sells presidential pardons to criminals and tries to get US Taxpayers to foot the bill for outlandish office space. Now, the stupid, NYC scumbag media run whenever the racist, black bigot, misery profiteer, fat, stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum snaps his greasy, pudgy fingers for a press conference. Hey NYC: you're f*cked up worse than we thought. Ignore that fat black and he'll go away, morons.
Speaking of race-baiting, misery-profiteers, the Irrev Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum comes to the fore. He's offered to go to China to beg and apologize and grovel for the release of the 24 Americans in the recon plane, held hostage by the stinking Chi-Comm filth. Wisely, W said "no thanks". Now if Jesse'd just stay there and not ever come back, I think W'd been smart enough to OK the trip. Hell, I'd pay the planefare for that moron.
Huh? blacks and white trash rioting in Cincinnati? I don't f*cking think I'd allow that if I were mayor. Shoot to whack all rioters would be my direct orders.

Scum de la Scum.
shit star Enema was sentenced to two years probation today after pleading guilty to a charge of carrying a concealed weapon. Really? Given what a lowlife, piece of white trash shit he is, he should have gotten prison. Which is what any citizen of that state would have gotten. My, my, my, can money ever talk to a corrupt prosecutor and judge.
Hey, the flaming homo lowlife piece of shit, Elton "I'll suck you for flowers" John, is almost broke. Great news; I love it. What a loser this scumbag is. That ratty wig is covering up the fact that he has no functioning brain.

Lib-DemocRAT Filth.
Of all America's lowlife pieces of shit, the bloated, fat, stupid, alcoholic, DUI murderer disgraced US senator Teddy "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy isn't one to open his toothless, drooling mouth and criticize anyone, especially W and his tax cut. Kennedy's a slimy, lying alcoholic criminal, like all the other criminals in the Kennedy cabal. They're not "Camelot"; they're dirt and filth. America should recognize that all the Kennedys were and are white trash.
Here's proof that lowlife, shitfilth liberals and racist, misery-profiteering blacks on college campuses throughout America are terrified of free speech and actively trying to squash the 1st Amendment's guarantee of free speech. What slime and garbage the lowly lib-democRAT cretins are.
Dick-sucking, "Little Dickie" Gephardt is at it again: criticizing W in the midst of an international crisis of the Chink-scum's own making, instead of showing some semblance of solidarity. What a traitor Gep-fart is.

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