the illusion of partition
Friday, April 19, 2002

It's hard to imagine, even for one moment, peace in the Middle East, since murder, terror and war has been part of their wretched daily existence since the dawn of time. Bedouins, semites and camel-herders have morphed into world players because of oil, which the Western technology extracts for them and allows the crude to be sold for huge profits, back to the West and others. The supply is seemingly endless, but definitely finite. The creation of the Jewish State in '48 brought about an increased hatred and tension, even worse that what the region had known previously. National boundaries are blurred, religions and ways of life are in conflict. Separation of the warring parties isn't possible; walls, fences and no-man's-land buffer zones won't do it, since missiles and planes and suicide bombers recognize no borders or boundaries. Israel must destroy the Palestinians and their "homicide bomber" infrastructure totally and completely, as well as all other Arab, Muslim and Islamist terrorists, to realize any semblance of peace. Now, if the US would just get itself out of the way and let "Israel be Israel", the job would get done quickly and the US could get back to finding and Killing the Al Queerda filth, elsewhere in the world.

Around The Garden Center.
With the exception of the ongoing Drought From Hell, everything's gone well here at the Garden Center & Nursery Complex; all newly-arrived nursery stock is priced, tagged and displayed, all B&B (balled and burlapped) trees are heeled-in their rows with drip irrigation, the landscape and maintenance crews are out and working, and sales are up 30% over last year at this time. I'm pleased, but am still wary of what June-July-August will notbring in the way of rains. Spring rains were almost non-existent this year, so ground moisture is still 7-9" lower than last year. We'll just have to wait and see.
A nice stormfront moved through Saturday evening, giving us almost 6/10" of moisture, in between thunderstorms. Another blew through Sunday evening, dumping another 4/10". No complaints on this end. Temps have been in the upper 70s to mid-80s all week on Tuesday and Wednesday, it hit 90°F! highly unusual for mid-April. Records set all over the place. Last year, we had snow and ice and 30°F temps at this time. Heck, it's in the mid-60s when I heave for work at 6am. Feels like August out there.
Just got my Local, Sate and Federal Tax Returns back from my corporate/personal CPA and wrote the checks on Saturday; mailed-off the paperwork at 8am Monday, 4-15. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, I hate pouring all that money down that government black hole. Ever since Steve Forbes proposed the 15% Flat Tax back in '99, I've thought it was a good idea for everyone, across the board. Now I think it's a great idea, whose time has come. But it won't; the corrupted IRS and all entrenched, lib-democRAT government entities will fight it to the death. So much for taxation without representation. If business owners could re-invest their personal and corporate taxes into their own businesses and the economy, we wouldn't have recessions. And yes, jail the tax cheats; they're scumbags.
About 6 weeks ago, I had a run-in with a 800lb wooden greenhouse door and lost. A 40mph caught the door and swung it into my elbow, throwing me about 15ft onto the stone nursery display area. The soreness pain remains and has travelled down into my wrist. The other day, I was in Stewartstown (PA) to pick up a blood pressure med, at the Eckerd Pharmacy, and I caught a glimpse of someone coming to the door just behind me. I held the door open for him, and noticed he had no hands, just prosthesis (metal pincer hooks) to get him through the rest of his life; he was about 35-40. He said, "Thank you, sir". I nodded. Farm accident? Military service? Who knows; compared to what he's been through, and will face daily, my pain is miniscule.
Jeff stopped by my condo on Wednesday evening to install WinXP on the home unit, since Win98 has been on it almost 3 years and was due for a major change. I'd spent the previous 3 evenings copying data files onto Zip Disks. It went seamlessly, as did plenty of vino et al, and I'm spending the next 3-4 evenings re-installing apps and re-copying data files back on to the HD. I'm now an XP convert; can't you tell?
Gas prices are steadily creeping upward and I expect $1.75/ gal gas by Labor Day; it's already $1.47.9/ gal (89 octane) at the super stations chains. My newest heavy-duty dump is a diesel, and I'm leaning that way on the next purchase for my fleet of work trucks.

Yes GOP, support the Puppy Protection Act, and do it soon so the evil puppy mills can be shut down and the owners imprisoned for their cruel crimes.
Why is the GOP defending the the corrupt, terrorist-backing Saudi filth? Oil, of course. Time to destabilize the Saudi scum, take over the oilfields and administer them ourselves, after Killing all 7,000 "princes" in the criminal "royal family".
Some Conservative W is turning out to be: the largest budget and increase in federal spending since the 60s is in the works for 2003. Disgusting, W; you're acting like tax and spend lib-democRATs.
There's a lot of people in W's base constituency who aren't happy; me also being one. But I sure won't be voting for any lowlife democRATs this November, or in '04.
I agree: it'll take another Massacre of September 11th for W&Co to get serious about terrorism and do the right things, like sealing the borders, rounding-up and deporting illegals of all stripes, executing terrorists found in the US and prosecuting a real war against the filthy, pork-sucking Muslims, boy-buggering, lowlife Allah-humping, Islamist scumbags.

The Massacre of September 11th
Why the hell heck are we stuck in Ash-canistan and the Israel v Palestinian messes, and not moving against the Muslim extremist AlQueerda scum elsewhere? Nothing's happening, of any consequence, anywhere. Or is it?
Tens of thousands of Islamist terrorist scum are hiding all over America, and the FBI isn't rounding them up and deporting the filth. Why? Perhaps they're waiting until after the next attack; then, it'll be us American Citizens who'll have to go door to door and whack them. I'm already loving that idea. I want revenge, not justice.
Do WE give a flying rat's ass care what THEY think? No, WE don't. We want revenge, not justice.
I don't want to listen to the taped, psychotic ramblings of these inbred, murderous, subhuman Muslim terrorist filth, pork-sucking bin Laden and his goat-buggering boyfriend, I want them dead. Get on with it US; find them and whack them.
Planes, trucks and ships importing goods to the United States will be able to avoid routine U.S. Customs inspections at border crossings under a federal program announced Tuesday. Huh? To participate, a company must enforce security on its own supplier network and supply data to the Customs Service. HuH? It also must conduct stiffer employee background checks. Huh? In exchange, each company will enjoy fast-track treatment for its shipments at the nation's land, air and sea ports. Huh? At the Ambassador Bridge, at the U.S.-Canada border in Detroit, officials now dedicate one check lane to fast-track shipments. Uhhhh, NO! kay, I'm making adult beverages, while you check your weapons. Obviously, the US Gummint and the Staters and the Locals AREN'T watching the horizon. We'll have to do it for them.
Aw gee whiz, towelheads, we're sorry. NOT! Inside the Special Housing Unit of the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, dozens of detainees held for months in connection with the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks have been confined to their cells nearly 24 hours a day. The lights are always on, making it difficult to sleep. The prisoners are subject to body cavity searches after each meeting with their attorneys. They are transported in shackles, handcuffs and waist chains. In some cases, the detainees have been subject to harassment by prison guards and rough treatment that has left them bloodied. Get the f*ck out of my country, illegal Muslim, Islamic shitfilth scumbags!
Nice job, Gen Franks. How about flipping burgers somewhere else, and let the professionals get the job done, Tommy?

Israel v Palestinian Filth.
There is nothing "useful and constructive" about talking 3hrs with a piece of shit, murderous terrorist, Mr Colon Polyp Bowel. Nothing. Arrid-fart needs to be whacked by the Israelis. Get your sorry black ass out of there and let the Jews finish the job, RINO.
The turd-sucking, pork-licking, piece of shit, Yow-sir Arrid-fart's lies of condemnation of terrorism, really earn him a death sentence. I'll offer up a dollar.
I agree: whack Arrid-fart.
Gee whiz, I'm having chest pains; I gotta lie down for a few minutes. >>>Snore<<<
Typical crazy lib-dem "editorial" from the left-wing wacko scumbags at The Washingmachine ComPost, denigrating the Israelis and praising the murderous terrorist palestinian filth. The lowlife scum at this rag are garbage and unfit to be called Americans; they're merely traitors.
Who gives a flying rat's ass about King Ab-dull-head, anyway, and his f*cking freaking visit? f*ck Screw the goat f*cking humping, boy-buggering Muslims, women-mutilating Islamists, subhuman Arab shitfilth, all deviants and degenerates of the corrupt, murderous, terrorist cult, called Islam, and Allah-The-Pork-Sucker?
Israel's Supreme Court told the army Sunday that it must give the Palestinians the bodies of those whacked in this refugee camp. Ummm, f*ck screw the SCOI.
A first for The NY Slimes. Someone there actually "makes good sense" at why the subhuman Arab filth is so angry: this article, while it makes good points, talks around the fact that the double standard is racist. There is an assumption embodied in the double standard that some races are able to keep from being brutal, and others are not. The root of the double standard in the South African example was that the white South African government should be judged by white standards, while it would be unfair to hold an aboriginal African government to the same standard because they just can't help it that they are brutal thugs. This notion is, of course, complete and utter BS. All people should be held to an equally high standard of behavior. When people excuse the atrocities in China, Sudan, or Zimbabwe, they reveal that they are racists. That on the one hand they think it is impossible for the people from these places to behave in any other way, and on the other hand, they really don't care what happens to all of those people. So, maybe these Arab activists scumbags should direct their anger to those corrupt Arab regimes.
And the whining, bed-wetting, hand-wringing socialists and communists at the UN are still defending the terrorists and the lowlife Arab scum who harbor them. Rot in hell, dead Arab garbage; no virgins for you.

Lib-democRAT Criminal Wackos.
Oooooohhhhh, poor cry-baby lib-democRATs, they're not getting any face-time from the networks, like W is, and they're whining, wringing their bony hands and wetting their bunched-up panties. What a bunch of lowlife, shit-for-brains scumbags, Dass-hole and Gep-fart are. Hey morons: it's because you're irrelevant now, so be prepared to take a huge loss in the mid-term elections come November. You're toast, morons morons.
Speaking of wackos, the dumb idiot lib-dem bitch Rep Cynthia McKinney (D-GA), is saying that W&Co had advance knowledge of The Massacre of September 11th and are hugely-profitting from the War On Terror. Gaaaawd, what an moron this socialist, lib-dem two-bit whore is. Too much crack, girlie.
The "Leaky Leahy" lowlife is at it again: Sen Patrick Leahy, the democRAT chairman of the Judiciary Committee, pulled the plug on legislation to bestow the "Presidential Medal of Valor" on public-safety workers who perished in the terror attacks. Are the people in Vermont really such morons, idiots and cretins that they keep sending this socialist scumbag back to DC every 6 years? Guess so, what a pity.
The Fat Policeare targeting Big Softdrinks now, with a "fat tax" on beverages; where else? In left-wing wacko People's Republik of Kalifornicate. Go figure.
The drug-addled, child-molesting scumbag, US Rep Patrick Kennedy has reached a settlement with the Los Angeles airport security guard who claimed he shoved her in a confrontation over an oversized piece of luggage. A settlement? Hmmmm, first he claimed no such incident happened; then when officials found videotape, he caved like the cowardardly wimp and lowlife, he is. Kennedy, is a lib-democRAT and the son of Massachusetts US Sen Edward "Teddy The Chappadiquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy, the woman-Killing and alcoholic lowlife.
Excellent essay-article exposing the leftist traitors for what they really are.
Hey look: AlGoreBore The Lowlife Lying Loser is back. His shit-for-brains, left-wing wacko, extremist ideas sound all the more nutso now than they did back in '00, during the General Election.
The lowlife, lying, disgraced, impeached scumbag ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is a liability, not an asset, lib-dem idiots. Can't you figure it out yet, shit-for-brains scumbag, Clintoon-sychophants? Obviously not.
Thanks to the lowlife, criminal Clintoon filth, our National Parks are in serious disrepair.
Calling it "character assassination," US Rep David Bonior, a lib-dem traitorous lowlife, said Monday that he hopes to question FBI officials about a report suggesting that the Detroit area Arab community is a U.S. stronghold for 28 international terrorist groups.
The democRATs are going to take a beating in the Mid-term Elections in '02, so now they're concentrating on the general Election in '04, with... AlGoreBore? How freaking stupid is that? What a bunch of crazy guys and gals, those lib-dem idiots.
Andy "The Homo" Cuomo (D-NOWHERE) gave a lacerating attack on NY Gov George E. Pataki's record as governor, denouncing Mr. Pataki's handling of the upstate economy, the condition of the public school system, and what Mr. Cuomo described as the faltering effort to rebuild the devastated site of the World Trade Center. What a pathetic greaseball, WOP-dog a dago this lib-dem homo boy is. He's toast in any election.
Robert F. Kennedy Jr, another spawn of the alcoholic, criminal Kennedy filth family, said "large-scale hog producers are a greater threat to the United States and U.S. democracy than Osama bin Laden and his terrorist network". Huh? The guy is a wacko idiot, like all lib-dems and especially the lowlife Kennedys.
Lowlife, scumbag, lib-democRAT garbage scumbag Philadelphia Mayor John Street: "The brothers and sisters are running the city. Oh, yes. The brothers and sisters are running this city. Running it! Don't let nobody fool you, we are in charge of the City of Brotherly Love. We have lifted the glass ceiling. It never ceased to amaze me that there seemed not to be the opportunity in certain strategic places for people of color. You can't say that anymore." Yeah right, scumbag, they're running it into the sewer where it rightfully belongs. You people have done a great job.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
Soooo, the US Catholic Cardinals are looking to the Vatican for a solution to the "sex abuse problem" in the US Catholic Church? Here's the answer: get rid of all the fudge-packing, rump-raiding homo priests, morons, and your problem is solved. It's not a pedophilia problem, it's a homo problem. Face the facts.
Oh dear Gaaawd, what does the world do about such lowlife, subhuman lib-dem garbage spreading disease and stupidity? Mis-Sir Elton John(-nie the homo) and Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, US Scumbag-ator of NY. Jeeeeez, what a pair of lowlife, criminal degenerates those two are. Where's John Hinckley or Mark David Chapman when The Country really needs them?
Good riddance, lib-dem commie lowlife, subhuman scumbag: Chavez is out in Venezuela. Back to Cuba, commie dogscum. Whoooops, he's back in power! The communist filth are back in Venezuela, probably to stay, and further ruin the stinking shithole of a country.
The epitome of whoreishness, Pamela Anderscum, Hepatitis C and AIDS-riddled slut, is getting married to another lowlife degenerate. I'm hoping their spawn dies upon birth; but probably both are sterile from the VD.
The IRS paying $30million in "slavery credits" on Income Tax Forms? Huh? Hey my Ancestors were Irish, German and English; aren't I eligible for some of those bucks? NOT! Get the damned money back from the idiot scammers, IRS.
This so-called "Titanic Auction" proved that stupid people with too much money, will buy anything. morons. Morons, cretins and idiots.
Oh Dear Gaaawd, the dreaded PennDOTers are striking again! Along with the DEPers, Army Corps of Engineers, and lib-dems scum from all walks/crawls of life.
idiots Ghetto cretinous-morons on the march in Seattle, threatening violence? I'm guessing the local gun shops are doing a brisk business, as the White Citizens stock up on firearms and ammo. Bring it on, scumbags. Just because blacks commit 75% of violent crimes, doesn't mean this black 2x felon scumbag was guilty, does it? LOL! (Lots of laughs...)
Hilarious! A gay homo black prisoner is filing suit today against Texas prison officials for allegedly ignoring his cries for help and allowing him to be repeatedly raped and sexually enslaved by fellow inmates. Hells bells, he's getting all the fudge-packing and rump-raiding he can dream of; what more can a subhuman, degenerate deviant homo wish for?
Yes, I agree here. You?

Clearly Needing Execution.
Gov George "I'm a corrupt GOPer" Ryan of Illinois, a RINO, is an moron for declaring a moratorium on executions, and an even bigger RINO moron for recommending changes to the process. There's 3,700 subhuman direly needing execution on death row; let's pull the switch, let's drop the cyanide pellets, let's push the hypodermics into a vein and rid the world of the garbage. He belongs in prison with his corrupt, criminal staff of lowlifes. Just my opinion.
Hmmm, slow week for justice in America.
Child molesting, half-breed lowlife predator? Execute him. End of problem.

Does It Work?
We've all seen the goofy late-night ads for products that will improve your life. This plain-looking (but fascinating) compilation of "As seen on TV" product reviews from an NBC affiliate in Abilene, Texas, provides consumers with information on the veracity of commercial claims. If you were wondering whether the AB-Slide will give you a six-pack or if DiDi Seven will really remove that stain, you'll find the answers here. With thorough reviews of everything from that Letterman-favorite the Hairagami to the oddly named Thermo Fork, get the scoop on products that seem too good to be true.

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