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Friday, April 24, 1998

as I read the headlines, I'm struck by the inequity and imbalance of the reporting of facts. Biased liberal scum report only those quasi-facts which they believe will advance their agenda; ultra-conservative right-wing nuts do the same. And the zealot, religious right nutcases seem to have their own crusade cause celeb for cleansing society of whatever offends them. All of which means we're being lied to on a daily basis. There are few publications whose editorial architecture doesn't reflect the owner's or publisher's or editor's viewpoint; usually with very little basis in truth and reality. A simple scan of the available mainstream and alternative publications brings this factoid home quickly.

Ever The Lowlife.
Saying he's doing his job for the American people, the lying liberal son-of-a-bitch Slick Willie The Bubba is taking every opportunity to travel overseas in order to avoid his sex scandalized so-called administration.
And Ken Starr isn't finished with the lowlife scumbag Clinton yet. I believe that Starr has the tenacity and ferocity of a cornered badger: hang on to the soft underbelly is presented and then rip the living shit out of it.
Clinton may have gotten a temporary pass on the Paula Jones suit, but she's also coming back swinging. All this shit will haunt Clinton way beyond the end of his term I truly hesitate to call him president and into private life, where his privates got him into trouble in the first place.

Not My Fault.
Another idiotic survey has been released: whites access the Net more frequently than blacks. Well duh to that. What a surprise.
If you take a few minutes to read the moronic quotes from the boneheads who conducted and compiled this so-called survey, it readily becomes clear that they're a pile-of-shit, bunch of whining liberal filth who insinuate that whites owe blacks free computers and unlimited, high bandwidth Net access. Izzat zo?
Do we? I don't f*cking think so. If blacks want computers, go get a job and earn one. If they want net access, call a local ISP and order it. Don't wait around until the shit-for-brains liberal scum mandate both so all blacks will be prepared for the 21st century. The best way for those blacks to get prepared for the 21st century is to take some responsibility for their own lives, get the hell off welfare, get a job (or two or three) and earn their way in this world like the rest of us do. Understand, folks?
Anyone with a functioning brain could have figured that out. Wonder why they didn't? Well, they're liberal democrats, aren't they.
I'm very far from being a racist, but when liberal democrat morons try to defer blame on to me for other peoples' problems and want me to pay another f*cking handout to the undeserving for things that they should earn through hard work like the rest of us, I get outraged. Black school children need an education to prepare themselves for a useful life in the next century; not expensive computers and high speed access to the Net. Go f*ck yourselves, liberal filth. You pay for their computers and Net access. I sure won't.

Jail The Whore.
The slut emerged from a dank, dark cell where she should stay for the rest of her unnatural life. The criminal McDougal bitch needs to be kept locked up with a prison full of butches for the next 125 years. Sauce for the goose.
A convicted, lying, cheating, thieving criminal liberal scuzbag, McDougal goes on trial next in Los Angeles for embezzling $150,000 from conductor Zhubin Meta and his wife. A typical liberal act.
If the $2 liberal slut won't testify, lock her sorry ass away for 5-10.

Liberal Democratic Garbage.
Like slime oozing from a pit, the grassroots liberal democrats are trying to revive their real origins, after having co-opted the Republicans positions on almost everything for the past 6 years.
The Wellstone and Glenn scumbags don't stand a snowball's chance in hell; the country has pretty much swung to right-of-center in the last 20 years and it doesn't appear that it'll swing back to the left anytime soon.
The washed-up, old JFK degenerate style John Glenn, who bought himself a trip back into space with his slow destruction of the Senate Committee Hearings on Campaign Reform last Summer, is a pathetic old creature. He's contributed nothing since entering politics; instead trading solely on his one lousy ride up into space.
Prior to his entering politics, he was an admirable national figure; now he's just a piece of liberal shit.
Crooks and scum abound in the Clinton Cabinet, just as the ultra-greedy, self-made millionaires, do, all of whom are bailing out to get back to the private sector's money machine. Clinton's corrupt administration has made many rats leave the ship, and more are to come. Many will be indicted; some will be convicted and jailed. Good riddance.

Why There Is No God.
One of the biggest ongoing lies is organized religion. Although it's a very personal and testy issue with almost everyone, it's a sham and a scam. I used to be a religious person, raised a Methodist, but found it and all religions worthless in the 60s, and still without redeeming value in a world where chaos and evil reign.
In addition to allowing innocent children to die young and violent deaths, and evil criminals to live long lives, the fake man-made idol called God also allows inhuman animal slaughter by ignorant, moron Canadians who should still be living in caves while participating in this archaic, 12th century barbaric ritual. They're so f*cking stupid that they haven't figured out other, more profitable, less injurious ways of making a living. Killing anything isn't much of a living.
These Canadian criminals call themselves sealers because they're incompetent, lowlife, subhuman Cannuck-f*cks who can't function in any other productive capacity, brutally murder baby seals and skin them alive for a few dollars per pelt.
If there truly were a God figure, s/he would exact terrible retribution onto these cowardly Canadian filth and onto all who harm innocents anywhere, be it human children or animals. In leiu of the non-existent false God figurehead, I'd be most happy to use my fully-automatic M16 w/ M70 grenade launcher on the Canadian scumbag cowards. I sent them an email challenge; they cowered and hid like the filthy chickenshits they are.
After seeing and hearing about all the horror in the world, it is quite obvious that no divine being exists, except in the minds and hearts of zealots and overly-pious wing-nuts. Any diety worth a shit would put an end to the suffering and agony experienced by Earth's pathetic inhabitants. I've said for three years in this space that child molesters, murderers and rapist should all receive the death penalty. Yet the liberal filth allow these crimes to continue by manipulating the courts and the laws in favor of evil criminals rights. Rights?
There is no evidence, real or imagined, of God, or whatever he-she-it is called these days. I challenge anyone to prove it to me. Religion was invented many thousands of years ago by the aristocracy to control the masses, by giving the people an opiate to satisfy their craving for answers to questions, since time immemorial. The Crusades, Inquisition, Allah's murdering minions in the middle east, corrupt TV evangelists and thousands of other heinous, evil campaigns are proof of past religious recruitment efforts. The fraudulent conspiracy still works today, duping hundreds of millions of people desperate for some ray of hope in an ever increasing world on confusion. Religion is a fraud and to blame for 90% of the world's ills.
It's relatively simple to prove the evolution and origins of the human species evidence abounds and is recognized and accepted universally but the so-called God figure of all religions is merely weak, diluted faith and adhered to by pathetic, lonely, lost souls. Simple myth. All the pity.

Justice Delayed.
Why does it take 15 years to put a piece of subhuman filth to death for murder? The stinking US Court system is filled with liberal garbage and degenerate, lowlife liberal lawyers who perpetuate the fraud of criminal rights. It's obscure shit laws that keep justice from being done promptly.
Criminals have no f*cking rights. They need to be executed after one appeal, one year and the prisons cleaned out. Use them as medical experiments, but whack the filth. The only right they have is to die quickly and not waste taxpayers money keeping them alive for decades. When someone whacks, rapes or molests, they give up all rights.
What about the right of the victim? Somehow, somewhere, society and the legal system has forgotten that tidbit. The right of the victim dead or alive to have the convicted perpetrator put to death should be paramount, both for the victim and for society's other innocents.
Here's an offer to the US Legal System: give me an M16, 1,000 clips (100 rounds each) and line up all the 4,000+ murderers on death row, 40,000+ rapists and 7,000+ child molesters languishing in our prison system in front of a large pit. I'll do the legal system's job in 1-2 days, saving the American taxpayers that's you and me billions of dollars and untold anguish and grief. Simple and quick head shots. No muss, no fuss, no cleanup. No more criminals, no more crime. I'd really enjoy that job; in fact, I'd gladly do it for free. A further savings over electrocution and lethal injection. What a deal.
Cruel and inhuman punishment? You bet. Just what those subhuman filth deserve in the form of justice. But probably not as terrible as what they did to their victims.
Remember the old Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs "Whistle While You Work tune? I'm whistling that right now. Gimme a gun and line the filth up. Judgment day is here.

Dan Burton must have been reading past issues of my Journal when he rightly called Clinton a scumbag. I've been calling Slick Willie the Bubba that for almost three years, as well as the subhuman liberal filth he hangs with.
American shrugged it off and laughed; only Clinton's hard core liberal filth supporters were indignant at the truth being told.
Ten or 20 years ago we would have been outraged as a nation at such language about our president; now, no one gives a flying shit. We're (collectively speaking) used the the lies, criminality and outright immorality the Clintons have brought to The White House. I'll never get used to it. I just smirk now.

f*ck You, Blumenthal.
One of the worst pieces of subhuman, liberal shit around today - wife-beater and convicted, public masturbator, Sydney Blumenthal is testing the libel laws of the Net. While I have no affection for the lowlife gossip, Matt Drudge, Blumenthal is a scumbag of the lowest order.
The cocksuckling, weasel Blumenthal thinks he's a writer of fact; he's actually an unemployed degenerate who writes for the tabloid trash fish-wrapper mags. No talent, no ethics, no morals, no brains; that's why Slick Willie The Bubba likes the scum-dog-boy. He's a former male prostitute, riddled with AIDS and syphillis from servicing liberal, democratic convicts in several prisons. Hitlery wanted to hose him, but her broomstick had become stuck and required an emergency operation to remove multiple splinters.
Hey Blumenthal pervert: sue me, you motherf*ckering dickbreath rectum-licker. I spit in your and your two-bit punk attorney's face.

InterNet Archive.
Everything which has ever been written or displayed on the Net so far, and everything which will be written or displayed in the future, can and will be found at The InterNet Archive. It's an amazing place; worth a visit and a bookmark.

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