the frenzied season

Friday, March 30, 1999

it was actually a relatively hectic week, in comparison to many gone by and many more to come. Weekdays are extraordinarily busy and the weekends are a full-blown madhouse at the Garden Center & Nursery. People are chomping mightily at the bit, wanting to get out and do gardening-related projects, though we're just now past our USDA Hardiness Zone 6 last frost date of April 27th. Tours of school kids, Scouts and churchgoers are coming through with regularity; it'll soon be time for the garden club folks to visit as well. Our advertising is bringing in thousands of new people, the website is attracting over a million new visitors during the gardening season, as well as drawing our regular patrons back. My sister, Becky, who was here for three weeks helping us get the place back into shape for The 9th Open House and for the '99 Season, left for her home in San Francisco. My friend, Lynetta, also returned to Portland, Oregon, after helping out for a week and touring some good local Italian restaurants and Longwood Gardens with me. Heavy frosts have hit the area for three nights in a row last week, knocking back many plants new growth and damaging newly-opened buds. Fortunately, all of the nursery stock and perennials here are both hardy and hardened-off, so we didn't sustain any appreciable damage. Much needed rains have now come to the region last week and weekend. I pray that the rains continue into the Summer, when we've had a traditional drought for the past two years and everything has suffered. Animals of all sorts are spewing forth offspring for 'tis the season. The list of landscape jobs has now grown to encompass all of August; it looks like we'll soon have eight crew members to implement the work this season, so perhaps we'll be able to complete the list and more, instead of turning work away or re-booking it into Spring 2000. Maybe.

Glad To Help.
As a pillar of the community, it's my company's responsibility to actively pursue as much community service work as is needed within my area of expertise.
Each year, we donate hundreds and hundreds of hours and many thousands of dollars to benefit York County and its people, both directly and indirectly.
One of our local newspapers, The York Daily Record, did a nice piece on our donation of time, equipment and materials to get some inner city families and kids involved in gardening. It was most gratifying to see their faces light up as the work progressed.

Sure, Blame The InterNet.
In their rush to place blame for the actions of two nutcases in Littleton, Col, everyone is now either blaming guns or the InterNet in a causal relationship. All of a sudden, the Net's under a lot of scrutiny.
America still doesn't understand that people have to take personal responsibility for their own actions. Considering the lying, raping, responsibility-evading moron we have for a so-called president, it's no wonder that many people want to fix blame elsewhere.
What if those two mentally-ill shooters had used a Jeep Cherokee to mow down kids in a parking lot? Would everyone be clamoring to remove Jeeps from the road and sue Chrysler? Probably. Blame is easily assigned; the truth is so much more elusive.
There are plenty more nutcases around; only lib-Dem moron filth would blame this insanity on The InterNet. And they do with regularity.
The costs are enormous.
Look at the lying, rat-bastard, rapist Clinton wagging that finger again; remind you of when he wagged it and lied to America about the Monica slut's blowjobs?

Time To Move On.
Sure, it was terrible and horrible and sad and all that. But it's now way past time to move on with life after burying the dead. Enough hand-wringing and whining already.
Instead, the moron AlGore and Colin "Uncle Tom" Powell and numerous other scumbags and lowlifes are taking full political advantage of the tragedy with inane speeches and rallies. What a bunch of hypocrites. Even the clueless clergy are now involved; morons and idiots who couldn't find their own asss with both hands are now pontificating on the cause and effect.
Even the medical workers are whining about having to do their jobs. Hey wimps: get another line of work if you can't handle it.
Get the kids back to school, quit obsessing and compulsing over the incident. Let the law enforcement and legal system do their jobs and bring the investigation to a close. The Nation's sick of this shit.
And while we're at it, someone ought to lob a grenade on to the stage when this piece piece of shit is playing its garbage music shit. If anything needs Killing, it's this trash.

Compromised National Security.
The stinking, liar, rapist, shit-for-brains Clinton has actively allowed espionage and spying to go on unabated since '92 because the slimy, yellow, dog-f*cking, Chi-Comm's own Clinton's sorry ass, outright. They've bought his allegiance and that of the hacks, flacks and flunkies who work for the Scumbag-In-Chief with illegal campaign contributions.
Clinton should be tried, convicted and executed for treason. He's garbage.
The Cox Report will be released in a few weeks detailing the stupidity, incompetence and blatant corruption in the so-called administration's efforts to position Red Commie China as a strategic partner, when in fact, filthy yellow scumf*ckers were stealing the US National Labs blind.
Instead of tightening up controls against the stinking Chinks, the Clintonite scumbags are trying to make political hay out of the now tiresome tragedy in Littleton, Colorado, by trying to introduce new gun control laws against American Citizens. There are already dozens of laws on the books which deal with that problem. What a lowlife piece of shit Clinton is.
The idiots, morons and cretins who voted for the moron Clinton in '92 and '96 still don't understand what he's done to rape and weaken the military of it armaments and allow foreign spies into the US National Labs for a price. How can people be so stupid and blind? I've still only met one lowlife who admitted he voted for Clinton; no one else has the guts to say that to my face.

Back To Normal.
Thanks Delaware, for restoring my faith in our heavily-flawed, but all-we've-got-to-work-with Legal System's approach to capitol punishment. Last week was too quiet; with 3,700+ pieces of shit languishing on Death Row and none being executed, I was distressed at the lack of activity.
It's very important to keep executions moving at a more rapid rate like Texas and Virginia usually do to clean the lowlife, garbage filth out of the prisons.
All murderers, rapists, child molesters and traitors should be executed immediately upon conviction, without appeal, comment or delay.
American taxpayers that you and I, Sherlock spend $16 billion to house, clothe, feed, supply computers and TVs, with full blown legal libraries, 3,700+ subhuman filth on Death Row each year. That's between $40,000 and $60,000 per inmate per year. Hell, there are many families who don't make that kind of money. Yet we're wasting money protecting human garbage, while their victims are still dead.
That doesn't make any sense. Elect me King For A Day and I'll have every son-and-daughter-of-a-bitch on Death row executed within 24 hours; I'll gladly do it myself until the barrel of my .357 magnum is white hot.
Fry this cop whacker, piece of shit.
No mercy either for this murdering piece of shit, disguised as a VietNam Vet. Waste the scumbag.
And presidential assassin, shit-for-brains John "Hey Jodie, aren't I cool?" Hinckley needed to be executed after the attempt in 1981. Instead, the stinking liberal courts found him insane isn't anyone who tries to or murders someone else, insane? and the US Taxpayers have footed the $60,000 per year bill for his medical treatment. $1,080,000 so far to keep that subhuman piece of garbage alive. Well shit, I have the magic bullet for his f*cking illness: a .357 magnum in the stinking cerebellum, baby. Just give me 10 seconds with that piece of shit.
And while I'm at it, f*ck the whining, bed wetting, liberal scumbags in the UN Commission On Human Rights for trying to halt executions; eat shit and die, you cowardly motherf*ckers. Human rights? What about the innocent human victims? I sincerely hope your wives and daughters are viciously raped and murdered, and all your children and molested and murdered. Then, let's see you take the same ignorant stance. Executions are the sanest way to rid all societies of subhuman filth who prey upon the innocents.

Also Back To Normal.
After too many years without the death penalty, South Africa is finally coming to its senses that it's the only real way to control violent crimes.
I'm confident that their national plebiscite will reinstate it. Let the hangings commence!

Another Dud.
For two years, I've been hearing about how the CIH virus is going to wreak havoc and hell upon the world. Well, it's a f*cking dud. No one I know has experienced it yet. It's another hoax which causes anti-virus program users to flood anti-virus company websites, sign up and download new protective files, at great profit for the software companies.
Well okay, a few idiots in Europe and Asia got hit, simply because they don't use anti-virus programs and do use pirated software, which is full of bugs. Serves them right for running without anti-virus software.
It's a money-making scam for the software manufacturers; how else would they see a periodic (monthly), huge rise in profits? Certainly not from new users signing on to their services without the scare to motivate.
All of my computers at work and home remain unaffected and I spend more time of the Net than any other 43 people I know, combined.
Hey towelheads, wake the hell up and buy some honest protection. This time, you got what you paid for.
Why are the DOJ morons investigating Microsoft, when they should be looking real closely at this conspiracy scam?

Inauillegal alienious assets.
First, an F117A Stealth Fighter either crashes or was shot down; now a high-tech, Apache Helicopter Gunship does down trying to land.
Billions of dollars of equipment assets wasted, but the human factor survived. And for what reason? To what end?
Primarily so the Clinton moron could deflect public attention away from ChinaGate and his own complicity as a traitor in allowing the filthy, stinking ChiComm espionage to continue unchecked and unabated. The dirty slope dog scum, Riady criminals own Clinton's pathetic lying, raping ass. They've contributed millions to his 92 and 96 campaigns, as a price for access to US national Secrets.
At least our 3 Servicemen are still alive.
And The US House of Representatives finally found its balls and ovaries. The cowardly US Senate never will.
Ummm yep, we're at war.

When my family lived in West Virginia in the early 50s, there was plenty of moonshine available, but I was a mere single-digit child. In the late 60s, I sampled Iowa Moonshine during my hippie days in the late 60s and early 70s, and wasn't impressed.
But this site is fascinating in its history, production, use and sale of moonshine. A great site to curl up with after you've run out of '95 Sebastiani Cabernet Sauvignon or '94 California Bella Vista.

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