the reparations scam
Friday, April 5, 2002

uh oh, the toothpaste is out of the tube, and the door is now wide open: the lawsuits have been filed and will begin to clog the already over-burdened US Courts. It doesn't matter one bit that America has spent millions billions trillions on blacks, indians and myriad other assorted minorities, over the past 50 years to give them a chance at a better life. Or that the slavery "debt" was once already, heavily-paid for, in a national civil bloodbath. Problem is, and I'm sorry to say, they aren't smart enough to take advantage of the opportunity, and they aren't smart enough to handle it when if they achieve it. Preferential treatment in education, the workplace, healthcare, housing, the corporate wworkplace and much more, over the illegal exclusions of whites, didn't matter to the courts. It had to be done to "atone for slavery", in America's 1500s - 1800s. It's now of no concern or matter to modern day America, since the problem was already resolved long ago, at horrendous cost. And then, his posit: what if no slaves had ever been brought to these shores? They'd still be living in filth and abject squalor, rampant disease, child rape and incest, tribal massacres, swinging from the tree vines with their primate brethren. But they were given a once-in-a-lifetime chance to escape that unending turd world horror, albeit the circuitous route of slave-to-citizen, and now they're whining and suing for more. The liberals and democRATs have kept blacks and other minorities down via social programs and welfare checks for generations, making them beholden to the DNC, instead of to themselves. In leiu of teaching them to take responsibility for their own lives, the lib-dems have encouraged lawlessness, family unit disintegration, personal lethargy, government dependence, self-despondence, plentiful drugs and it's concomitant crime, personal illegitimacy, disfunctional illiteracy and anything which their sleazy liberal judges and corrupt legislators could dismiss or legislate away. There will never be a point at which "racism" is ended; blacks are some of the most racist and bigoted people on this earth, and that'll never change, no thanks to the hateful lib-dem lowlifes. Far, far too many love their lib-dem-assigned "victim" status, and will never give it up for responsible behavior. The insidious destruction of blacks continues at the hands of the lib-democRATs, and they don't even know it. Lowlife bigoted racists like Jesse "Hymietown" Jack-scum and fat, stupid Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum are the race-baiters and misery-profiteers which feed off the rotting carcass of the black race. Actually, there are thousands of these criminal parasites who scam their own race to the cheers of the stupefied multitudes and are "heroes" to the corrupt DNC filth. Where's James Earl Ray when he's really needed?

Around The Garden Center.
Hey, we got rain, real measurable rain! It rained most of Easter Sunday, but the total was just less than 1/2 inch; but we'll gladly gratefully take it. And we got another heavy, but short, rain on Wednesday afternoon. Sure, the few rains we've gotten have helped, but so much more is needed to alleviate The Drought From Hell.
Hmmmmmmm, so this is why I'm not-all-that-pleasant, all the time? Okay, I can buy into that analysis rationale. Getting up once again at 4am, truly sucks, after sleeping-in on "banker hours", all Winter. The older I get, the longer it takes to get used to it.
An update on the fat Muslim scumbag who approached me at The York Mid-Atlantic Hort Show back in February. I've made several trips to his residence north of York (PA), but have seen no activity in any of the visits. Perhaps they've read my Journal and have laid low or left the area. I still believe they're terrorist co-conspirators/funders and are targeting me for ranting about them in these pages. I and Mr Glock probably should have gone through with the landscape visit, bringing a couple of armed FBI Agents along disguised as landscape workers.
We've been getting ready for tomorrow's 12th Annual Open House, for the past 2-3 weeks, setting-up the Garden Center and Nursery, potting-up nursery stock, perennials, re-painting, cleaning and a million more tasks, all much-needed since last Fall. I expect between 1,000-1,500 people through on Saturday, and another 700-1,000 through on Sunday. Hey, it's hard to keep an exact account; that'd be too US Gummint. It's a big social event each year, plus we have either a jazz trio, string quartet, brass band or orchestra, serve wine and food, and basically invite the entire region. Mange, mange!
Gas has already hit $1.42.9/gal (89octane) and, with rumors of an impending oil embargo and Mideast war, it could get much, much worse, in terms of supply and price.
My Garden Center & Nursery is bursting at its seams with rare, unusual and hard-to-find Specimen Grade nursery stock and many, many thousands of perennials and ornamental grasses. We've just hired some new wannabe landscapers, who'll be trained by the older, more seasoned "regulars". The place is looking awesome this year; I've never seen it look better to start off the season. We're ready to rock 'n roll; rainfall is the only unknown factor.

XP Rocks! Win98 Is No More.
I limped through the weekend using a crippled Win98 O/S, basically working my files off a Zip Drive unit at my office. It was slow, but it worked well enough that I could grind out a few landscape estimates, get this week's work schedule noodled-out and posted, and keep email (Netscape v4.78) running.
Jeff came by Monday afternoon, and got Windows XP Pro installed on the office unit; I spent the days Tuesday and Wednesday installing applications and copying data files from Zips into the appropriate folders. Tweaking and fine-tuning XP Pro and all the apps I use, took a couple more days. Next? My home machine gets XP Pro installed and the awful-by-comparison Win98 banished to the dustbin of history. I'm a convert to XP now.

The Massacre of September 11th.
If true, this is one of the most worrisome scenarios I've ever read, and it won't matter how many Glocks, Colts of ARs I have. JR Norquist's cogent analysis of the Red Mercury Nightmare is both chilling and prophetic.
Someone shoot this sandidiot punk in the skull; his so-called "brother", a Muslim goat-humping, Islamist boy-buggering, women-mutilating deviant was responsible for The Massacre of September 11th. I'd like all of the bin Laden filth dead and buried with copious amounts of pig guts. I'd prefer to whack all the bin Laden trash, so none can propagate again, ever.
Ooooooooooooooooooo, world leaders are warning against Killing harming Yow-sir Arrid-fart (aka Yasser Arafat), the stupid, ugly, dwarf, turd-sucking, porkfat-eating, towelhead, boy-buggering, sandidiot terrorist? Hey world leaders: f*ck screw you all! If I had the chance to head-shoot that piece of shit, I'd do it in a heartbeat. So too, would any Israeli. And f*ck screw the USA's "orders", too. Do what you need to do, Israel.
Oh Jeeeeeeeeeeez, Colon Bowel (aka Secretary of State, Colin Powell) is going to the MidEast, at the behest of two leading US Senate democRATs. US Sen Joseph Biden, D-DE, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and plagiarist, liar and scumbag traitor, and US Sen Joseph Lieberman, D-CT, all-around lowlife, loser, liar and whiner scumbag, have implored W to send his #1 Token idiot to do battle in a theater he's unsuited for.
Yes, Iraq's deeply involved; Dad and Rush been saying so since The Massacre of September 11th, and I'm now a 5-month believer that Sodomy Insane must die. Sure, I weigh the Gummint's line on the situation, but temper that with other reports and news and personal affidavits.
Egyptian student demonstrators rioting against Israel? Pro-terrorism? Obviously. whack 'em on sight. What's the question about Palestinian Muslim scum trash?
Anyone doesn't think that towelhead terrorists aren't actively involved in the US and aren't raising terrorist support monies through "legal charities" with the aid of the corrupt RINO slimeball, Grover Norquist, should read this.
In The Church of The Nativity or not, whack as many of the subhuman Palestinian terrorist filth as you can, Israel. Don't let any escape; whack them all.
Suicide bombings in the US, like those in Israel? Very possible, this article says. I can say with assurance that if and when they do happen, all Arabs and Muslims will become fair targets for American civilian guns. We'll shoot and whack them all on sight, and no American jury will convict for self-defense.

Recess appointments? Sure, I have no problem with W&Co using the technique to install quality Conservative candidates, who have been denied by the lowlife, partisan, left-wing wacko, lib-democRAT shitfilth, scumbags. As far as I'm concerned, appoint everyone this way after the "US Senate Rump-Raiders, Fudge-Packers", have denied The Truth.
American GIs as a peacekeeping force in the middle east? What a dumb, stupid, dangerous idea, W. Let Israel whack, massacre, exterminate every towelhead piece of shit over there, and keep US Forces out of it. That's the only way there'll ever be "peace": the complete and total elimination of all subhuman Arab/Islamic/Muslim scum.
Our former RINO governor, Tom Ridge, did nothing to rid Pennsylvania of the hideous "inheritance tax" during his 8 years here, and it looks like Gov Schweiker won't either.

Lib-democRAT Lowlifes.
The lowlife, lying, turd-that-won't-flush scumbag, Billy Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, disgraced, corrupt, impeached ex-president, is once again back in the news, again lying about the money-for-pardons he handed-out just before leaving the sullied office of president. Gaaawd, liberals truly are subhuman garbage.
The wacko left-wing Food Fascist-Nazis are coming; I've already said that tome. The toothpaste is outta the tube, chum.

Scumbags and Lowlifes.
Sorry, I have no sympathy for drunk-and-drugged, college scumbag punks who riot and destroy. The police should quickly break some heads, perhaps whack grievously wound 3-15 for example, and quell the "disturbance".
Good riddance, lowlife cornbread boy-scumbag Cornell West dogshit. Buh-bye, scumbag tooth-boy idiot traitor to your race.
The rump-raiding, fudge-packing homos in SF are Killing themselves again with AIDS. Great, I love it. C'mon ass-licking filth, die by the millions. We're glad to be rid of you filthy scum; just wish it didn't take you so long to die-off.
Most of us readily associate the names Apple, IBM, and Compaq with computer hardware. But do you remember the names Acorn, Luxor, or Eagle? Starting in 1973 with R2E's Micral, a computer with a processor speed of only 108 KHz, this site archives over 500 old computers. Rounding out the "old" machines is Amstrad's PCW 16 from 1994, a robust computing wonder that clocked in with 16 MHz and an operating system named Roseanne. This homage to defunct hardware shows how far computing power has come in the past few decades. Here's the IBM PS2/50 I got back in '82; what a hoot! I still have that old micro-channel in the basement gathering dust, programs intact.

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