Electile Dysfunction

Friday, August 13, 2004

t's been a long political campaign season, so far. And we've got a long way to go, to get this political shit finished. It's all just a fleeting illusion; actually, it's all the obverse/reverse side of the same coin. It's often said that "there's not a dimes worth of difference between the two political parties". I mildly disagree. The GOPers, while emulating lib-dem garbage on some issues, are still vastly preferable to the Coalition Of The Wild-Eyed™, Klintoon-Kool-Aid® slurping, commie-socialist-nazi, lowlife degenerate, subhuman, deviant, garbage, hate-America, "Anybody But Bush™", traitorous liberal-demokkkRATs. This election is not about VietNam, as the lying, phony, fake Kerry liberal-demokkkRATs would have us believe. Rather, it's about our Nation's security and safety, first and foremost, and about the economy. All else is irrelevant, in comparison. America has fractured into two nations, and the chasm of philosophical difference, seems insurmountable just now. It will take another major terrorist strike, or multiple strikes, to witness the unity we had after 9-11, albeit for a short while. In the interim, the liberal-demokkkRATs and other Fifth Column™ entities, have become The Enemy Within™, and are actively offering aid and comfort to the subhuman Muslim/Islamic enemy. What is it that the traitorous liberal-demokkkRATs don't understand about, Freedom Isn't Free? Apparently, everything. If the Kerry-Edwards liars, charlatans, lib-dem scum are elected, the American Voter will have handily proven that, as a collective body, they are unfit to even have a vote in what America is and does. The Constitutional Republic — we are not a democracy — will have been mortally wounded and our short run as the world's champion of liberty and freedom, ended.

Around The Garden Center.
On Friday morning, I still had no phone service, as a result of Wednesday evening's violent thunderstorms. I'd called Verizon Thursday evening, and filled out a repair order on their website. I checked the work order status on Friday afternoon: waiting to be assigned to a repair tech, estimated repair date Sat 6pm. Actually, the phones were repaired by 5:30pm on Friday. Nice going, Verizon!
The cool and dry weather we've had since last Friday, courtesy of the storms from Canada, has more than made-up for the hot and humid weather of the past 9-10 weeks. Low humidity, daytime temps in the 70s and nightime temps in the 50s, has made for some great sleeping-with-all-the-windows-wide-open nights, and a real pleasure just to go to work. I can't remember anything like this within the past 15 years, in August; usually it's oppressive heat and humidity. This feels like October/ November. It didn't last long. By Sunday, it had gotten considerably warmer and more humid, and got progressively worse all week. Back to normal, for August.
Want to see what my website looked like in early '96? Go to The Wayback Machine for a peek.
Two packs of Marlboros and a small coffee, to go, at Sheetz® Gas Station in York, PA = $9.11. Working on a landscape estimate in MS-Works, later Wednesday morning; hit Ctrl-semicolon to timestamp the spreadsheet = 9:11am. Hmmmmm. Now, I'm getting freaked out.
Holy shit! Tropical storms Charley and Bonnie are headed up the east coast, right toward us in the Mid-Atlantic Region. The advancing storm began hitting us on Thursday afternoon and it's predicted that we'll 3-5" of rain through Sunday. Nice; just what we need.
The Dog Days of Summer are almost behind us. For some (like me), it will be a reason to celebrate; for others it is a time to lament the passing of the Summer season. While the dog days have made many us feel like we're swaddled in fur, the period is actually named after Sirius, the Dog Star. Sirius rises with the sun when Summer is at its hottest. The dog days traditionally run from July 3 to August 11. The ancients believed extra heat generated by Sirius in conjunction with the sun caused this sizzling spell of weather. Sirius is the brightest star at night, after all. But Sirius, which is found in the Canis Major (big dog) constellation, is some 50 trillion miles (80 trillion kilometers) from Earth — too far away to influence temperatures here. In Roman times, the dog days — or dies caniculares, in Latin — were associated with intolerable heat, lethargy, disease, and, appropriately enough, mad dogs.
Uh-oh, here comes the new, NewPrice Virus. All virus writers/senders should be tracked down and summarily whacked. Your thoughts?

Ol' shit-for-brains, mentally-ill US Sen John "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ) denounced the Swift Boat Vets' ad that portayed the traitorous Kerry filth as a liar? Hey, McPain-in-the-ass: you're a dogshit liar, coward and traitor!
Headline: GOP Courts Amish Vote. Huh? WTF are you wasting your time, W? They don't vote! They're still in the 17th century, GOPers. Wake up.
Ahhhh, strategery. Nice job, W.
Congressman Rodney Alexander (D-LA) has switched parties, to the GOP; welcome aboard, US Rep Rodney Alexander (R-LA).
Can you imagine this happening in the run-up to The Massacre of 9-11? Un-freaking-believeable!
It was 30 years ago, Sunday, that Nixon resigned during the Watergate Scandal. I remember the whole thing as if it were last week. Truly a scary, unstable time for America.
The AWB is dead; long live The 2nd Amendment.
What is the Bush Administration thinking? The State Department's invitation for an Austrian human rights group to monitor this year's US presidential election is a "frightening" development and "an absolute threat" to America's independence and sovereignty, IMO.
US Rep Porter Goss (Conservative-FL) has been nominated to be the new CIA Director? Great choice, W!
Boycott Heinz Co products? Yes, I have been for over 6 months. Heinz brands are here.
Colon Bowell to skip GOP Convention? Yawn.
Please, President Bush and Sec'y Ridge: pay attention to our borders and don't allow an American Hiroshima to happen.
Finally, some common sense about the sunsetting, illegal, hate-2nd Amendment, evil AWB.
Some great pics of President Bush in Phoenix, AZ at a rally, Thursday evening.
Viva US Rep Tom Tancredo (Conservative-CO)! He's the only pol who has the cajones to speak out and do something about the porous US-Mexican border and undocumented workers illegal aliens.
With the nation on high alert for al-Qaida terrorists, the Department of Homeland Security is putting its border officers through "etiquette" classes to soften their image and make them less threatening to arriving foreign immigrants. WTF is that all about, Mr Ridge?
No, Mr President, we don't want more illegal Mexicans in the US; we want less damned illegal Mexican garbage in here! Zero, dammit!
Go, Peter Coors!

John F(ucking) Kerry: Lying, Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
The Democratic National Committee quickly responded to ads that began airing this week which question Sen John F(ucking) Kerry's (LIAR-MA) military record. Lawyers for the DNC and the Kerry campaign sent a letter to station managers across the country advising them that their stations could be held "responsible for the false and libelous charges" made in the ads. Waaaaaaaah, crybaby scumbags! They can dish it out, but they sure can't take it. Get ready for another round of The Politics of Personal Destruction, against the Vets.
Mentally-ill John F(ucking) Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony.Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Kerry's a liar, fake, fraud and a phony. Any questions, Ketchup Boy/Bitch? Ummm, thought so. Watch the Swift Boat Vets' TV ad video, right here.
Watch mentally-ill John F(ucking) Kerry's long history of flip-flopping on the issues, and especially Iraq. Here's the video. (Windows Media Player) Just an amazing liar, isn't he? Like Bubba Jeffy Klintoon? Pretty damned close. Now, here's Kerry backtracking on Christmas in Cambodia lie, from 1986.
Here's the truth about the phony, fake, lying Kerry scumbag. Can you say, campaign meltdown?
Go, Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, go nail the lying Kerry scumbag!
The RINO scumbag, Bill O'Reilly O'shithead is also in denial of the Swift Boat Vets for Truth ad. O'Scumbag is also a phony, who pretends to be Conservative, but is really a liberal piece of shit. FOX NEWS sucks.
Yes, John F(ucking) Kerry is unfit for command. He's lying, lowlife, subhuman, degenerate liberal-demokkkRAT garbage.
Dumbass, shit-for-brains John F(ucking) Kerry has charged that President Bush was "paralyzed for 7 minutes" after the first plane hit the WTC on 9-11, but he neglects to explain how he and other congresscritters sat around for 40 minutes, "unable to think". Liar. asswipe.
Don't think the corrupt, liberal-biased lamestream media is committed to seeing Kerry win the presidency, in November? Read this article.
Kerry's laaaaaw-yers should be tortured and executed, very s-l-o-w-l-y, and painfully. They're all filth.
Kerry's a fake, a phony, a liar and a fraud. Surprised? The Kerrys are paranoid and delusional subhumans.
"At the risk of finding myself quarentined (SIC) at Guantanamo or Abu Graib, I would like to ask my conservative (SIC) friends to take a few minutes to consider a few points involving their candidates for President and Vice-President." (((sigh, asswipe lib-dem garbage)))
Nancy Pelosi — pigshit Islam's useful idiot/ whore — bringing Islamo-fascism's "diversity" to America? She's a traitor; execute her.
The partisan, lowlife alcoholic bigot, of CBS News, Mike Wallace, can't handle the booze, anymore. He's off the deep end, lunging at TLC Inspectors in NYC. Dry out, Mikey, you alcoholic lib-dem scumbag.
What a stone-cold waste of $60 million, liberal-demokkkRAT morons.
Everytime the phony, fake, liar John F(ucking) Kerry opens his mouth, he lies about something else.
www.muslimsforkerry.com is John F(ucking) Kerry's latest victim voting bloc, as are all the other subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT filth. Here's their pathetic, hate-America, Anybody But Bush, website.
Criminal, decrepit, resigned-in-disgrace, lowlife liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag, US Sen Frank "The Crank" Lauten-barf (INCONTINENT-NJ), comes to John F(ucking) Kerry's defense. Snore. Go back to the resthome, Frankie. You're drooling all over yourself, and your Depends® needs changing.

Subhuman, Lowlife Liberal-demokkkRAT Filth.
Former world chess champion and current mentally-ill scumbag, Bobby Fischer Fisch-shit, has told US authorities he wants to renounce his American citizenship. Hey Fisch-shit: good riddance, asswipe!
Funk legend Rick James, dead? Good riddance, and please take all that shitty noise to hell, with you.
The ABA (American Bar association) are the bigots, not the Boy Scouts.
Speaking of bigots, racists and other lowlife subhuman filth, MEChA is intent on taking back the southwest for Mexico. And they're more than halfway there, too.
Awwww, Will Smith, the lowlife, moronic, bigoted, racist, hate-America, rich-from-Whitey's-money, dirtbag, thinks Bush lied to him? Eff you.
This is why we desperately need tort reform and why we should whack all the laaaaaw-yers.
Thanks to the traitorous, lying, impeached, disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, this scenario will happen all too soon.
Washed-up non-comedian, un-funnyman Bill Maher? Who? Never heard of the biased, liberal-demokkkRAT, Billy-Bob turd-boy.
Barack Obama (LIBERAL-IL) is a liar, fake and a fraud, as all liberal-demokkkRATs are. Yawn.
Breaking News... NJ's rump-raider, fudge-packer, liberal-demokkkRAT governor, Jim "The homo' McGreevy (HOMO-NJ), is resigning. He's a lowlife piece of subhuman filth; good riddance, scumbag.
Mentally-ill AlGoreBore is baaaaack! And he's pissed! Oooooooo, my; we're trembling at the very thought of Al "The Perennial Loser" Gore-Bore being so angry, screaming, slobbering and sweating all over us. Yikes, Al. So President Bush is once again politicizing 9-11 by appoint US Rep Porter Goss (Conservative-FL), as Director of CIA? Buy a freaking clue, GoreBore moron.
Thousands of marriages sanctioned in San Francisco earlier this year were voided Thursday when the California Supreme Court ruled that city's mayor overstepped his authority by issuing licenses to gay and lesbian couples. San Francisco Mayor, scumbag and criminal, Gavin Newsom said the city would appeal the 5-2 ruling by the state's high court. The criminal Newsom should be prosecuted as a criminal. for breaking the law. And homos should punish him at the ballot box, for leading them down the primrose path.
Maryland Comptroller William Donald Schaefer (SCUMBAG-MD), a brain-dead subhuman liberal-demokkkRAT shithead, said yesterday that illegal aliens drain health care resources — his second recent criticism about immigration.

Islam, The Cult of Death™.
Three men indicted last month, on charges of using a Muslim charity to finance terrorists, were released from jail Friday while they await an October trial, in Dallas. Big mistake. Can you say *flight risk*? We should have summarily executed whacked all three of the Muslim pigshit filth — Un-Holy Land president Shukri Abu Baker, chairman Ghassan Elashi and a top fund-raiser, Mufid Abdulqader.
Without further delay, whack the subhuman pigshit scumbag, Yassin Aref. whack the diaperheaded filth.
Sooooo, suicide bombers are "sane, rational people whose choice to end their lives as they whack others is considered perfectly normal in societies they grow up in." WTF kind of shit is that?
Stupid, dumbass, pigshit Muslims are trying to hijack the Jews' and Christians' religions, because theirs is a cult of death, terror and insanity.
Aw gee whiz, comedian Jackie Mason in trouble with the terrorist-supporting, seditionist scumfilth at CAIR, for telling the truth about the murderous, lowlife, subhuman terrorists of Islam, The Religion of Peace The Cult of Death™? Well, knock me over with a feather! Since when is telling the truth a crime? It ain't, Muslim pigshit filth.
No, I haven't personally witnessed any "probing attacks", as described in this article, but I have no doubt they're happening. GlocknSail has confirmed it to me, and he should know: he's a commercial pilot.
Good-bye, Cana-duh!
Want to find a Islamic mosque or Muslim-owned business, near you? Here's the IslamicFinder. Islam is a peaceful religion — just as long as the women are beaten, the boys buggered and the infidels are whacked. Right-o.
Oriana Fallaci, a veteran Italian journalist, has more guts and brass ovaries, that all of the EU Girlie Men, combined. She correctly labels Islam for what it is, in her new book. Fallaci's first book written after September 11, The Rage and the Pride, was an international bestseller, selling more than a million copies in Italy alone. Her follow-up, The Force of Reason, published in April this year as a tribute "to the dead of Madrid", has already sold 800,000 copies in Italy.
For anyone who still thinks that Islam is one of the world's "great religions", spend some time at this Muslim BB (bulletin board), and become re-educated as to what it really is: a socio-political system that controls every aspect of a mindless peoples' life, much the way fascism, nazism and communism did.
Yes, CAIR is a terrorist group supporting front for Hamas, and others.
What does terrorism have in store for the world? Right here.
Finally, a lucid analysis of the roots of Muslim hatred toward Jews in the Islamic world and possible solutions.
Al Qaeda's Muslim fanatics may have been seeking to disrupt the November elections with the terror plots uncovered last week — and considered using helicopters, speedboats, scuba divers and a limousine bomb as weapons.
Yes, Islam is the perfect enemy, and we should whack as many of them on the face of the Earth, as we can. Islam is evil incarnate.
The end of Canada has begun, as it has in Old Europe. The evil that is Islam, has gained a legal foothold and will spread like a cancer. Muslims should be deported or whacked.
Here's an interesting read, about taqiyya and kitman: The role of deception in Islamic terrorism.
America needs to track down and whack this subhuman, pigshit-slurping Hizbollah terrorist filth. Hizbollah and Hamas are cowards.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
Finally, a subhuman piece of shit goes to hell. A 74-year-old murderer became the oldest US inmate put to death in decades Thursday after courts and the governor refused to stop his execution. James Barney Hubbard died by lethal injection at 6:36 pm at Holman Prison near Atmore. Bravo, Alabama!
Clearly, Joel Steinberg needed Killing 17 years ago, after murdering his little 6 year old daughter, Lisa, in 1987. IMO, he should have been whacked in prison; "Dahmerized", as it were. Instead, Steinberg was released from prison last month and was sent to the Fortune Society, a Harlem halfway house, where he is receiving counseling.
Yes, Scott Peterson deserves to be whacked, as soon as possible, and so does his shitbag attorney. Both are subhumans.
A trucker, Ronnie Johnson, 53, who authorities said raped a 13-year-old girl, stabbed her repeatedly and left her tied to a tree in a remote area of Illinois was captured Monday evening after an exhaustive manhunt in neighboring Indiana. whack him.
A Nepali court sentenced notorious criminal, Charles Sobhraj, also known as the "Serpent" (Carville?) and the "Bikini whacker," to life imprisonment Thursday in connection with the Killing of an American backpacker in 1975. He should be tortured and whacked.

America at 10 MPH.
The US has a long tradition of daring adventurers and historic firsts. From Lewis and Clark's opening of the West to Neil Armstrong's famous step on the moon, Americans seek the excitement of exploration. Today marks another milestone in that endeavor. It's day one of a unique journey — the first solo attempt to cross America on a Segway. Yes, one man will ride the human transporter at a grueling 10 mph for the entire transcontinental journey. He and a crew depart Seattle for Boston in a courageous effort to capture "a sense of America and today's American dream." Along the 4,700 miles, they'll document their travels with daily video and audio updates. Want to meet this ambitious crew? They'd love to "talk with you, have dinner, party it up, and even crash with you." Who knows? You might end up on this site or in the documentary, chatting up America's next great explorer.

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