yes, i would
Friday, August 17, 2001

i'd rather destroy the fruits (money) of my labor, than surrender progressively more and more of it to the socialist-communist, liberal democRATs in illegally-mandated taxes. They'll just invent a new socialist entitlement, or expand & fund an existing socialist-communist program, to justify the tax. And the billions they spend via credit cards. No question that's what the scumbag pols live for. Tax relief is wonderful, exhilarating, giddy, almost definitively ephemeral and absolute proof that the intrusive US Government is taking far, far more than it "needs" to get the basics accomplished. (See US Constitution for full details.) Getting the vast overpayments back means government has just enough to live within its means. Citizens en masse should be in utter revolt Nationwide hopefully peacefully but in serious revolt, nonetheless. It was once thought impossible unlikely doubtful tough for the US Government to mobilize against its own people, with its own people (Nat'l Guard) leading the charge. But then, Kent State in '70 changed all that, as did Waco and Ruby Ridge, and Elian Gonzalez kidnapping, just recently, when jack-booted thugs led the charge. Probably won't happen again for very long time. Don't bet on it; it's happening almost every day, somewhere in the US.

Around The Garden Center.
Back to work on Friday. We got some limited relief from the oppressive heat, but no rain from those violent thunderstorms which had battered the Midwest; but hey, we'll take what we can get and be grateful for some cooler weather. Some moisture would have been nice. Hey, why fret and worry; the weather's beyond all of us mere mortals. We sure didn't get this kind of relief.
Saturday and Sunday were so uncomfortable 100% humdidity, 85-89°F and little no cooling wind that mere outdoor movement caused extreme sweat. Sure, the heat abated somewhat, but was more than offset by the rise in humdidity. Some very violent thunderstorms rolled through, dropping almost 2" of rain, but 99% ran off into streams and drains. Too much, too quickly; not enough time to soak in and replenish any ground moisture. Well, we'll take what we can get at this point in the Dog Days of Summer. The real storms and rainfall were about 50-90 miles south.
20 years ago IBMs were hot PCs; I know, I had one of the "more refined" units to come from Armonk: a PS2/50 in '82, with a 40kb hard drive and 512k of memory. It cost $4,200 and ran a 3.5" floppy, used MSDOS as an O/S and crashed with blinding regularity. I enjoyed working in DOS; I still "open a DOS Window" occasionally and play around, but things inside the boxes aren't comparable anymore. The old start-up sequence used to be seven lines of DOS code; now there's 32,000,000 in Win98. I used to write DOS code from scratch when the old IBM crashed, revive it and plod onward. Now, complicated apps like Norton SystemWorks 2001 keep it almost trouble free.
When I read articles like this, about freshwater becoming more and more scarce, and saltwater seeping in and taking its place, and the world going to war in 20 years over water, I have to realistically wonder why the hell the US isn't doing what Israel is now doing: extracting fresh water from seawater at a reasonable cost. When the freshwater runs out and someday it will there'll be an unlimited reservoir of brackish saltwater to deal with. Anyone with a functioning brain knows the Middle east populations have the technology to get the job done economically, and have done so for decades. It's called de-salinzation; FYI. I have drilled 6 wells and use them to "backfill" each other, but still run low in dry Summers. What's the delay in that technology?
After reading this story about hackers attacking broadband users' computers, I decided to install a firewall. I've played around with the idea for over a year, but installed ZoneAlarm last Friday and was amazed at all the blocked attempts to get into my home (Cable Modem) and office (dial-up) units. There were dozens of blocked attempts every hour on my always-on Cable Modem. All events were recorded and stored in a text file, with IP addresses available to me. One option is to send the IP back to Zone Labs and have them trace it and report to me. I seriously recommend this app even for dial-ups, but especially for Cable Modems and DSL.
Okay sure, maybe perhaps that's one of the reasons I drink vino. Maybe sure perhaps, not.
Despite this article's denigration of "condo living" which I enjoy, big time, I have no interest in a house and property. Why the hell heck would I the owner of a 20 acre Garden Center & Nursery want to come home to more gardening work? It'd be like a male gynecologist (MD) coming home after...??? Uhhhhhhh, no, we're not going there.
Gas prices have risen to $1.38.9/gal (89 octane) from $1.26.9/gal in the York (PA) area; a noticeable increase in two short weeks. Since the Getty®Marts™ have closed, I've been stopping at the so-called superstations in the area where their prices are bellweather for the mid-state.
You may have noticed my decreasing use of profanity over the past few months, in response to one dozens hundreds thousands lots of emails from readers, friends and relatives. Okay, okay, okay, they're sorta kinda right. And I'm trying, honestly I am. Some of the earlier entries were kind of crude in tone, albeit honest in content. I get outraged easily when I read about the shit which liberal scum and democRAT morons try to pull over on our once-proud America. This Journal's definitely not for sensitive readers or the younger set, and while there might be a few tuning in, I've decided to "tone it down" a tad bit. So there.
I took Thursday off and slept in until 10am. Did some food shopping, laundry, condo chores stuff that a divorced guy bachelor has to do and grilled two awesome 20oz Porterhouse Steaks, for right-now and shortly-later use. It was another very warm and humid day, in the upper 80s, with the promise of cooling thunderstorms in the evening, and maybe for the next 2-3 days. Ground moisture is still almost non-existent; we need 1-2 weeks of steady rain to replenish it. I'm constantly scanning the Net weather stations sure, ask me for my Level 1 Clearance Directory for some relief from endless searching.

GOP Bumblers.
No, I don't know enough about stem cell research. Okay, okay, I'm working on it. I thought adequate high-quality supplies could be obtained from discarded umbilical cords and to an extent they can to omit additional cluster-cell slaughter. Though, I'm not sure I believe that Human Life Begins in the Cell Stage. Do you?
In a monumental f*ck-up screw-up, the Bush Administration is defending affirmative action designed to help minority-owned businesses win federal government contracts a strict racial preference program with no regard to quality; merely race-based. It's junk and W will pay a high price for his stupid actions.
I can understand W & Co trying to be civil to the lowlife, stinking Chi-Comm slimeballs in offering what they consider a "fair settlement" for the EP-3 Recon Plane incident which their idiot pilot caused and paid with his worthless life for but even the $34,000 is way too much, IMO. The chinks demanded $1million. Bullshit. I'd offer the gook filth my middle finger, or a 100 megaton thermonuclear device right up Beijing's ass. Now that's a fair settlement.
Nice Op-Ed piece, W on stem cell research. I'm doing the best I can to read about and understand it...
I'm going to say this again: the Bush Administration is defending affirmative action designed to help minority-owned businesses win federal government contracts a strict racial preference program with no regard to quality; merely race-based. It's junk and W will pay a high price for his stupid actions.
A war in the Mideast in 3-6 months? What the hell do these morons think is going on there right now, and for the past several years? I'd love to see Israel blow away millions of the towelhead scum and cleanse the region of muslim garbage.
Even though I haven't worked in NYC for 12+ years, I'm gonna miss Rudy Giuliani, the only mayor worth a shit damn in the past 30 40 50 years. Lindsay, Koch, Dinkins were all garbage, idiots and lowlifes who let the city deteriorate and criminal scum run rampant, while crime soared. It'd be nice if Rudy took over DC and cleaned-up that shithole.
The Europeans disapprove of W's foreign policy? The very same socialist, communist, surrenderist, cheese-eaters, backward nations we've propped up and bailed out for the past 85 years? Yep, the very same lowlife nations who brought the world Hitler, Mussolini, Jack The Ripper and a thousand more wonderful experiences. f*ck them Heck, I'd take that as a badge of honor, W. None of them can find their own asses asss with both hands. Lowlife scumbags, all.
Get out of Israel's way, W; let them do what they need to do to survive and decimate the towelhead muslim filth who threaten their nation. If the US didn't depend upon all that towelhead Mideast oil, and had enough domestic production coupled with lower-quality Mexican and South American oil, we could tell them to go f*ck screw themselves. Instead, we're beholden thanks, mostly to lib-democRATs and cowardly GOPers and will allow Israel to commit national suicide.
When some moronic lib-dem lowlifes blame W for the falling federal budget surplus, read Ben Stein's reasons why and shove their whining, bed wetting, hand wringing lies back up their asses noses. There now; doesn't that feel good?

lib-democRAT Garbage.
To say that the corrupt, traitorous Clintoon-GoreBore cabal/ DNC was in cahoots with the subhuman Red Chi-Comm shitfilth, would be redundant. "They're" looking into it. Yeah, sure.
Instead of going to school, getting an education and taking responsibility for their own lives through a solid job, blacks continue to play B-Ball and dream of becoming NBA stars. Yeah, sure fellas. The liberals have kept you down for 50+ years and the dems continue that tradition today. How can you be that freaking stupid and not see what's going on?
It's still hard to believe that Alfred A. Knopf, Inc. (a division of Random House), would shell out $12+million to BJ Clintoon for a book of lies. The once venerable publisher is a lib-dem shill, empty and hollow of morals and ethics. I'll never buy another imprint from them again.
i think this says it all about BJ & Hitlery Rotten Clintoon & Co, pretty specifically. These guys/gals must have been reading my past Journal entries. Yep.
Lib-democRAT lowlife lying filth using Big Tobacco Settlement Money to fund socialist-communist entitlement programs? Sure; what'd you expect? Natch.
Not even able to grow a decent beard after 6 months, AlGoreBore took a small step back on the public stage Saturday at a Vanderbilt University political workshop. Nothing's changed: he's still a bad joke and the laughingstock of the lib-dem cabal.
AlGoreBore? AlGoreBore in '04? A loser leading losers? Yep, that's the same lowlife moron scumbag who hijacked the 2000 General Election for 36 days in an (il-)legal state court dispute, until the US Supreme Court shut his sorry, socialist ass down. I'm just sorry he didn't become uncontrollably depressed, stop his Viagara® and Prozac® meds, and whack himself. Would have done the US proud.
Oooooooo gee, the once-powerful and once well-respected Modesto Bee, a lib-dem fishwrap newspaper, is calling for Rep Gary Condit's "resignation" from the plucky US Congress. Won't happen. No habeus corpus; no crime, folks. Just like the lying BJ Clintoon, he's home free, "a home run", as his PR whore shill, Maria Ein oinks. Here's what really happened to the DEAD Chandra Levy. Get used to it; move on. The "old time media" won't report anything they deem not to be in their best interest. Besides, Gary won't go.
Like the bobbing turd which just won't quite flush, disgraced, impeached ex-president BJ Clintoon is now bobbing in some Australian toilets, trolling for speaking fees to pay legal bills for his criminal activities over the 8 terrible horrible awful sleazy years the US had to endure his presence.
With the primary witness against Mikey "Give Me Some Sex Little Girl Or I'll whack You" Skakel whacked murdered dead from a "drug overdose", the criminal Kennedy liberal filth scumbags are celebrating in the nearly 26-year-old murder case. His shit-for-brains lawyer is arguing that the statute of limitation on murder has run out; truth be told: there is no statute on murder. Skakel is accused of Killing his teenage neighbor, Martha Moxley. Skakel is an alcoholic drug addict who deserves prison and a 475lb lifer named "Scooter", as a boyfriend.
Never heard of him; don't watch TV as it is today, but a Hollywood type who "did the right thing", and didn't put out a press release, or check into rehab; bravo! That's one in a row, as compared to the miscreant filth which populates the industry.
The fat, stupid, racist bigot, misery-profiteering, race-baiting lowlife Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is back from 90 days at the Federal fat farm Prison, and he's raring to go, baby! This lardass idiot he's not black by any stretch of the imagination is ready to shakedown any white trash company showing weakness, just as the scumbag Jack-scum does. Both should be tried for extortion, convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. They're lowlife garbage, akin to rancid snake shit. Where's James earl ray when the Country really needs him?
HOT off The DRUDGE REPORT: Aides to lowlife, lib-dem moron Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy are adamantly denying a pending report that he is suffering from cirrhosis of the liver and needs a transplant to survive. The last surviving brother of President Kennedy has been diagnosed with a deadly form of cirrhosis of the liver, the NATIONAL ENQUIRER is planning to report, the DRUDGE REPORT has learned. "The senator has been fighting to stave off the disease, but his condition is far more advanced and serious than he's told family and friends," claims the paper. The ENQUIRER, in great detail, is planning to outline Kennedy's reported health drama: from the pills, to the booze, to a round of pneumonia. Unnamed sources say Kennedy was diagnosed with the fatal liver disease while being treated for what aides said was pneumonia. One can only hope it's so. His death won't be a asserfly's fart on the Pinhead of Time. Good riddance, you alcoholic murderer. Rot in Hell, with the rest of your criminal scumbag family.

Blatant Bullshit.
A California state judge ruled Thursday that a $3 billion verdict against Philip Morris Cos. was excessive and ordered a new trial, if the 56-year-old man with lung cancer, who brought the suit won't accept the reduced $100 million award as a settlement. This lowlife shouldn't get a thin dime; he knew the hazards. The "labels" have been on since the later 60s. We all knew. He's a liar and the "OJ Jury" believed him. Stupid moron scum.
Ever since I first heard about the U.N. back in the 50s, I was "hopeful" for world peace. But in recent years, lowlife communist, socialist filth have taken the organization over, and perverted it. The UN is garbage. The US should pull out completely, kick the third world lowlifes outta NYC and develop all that property.
This lowlife lib-democRAT shit is on a par with the Bitch Who Spilled Hot Coffee In Her Own Crotch, Sued MacDonald's for $15million, and Won $400,000 outta Court. Some lowlife scumbag who was shark bitten and lost his leg is suing the hotel, and Johnnie Cockroach will be his ambulance chaser. If the moron wants shark-free waters, swim in the hotel pool, not the ocean and shark's home. This case won't last 15 minutes in a court. Maybe.
Aw gee whiz, all those poor Hollywood lowlife scum are "burning out"? Wonder why I don't feel their pain? I wish them all the worst and a slow death. What a collection of pathetic, unfunny, untalented scumbags who can't live in the real world. Die filth, die.
One of the worst racists and bigots in the US, NAALCP (National association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) President Kweisi Mfume (aka Tyrone Leroy Johnson-of-a-bitch), is having trouble finding a real way to support blacks in their daily lives. They're now picketing hotels for non-existent offenses, illegally getting involved in American politics, and criticizing W for their own failures on behalf of blacks. The coke-snorting Julian Bond and 5-time illegitimate father Mfume, are desperate in their failed quest for a legitimate niche in society today. No one wants or needs them and their antiquated organization. Lowlifes, all.
White farmers and their families in Zimbabwe (Rhodesia) being attacked and whacked by mobs of drunken idiot filth? First, why are those stupid whites still there? Leave, you idiots! Try using your brains for once. Go somewhere else where you and your families will be safe. Go to another country, people. Second, get some M16s and UZIs and whack the criminal idiot scum. Protect yourselves and your families. Let the shithole country collapse after you've left; you are were the economy; the whole place will degenerate into chaos and anarchy if you leave quickly. Do it and let the cretinous-moron filth whack each other; they're (in)famous for that.
The NYTimes-Slimes reports that $30-35 million will be spent on an idiotic, lowlife, low-class slave museum? Are you Charleston, SC, cretins outta your skulls? shit for brains scumbag, Mayor Joseph P. Riley Jr, a lowlife liberal DemocRAT, himself a crackhead mommy-whore's preemie baby with brain damage, led the charge to waste that kind of money on something so f*cking freaking stupid.
Maryland Gov. Parris N. Glendening distanced himself yesterday from a boycott aimed at a Little League group in Montgomery County by a state Indian advocacy agency that is pressuring the league to stop using "Indians" and "Braves" as team names. Help me out here: why would anyone Little League, Pros, school teams etc willingly name their teams after lowlife alcoholic, drug-addicted, welfare-addicted indians?
China has rejected a US offer of $34,000 to cover costs related to the downing of a US Navy spy recon plane earlier this year. Aw gee whiz, the stinking chink-a-dink chi-comms are upset. Too f*cking bad. I still maintain that a 40 megaton
I have no f*cking problem putting a .9mm or .357 magnum through their empty heads; rioters, looters and anarchists deserve death; protestors don't. I'd gladly execute the criminal looters and rioters. A simple .357 or 9mm through their empty heads would do the task. Bang zoom!
Yep, black racism and bigotry is alive and un-well in Seattle.
A slavery museum in Virginia? What a pathetically stupid waste of US Taxpayer monies and a monumentally idiotic idea. A $100-200 million monument to race baiters, misery profiteers and liberal lowlife scum of all stripes. If it were put to a National Vote, it'd be whacked in a heartbeat. Let private monies fund it, not US Taxpayers. We have no interest in it. None.
Take a minute and read this story. I'll wait. Isn't this the most outrageous shit shit you've heard about today? A hate crime? Protecting his wife is a hate crime? I can't contain my anger or profanity, so I'm gonna move on. If it'd been me in his place, I'd have beaten that ref to death a bloody pulp.
This is where we're at with all this race shit in the US: way too sensitive for everyone's good. It's all bogus bullshit: witness the race-baiters and misery-profiteers proliferating on Race Industry, Inc.; a truly sad commentary on America today, and Idaho in particular.

Richly Deserving Death.
Yep, sure made my day: August's execution schedule nationwide. C'mon murderers, belly-up to the death chamber and get what's due. Your path to Hell is waiting, and I'm dancing in the streets.
"...whether the Constitution permits the execution of juvenile offenders?" Is that the f*cking freaking question? Heck, I can answer that: no! The US Constitution doesn't address the issue at all, moron liberals. It's obvious you've never read the document, lib-dem garbage. The United States is one of only a handful of countries that permit the execution of someone who was under 18 at the time of his crime, namely the half-breed murderous Napolean Beazley. Of the 38 states that have the death penalty, 15 bar the execution of such offenders. I'd lower the age to 14. If they can do the crime, forget understanding it, then they can die from the consequences. And good riddance from the gene pool. Execute this filthy murderer; do the Right & Just thing. Dammit! The cowards on the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals issued a stay of execution for this halfbreed Beazley lowlife subhuman piece of filth; damned state hasn't done anything right since W left. morons. Ruined my week.
Fry this murderous idiot, Beazley. And his white trash, lowlife ambluance-chaser lawyer. ASAP.
Here's another reason the death penalty isn't a deterrent anymore: subhuman liberal lowlife filth like Bob Herbert's August 2 and August 6 editorials in the New York Times, decrying the Justice System and complaining that the crime Napolean Beazley committed wasn't that bad. Huh, Herbert, you slimy scumbag lib-dem moron? Murder not that bad? Well then, here's sincerely hoping that you or someone in your pathetic family is brutally murdered, and we'll see how you feel about it, scumbag.
Read the article's victim impact statement and ending, and choke back your tears for the victim's family. The subhuman murderer so richly deserves to die.
Why do the cowardly Maryland, lowlife, scumbags prefer "life in prison" over the death penalty for their murderers? Because they're lowlife, low-class garbage. They haven't done their civic duty in executing a subhuman piece of shit in 50+ years; Marylanders are liberal scum, cowardly democRAT trash. Human garbage.
I love it! Here's a real choice for a murderer: public hanging or lethal injection. I hope the subhuman piece of shit chooses hanging so we can see pics of it.
America's most dangerous prisoner? Why is such a subhuman piece of lowlife filth still alive?
A Long Island couple lured a 15-year-old Massachusetts girl over the Internet, kidnapped her and sexually abused her for a week. These two scum deserve death. Anyone disagree? Thought so.
And a priest murderer only getting 42.5 years? Why not death? It's the socially and morally correct thing for such subhuman people filth. America's adrift with lowlifes and filth who truly need to be exterminated so they can't get loose again and harm innocents.
More murderous filth sentenced to prison instead of death; now US Taxpayers are gonna spend $45,000+ per year to keep the subhuman piece of islamic towelhead shit alive. Execution is the solution.
A lowlife murdering homo gets off death row and a new trial because his now-dead lawyer dozed off during parts of the trial? Bullshit. The piece of subhuman shit's been on death row since '84 and should have been executed long ago.
This case of a piece of subhuman murderous filth, convicted of 9 murders in the DC area, and only facing life in prison, shows how twisted and inadequate the US Legal System is, and why the death penalty isn't a deterrent: it's not used enough. DC is a filthy, stinking shithole and needs a thorough cleaning out.
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