Sympathy For The Devil

the joker's on us

friday, august 24st, 2009

if America hasn't at last realized what it collectively elected last November 4th, when 62 million deluded and mentally-ill (liberalism) put the equivalent of the Anti-Christ into The White House, and gave both Houses of the US Congress to raving leftist lunatics, I pray they do now.

"BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA is an avowed socialist, openly going about applying marxist dogma and principle to our free market and our nation as a whole. Every initiative, act, and plan that he has proposed and is proposing and implmenting, from the disaterous stimuls plan, the the socialistic and power grabbing bail-outs, to the monstrosity Health Care Plan, to the Cap & Trade horror, to his dishonest and genocidal abortion positions and plans, is meant to destroy the free market and fundamental Republican principle...and to then build a command economy on their ashes. With everything that he speaks of, you must watch much more closely what he does, than what he says. A good example was the recent Henry Gates isue. Obama's actions since his initial statement at the news conference have all been to cover and provide a smoke screen for himself. The real issue in this entire affair was the quote of Obama's: "I may be a little biased here, and I don't know all the facts, but the Cambridge Police clearly acted stupidly." Because with this quote, Obama provided a window for all Americans into his bias and underlying feelings that he exposed with that statement. In truth, underneath the sheen, and the thin venier...behind the TOTUS, Obama is just like Gates, Wright, Ayers, etc. And, IMHO, that is the most revealing thing about the issue with Gates. He is so clearly another person and instance of a pattern that fits Obama's other "close friends". Racist, hate filled, angry, people who detest traditional America and the free market and whose seething hatred is only just below the surface...and in some cases always out in the open. Frank Davis, Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, Jeremiah Wright, Henry Louis Gates, even his own wife, Michelle (by her own admission)... and the list goes on and on. There is a clear pattern here that the MSM not only knows, but refuses to report. And that is because most of them share this hatred. Obama and all those pushing his radical agenda are abject marxist ideologues. Their "fundamental; change" is nothing more than a destruction of the American free market and fundamental republican principle." — Jeff Head.

Obama is the Joker personified, with his picture on every US Dollar Bill handed out and forced down corporations' throats. The Apollo Alliance, which includes the criminal group, ACORN, and others like the Tides Foundation, SEIU, Sierra Club, AFL-CIO, Black Farmers, Nature Conservancy etc, are behind the Obama-Joker, 101%. Van Jones, "Green Jobs Czar", black nationalist, communist and convicted criminal, is Apollo.

Did you know that we now have 32 unelected, accountable-only-to-Obama "Czars", in this administration, appointed by Obama-The-Joker? Here's the list of Obama-The-Joker's 32 Czars. No other administration is US History has had this many "Czars" controlling so much of America's day-to-day activity, economy and wealth. None. Does that worry you? It does worry me!

The latest Communist/ Marxist/ Racist "Czar", "FCC Hate-Whitey Diversity Officer", Vermin Dirtbag, Mark "Fuck White, Conservative America" Lloyd, is a new one, BTW. Stand the new Sambo against a wall, IMO.

A f*cking "Pay Czar" - Kenneth R. Feinberg? Hey, you subhuman, lowlife faggot piece-of-dogshit: come to my face and tell me what I'll earn, you cowardly asshole! I'll drop you dead like a 50lb sack of shit, in under 30secs! Got it, SWINEberg punk!

I say, "Your're all fired! Here's your Pink Slips!" Get out and let Citizen-Legislators (1-2yrs) take over and wright This Ship of The Republic, dammit!

They have underestimated US American Citizens, by factors, IMO. It's time to take back the Republic, dammit!


Molon Labe!


Around The Garden Center™.

Saturday was mildly-busy with several people coming-in to take advantage of "specimens on sale", before the nursery-wide 25%-off sale starts, and we accommodated them. Dad and Jan helped them, while I worked on LSCP Estimates, destined to provide much more work and income, should they be implemented. We closed down at 4pm, and went home for the weekend.

I was up at 5am to feed and water the cats, and went back to sleep until 10:30am, when I drove over to Rutter's to get coffee, milk and bread, for some French Toast. By 11am, it was already 85°F and I decided to stay inside in the AC, for the day. Screw food shopping. I saw Mama Kitty having 7 seizures, so I stayed with her most of the day, carrying her to food and water, and laying on the sofa with her. Since I'm not home during the weekdays, I don't know what goes on with her, but I can attend to her when I'm there on Sunday. Just damn.

I called Mom and talked wuth her for 30mins; Dad had just come in from pulling weeds on the backyard ivy bank, when he coould have used Round-Up and Snap-Shot, instead. Why he continues to labor at hand-pulling weeds is a mystery to me.

Here's the print article of my "Woodstock Memories", and the video is here (scroll down to "Remember: Woodstock" to watch the 3:34min interview. Oooops, the video is embedded right in the article; just click to play it.

As an "S Corp", my taxes are going from 39.5% to 54%, on January 1st. That's just about going to wipe me out. The PA State Taxes have already gone up. Payroll. FICA. Unemployment. Workmen's Comp. etc etc etc. My employees have no frigging idea what an "S Corp" even is, let alone how it functions. They're only concerned with Friday's paycheck. I often go for several/ too many months without a paycheck, just to make sure they and the vendors get paid, first. And on December 31st, whether I have the money in my corporate checking account or not, it's time to pay those taxes, and a "usury (wholesale) tax", even if my A/R aren't fully-collected or accounted for. I enjoy creating jobs, hiring people, making things work and expanding my business. But I digress... (((sigh)))

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were just miserable: temps in the upper-80s and humidity in the upper-80s, and Heat Index in the 100°F range. I hate taking a shower on Tuesday evening, and sweating so badly that I need another, the very next evening. Feh.

No, I refuse to get involved in FaceBook, Twitter, Skype or any of that mindless, idiotic crap. Anyone who does is an moronic asshole, opening themself-up to all kinds of security risks and problems. Be forewarned; think, people! You're opening yourselves up for malicious cookies, worms, trojans and the like. Don't do it!

On Tuesday, I gathered ripe seed from a large clump of Heliopsis helianthoides in my 1-ac display garden, went into GH-1, sowed them in a tray, watered them-in, and within 10mins, was soaked with sweat. 92°F, 65% humidity and a 99°F Heat Index. After walking some customers around to look at "specimen conifers", I was once again soaked to the skin. Sticking to my leather seat in my Jeep on the way home, truly sucked. First thing: stipped-off all clothes and get into the cool showers. Ahhhhhhh; nice.

The *Severe Thunderstorm Warnings* were posted around 5:05pm, and hit us around 5:55pm, with mega-thunder, lightening and 3-4" of rainfall in the condo's rain gauge, flooding streets, lawns and filling billion gallon retention ponds. Too much, too hard, too fast, to do any real good for the deep-rooted plant materials. Lawns definitely benefit, but not established plant material. 15 mins and it was over. Slam, bam, thank you m'mam!

Jamie, my next door neighbor stopped by to let me know that our co-joined driveways were scheduled to get sealcoated on Wednesday, for $125. With the 89-92°F heat, it'll require us to stay-off the newly-sealcoated surfaces, for 2 days. No sweat, we can park in the streets.

Wednesday was almost as bad as Tuesday: 85°F, 75% humidity and a 99°F Heat Index. Yuk. I hate August weather. Dad took off Wednesday. Both the web and email, servers were down all morning at MT Wirefree, as they'd been hit by viscious t-storms on Tuesday evening. We got service back just after mid-morning, and I had 153 3mails waiting in the queue. I wrapped-up several LSCP Estimates, and got all current billing done, before I closed down and left at 4:15PM. The *Severe Thunderstorm Warnings* were again posted around 6:05pm, and passed mostly to the north of the York area, thankfully, yet they rolled through the York Area around 9:15PM.

I took Thursday off, got up at 5am to feed and water the two condo cats, and then went back to sleep until 10. I made 5-stack of French Toast with Arnold® 12-grain Whole Grain Wheat Bread, and it was unusual and delicious with orange marmelade. I drove to mearby Rutter's for their "High-Voltage" Coffee. Yum and I was filled-up for the day. I did some errands — picking-up shirt at DeVono's, food shopping at WEIS Markets, washed and vacuumed the 1982 Jeep Grand Cherokeee 'Laredo' (117k), swept-out the garage, reoganized the 10.5 CuFt top-loading Garage Freezer. Mundane chores needing completion.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.

"Y.E. Yang of South Korea beats NIGGA/Sambo Tiger Woods for a PGA Title!" Bravo, Mr Yang! Woods is overrated-dogshit, and well-deserved to lose, IMO. Good riddance, NIGGA/SAMBO Garbage! I hate your guts, NIGGA-Sambo Woods!

The Savage Nation comes to an end, on these conditions. Okay; I'll be sorry to see/hear TSN come to an end, after 15 years. But everything has its span.

RIP, Bob Novak.

Why the dumbass, ignornant, empty-headed bitch, Robin Wright Penn, has just filed for divorce from the mentally-ill, drug-addict, alcoholic, commie, hate-America, hate-Whitey, hate-Everything asshole Sean Penn, is a true mystery. No, it isn't. She's a two-dollar slut, who couldn't find a Real, Conservative Man, instead of that cowardly punk to f*ck her. Want mental illness? Try this: Together since 1989 and married in 1996, the couple endured a roller-coaster relationship, filing papers to initiate divorce not once, but twice — only to patch things up again as recently as May. Stand them both against a stone wall, and shoot them, IMO.

For the 19-20 years which I've been sending her b— Margaret Cousler, Tax Collector — hundreds of thousands of dollars in my hard-earned tax monies, I always knew there'd be "discrepancies", and finally they've surfaced. Get a good lawyer, Maggie!

Americans will need US Gov't permission to fly inside the USA? Hmmmm, this is now Reason #5 why I will never fly again.

Fonts For You™.

Many Journal entries are best viewed in the Papyrus and Century Gothic typefaces. You already probably have Century Gothic on your Windows-XP machine, and that's occasionally used for the body copy or subheads. They're free from my corporate server. Grab 'em! Save them to your HD, and install to C:/Windows/Fonts folder, thru your WIN XP Control Panel > Fonts > File > Install New Font. Simple.

Here are a few others, which my Journal will be written in during the coming weeks: Charrington Roughened, Orlando, Caesar Regular, Carleton, Charrington Strewn, Mistral and Catherine, Acoustic Bass . Get and install them, and see how much nicer these pages are to view and read. Plus, they add to your repertoiré of available fonts in MS-Word®, as WIN®-XP® System Fonts, so you can use them for your daily documents in MS-Word etc.

Here are two particularly elegant new script fonts — Scriptina and Scriptina Alternates — which immediately caught my eye, and I've saved them to my office and condo machines, for use in MS-Word, as well as here in the weekly "Journal".

Some People Just Need Killing™

Charles William Conway, bracketed by to sheriff's deputies, fidgeted in his seat Tuesday as he was convicted of raping a 13-year-old boy. Conway was found guilty of rape, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, unlawful contact with a minor, intimidation of a witness, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment and terroristic threats. Conway need summary killing, IMO. Zero recividism! I volunteer to put a .45cal hollowpoint into his perverted head; fuck jail and rehab and parole: KILL HIM!

Lonely Candidate.

It's amazing how all the guys and gals running for office this election season are special. But don't take my word for it. Verification is amply available at Lonely Candidate, where they're tracking each and every time a candidate or proxy claims to possess a unique quality, resume item, or political position by starting a sentence with the words "I'm the only..." Examples: Rudy Giuliani: "I'm the only Republican candidate who can beat Hillary Clinton." Bill Richardson: "I am the only candidate for a constitutional amendment to balance the budget." Dennis Kucinich: "...I'm the only candidate willing and eager to challenge the insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies." John McCain: "I'm the only candidate in this race prepared to be Commander-in-Chief from day one and dedicated to continuing the fight against Islamic fundamentalists." OK, save your "whoop-dee-doos" and "well la dee das" until you've browsed a few more. Like how about this one from Minnesota Democratic candidate for senator Jack Nelson-Pallmeyer: "I'm the only candidate in this race who has a hyphenated last name." Talk about a shoo-in. IMO, head-shoot all of them; they're gross wastes of O2.

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