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Friday, August 24, 2001

Sure, go ahead, write the US Government another check; that's all they really want from us. When they have our money, they control almost everything else as well. Except our Spirits. We can always work more to make up for that huge IRS Income Tax over payment, also called a surplus. No sweat; I don't mind adding another 20-30hrs to an already 65+hr-long week, every week, just to make Caesar happy. That's why every American works from January 1st to May 14th just to pay their taxes. Sure, makes perfect sense to me. Not. Makes me sick just to think that we all toil at out respective tasks for so long just to pay tribute to Caesar. It's not just that there's criminal activity at the top positions of the IRS, it's that no one does anything about it. Everyone's afraid of Caesar and his legions, so they pay the yearly tribute like obedient lemmings. Sure, me too. Never mind that the US Constitution's questionable 16th Amendment was never legally nor constitutionally ratified, and that the Government's authority to collect taxes is illegal non-existent. There are Americans here and abroad who are renouncing their US Citizenship so they don't have to bear the huge burden of Income Tax. A tad drastic, if you ask me. What other choice is there? Insurrection? Violence? Prison? No, not an option for me. Uhhh honey, pass the checkbook to me; Uncle Sam needs wants demands another payment tribute infusion of our hard-earned money.

Around The Garden Center.
I closed early on both Saturday and Sunday; it was like a ghost town. It was a quiet weekend for retail sales August is a main vacation month for our York County (PA) and northern Maryland customers and many are waiting until September for my once-a-year 25% Off Sale. Families are getting ready to return their kids/children to school/college and are busy with other family matters. Then in September, we're deluged by thousands of customers and additional landscape jobs which I try to accommodate on our already busy schedule. My landscape crews are already booked into late October; soon we'll be down to one crew as several of our college students will be returning to Penn State, University of Maryland and other institutions of higher learning. I dread this time because we get jammed-up and I have to make constant schedule changes to accommodate all the interim requests. Par for the course; I should be used to it by now after 11 years.
Some heavy-duty thunderstorms rolled through the area Monday at 1am woke me and the cats up with an awesome thunder and lightening display and dumped 2" of much-needed rain onto the York area, in about a 45min period. When I got to the Garden Center Complex at 6am, the wells were down, so I re-started them, and checked the irrigation computer controllers for any storm damage, remembering they'd been fried (over $9,000 in damage!) just several weeks before. Luckily, no damage this time. At least this week started on a positive note: some ground moisture had been returned to the existing plant material; everything looked well drenched and refreshed. Yet, the 2" of rain spread over 6-8hrs would have been far more beneficial in the long run.
The days are getting noticeably shorter as Fall approaches. It's still dark when I leave for work at 5:45am, or 0 dark thirty, and daily sunset is coming earlier each week now. The once-a-year 25% Off Nursery-Wide Sale is only a week away; ads are running and people are waiting patiently, as they've done in the previous 10 years. It's a great chance for many to get rare, unusual and hard-to-find plant material at a slightly discounted Fall price. The other garden centers and nurserys in the area have been running 20-50% sales all year long, but the merely offer the same shit and junk from place to place; nothing compared with what offerings we have here.
A couple of years ago, I badly damaged my right knee in a collision with the refrigerator door; in fact, the attending ER physician said it was the "worst case of blunt force trauma" he'd ever seen on a living person. Whatever that means. I was hobbled for 7-8 days. On Wednesday afternoon, shortly before closing, I was giving a customer a tour of the 20 acre Garden Center & Nursery Complex, when what felt like a cramp just below my left knee began to ache. It hurt progressively more into the evening, and I didn't get much quality sleep that night. I was already taking Thursday off, and had a moderate list of things to get done, but wound up with a heating pad on it all day Thursday, lying on the couch. Got nothing of consequence done. I took quite a few aspirin, some leftover Percodan®, but even those didn't help much with the pain management. Toughing it out was the rule of the day.

The GOPers.
In its first opportunity to take a stand on affirmative action, the Bush administration is taking a U-turn by deciding not to change directions. In a brief filed with the Supreme Court, the administration has decided to let the criminal Clintoon administration's position stand. It has asked the Supreme Court to uphold a Department of Transportation program the Clintoonites defended to help minority contractors.
Here's another reason the US should get out of the commie socialist UN and kick the third world slime out of NYC: xenophobia of US personnel.
This is not good: America balkanized, unrecognizable and ungovernable. Read and shiver. In "America Balkanized," a 1994 study on the impact of immigration on national unity by expert Brent Nelson, the author warns that the ethnic map, at current rates, would soon "be a balkanized mosaic with regional strongholds for major groups. The result will be a melange of peoples, an America without Americans, which will be governable only through the adoption of the separatist mechanisms developed in Canada, Switzerland and Belgium." Just this month, in fact, the mainstream media reported that English usage the common tongue that helps binds us together as Americans is dropping dramatically in various regions. f*ck Screw the Mexican amnesty shit, W.
Why are we involved with the socialist and communist WTO (World Trade Organization) and EU (European Union), IMF (Int'l Monetary Fund) and other international organization scumbags? They're trying to gain power over the US Constitution, US Citizens, our lands and our way of life. f*ck Screw them; pull out and let them collapse under their own worthless weight. The US comes first and foremost. Always.
Thanks for 30 great Conservative years, Jesse.
Sure, we're an empire and imperialist, as we should be. I have no problem with that. But if we don't learn a lesson from what happened to the Roman Empire, we'll go down that deadend path, too. The parallels are striking.
C'mon W, use an Executive Order to abrogate that ridiculous ESA (Endangered Species Act) and save the 1,200+ families in Klamath Falls (OR) seriously hurt by this "sucker fish" shit. So the stinking libs will whine and wet their beds; so f*cking freaking what? Who the hell cares about lib-dem scumbags? The farmers are far more important than some invertebrates.

Lib-dem Garbage.
So the lying Condit scumbag is "going public" something he should have done months ago, but now coincidentally just before his re-election fund raiser to try to dispel any doubt he had anything to do with the missing intern hosemonster. Hell, she's long since dead. And he had her whacked.
Lowlife lib-dem alcoholic criminal Teddy "The Chappaquiddick Swimmer" Kennedy is dying from cirrhosis of the liver he's been a drug addict and alcoholic all his pathetic life and now the chickens are coming home to roost. I hope it's a painful and protracted death, in return for all the socialist and communist programs he's inflicted upon America. Good riddance, scumbag Teddy. Rot in Hell where you belong, murderer.
More lies and scare tactics from slimy lib-democRAT filth over the budget surplus numbers. When is America going to wake up and send the Daschle and Gephart scum packing back to their dank rocks from whence they crawled?
Maryland doesn't need another anti-discrimination bill to protect fag and dyke filth; there are already plenty of laws on the books to do that. The lib-dem garbage and fag-dyke cabal just want sexual preference to be a civil right; it's a deviant, degenerate and perverted lifestyle that's protected under current laws. This new law, which is basically affirming and accepting homosexuality as normal, is twisted and sick and needs to be whacked.
Read/listen to the criminal conspiracy between the lines of disgraced, ex-president Ehud Barak and disgraced, impeached ex-president BJ Clintoon, conspiring on the criminal Marc Rich pardon. All three need to be executed for their crimes against Humanity.
Only in that f*cked screwed-up, left-wing wacko extremist, commie-socialist state of California could this happen. Un-f*cking-freaking-believable! The man's a hero; now's he's in prison? Read it and tell me if I'm nuts for being outraged? I'll wait.
Even when I was a GOP moderate working in NYC, I thought this Maureen Dowdy bitch was disingenuous; she's far worse than that. She's a white trash, lib-dem dyke dog. Rick Lowry nails it.
Like the proverbial turd which won't flush, BJ Clintoon is baaaaaack! The Pardon Scandals just won't go away and neither will the Clintoon moron.
Ah, the quality people disgraced, impeached ex-president BJ Clintoon surrounded himself when he soiled The White House for 8 horrific years: AIDS-riddled, subhuman homo filth who now are drag queens. Real talent Bubba had for picking quality people, huh?
This lying sack of shit Gary Condit pulled a "Clintoon" on National TV by lying to the Nation that he had nothing to do with the big-titted, empty-headed intern, Chandra Levy's disappearance. He even wrote a letter to his gullible constituents, lying to them. He had her whacked. The cowardly liberal media is terrified to report the truth. What's left of her sleeps with the fishes, in the Chesapeake Bay.

Today we look at the increasing occurrences of "rage" being reported. Just yesterday, I learned of a brand new category for rage, termed as "desk rage." The TV news journalist presented me with a new question: "Just how safe do I feel at work, when there is so much frustration present in the workplace?" Gee, let me think about that one and I'll get back to you, liberal Dan-Tom-Peter socialist scum.
We now have "road rage," "air rage," "sport-fan rage," "desk rage" and the ever-present "postal rage." We have the "Palestinian rage," "Jewish rage," and the soon to be used "Zimbabwe black-rage," followed closely by the "Zimbabwe white-rage." Why, rage seems to be the latest rage. In each case, select individuals are formed into a group, further dividing and separating each of us into smaller and smaller clusters of people that are on the verge of complete chaos. We have Democrats, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Socialists, and within in each of these groups we further divide them even smaller into liberals, Conservatives, moderates, left-wing, right-wing, broken wing, extreme left, right and on and on and on ad infinitum, ad nauseum.
We have environmentalists, wacko-environmentalists, neo-nazis, femi-nazis, capitalists, globalists ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Are you starting to get a mental picture yet? Do you see a pattern in the groupings yet? No, well let me expand a little bit more:
We've got your victims of crime, we've got your victims of big government, we've got your victims of small government, and we've got your victims of no government. We have your financially challenged, we've got your overburdened, your overtaxed, your heavy-laden. We have your pro-lifers, your pro-choicers, your "lets experiment on humans" and your "lets not experiment on humans."
Every position under the sun, all at once, is being formed, and they keep adding new ones each day. Nothing is new under the sun, all is vanity. All in an attempt to gain recognition, power, and support from the governments, courts, and society for the philosophy held by each group. While all the time the powers of the populace to effect change is being reduced. Hello, is anybody starting to see the result yet?
No central position, no common cause, no focus on the root problem. No leader that can cut through the noise, and have these groups realize that we have met the enemy, and s/he is us. They say, "Let us keep them focused on small unimportant issues, and they will not have the time or wisdom, to turn on us." Keep them in the dark, the situation is too complex to arrive at a logical solution without an "elite" committee to study the problem. Make them think that the only way the problem can be solved is to come to us, so we can misdirect the uninformed. Outcome-based government.
We watch sports on TV and accept the basics without question. As every game is played, the average person looks to the umpire, referee, or judge to administer order, keep discipline, and provide a "level playing field." For in any contest, there must be discipline. All would oppose the elimination of the individuals responsible to maintain the order and purpose of the game.
Yet, within our society there are people demanding that the discipline and order, or structure be removed. They say, "we have evolved to a position of knowledge, and can do it our way, we do not need old-fashioned ideas like discipline and order." But so many do not see the comparison between the two. Why do we think that life is any different than that sports game? What is overriding common sense, but the divisions among us, and the elimination of the fact that there is a Supreme Being who will make the final call?

Here's What I'd Do.
"Protestors welcome; rioters and looters will be shot on sight. You've been fore-warned." Hmmm, over 100,000 anti-capitalist folks to DC? (Here's hoping they do riot, loot and burn the stinking, filthy, shithole DC to the ground.) Ummm no, I won't be there. I've gotta work to earn a living. But a new "special force" pc-trained, neutered and serving caffe latte to the violent ones will be present. What a f*cking freaking joke. All rioters and looters should be shot/executed on sight, no questions asked. The "protestation violence" would end abruptly, I can assure you.
I'd encourage Israel to decimate, eliminate, exterminate all towelhead arab filth in the Mideast in short order to preserve their nation. There will never be peace in the Mideast, never. So let them get on with the job at hand. Don't bother with mere torture, whack the Palestinian filth. Read this whiny towelhead's lies about who is getting ethnically cleansed.

Black Racist Bigots.
Fat IrrevAl "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is baaaaaack! The misery-profiteering, race-baiting, lowlife scumbag scumbag is out and about in NYC, which itself becomes a sewer by his very presence, stirring up trouble and picking at social scabs. His ugly wife Kathy was waiting for the fat boy. He's running for president in 2004? What a joke that lardass idiot is; sadly, that's all he is. He cares nothing for blacks; he's out for himself and his friends. Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really needs him?
It's incredulous that Fat Al Sharp-scum is being given all this ink in so many newspapers and pixels on news websites; he's a liar, charlatan, scumbag, tax evader, lowlife lib-dem, race-baiter, misery-profiteer and so much more.
Mark my words: NYC will decline markedly noticeably precipitously in the next 4-16 years, as corrupt lib-democRAT and incompetent minority mayors (can you say David Dinkins?) ruin what Rudy's done to clean up that festering, fetid sewer of a city. I know, I worked there for 17 years and carried a Colt Trooper MkIII .357 magnum 6" barrel, in a Bianchi® Quik-Release™ Shoulder Holster under my Burberry® Trench Coat. Only had to use it once, and we won't go there about that.
And of course, the all-time shakedown artist, misery-profiteer and race-baiter, Irrev Jesse "Hymietown", "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum, has extorted Toyota, an oriental company for millions in the name of "diversity". The only ones to profit from Jack-scum's shakedown program are his friends and family; no other blacks benefit. Never have, never will. Again, no one investigates this criminal Jack-scum for extortion last time I heard, it was a felony or brings the IRS into his companies and personal life for an audit of criminality. Where's James Earl Ray when the Nation really needs him, again?
Another of the worst race-baiting, misery-profiteering pimps is NAALCP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) president, Kweisi Mfume (aka Frizzell Gray; no I'm not kidding...), 5-time father of illegitimate children, who is catching up fast to Sharp-scum and Jack-scum in the extortion and shakedown department. (Julian Bond, the NAALCPs coke snorting, sleazoid chairman, is tied with Frizzell.) This lowlife scumbag cares nothing about the average black; just his friends and high-powered rollers who can line his and their pockets, while average blacks get zip. Variety Editor-in-Chief Peter Bart, got it right about blacks vs idiots.
Oh here they go again, blacks playing "victim" and wanting special consideration. Representatives of black and Latino organizations Wednesday called on the State of New York to declare a "state of emergency" on HIV/AIDS and increased funding to targeted communities of color. They're just too stupid not to put dirty, infected needles into their veins and have risky unprotected sex with infected scumbags. Too bad, let them die by the thousands.

Losers and assorted Lowlifes.
This moron bonehead idiot has way too much time and money on his hands. He's a 5 time loser in attempting to circum-navigate the Earth in a balloon, alone. Steve Fossett, a 57-year-old Chicago businessman, needs to find another "hobby" instead of wasting so much time and money in being a failure.
If the deviant, degenerate homos haven't learned about risky behavior by now, and continue to put themselves at risk, who the hell cares? Let them get infected with HIV and AIDS and die, hopefully by the thousands. And good riddance, lowlifes.
Another shark attack on some idiot swimmer/surfer? Sure, why not, it's the shark's home, not the moronic humans. When are we they ever gonna learn? BTW, I've never swam in the ocean; too dangerous and too filthy.
Aw gee whiz, the commie, socialist, cheese-eating surrenderists in France are experiencing a dramatic increase in crime. France leads the US in almost all crime categories in 2001. I have no sympathy for the snooty country; they richly deserve a rude awakening to the real world of crime and violence.
This drivel from so-called muslim clerics just confirms what I've said about islam being a gutter religion and muslims being subhuman filth.

Justice & Capital Punishment.
Yep, sure made my day: August's execution schedule nationwide. C'mon murderers, belly-up to the death chamber and get what's due. Your path to Hell is waiting, and I'm dancing in the streets.
No wonder the death penalty isn't a deterrent anymore; it's not applied in every capital murder case. Lowlife district attorneys (DAs) plea bargain it away for pathetic conviction numbers; they're lazy and don't want to do the hard work to prove a capital case of murder. My solution: try and convict the murderer(s) and then take them out behind the courthouse and execute them with a 9mm or .357 Magnum, on film. Simple, lethal headshots. There you go, it's evenly applied and a most effective deterrent when replayed in network prime time. The very pics of a murderer's head exploding against a concrete wall will very, very effectively deter someone from raping and murdering your daughter or wife, pal. Or you, if you're unlucky to run into a gaggle of whacker homos. Case(s) closed, permanently.
I say sure, give every murderer a choice of death: electrocution, lethal injection, hanging or firing squad, but execute the subhuman filth. Ohio has 202 inmates on death row, and prison officials have had to resort to double bunking in some cells and are adding 39 additional beds for the condemned. Why? Execute the scum and clean death row out! What the f*ck hell is the problem here? That's what that subhuman garbage is there for: to die!!
Why the f*ck hell is this cop-Killing subhuman idiot shitfilth, Mumia Abu-Jamal (aka Tyrone LeRoy Johnson-of-a-bitch), still alive? He should have been executed many years ago. I'd gladly put a 9mm through scumbag's empty head for the 1981 murder of that Philly police officer. And the millions of idiots, morons, cretins and libs he conned ought to be severely punished for abject stupidity.
Marilyn Manson? You mean that subhuman whose real name is Brian "The Lowlife homo" Warner piece of lowlife dogshit filth did that to a security guard? Heck, I'd put a 9mm hollowpoint through that white trash shitfilth's empty head. Every fan, too, if they get in my way. Then throw them into the dumpster, where they belong. Read this interview with Bill O'Reilly of FOX News. And get your 9mm out; I'd love to target shoot that subhuman garbage dogshit filth. 3 of 5?
This filthy murderous whore, Kathy Boudin, in 1981 as a former member of the radical 60's group the cowardly Weather Underground, took part in an armed robbery that left a security guard and two police officers dead. She and her left-wing wacko commie pinko supporters say her case should be judged, at least in part, on her good works in prison. Bull f*cking shit. She should have been executed immediately after conviction and hey, it's still not too late to do so. Keep the lowlife subhuman bitch filth in prison where she belongs; let her rot until she dies there.
I get sick of the bed wetting, hand wringing lowlife libs and other assorted scum complaining that the death penalty is flawed and the US Justice System is fatally broken. The death penalty isn't used enough to be a real deterrent, and yes, the US Justice System is severely wounded. But here's how to fix it.
Burn this subhuman lowlife, cop-Killing, "Texas Seven" murderer, George Rivas. He deserves it and should be exterminated ex post haste. Good riddance, dog-shit-filth illegal alien.

The curators of the National Museum of American History want to share a few favorites from their "stash" of over 3 million rarely seen objects. They've mapped out showrooms where individual items can be viewed by broad subject category, relevant theme, or timeline. Think of it as a virtual scavenger hunt where surprises pop up around every corner. So, sit back, absorb, and revel in the fact that you're privy to countless treasures that may never see the light of day.

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