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Friday, August 31, 2001

Being able to erase any mistake with one of those old-fashioned soft erasers would certainly ease every nation's problems, and the Earth's in particular, in an amazingly short time. No muss, no fuss. Getting rid of all the subhuman filth human biological errors which need to be excised from the Human Gene Pool would markedly brighten the world's future prospects. Logically, start with socialist, communist, left-wing wacko liberal filth and erase them first, cleansing the Earth and mitigating the stench of their severely-perverted efforts. Then move aggressively on the moderate democRAT scumbags and moderate Republican garbage; two groups of completely worthless individuals simply wasting precious air, and merely occupying space for no discernable reason. Next, erase the bigoted, sleazy, race-baiters and lowlife misery-profiteers, so the Nation could heal itself properly and move to where it should be socially, once more. The left-wing wacko environmentalist ELF criminals, PETA morons and wacko Sierra Club tree huggers would be next; there is no global eco problem, only a multi-billion dollar "eco-industry" which runs and directs their "members'" weak, propaganda-crippled minds. Then, erase the wacko deviant AIDS/HIV activists, for circulating such deadly diseases, as do all who have the fatal plague; with these groups of degenerate filth gone, the world would smell so much better and would be healthier for normal, well-adjusted people of all stripes. Almost all Pols would be next; from Clintoon to Condit and every piece of festering, fetid chunk of dogshit would be next on the eraser list. Garbage in, garbage out. Every subhuman who holds their "victim mentality" up for all to see and pity should be erased from the world's teat, as well. Next, erase the parasitic "PC" scum and trash and their socialist, communist mantra from existence; they're do-nothing, lazy, disingenuous slimeballs who've slithered out from darkened, algae-layered rocks, to push their perverted views of reality on those of us who built the modern world, maintain it and run it. My my my, that old-fashioned soft eraser is wonderful, quick and final; kind of like fresh air fumigating the Clintoonian stench and filth from The Oval Orifice before W moved in, and restored dignity.

Around The Garden Center.
I arrived at work Friday morning at 6:30am to find we'd been burglarized once again. Third time in 4 months. This time, someone had sliced a large entry hole in the back of the 50ft x 100ft Main Retail Greenhouse end panel, deflating the 2-layer, 6-mil poly, and had taken some statuary and an unknown number of plants. They also had taken some heavy-duty tools from the landscape services building and bashed the Coke® machine, trying to get the dollar bill changer and coins, but were unsuccessful. I called in the Southern York County Regional Police, who investigated but were unable to lift any fingerprints from the scene due to excessive moisture (dew) present. The police said several garden centers and nurserys in the York-Lancaster (PA) area have been hit in recent weeks. Sorta looks like a just-built large house needed some landscaping, or a small nursery needed to re-stock. So much for a good start to my weekend. Anyway, I'm hoping that I get a chance at the subhuman filth who've violated my business. Mssrs Smith & Wesson .357 magnum, and Mr Glock 9mm, and I are most anxious to "meet" these lowlife criminals, face to face.
Saturday and Sunday were sporadically busy. The 50th Annual Shrewsbury "Golden 50" (duh) Flower Show was in full force, and we got the spill-over, over-flow crowds, as usual, checking the GC&N Complex out for the upcoming 25% Off Nursery-Wide Sale. We participated as usual in decorating the entrance and floor exhibit aisles. This is one of the finest, technical "flower shows", anywhere. No shit kidding. Go there sometime, when you wanna see perfection. Blows the shittily-planned-and-done, pathetic Philly Flower Show away. Perfection right here in southern Pennsyl-tucky; imagine that.
The drought continues into its 11th or 17th week; I've now lost count. A few farmers have already plowed crops under and cut their losses; most are still toughing it out in the hopes that rains will come soon. To the north and south, crops look good, as rains have replenished groundwater; we're in a "trough", bordered by two small mountain ridges, which diverts storms north and south, and leaves us high and dry. Hopefully, the Fall rains will come early. We're still mandating drip irrigation systems with every landscape job, no exceptions.
Gas prices are holding relatively steady at $1.36.9/gal (89 octane) in the York (PA) are, since two weeks jumping from $1.26.9 to $1.38.9/gals. I'm stopping at more of the so-called "super stations" since their prices are always lower than the national brands, and the gas seems to work just fine in my '94 Jeep Grand Cherokee V8 LTD.
It'll soon be time for me to decide to switch over all office and home units to the all-new Windows XP, or leave them alone for another year or two on the current Windows 98 2nd Edition. Things are running just fine right now, knock on wood, so I'm inclined to "not to try to fix them if they're not broken"; it's not just an upgrade, it's a complete reformat & reload everything, not something which I ever look forward to. There are compatibility issues in that XP "tricks" older apps into thinking that they're running on a different operating system. I'm not sure that's a good idea.
This week, I took Tuesday off, instead of my usual Thursday. Reason? I'll be in Harrisburg (PA) all day Thursday at the DEP (Penna Dep't of Environmental Protection) — oh joy, more gov't bureaucrats and technocrats making our daily lives miserable — in a "working session" with one of their senior agents, to "assess damage" to the "endangered bog turtle", "minor stream crossings" and "wetlands mitigation" projects for a local community large park-lake landscape job, coming soon. Since I'm required to apply for 3 GPs (General Permits) — a 2.5" stack of regulations, laws, forms, etc to wade through and fill-out — to do a relatively simple ($25k+) landscape project, I'd rather spend the time with someone who can help me fill-out the required permits, and get it done right the first time. With the office and support staff changes I've just made, it looks like I won't be taking any more days off in the foreseeable future. I did the usual stuff: sleeping-in 'til 10am, food shopping, Jeep clean-up, condo chores, grilling steaks, quality time with my 2 condo cats, etc.
Every 5 years or so, I find it necessary to "migrate" my existing cookware to a completely new set, and "retire" the old pieces to either a giveaway to up-and-coming chef/friends, or pack them away in a storage box in my basement's computer museum area. I spent a fair portion of Tuesday ordering new/replacement cookware pieces, plus motorized attachments to my Imperia® Pasta Maker. I washed the older pots and pans in the dishwasher, oiled them and carefully packed them away for either storage or later giveaway.
The trip to Harrisburg for the DEP "working session" was interesting. I took my landscape foreman, Alan, and mssrs Smith & Wesson .357 magnum Trooper MKIII I used to get directions and an area map, but stopped at a local Rutter's Farmstore to get an ADC Map, as back-up. Traffic was moderate, but everyone seemed to be doing 75-80mph, while I motored along at 65, the posted limit. (I counted 5 Penna State Troopers with active radar on the roundtrip, or whatever it is these days.) She was exceptionally helpful during the hour-long meeting in the conference room. The idea: get the complicated paperwork done right the first time, with a minimum of muss and fuss to me and the DEP. After the permits are issued, I'll send her (and her husband) flowers a bottle of nice Calif Cab and a thank you note, as well as a nice letter to her supervisor.

Sure, August is a slow month just about anywhere, but in DC it's painfully slow. Ouch.
Finally, a backbone arrives at Foggy Bottom. Sec'y of State Colin Powell won't be attending the socialist, communist UN Conference on Racism next month in Africa. Great. It's a sham and not worthy of sending any US representatives to that den of bigoted, racist, race-baiting misery-profiteers.
This is a lie. There is no need to spend anything from Social Security (SS), since there is no such thing as a "surplus". It's all in the General Revenue Fund. Always was and there was never a "separate SS Account" or "MediCare Trust Fund". There is no "lockbox" as AlGoreBore lied to America about in the November '00 debates. Hey W: thanks for shinking the surplus. That means I both pay less (illegal) tax and keep more of what I earn, and that's as it should be. Net net: the lowlife, stinking lib-democRAT and Republican moderate morons spend less of my money, and learn to live within the budget they've requested and which I had no say in approving. Once again, thanks W for getting it done so quickly.
C'mon W, get behind Israel, as they're fighting for their very lives. The lowlife, subhuman, pork-sucking muslim shitfilth towelheads are the aggressors, plain and simple. They need to be exterminated with a few thermonuclear weapons; Yow-sewer Arrid-fart (aka Yasser Arafat) should be tried and executed for war crimes. It is a war in the Mideast; make no mistake about it, despite the lib-dem NY Times and other socialist-communist rhetoric.
Here's hoping his enlarged prostate heals in about 3-4 years, but what about operating on John "No Brain" McCain for his enlarged ego? That'd really be major surgery.
Whether you like Microsoft or not, the Clintoon-El Reno InJustice Dept's persecution and prosecution of them is the main reason the tech sector tanked, and took the economy along with it. I'm having a difficult time believing W's allowing the persecution to continue. It should have been dropped last year, after that grossly-biased, fat, stupid Judge Thomas Pennfield Jackson was bounced from the case.
A point of clarification. When I severely and harshly denigrate an entire culture or nation, I'm usually attacking the government leadership, not the People, per se. I'm having a difficult time understanding how communists, socialists, greens, perverts, deviants, degenerates and all-around lowlife filth can run most, if not all EU nations. Italy, France, Great Britain, Germany etc all have wonderful people, but their governments are so f*cked screwed-up, it almost offsets the good and trusting populace.

Lib-democRAT Scumbags.
Nothing new here, just more lies from the Condit scumbag. Evasive non-answers, stonewalling, obfuscation and lie upon lie. Chandra Levy is dead and Condit had her whacked.
No, I didn't watch the Chung-Condit "interview". I have better things to do with my time. I had 8 years of disgraced, ex-president BJ Clintoon's lies to endure; why would I want to watch another democRAT lie to the Nation?
What did you expect from a lowlife?
I remember this lowlife, slimeball, do-nothing from back in the 60s, and Tom Hayden is a sad reflection of left-wing wacko California voters, who'd elect him and let him serve in the California assembly and Senate for 18 years and then run (yes!) unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate, governor of California and mayor of Los Angeles. Hayden's a scumbag; always was and still is. Die from your next heart attack, lowlife.
Like his seemingly-unflushable, turd-in-a-toilet brother, the disgraced, impeached, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, the half-breed, half-wit brother, the "skidmark stain" on America's underwear, Roger Clintoon keeps coming back into the National View, much uninvited and unwanted. He's still the target of both Congressional and federal investigations of influence peddling and other possible illegalities in last-minute pardons granted by BJ "First Liar" Clintoon. I hope they nail the lowlife scumbag, but I won't hold my breath.
Racists, bigots, liars and scum, House democRATs who are members of the Congressional Black Mucous Caucus, are also lining their pockets with illegal soft money, as do all criminal pols. These lowlife hypocrites and racists are just now tasting what Republicans and democRATs have gorged themselves with, over the past decades, and are becoming addicted to "the good life" of politics. More power to 'em. Money begets greed and greed begets crime. Feast away black scumbags and commit some crimes; you'll enjoy prison.
A federal appeals court ruled Monday that a University of Georgia affirmative action policy is unconstitutional because it arbitrarily gave all nonwhite applicants a statistical boost. The three-judge panel of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a lower court's ruling in favor of three white women who were denied admission in 1999. Good riddance, racist laws.
Ron Carey, elected president of the corrupt Teamsters union in '91 as an anticorruption crusader, went on trial yesterday on federal charges that he lied repeatedly to investigators looking into fund-raising improprieties in his re-election campaign in '96. Carey is charged with lying dozens of times when he denied having known of a scheme in which the union contributed $885,000 to a variety of liberal democRAT organizations, and in exchange other donors to those groups gave to his campaign. Enjoy the prison cell, Carey, you scumbag.
Proving what lowlifes the democRATs are, a career criminal, Terry McAuliffe, is running the Democratic National Committee, sort of appropos, considering the disgraced, impeached, ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is also a criminal — can you say perjurer? — and he's attacking W on a daily basis. No sweat or threat, everyone knows what an moron scumbag he is.
Stupid, ignorant two-dollar dyke that she is — no, I'm not talking about Butch Janet El Reno, rather Hitlery Rotten Clintoon — here's a few of her more "memorable" quotes from just last week: "I'm just not going to get into that," she said. Clinton said, "I have no idea." "I don't even want to talk about this. It's not anything that's going to happen". "I don't have any long-term plans," she said. "I think we should revisit the triggers," she told reporters.
The lowlifes in the Peoples Republik of Seattle crowd, which exhorted the stupid idiotic dumb moronic foolish woman to jump 160ft+ to critical injury, was most likely liberal filth, with a few left-wing wacko democRATs in the background. A pathetic lot, all of them. How many people jump from the Brooklyn, George Washington (both NYC Bridges) or North George Street (York, PA) Bridges?

Lowlifes & Scumbag Filth.
I just can't believe I read this shit. Usually, in a "normal society", sorrow and grief is expressed to the nearest living relative; in this case, the father is an moronic moron, forsaking his dead children, supporting his murderous wife. So, the next of kin should be consoled. Not the murderer murderess of the 5 children. The NOW-NAGS (Nat'l ass'n of Women-Nat'l ass'n of Gals), Femi-Nazis, the American Civil Liberties Union, the Texas Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty and Murder Victims' Families for Reconciliation-Texas, all announced their "support" for the murderess bitch, in an Andrea Pia Yates Support Coalition. I just can't believe I read this shit. Are you as incredulous about this, as I am?
From the garbage state who gave us the lowlifes in the criminal Kennedy clan, comes this gem: Massachusetts state police and DSS (Dept of Socialist Services) agents have seized a woman's newborn and placed it and her other two toddlers in the care of two homo degenerate deviates, who want to "adopt" them. Brrrr, this is chilling.
The socialist, communist lowlife third worlders in the UN are going to tax the InterNet, in some way, in some form. They may try, but not here. And if they don't, most American governors have announced that they want to "streamline" their sales-tax structures, in order to be able to levy taxes on the InterNet. It's going to be a battle royale someday soon.
One of the very worst shakedown artists — just after the lowlife Irrevs Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum and fat, stupid Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum — the NAALCPs (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) president Kweisi Mfume (aka Frizzell Gray) — himself a 5-time father of illegitimate children — is shaking down the left-wing wacko liberal scumbags in Hollywood and on network TV, for more blacks to be "employed". I love it. It's as disingenuous as that two-faced moron liar Joe Lieberman was when he ran as AlGoreBore's VP choice, lying to everyone.
Sooooo, Norway has a coke-addicted whore with an illegitimate kid for a "queen"? The left-wing wacko EU scumbags deserve what they get in a two-bit slut like that. Maybe Prince shit-For-Brains is just trying to rehab a tramp? So much for royalty garbage.
No, this is wrong and $7.49 million is way, way, way too much. The brain-dead bitch was a loser anyway. Worth $225.93, at best. Just like the $600,000 sleazoid bitch at McDonald's who spilt the coffee tweenst her fatty-leggies. Yeeeeeech! Her fault and stupidity; McDonald's payments. Something's really wrong here. Don'tcha think so? More people who won't take responsibility for their actions.
This is why I despise the French cheese-eating surrenderists: cutting down millions of trees on their beautiful tree-lined roads "because the trees cause accidents". Huh? Say that again, idiots. Trees don't cause accidents; speeding, drunk and fatigued drivers do. It's the same pathetic socialist argument which the lowlife lib-dem filth in the US used against the gun and tobacco industries. "People are innocent, it's the guns which whack, or tobacco which causes lung cancer". No, morons, it's p-e-o-p-l-e of all stripes who do the stupid things, not an inert product. Someone has to pull the trigger or light the cigarette.
Golly gee whiz, I'm surprised no one has rolled 5-10 frag grenades onto the stage when these two pieces of subhuman shit — Enema and Mairlyn Manson-of-a-bitch are "performing". Sounds perfectly correct to me. No jury in the world would convict anyone who did. I'd vote for acquittal in a heartbeat.
Great news! Another lowlife, subhuman muslim towelhead piece of shit, bites it bigtime. Dead. Nice job, Israel. There are thousands more, if not tens-of-thousands of that islamic shitfilth, to whack. Get to it. f*ck Screw the world's opinion; do what you need to do, to save your nation.
I still can't figure out why the whites are still in Rhodesia (Zimbabwe, to you, black.) They're stupid moron white trash idiots for staying. And if they're raped, beaten, kidnapped and whacked, so what? The world doesn't care. They deserve what they get from subhuman black scum. All whites should have left 2-3 years ago; they knew what was coming, they "saw the handwriting" on the wall. No sympathy from me; only outrage that they didn't stock up on M16s, AK47s and UZIs to whack the marauding, rampant black filth by the thousands. Now it's time to evacuate the whites en masse from the shithole country, let the farms sit idle and let the economy and country collapse.
Fat, race-baiting, misery-profiteering and very stupid Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum has just sealed this idiot candidate's, Fernando Ferrer, chances in NYCs mayoral primary: dead last. Why should I even care? I don't; afterall, the state elected the criminal lowlife bitch, Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, to US senator, so that speaks volumes. I wish nothing but the worst for NYC after Rudy leaves.
I don't know about you, but I didn't go to any school with an indian name, from grade school through college. Maybe just a coincidence. They're lazy, drug-addicted, alcoholic scumbag cowards who now emulate the blacks and poor white trash in their on-off "victim" mentality, whenever the need suits them. I'd have changed schools in a heartbeat. Let all schools remove the tainted, sleazy indian names from their buildings and rename them for America's Founding Fathers, something with dignity; anything except indian trash.
"Hip-hop’s Princess Di"? Wellllllll then, I'm glad the lowlife slut Aaliyah is dead. Just like the metally-ill Di Brit bulemic adulteress whore. Smells better already in the world. Good riddance.
Speaking of that anorexic, bulemic, adulterous slut Diana, just one day before the joyous fourth anniversary of the death of Princess Diana and her lowlife towelhead, pork-sucking companion Dodi Fayed, the old towelhead daddy (Mohamed Al Fayed) revealed nothing new on the tragedy happy event.
Wel, thank you sir. A federal judge ruled Thursday that Florida's law banning deviant homo filth from adopting children is valid, saying the state has a legitimate interest in only allowing married couples to adopt. Mississippi and Utah also ban adoptions by degenerate same-sex couples. I hope this spreads to other states quickly and that any children in the "care" of dykes and fags are returned to normalcy.
Funny money. Socialist, communist junk, as are the millions x 10 of braindead cretins who participate in the hoax. For 302 million Europeans and anyone planning travel or business in Europe next year, this week marks the beginning of a process that will do away with the "old" national money in favor of the new euro currency.

Execute This Filth.
My dream job: being an executioner who travels the 50 states and puts subhuman murderous filth to death. These two wimps couldn't handle it. Where's the job app? Where do I sign up?
A man convicted of Killing a 28-year-old woman acquaintance after an argument was executed by lethal injection early Friday in North Carolina in the state's second execution this year. Thanks North Carolina, you made my week. One less piece of lowlife filth breathing this air.
Ripe for the death chamber: four teen-agers charged with fatally shooting a federal prosecutor and injuring another have confessed to three robberies the same night, according to arrest warrants. Detectives say they also have linked the teens to another crime.
Another one? Why aren't traitors executed? They put an entire nation at risk; all should be terminated with extreme prejudice.
With the exception of non-violent, low-level drug offenders who shouldn't be in prison, 6.5 million criminals locked up is a very good thing for society. Crime is way down over past years and many cities are getting "safer". The sorry side to all this is that there's still 3,700+ subhuman filth on death row who should be executed post haste, and not be allowed to languish; their victims are still dead after many, many years.
A Texas jury Wednesday sentenced convicted whacker George Rivas to death for the Christmas Eve shooting of a police officer following a prison escape organized by Rivas with six other inmates. Irving police officer Aubrey Hawkins was shot to death December 24 after responding to a report of a robbery in progress at a sporting goods store in Irving, a suburb of Dallas. He was shot 11 times, dragged from his patrol car and run over twice by a vehicle before the suspects left the scene. Bravo, Texas. And good riddance, illegal alien filth.
Hey, why isn't this lowlife, subhuman, white trash piece of shitfilth, Chasity West, dead already from execution?

Bauhaus Archive Museum of Design.
Direct from the official Bauhaus Museum in Berlin (a stern concrete structure that resembles a giant concertina), this crisp, clean, Teutonic website pays homage to "the most important school of architecture, design, and art of the 20th century." The Bauhaus school of architecture (1919-1933) introduced the world to spare, industrial structures that have been interpreted as both breathtakingly modern and downright depressing. The school's aesthetic spilled over into photography, art, and the kind of product design found in museum stores all over the world. Love it or hate it, Bauhaus is still very much with us. Just ask anyone who lives in Brasilia.

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