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Oil Change:
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Cleans All The
Junk Files From
Your System

Norton Anti-Virus: The Best
Virus Detection
and Protection

Norton Utilities:
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Disk & System Utility

The Most Powerful
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Windows Explorer.

The New Generation
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For The v4.x Browsers.

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we've all had the problems with either PCs or MACs and, in utter frustration, swore to destroy the very same machines we were working on and trying to fix. I know I'm not alone on this one. So how does one get a large, round bolt to thread a smaller, hex nut? Can't do it. Been there, tried that. Sometimes, things don't go as they should and we run headlong into one or all of Murphy's Laws. These are definitely immutable laws, which we cannot and should not even try to change. Do what? Go with the flow? Accept the resultant consequences? Sure, why not. Someone else is calling the shots. We're just along for the ride.

Maddening Stuff.
I'm sure I'm not the only one who upgraded to Windows95 over the then-current Win v3.11 that all my machines contained in 95; I certainly can't be the only one having stability and operating system problems.
There must be others, but where and who are they? I've looked in alt.newsgroups and Microsoft forums, but no one admits to the flaws of that insidious combination of upgrading. There are hundreds of thousands of threads flying around - tens-of-thousands of bitches and gripes - but little or nothing on how to fix v3.11s inherent problems, since Win95 replaced it years ago. I guess that means it can't be fixed, just replaced.
When the Win95 software upgrade originally went in last Summer, it worked fine for several months; since then, it's been a steady degradation of quality and increase in operating problems and widespread conflicts with other apps.
Lock-ups, illegal operations, out-of-memory, error this and error that... all over the place. This shit really takes the fun out of using the powerful Pentium 586/200mhz-96ram machine at work and the Pentium 586/150mhz-64ram unit at home.
It kind of makes me wish I'd gotten some clean Pentium machines and not upgraded over the greatly-flawed v3.1111111s O/S. Did I say, kind of? Definitely makes me wish I had not upgraded.
Here's a kindred soul who also hates computers; the content's good, while the graphics and html need some (actually, a whole lot) of work.
The decision is now made for the office machine: remove the current data to a Zip drive or tape back-up; reformat and wipe the HD clean, install a clean copy of Win95 and bypass shitpy old Win v3.1111111; then re-install the dozens of apps and mountains of data I use on a daily basis. It'll take 2-3 days to complete and reconfigure to my specs, but it'll be worth it. I hope.

Soothing Stuff.
In spite and because of the rampant madness of Win95 and its legions of illegal operations, there are a few programs that do their job well and are worth considering for anyone's repertoire of system utilities.
Norton, aka Symantec makes Norton Utilities and Norton Anti-Virus, each of which are light years ahead of the competition. I use v3 and v4, respectively. Very impressive software.
And CyberMedia makes both Oil Changeand UnInstaller to keep Win95 honest. Again, very impressive software.
These four applications keep a PC from getting too messed up by the user, if each program is configured correctly and run periodically. Our local Win95 guru, Jeff Horn turned me on to these four items recently and I've installed and used them on a weekly basis. They've helped keep a shaky Win95 O/S, upgraded over an even more wobbly and decrepit Win 3.1111111 O/S, from completely self-destructing along the way. I'd imagine that on a pure Win95 system - sans v3.1111111 problems - they'd be sweet music to the ear. Next time around, I'll find that out.

Shop 'Till They Drop.
Last week, I ranted about the demise of holidays, most notably Christmas, but all were included.
Sure thing, the day after Thanksgiving, all hell breaks loose throughout the country, and every bargain hunter and deal junkie is out shopping on Black Friday. This is when the lowlife retailers make 60-90% of the yearly income. Make it or break it. Roads, highways, malls, stores are jam-packed with families looking for bargains on the biggest shopping day of the year, traditionally. I admire their fortitude, but scoff at the reason. If they could only find that enthusiasm for something constructive and worthwhile.
This year, it appears that Tyco Toys Inc.'s "Sing and Snore Ernie" will be the new Tickle Me Elmo sensation! Hey, who gives a flying f*ck? Someone get these morons seats on a train back to the real world, please.
This piece sums up my anti-holiday commercialization sentiment up quite nicely.

The last Production Greenhouse, #6, is almost finished. The Landscape Crews have been working on it in between landscape jobs.
It and the already erected Greenhouse #5 are packed full of container nursery stock, and some B&B (balled & burlapped) stock from my special Collector's Nursery Area, for the Winter. Covered with 70% shadecloth, the plants will sleep nicely until Spring arrives. Hopefully, it'll get cold enough to give all that plant material the freeze it needs.
Instead of having much of it displayed nicely on the 2acre Display Area, I now have to schlepp customers up the hill to either GH-5 or 6 to show them what's going into their proposed landscape plan. It's a lot more effort, sorting through tens-of-thousands of pieces of nursery stock to find their exact pieces, but worth it if inclement weather arrives, as I'm sure it will soon. Dealing with ice or snow covered, frozen pots of material would be a nightmare.
After the nursery stock is removed, mixed in and displayed with the newly-arrived plant material, Greenhouses 5 & 6 will become Production Houses for newly-propagated or transplanted nursery stock. We'll be trenching in frost-free water lines and 110v power lines to accommodate fans, louvers lights in about 3 weeks. I'm gambling that the ground won't have frozen before then. Right now, it looks like a safe bet.

It didn't work as the Conservative and Moderate Republicans hoped it would. I have a feeling we'll all pay dearly down the road for the retention of the lowlife, liberal Democratic Party government ideals which have morally bankrupted this country since the FDR scum instituted his communist and socialist programs in the 30s & 40s.

Reno The Scumbag.
In an obvious conflict-of-interest situation, Attorney General Janet Reno has declined a special prosecutor to investigate her boss(es), Slick Willie The Bubba and Al "I didn't do anything wrong and I won't do it again" Gore.
Instead of acting like a law enforcement officer, she's acted like Clinton's defense attorney, finding dozens of excuses why he and others can't be investigated for their crimes. She's bent the law to accommodate the Clinton scum and let hundreds of liberal filth off the hook on prosecution; she's a piece of liberal shit herself; why not help out some fellow criminals?
She's not only lost her reputation and credibility, she's lost everyone's respect as a result of this conflict-of-interest over the past five years. Maybe she still thinks it was worth it.
The myopic Reno bitch is cut in the same, partisan mould as the criminal Attorney General John Mitchell was during the infamous Nixon Watergate Era, illegally advising him on various tactics for obstruction of justice. She's corrupt, almost without giving that appearance, and will be judged harshly by history, now that this evil deed was completed Tuesday, over the objections of Louis Freeh, Director of The FBI.
She can't quite see the conspiracy by Clinton, Gore and hundreds of from prosecution. Resignation is too easy for her; she should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice. What a pitiful predicament she's put the Congress and American public into because of her liberal scum politics.

The Demise of Netscape.
Microsoft won't do it to them in the browser or desktop battles. Netscape will destroy themselves within 3 years.
It's called line extension and it will dilute Netscape's product line so badly that no one will remember what made Netscape great: the internet browser. They've all but conceded that portion of the market to Microsoft and a dozen other minor players, in favor of intranets, servers, software systems et al.
How do I know that? Simple. I worked for Trout & Ries in New York's advertising world and saw hundreds of examples of line extending companies slowly going down the dumper after thinking they could be something they weren't, and never would be. It goes on today all over the world.
The whole DOJ (Department of Justice) smokescreen is just that: noise. And that two-bit, moron Ralphie Nader's pathetic attempt at the national limelight was laughable as he thought he could take on Microsoft and win. (Gates steps on lowlifes like him for practice.) He's a piece of shit, impotent, liberal scumbag whose day is long past.

The Lying Bitch.
Thirty (30) witnesses testified that the subhuman piece of shit Mandela criminal ordered them to murder others, and the little moron dwarf, Archbishop Tutu doesn't recognize what to do. He needs to call in the authorities and begin the indictment(s) against the Mandela bitch without delay. She's been on a covert rampage for the past 10 years; now people are testifying against here and justice should take place.
The so-called Truth & Reconciliation Commission can't seem to see what's going on with that criminal, murdering, lying bitch. These are pathetic, backward, stupid, subhuman, third-world filth trying to cope with the real world; that in and of itself is a laughable entity. They'll fail to indict and prosecute the Mandela criminal slut, although 30 people have testified against her.
Coldly and coolly lying to everyone in the world, she denied everything as ludicrous.

Getting Older, Again.
Seems like just yesterday I was thinking about another year passing; and now another has squeaked by. Hey, stop that!
What's different? Better? Worse? All and none, actually. Everything mellows and moderates at its own pace. The older I get, the less I'm sure I know. A scary truism.
To celebrate growing younger (aka 48), my friend Janice took me out to Failla's Italian Restaurant (717.684.3892) in neighboring Columbia, PA, just across the Susquehanna River. It was an awesome tour-de-force of gourmet Italian food; so much so that I brought home two additional pasta dinners for snacking at work later that week. They deserve their 3 star rating.

Send A Present.
Had enough of the liberal scumbags ruining everything they touch? Get even with the stinking bastards: send a virtual pie in the face to the lowlife of your choice. I've sent hundreds. Too bad that a fresh, dog shit filling can't be specified.

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