okay, i was wrong, again
Friday, December 13, 2002

Seems I've said this before on several Journal entries. Getting to be a habit. I predicted that the lowlife subhuman Islamic boy-buggering, women-mutilating Al Queerda Mooooooos-lim homos would actively wreak hell on America's retail economy, with homicide bombings and sniper teams in 30-40 large US cities, in order to crash the economy. Well, we're two weeks away from Christmas, the largest shopping day of the year, "Black Friday", has passed without incident, and things are humming along, just fine, thankyouverymuch. I'm truly glad we've maintained the status quo; seems the CIA, FBI, NSA etc have done/are doing their respective jobs, after the horror of The Massacre of September 11th. I applaud them all. Sooooooooooo, what's next? Bio, chem, nukes? The possible scenarios are mind-boggling; a Cray SuperComputer is required to crunch the numerical possibilities. It's my fondest Holiday Wish that we find, catch and whack Islamofascist Mooooooos-lim terrorists hiding in "sleeper cells" in the US, by the tens-of-thousands. Ditto that, worldwide. The Euro-weenies are still clueless about their coming conflagration with Islamofascism. At least we've seen it up close and personal. And Islam is very, very ugly and unpleasant. And here's why Islam is a danger to America and the rest of the civilized world, and why it should be utterly and completely destroyed, along with all of its deviant adherents.

Around The Garden Center.
I'm still digging-out after last week's Winter Storm; millions without power, thousands homeless and dozens dead throughout the Southeast and Northeast. Lots of damage, but NOT in my area. (((S-N-O-R-E!))) Final (unofficial) tally: 13" at the GC&N Complex; 6" at my condo, 14 miles north. Hmmmmm, sentient people stayed home/off the roads (I did!) until the ice storm/blizzard ended.
Whoooooa, I just read about static electricity and explosive gas pump fires during re-fuelling, and have been doing everything wrong, according to this article, such as re-opening the car door after starting the pump to empty an ashtray, whatever. That behavior is now permanently amended. Chilling; me dumb for not understanding the risk.
Here's a great article, by The NY Slimes, no less, on Conservative Talk Radio. What kind of Talk Radio do I listen to? Here's my daily regimen: I leave the condo at 5:45am, listening to WITF-89.5FM (NPR) Harrisburg (PA) for local Traf-Fax/Weather Reports; then to WSBA-910AM's Gary Sutton Show, from 9am-12noon; Rush Limbaugh, from 12noon-3pm; Sean Hannity, from 3-6pm, and my personal favorite, The Savage Nation, from 7-10pm. Conservative Talk Radio at its best. Hoo-yah!
We've officially 'lost the weather' for this season: frozen ground, snowpack and bitter cold. I moved 8 pending landscape jobs into Spring '03, and several tree installations into the Spring queue. On Monday, I put the Garden Center & Nursery on Winter Hours: 10am -3pm, Mon-Sat, Closed on Sunday. Now, I have a whole day to sleep-in, go food/clothes/whatever shopping, do projects around the condo, but I still go down to the GC&N to feed Pickle, check the greenhouses, and make sure the heaters are working properly. Getting off at 3pm on weekdays also lets me get things done before it gets dark and "rush hour" traffic (in York, PA!) becomes an issue. And not having to be into the complex until 10am, allows me to sleep until 8am. Bravo, Winter Hours! Now, if I could just lose 50lbs, dammit.
I was up at 4am Wednesday to feed the two condo cats, logged-on and noticed another Winter Storm Warning — York County... Issued at: 4:06 AM EST 12/11/02, expires at: 2:04 PM EST 12/11/02... Winter storm warning today and this evening... Freezing rain will overspread the area between 5 and 8 am this morning, then continue for the rest of the day, possibly mixing with sleet at times... The heaviest precipitation is likely to fall this afternoon, then it should end during the evening hours... A significant ice accumulation of up to one inch is expected by this evening... Power outages and downed tree limbs are likely. Travel is strongly discouraged, as untreated roads and walkways will become ice covered and treacherous... Listen for later forecasts and statements on noaa weather radio or your favorite tv or radio station. — was already posted for a Winter Ice Storm moving in on the Mid-Atlantic Region, right out of the Gulf Coast, as last week's deadly Winter Storm had done. Sure enough, it was sleeting hard when I looked outside at 5:30am, as I made French Toast, scrambled eggs and coffee. Hmmmmmmm, I not going out in that mess anytime soon, until it changes back over to either rain or snow. AWD/4WD is useless on ice, and just asking for an accident. The sleet and freezing rain was making lots of noise on the condo's skylights. I checked the local web skycams, and saw that it was all around us. Pickle was well-stocked on Tuesday, with both wet and dry food, so there was no need to rush down there; he'd be fine even if the complex lost power. I emailed Dad and told him not to go in, and went back to sleep for a few hours. The GlockTalk.com thread is here. ABCNews' lame report is here. Lots of damage around York County; the southern end got 1-2" of ice, while the upper end fared much better.+
Is it now "Happy Holidays!" instead of "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!"? Has the de-Christianizing of America succeeded? I hardly hear Merry Christmas anymore; I say it, but it seems no one else does anymore. Or am I making too much of it? Just a thought.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Never, never, never, never forget what subhuman Mooooos-lim garbage and Islamic pigshit terrorist filth did to the US on 9-11-01. To put the destruction into proper scale, this GroundZero photo essay helps. As do these remarkable photos, even more drive home the point that it was a massacre of innocents. Here's another picture gallery of the sad events of that horrific day. And if you'd like to ratchet your anger and hatred up, as mine has been since that awful day last September, read this account of the dozens of people jumping from 100 stories from the WTC Towers. As this reporter says, "Embrace the rage". And The Washington Times weighs-in with their commemorative edition of 9-11.
Oooooooooooo, Al Queerda homos are threatening us again. They can't make good on anything recently, so I guess the FBI and CIA etc are doing their jobs.
The rest of the world hates the USA? Cry me an 'effing river, chums. Go eat pigshit and die, Mooooooos-lim pig-eating filth. Who cares what you think? We have 3,000 to bury and mourn, Euro-moron, mooooooor-rons.
The map of the Middle East will be completely re-drawn within the next 3-5 years, and Mooooooos-lim scum will be displaced by the millions.
The lowlife, traitorous, lying, stinking Saudi scumbags will be toppled and whacked en masse, very soon. Right after Iraq is crushed conquered, Iran falls; and the Saudi criminals will face the mass-funeral music, in vats of pigshit.
Twenty-five Chicago airport workers have been charged with criminal violations and the security clearances of 553 others have been canceled in a crackdown on employees using fake IDs, officials announced Tuesday. Those arrested include ramp agents, truck drivers, members of cleaning crews, a baggage handler, an airline cabin service attendant and a number of food service workers at O'Hare International and Midway airports. Six of those arrested were charged with making false statements about previous criminal records four for drug offenses, one for burglary and another for robbery, federal officials said. Sixteen were charged with using bogus Social Security numbers and three with re-entering the country after they had been deported. Great.
Find Mounir el Motassadeq, a a 28-year-old Moroccan homo subhuman, and whack him. whack all Islamic filth! whack all Moooooos-lim pigshit!

Islam, The Religion of Peace™.
Okay, W is out visiting mosques again, proclaiming that Islam is good, wide, benevolent, whatever. Sure, he's lying through his frigging teeth, but he has to. Any sentient mind, who has read the evil Koran, knows that Islam is a death cult of subhuman filth. I personally don't know how he does it... unless the War On Terrorists precludes him telling the Truth. Okay, maybe that's it. We're still trusting you, W.
Find, root-out and whack every lowlife subhuman Wahhabi Saudi which exists. Wahhabism is evil, Satan-spawn. All must die and go to hell. How to stop jihad against America? Bury the enemy in pigskin coffins, and fill the pits with liquid pigshit.
Canada, Canada, Canada. What an irrelevant, illegal immigrant shithole you've become. Within 15yrs, as with the UK and most of Europe, you'll be out-numbered, out-voted, out-maneuvered and outright slaughtered by the deviant, boy-buggering, women-mutilating and hating, Mooooooos-lim filth hordes of Islamic terrorists, if you don't radically change your porous, socialist immigration policies. After the next 9-11, we're going to "fix the borders" for good, and you're going to have to endure what your lowlife liberal-socialist trash has wrought upon you. Au revoir, Canuckistan!
Federal agents late Thursday night raided a Quincy, MA, company that provides critical software to major US agencies and is suspected of having ties to Usama bin Lowlife and Al Queerda terrorist pukes. Ptech Inc.'s clients include the FBI, Internal Revenue Service, Energy Department, Federal Aviation Administration, U.S. Naval air systems, the U.S. Air Force, NATO, the U.S. House of Representatives, the Department of Energy and the agency that handles nuclear weapons security, according to its Web site.
Think the DC Area Shooter was an anomaly? No, it wasn't; it's merely a precursor of what's to come, courtesy of the Mooooooos-lims. Time to find and whack them all.
Not being a Catholic — I'm a do-nothing Methodist — I can't imagine the threatened take-over of the Vatican by the deviant, boy-buggering, women-mutilating and hating, Mooooooos-lim filth hordes of Islamic terrorists, if you don't radically change your porous, socialist immigration policies, Italy. Time now, to whack all terrorist Mooooooos-lim filth, you can find.
Islam is a violent, degenerate, deviant, perverted, lowlife scumbag cult. Not a religion, but rather violent deviancy, a cancer on mankind. It needs to be excised.
Soooooo, the deviant Islam's Rama-lama-ding-dong holiday is over and they're making more empty threats, like blowing-up McDonald's restaurants. Yawn. BFD, diaperhead filth.
Sand idiot? Sure, I use it all the time to describe subhuman, Islamic boy-buggering, women-mutilating Mooooooos-lim filth. Got a problem with that CAIR homos? Come see me face-to-face, cowards.
Joe Farah of WND.com revives the evil Islamist theory, quietly put to sleep by the media and White House. I agree 100% with Joe. Islam is evil and must be totally eradicated from this planet.
Read the UN-homos and Euro-weenies gripes about Israel using "too much force" against terrorist scum and the civilian population who shelters them. Cry me a effing river, scumbags. whack them all and cleanse the neighborhood. Screw world opinion, Israel: your very survival is involved, here.
AA Flight 587, just like TWA Flight 800, was brought down by a terrorist act. And covered-up to protect the US airlines industry from bankruptcy, as we're now seeing.
I support Iranian students, 100%. Overthrow and whack all the Islamic fundamentalist diaperhead filth.
How the heck is the FBI "keeping an eye" on tens of thousands of 'sleeper cell' terrorists, already here and waiting to strike?
The Euro-weenies are in for a very rude awakening, when these Islamic/ Dutch terrorist cells activate and pull a couple 9-11s in European capitals, and many thousands of innocents die, needlessly, because the socialist governments are still playing the "diversity and multiculturalism" shit games.
Shut the US-Mexican and US-Canadian borders, President Bush! Dammit, do it now! We're being overrun by millions of illegals, and terrorists are among the hordes coming in, unchecked.
President Bush: tell the truth about the subhuman murdering deviant filth, called Islamics. They need to be tracked down, rounded-up and executed in America. They're all murderers and terrorists; none should be spared.
Find this piece of Hezbollah Mooooooos-lim shit, and whack him: Issam Fares, deputy prime minister of Lebanon, a self-made billionaire and a close associate of Maj. General Ghazi Kanaan, head of Syrian intelligence in Lebanon and the man known as the "kingmaker" in a small country dominated by Syria's occupying military forces.

With Mooooooos-lims worldwide growing more suillegal alienious of the United States, President Bush marked the end of the Islaaaaaaam-ic (UN)holy month of "Rama-dama-ding-dong" with a visit Thursday to a mosque. "The spirit behind this holiday is a reminder that Islam brings hope and comfort to more than 1 billion people worldwide," Bush said. "Islaaaaaaam affirms God's justice and insists on man's moral responsibility." Bush left his shoes at the door, in keeping with the practice of the Islaaaaaaaamic Center of Washington, a national center for Mooooooos-lim culture and prayer. He also had visited six days after the terrorist attacks last year. Yeah, sure. I'm watching his puke factor, closely. Islam has a morality factor, W? HUH? Nah, you're fulla-shit, pal.
Treasury Secretary Paul O'Neill and White House economic adviser Lawrence Lindsey, architect of the president's tax cuts, resigned within minutes of each other Friday, officials said. The resignations, effective in the next few weeks, came as the Labor Deparetment announced unemployment in November increased to 6 percent, the highest level in nine years. It was not clear if the resignations were coordinated, related to the spike in unemployment or were requested by the White House.
Old shit-for-brains US Sen Trent "Vacant Lot" Lott (RINO-MS) has opened his flaccid, mealy-mouth and stepped in it again, by saying the United States would have been better off if then-segregationist (then-candidate) US Sen Strom Thurmond (KKK-SC), had won the presidency in 1948. No wonder most blacks vote democRAT. Nice job, moron. True, but real bad timing. Dammit, stop apologizing for speaking the truth about democRAT idiots blacks, Trent. The lib-dem filth have destroyed American Blacks through a mere 50 years of welfare. Fact.
Get this damned illegal Mexican illegal alien illegal alien shit filth out of America! President Bush: wake-up and protect America, dammit!
Okay President Bush, if you won't take care of it, these Citizens will.

Lib-democRATs Imploding.
A simmering feud between talk show host Bill O'Reilly and public television journalist idiot, alcoholic DUI Bill Moyers erupted on Wednesday after Moyers bought a newspaper advertisement to respond to what he called a "vicious personal attack." Moyers was referring to O'Reilly's syndicated column, published in the Daily News on Nov. 25, in which O'Reilly criticized him for "profiting from taxpayer money" by keeping the sales proceeds of videotapes of some programs he does for the tax-subsidized, left-wing wacko liberal Public Broadcasting System.
Denise Majette, the former state judge who ousted the fat, ugly, buck-toothed, racist, bigoted US Rep Cynthia McKinney (Racist-MO) from office in an August DemocRAT primary, has asked a federal judge to dismiss the incumbent's lawsuit to overturn the election. Claiming that she was the victim of a "malicious crossover" vote by tens of thousands of evil Republicans, McKinney has filed suit against state and local elections officials, the two main political parties and Majette. The left-wing wacko, lib-dem lowlife McKinney idiot scumbagette is still around? She should be institutionalized, electro-shocked and heavily drugged. What a pathetic idiot creature.
AlGoreBore? A pathetic SoreLoserman perverted, deviant, demented scumbag. Go whack yourself, AlGoreBore garbage. You and that mentally-ill, fat turd of a "wife", Tipper-shitter, are lowlife white trash.
Ooooooh, the fat, ugly, porker-faced, ass-ugly stupid, Klintoon-ass-licker-swab-girl, US Sen Mary "Blond-In-a-Bottle" Landrieu (Liar/Piglet-LA), has won in another corrupt lib-democRAT election. Yawn.
Read this about JFKs addiction to dozens of drugs during the early 60s, and why Camelot was and is a fraud, as are the Kennedys.
Uh oh, turdboy, fat, stupid Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum is out of the feed trough and has asked for a meeting with Republican National Committee Chair Marc Racicot and has announced that he will begin a national camaign calling for the removal of Senator Trent Lott. Go fat Al baby, go! You dumbass idiot; no other word for him. Hey, scumbag fatboy: what's your feeling about US Sen Robert "KKK Grand Wizard" Byrd (Racist-WV)? And AlGoreBore Sr? Fritz Hollings? LBJ? etc? Go iron your hair, idiot boy scumbag. Pomenade®, Al boy>
Mike Farrell and Anjelica Huston will release a letter Tuesday signed by a hundred celebrities who want President Bush to stop his war rhetoric toward Iraq. Whooooa: talk about untalented, nobody punks, deviant, degenerate, irrelevant lowlife lib-democRAT scumbags!
All the lib-democRAT-socialist scumbags and scumbagettes from the Congressional Communist Socialist Black Caucus Mucous are all a-tither about US Sen Trent "Vacant Lot" Lott's (RINO-MS) "racist statement", at Strom Thurmond's (DixiecRAT/RINO-SC) 100th birthday party. Where were those lowlifes on Robert "KKK Grand Wizard" Byrd, LBJ, Billy Bob Fullbright, Fritz Hollings, AlGoreBore Sr and dozens of racist, bigoted liberal-democRATs? Hypocrisy at its peak.
Disgraced, laughable ex-president Jimmah "Do Nothing" Carter-farter, part of the traitorous Fifth Column of liberals, democRATs and other scumbags, continues to undermine America with his inane and stupid comments. The Nobel Peace Prize is a f*cking freaking joke, Jimmah, you ignorant shithead of a moooooor-ron. Crawl back under your slimy rock, boy.

Garbage, Trash and Filth.
A Santa Maria judge on Thursday ordered pop star wacko sub-species, sub-human
Michael "The Pedophile" Jackson to undergo a medical examination after the pop star failed to show up for court because of a spider bite. Jackson was scheduled to face further cross-examination in a $21 million lawsuit over canceled millennium concerts, but instead was absent from the courthouse in Santa Maria, about 170 miles north of Los Angeles in central California. Superior Court Judge Zel Canter, after meeting with attorneys in his chambers, said Jackson — who is being sued by German concert promoter Marcel Avram for breach of contract — had offered what appeared to be a legitimate medical issue.
The Big Brothers-Big Sisters (BBSA) — whose deviant, degenerate homo-queer-homo policy is to make it a lot easier for youths to be mentored by adult gay homo-homo-queer role models without the children’s parents’ knowledge — is a perverted crowd of lowlife, subhuman homo-rump-raider-fudge-packer-lesbian-bull-dyke filth. Subhuman species trash, garbage. Let them acquire fatal AIDS and STD diseases, and expire die. Hopefully, quickly.
Actress Lowlife white trash scumbag Winona Ryder was sentenced on Friday to three yearsprobation and ordered to undergo psychological and drug counseling, bringing to close a very non-routine shoplifting case. Sad; this bitch is a psycho and should be institutionalized with the mentall-ill.
Heroin addicts throughout England will be given the drug free through the state-run health service as part of a new government drugs strategy. About 400 heroin addicts already legally obtain heroin through the National Health Service, but the new plan, announced Tuesday, will introduce prescription programs across England and Wales. Under the scheme, users will be given clean needles and will be able to shoot up in medically supervised areas. Great idea. Give them "hot shot smack" (triple doses) and watch them all die. End of societal junkie problem.
Philip Berrigan, the former rump-raiding, homo priest whose fight against the Vietnam War and nuclear weapons helped ignite a generation couple of homos of anti-war dissent, has died of cancer. He was 79. Good riddance, lowlife scumbag!
Any doubt the the left-wing, neo-nazi, lib-democRAT, socialist scumbag ACLU homos are out to destroy America? Read this article.
Think I'm too rough on gays homos and homos? Read this about the fudge-packers' reactions to the murder of a woman, Mary Stachowicz, by subhuman homosexual Nicholas Gutierrez in Chicago. This was a "hate crime" and the lowlife homo should be on death row.
Kwanzaa? What a joke! Kwanzaa is a bogus "holiday" — coined by convicted felon and lowlife, degenerate scumbag, Ron Karenga in 1966. Any black family who "celebrates" this Kwanzaa shit, is pulling their own chains. A totally worthless, stupid race of people.
Get this mentally-ill, subhuman homeless shit off of the streets, and into mental institutions, where they belong.
I used to have a real affinity for our Canadian neighbors, just to the north. But in the past few weeks, it's become clear that they're ruled by morons, idiots and lowlife scumbags. Jeanny Cretin, the PM, is the worst. He's a a commie, liberal homo turdboy punk, who can't find his own ass with both hands in a well-lit room. And his specious underling minions of androgynous lesbian-bull-dyke uglies, are truly running the socialist-commine show, up there. Time to clean house, Canuckistan, and get the millions of illegal immigrant Mooooooos-lims out of your country, as we'll do, shortly.
Pete Rose is dogshit; keep him out of the Baseball Hall of Fame. OJ Simp-scum, Paul Hornung and Alex Karras should be removed from the Football Hall of Fame, too. American is way too kind to its "superstar criminals". Bobby Hull also comes to mind, as a scumbag.
I agre: felons should NOT automatically get their "gun rights" restored upon completion of their sentence. That's shitpola.
"Hurried woman syndrome"? Gime a f*cking freaking break, lib-democRAT, shitfilth garbage morons! What shitpola. What trash. You're more mooooooor-ronic than I'd originally thought. Crawl back under your slimy, greasy rocks, deviants.
Courtney Love, the lowlife, subhuman, drug-addicted, dirtbag bitch slut, is a two-dollar druggie whoredog-slutscum-duggiebagette? Yep, that and so, so, so much more. Look at the pic. Die bitch and do the world a favor. Wouldn't you like to use a 12ga pump w/ 00 buckshot against that porno-porker's, ass-ugly face target? Justice served.
Artists United to Win Without War? A bunch of Marxist deviants, left-leaning Holly-weird perverts, socialist scumbags, commie lowlifes, lib-dem homo and traitors. All 100 of them subhumans.
Another Hollyweird, lowlife scumbag lib-dem piece of shit: Nick Nolte, the DUIer, taking the "date rape drug" and driving a car. He should be in prison, not probation.

These People Need Killing™.
The president of a St. Louis gay homo and lesbian group has been charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old boy. White trash fudge-packer, Rolf Rathmann, 37, is president of Pride St. Louis. Prosecutors say Rathmann is one of four men homos suspected of having sex with the same 14-year-old victim. Rathmann is accused of having the sexual relationship with the boy over a five-month period. St. Louis County Prosecutor Bob McCulloch says the acts took place at Blue Bird Park in Ellisville. I've always maintained that child molestors should be executed; terminate this subhuman piece of shit and end recidivism.
26,000 fugitives running loose in the counties around Detroit, and the police aren't rounding them up. Many are murderers, rapists, armed robbers and worse. Read it for yourself; I'll wait. Outraged yet? If the violent ones were executed, there'd be no repeat crimes on innocents. whack them.
Convicted whacker Robert Fry will have to find a new attorney for the murder cases pending against him. Awwww, cry me an efffing river. BFD; whack him.
Judge Jackoff Jed S. Rakoff is a poster boy judge of the commie, scumbag ACLU traitors. He probably was a donating and active ACLU member before he became a left wing wacko lib-democRAT judge. He is still probaby a donating, card carrying and active member of the ACLU when he made his unconstitutional judgement on the death penalty. His ruling on the death penalty is hereby overturned.
Here's one subhuman the world won't miss, when he's executed Wednesday: James Paul Collier insisted on defending himself in his capital murder trial for the 1995 shooting deaths of a woman and her son even though his court-appointed defense attorney, prosecutors and the judge tried to dissuade him. Jurors in Wichita Falls took 12 minutes to sentence Collier to death for the fatal shootings of Gwendolyn Joy Reed, 51, and her son, Timothy Don Reed, 31. Collier didn't know either of the victims he confessed to Killing after police caught up with him in New Mexico. Good riddance, scumbag. Next?
A priest at the center of the clergy sexual abuse scandal was freed Wednesday after seven months in jail when he posted $300,000 cash bail. The Irrev Paul Shanley, 71, left the courtroom with his lawyer Frank Mondano without comment. Shanley has been jailed since May when he returned to Massachusetts from California, where he had been living in recent years. whack him.

NOVA: Orchid Hunter.
This companion to the PBS show explains why the orchid is nature's most highly evolved plant, one that author Susan Orlean describes as possessing a "clever and unplantlike determination to survive." An orchid hasseveral tricks up its stamen. For instance, the plant often fools insects into pollinating it by masquerading as another insect or as an enemy. Some orchids give off pretty scents and others emit the odor of rotting meat, which draws carnivorous bugs. Many orchids release perfume only at night to bring in nocturnal bugs, while others simply have nectar or colors so alluring that few insects can resist. View a select 15 of the over 25,000 species of orchids, including the Catasetum pileatum, which is pictured on Venezuela's currency and lasts only a few days. Learn about amateur scientists who, like orchid hunters, studied the fascinating flower despite their lack of formal training in the field. Even if you're not a floriculturist, I'm sure you'll enjoy this ode to orchids. My personal favorite plant.

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