okay, i was wrong
Friday, January 4, 2002

I'm not infallible; far from it, I can be wrong. Last time I was wrong ummmm, what time is it? it wasn't a big deal, either. (It was '76, I was working in a medium-sized NJ ad agency, CATV was just coming out and I'd been offered a VP-Marketing spot and 25% partnership in the Nation's now largest multi-billion dollar CATV operation, Sammons Cable TV, in New Jersey. Thinking it was all merely a transient fart in the wind, I turned it down and went back into NYCs ad industry, only to quit years later in '89 and come to Pennsylvania to start my Garden Center & Nursery. Never mind the hundreds of thousands hundreds of thousands millions billions I'd be worth now if I'd accepted. Mmmmm. Okay, okay I was an cretin moron idiot; back on topic.) In an earlier Journal, called Lock & Load, I said the so-called "Arab street" was going to rise-up in the US and start Killing Americans, and that everyone should arm themselves. Since then, we've completely crushed the Taliban and al Qaeda in Afghanistan, and are ready to move on to Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the lowlife countries harboring and training the murderous Islamic towelhead Muslim pork-sucking extremists. America's outraged might has cowed the Arab and Muslim worlds; bin shithead has no credibility anywhere anymore. They're cowards and rightly terrified of America's unbridled wrath, coming as a result of what they did to us on September 11th. I still believe a worldwide insurrection is possible, but perhaps (thankfully) not on the scale I'd worried aloud about weeks ago, and therefore do not withdraw my admonition. Best to be prepared. Happiness is still a warm gun. BTW, welcome to 2002!

Around The Garden Center.
Shucks, I wish we'd have gotten some of Buffalo's snow. Five Six Seven feet, and counting, in five days. Ummm, well, maybe we don't need that much snow, or what they got in Petoskey (MI), either. We did, afterall, have The Blizzard of '96, and that was enough for me. I talked to Dolly a few nights back and she said they'd gotten a nice 1-2" dusting in the Pittsburgh area. We can't seem to even get flurries here. But just a scant 45 miles north, in Loganton (PA) along I-80, a massive 51 vehicle pile-up occurred.
Now it's snowing to the south of us. Like I said, we can't even buy some snow here.
In a hopeful sign that the US economy has bottomed-out, leading economic indicators were up slightly, and so was the stock market last weekend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for America first, in Spring '02.
Ever wonder what the weather's like somewhere else? Here's every known "weather cam" in the US, by state and city.
Gas prices are still edging northward: this past week, 89 octane hit $1.16.9/gal at the "super stations", and was considerably higher at the smaller operations. LPG/ Propane is now at $0.58/gal, as compared to $1.49/gal last Winter. I don't know what price home heating oil is at just now, but I'd suspect it's also lower than last year. Just a "hunch".
After all the numbers are in for 2001, we did better than expected. I spent a day with our accounting firm in York (PA), crunching numbers and reviewing their previous number crunches: even with the 30+ week drought, The Massacre of September 11th, lib-dems' obfuscation and ugly partisan politics hurting America all year, despite all that: we grossed $1.59million. Broke all previous (10yr) records. Heck, only being in business 11 years, and staying there despite all the "events" over the past decade, is momentous, in and of itself. Sure, I'll have some Dom Perignon Champagne and a Corvoisser Brandy chaser, thanks. You?
Yep, 2001 was quite a year, in retrospect. Or go day by week by month by event. Or here. We lost a lot of people from the national scene (cancer and heart disease, mostly), as well as countless others who we'll never hear about.
Yeah sure, I welcomed in 2002, quietly and cautiously, as has always been my custom since '86. Me, myself & I, plus the two cats and Mr Colt Trooper MKIII .357Magnum and Mr Glock 357sig Model #32. We had a nice, quiet New Year's Eve at home, thankyouverymuch. You? I'd be interested in hearing from you about what you did to celebrate the passing of '01 and introduction of '02.
I'm seeing fewer American Flags flying on cars and trucks these days, and more American Flag Decals popping up on vehicles. I think the cloth flags are wearing out and people aren't replacing them with the same thing. And I'm noticing many more homes and businesses sporting American Flags, as well as the paper flag insert the local newspapers distributed months ago, taped to windows and doors. Patriotism isn't on the wane around here, despite claims to the contrary. America is just fine and healthy. I'm glad and it brings a tear to my eye; America has changed for the better.
On New Year's Day, I slept-in until 10am (yawn, stretch), went to the Garden Center Complex around 11am, fed Pickle and did some paperwork, then went to Mom & Dad's for a Traditional York County (PA) New Year's Dinner: braised pork rump roast, homemade dumplings, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, applesauce, Chardonnay (okay, Dad's tradition; mine is Cabernet Sauvignon). Wow, what a bloating filling feast. Once a year is good enough for me. BUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRPPPPPP!
Another reason I don't live in NJ anymore: socialism, enviro-wackos and lib-dem tree-hugger filth have overtaken the Garden Garbage State and turned it into The People's Republik of New Jersey. I've seen the death and damage out-of-control deer can do; time to cull the herds, for their and our own good.
I returned both H&K's .357sig and .40cal to the individual who'd loaned them to me for a test, and kept the Glock Model 32 .357sig, from Freedom Armory in Shrewsbury (PA), which fits my hand better and is easier to conceal. Yes, I have a CCW (Concealed Carry Weapons) Permit. I've had one for the past 12 years now.
While clicking through www.gdnctr.com several nights ago, saving pages from the server, to update with the 2002 Copyright date, I noticed dozens of degrading pics! Dozens upon dozens of photos which had degenerated into inviewability. Time to re-shoot and re-post in the Spring after I get a better digital camera. Jeeeeeez, I'm alarmed and embarrassed. Working on it.

The Massacre of September 11th.
While I may have been wrong about the so-called "Arab street" rising up and causing a conflagration in our country, I wasn't wrong about the failure of American Intelligence or the hundreds of "sleeper terrorists" already inside the US, waiting to strike again.
Let me say that again: hundreds, if not thousands of "sleeper cell terrorists" are already here in the US. The FBI is on the case. I don't feel real safe. I'm buying new firearms with greater and greater Killing power, each month. You should be considering your options, too.
It's significant that several of the articles in the lamestream, left-wing wacko liberal media were relegated to the weekend pages and buried as minor headlines: FBI Probe of Al Quaeda Implies Wide Presence. And it's significant that these stories were run on a Friday, when less attention would be paid to them, kind of like the criminal Clintoons did when they begrudgingly released information about Bubba Jeffy & Hitlery's many scandals. Net net: they wanted the information released but few people to read about it.
Think I've been "too hard" on extremist Muslims and wacko Islamists over the past few months? Actually, not hard enough: they should all be whacked with impunity. Here's part of their documented "resume" against the US: The men who used passenger jets to attack America on September 11th were Muslim extremists. Last year, our warship, the USS Cole, was attacked by Muslim extremists. In 1998, U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed by Muslim extremists, Killing 212 people and wounding thousands. In 1996, Muslim extremists exploded a truck bomb outside an Air Force housing complex in Saudi Arabia, Killing 19 and injuring hundreds more. In 1995, five Americans were whacked in a car bomb explosion executed by Muslim extremists. In 1993, the World Trade Center was bombed by Muslim extremists, Killing six and injuring thousands. Also in 1993, Muslim extremists plotted to assassinate then U.S. President George Bush. (Intriguingly, the word "assassin" comes from a Muslim sect active in the 11th to 13th centuries known as "the assassins" for their religious practice of murdering infidels.) In 1988, another passenger jet, Pan Am flight 103, was bombed by Muslim extremists, Killing 270 people. In 1986, Muslim extremists bombed a West Berlin discotheque frequented by U.S. servicemen. In 1985, Muslim extremists seized an Italian cruise ship, the Achille Lauro, and murdered Leon Klinghoffer, a 69-year-old, wheelchair-bound American. In 1983, Muslim extremists blew up U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut, Killing 241 American servicemen. In 1982, Muslim extremists bombed the U.S. Embassy in Beirut, Killing 49 people, including 17 Americans. In 1979, Muslim extremists stormed the U.S. Embassy in Iran and held American Embassy staff hostage for 444 days. Too hard on this subhuman Islamic towelhead filth? No, not hardly. The FBI's on it; don't worry, we're safe.
I'll say it again. Seal the US borders, north and south. Bitch-slap the idiots in Canada and Mexico for harboring Muslim filth. Go door-to-door, house-to-house, community-by-community and round-up all illegals and deport them. Any Muslim garbage suspected of being involved in terrorist activity; execute them. It's going to happen that way, but apparently only after another terrorist strike "dirty nuke" bomb, smallpox, chemical or gas attack and many more thousands of Americans will be dead, needlessly. Then, the "American street" will rise up against all Muslims and Islamics living here and whack them on sight. I'll be in that crowd and civil war will fill the land, as we root them out from their homes and hideaways, and whack them privately/publicly. Not a pretty prospect, but if our government doesn't act decisively and soon, more likely than not, it'll happen.
Think you have a "strong stomach"? Click on this Russian website and view some captured videos of horrible, and I do mean horrible, things done to Russian soldiers and civilians by Islamic and Mulslim fundamentalists. They're subhumans and worse than maddened, raving animals. Have a barf bag handy. You've been warned.
Lord knows, the shit-for-brains European idiots morons cretins can't even find their own asses with all those "eager" euro-homo hands; letting terrorists slip through their bony, hand-wringing, lowlife, bed-wetting fingers is another matter. And we need to clean-out the festering, fetid swamps of Muslim shitfilth everywhere in the US; deport or execute the illegals and suspects, and cut-off their funding worldwide.
A Peace Plan for The Holy Land? Sorry, there'll never, never, never be peace over there. Hasn't ever been peace there for thousands of years, and there won't in the foreseeable future. But yet, the ignorant towelhead filth blame the US policies for the unrest of their own people. Go figure.
No, Killing bin Laden shithead, the pork-eating, goat-f*ckinghumping diaperhead won't end the War On Terrorism never thought it would but it'll make me feel real good, and most anxious to get on with the business of Killing as many terrorists worldwide as we can.
If you fly, and if you thought that better screeners were going to be hired to replace over 7,000 functional illiterates of the 28,000 current screeners to improve airport security, read this unnerving article. This is why I'll never fly anywhere again; well duh, one of about 297 reasons why I don't fly. The lessons of 9/11 are fading fast.
I have to laugh at the rump-raiding, fudge-packing lib-dems who declare that The War On Terrorism is simply un-winnable. It's eminently winnable: whack all the extremist towelhead Muslim shitfilth Islamic pork-sucking lowlifes in the world, wherever they are. Round them up, determine their guilt, and execute. Bury all of the in a pit filled with pig entrails, face down so they can't see their homo-loving idol, Allah moron. Do what the Israelis do: send hit squads worldwide to find their enemies and whack them. Makes sense to me.
If this is true about American Forces, I'm not happy. Somehow, I think it's bullshit. Been there, did that, once.
I laugh at all the idiots, mostly lib-democRATs but some GOP-RINOs (Republican In Name Only) too, who whine and wail about our loss of freedom and liberty since The Massacre of September 11th. After the next and possibly much, much worse attack, get ready for marshal law, sealed borders, national IDs and a whole host of restrictions that'll make your head spin.
What? The Tali-tubbie shitheads aren't giving-up secrets? Hey Rummy, here's how to get all the secrets you want: show each lowlife, subhuman piece of filth that they'll be smeared with copious amounts of pig guts, buried face down in a pit filled with pig grease (what a waste!).
Bin Laden Apparently Alive, U.S. Panel Chief Says? Really?
The only way to douse the fires of Islamic radicalism is through stunning, overwhelming, military force. Heck, we can do that again and again, very easily.
More subhuman towelhead Muslim fanatics want to die? Sure, bring 'em on.
Sure, I fear more terrorist attacks. The FBI/CIA/NSA etc are getting the vast majority, but perhaps one is almost certain to slip through. I fear that many of my friends won't be armed enough to protect themselves, their families and neighbors, in the event of a civil act of war attack. I am over-armed and very, very ready. (I'm hoping that it won't come, and that the gummint will deflect all attempts. I know better.) Those who aren't, are doomed to extinction.
Why are we wasting US Taxpayers' money on a "criminal trial" for this subhuman sandidiot lowlife Muslim piece of dogshit Islamic scumbag terrorist? He should get a fair Military Tribunal and then be executed. Even the sometimes wacko US Sen (D-CT) Joe Lieberman agrees, that this scumbag should be tried in a Military Court.
How stupid are Muslims and the Islamic deviants that they misjudged the US so badly? They're beyond stupid; they're akin with cretins, morons and idiots.
Four months after The Massacre of September 11th, bodies and body parts are still being retrieved. 13 were found this week over 30ft below ground, in what used to be the ground floor lobby of the WTC complex. The body count now stands at 2,936 innocents. My anger, hatred and unbridled outrage at the perverted extremist Islam and murderous Muslims, continues to grow.
The American Airline Pilot who threw W's towelhead "bodyguard" off the flight was 100% correct: Muslims, Arabs, Islamists and Middle Easterners should be extensively profiled and inconvenienced before being allowed on any domestic US flights. Hey W: the murderous terrorists who perpetrated The Massacre of September 11th were f*cking murderous towelhead Muslim fanatics from Saudi Arabia, REMEMBER?! The AA Pilot was doing his job.
Rowdy scumbags using The Massacre of September 11th as an excuse for bad behavior? Police and judges should throw the book at 'em for that shit excuse; they're lowlifes and deserve harsh punishment for their crimes.
Islam advocates and pleads for tolerance wherever it is in the minority; it advocates, implements and practices suppression and violence wherever it is in the majority. Islam is dogshit and so are its festering practitioners. Read about the "US Citizens" who are Muslim and who hate America. They should be rounded-up and deported imiediately; any suspected of terrorist activity should be executed. Time to clean out the fetid Islamic swamp while we still can.

Since W is so reticent in using the "bully pulpit" to effect change, he should make a recess appointment of Otto Reich and several dozen other nominees who was nominated to be assistant secretary of state for Western Hemisphere affairs nearly six months ago and still can't get a Senate hearing. Almost a year into the Bush administration, a third of positions requiring Senate approval remain vacant. DemocRATs appear to be intent on blocking nominees who've rubbed their ideology the wrong way. Of 64 Bush nominations for the federal bench, only 28 (or 44 percent) have been confirmed. This is outrageous and lib-dem Sen Chris "Prissy Chrissy" Dodd (D-CT), chairman of the Western Hemisphere subcommittee of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee, is behind it all. Time to use the recess sppointment directive to get all the remaining positions filled; f*ck screw the lib-dem shitfilth scumbags.
What a lowlife this Bloomberg shithead is. NYC has enough garbage to contend with: Up-Chuckie Schumer and Hitlery Rotten Clintoon as US Senators, and now, Mikey Bloomberg, a RINO (Republican In Name Only) mayor. Gaaaaawd, what a bunch of losers. But hey, they voted the triumvirate of scumbags into office; let 'em suffer.
Suppressing unsolved legal cases by "executive priviledge" fiat is going to come back and bite W and his RINO advisors in 2002 mid-term and 2004 General elections. He's getting some bad advice; here I agree with Billy Bob Safire, the RINO.

Lib-Dem Scumbags.
Fat stupid lowlife Irrev Al "interloper Jew scum" Sharp-scum wants NYC to become a socialist mecca for his constituency of lowlifes and welfare maggots. He babbles that NYC should spend millions of dollars on the city's homeless, not a pair of new baseball stadiums for the Yankees and the Mets. What he's too ignorant to realize is that the US did just that back in the 60s, 70s and 80s called "projects" Al, you dumb shithead scumbag which were abysmal failures and led to even greater impoverishment of blacks and poor whites in public housing. Sharp-scum is a festering sore on the ass of Humanity, and he needs to be lanced.
The looney, left-wing wacko lib-dem idiots are clearly trying to drive this country to increased socialism, even during the just-past Holiday Season, with their homeless people scams. I watch and listen with great amusement at all the people who get sucked-in on their lies.
Bill Clinton's Legacy: Lying Under Oath as President 2 times Lying Under Oath as Governor 5 times Lying Under Oath as Attorney General. Lying Under Oath in a Deposition. Lying Under Oath to a Grand Jury. Lying Under Oath as a Lawyer. Abuse of Power. Obstruction of Justice. Deriliction of Duty. Bribe Solicitation. Taking Bribes. Bribery of Cabinent Members. Bribery of State Officials. Treason. Corruption. Coersion. Graft. False Swearing. Malfeasance of Office. Perjury. Subornation of Perjury. Criminal Trespass. Witness Intimidation. Witness Tampering. Jury Tampering. Ethics Violations. Intentional Interference in the Administration of Justice. Misrepresentation Civil. Contempt of Court. Criminal Contempt of Court. Contempt of Congress. Contempt of the American People. High Crimes and Misdemeanors. Deception. False Testimony. Factually False Testimony. Misconduct. Serious Misconduct. Professional Misconduct. Notorious Misconduct. Obstruction of the Judicial Process. Recklessness. Grand Larceny. Extortion. Blackmail. Substance Abuse. Evidence Suppression. Illegal Foriegn Campaign Funding Aiding and Abetting. Espionage. Improper Exports of Sensitve Technology. Attempted Intimidation of Prosecutors. Destruction of Business Records with Intent to Defraud. Failure to Investigate Drug Trafficking. Real Estate Fraud. Criminalizing Frauds on Financial Institutions. Use of State Police for Personal Purposes. Illegal Loan Extraction. False Reports by Medical Examiners and Others Investigating Suillegal alienious Deaths. Improper Futures Trading. Illegal Use of the Executive Branch.Character Defamation. Voter Fraud. Racketeering. Destruction of Evidence. Political Espionage. Money Laundering. Criminal Negligence. RICO Conspiracy. Misuse of Government Files. Desecration of Federal Ethics Laws. Judicial Intimidation. Conflict of Interests. Illegal Campaign Activity. Misuse of Corporate assets. Ordering Politically Motivated Audits. Ordering Politically Motivated Investigations. Timing of War Influenced by Political Considerations. Misapplying Funds. Conspiracy to Defraud the Federal Government. Criminal Violation of the Privacy Act. Conspiracy to Conceal Evisceration of the Right to Habeas Corpus. Misuse of Taxpayer Funds. Interfering with a Court Order. Theft of Government Property. Abuse of Taxpayer Financed Travel. Anti-American Espionage Jeopardizing National Security. Aiding and Abetting Drug Traffic. Aiding and Abetting Organized Crime. Murder by Accessory, by Witness Tampering. Murder by Accessory ,by Forgery. Foreign Influence Peddling. Regular Influence Peddling. Corrupting Public Discourse. Providing False and Misleading Testimony. Interferring with a Custody Case. Kidnapping by Accessory. Child Endangerment. Sexual Harassment. Indecent Exposure. Sexual Abuse of Employees. Lewd and Lascivious Conduct. Exchange of Promotions or Benefits for Sexual Favors. Sexual assault. Statutory Rape. Contributing to the Delinquincy of a Minor. Unfit to hold a law license. Conduct Unbecoming a President. Squandering the Public Trust. Clinton masterfully practiced the sick politics of personal self-destruction. He bartered away his mind to the educational unions, his heart to the homosexual lobby, his conscience to radical feminists, his country to the Lippo Group, and his legacy to his loins. He is filth.
The shit-for-brains, lib-democRAT gun grabbers are still trying to blame crime on guns and the manufacturers, not the criminals and other scum who illegally use weapons in the commission of a crime. Three moron judges of the Illinois Appellate Court ruled in their favor last week. It'll be overturned on appeal and the SCOTUS will whack it dead. If an idiotic ruling like that were allowed to stand as law, people would be suing the car companies into bankruptcy, suing McDonald's for obesity and heart disease; well, the list is endless. The ramifications are horriffic.
Liberal bias in the news organizations? Plenty of it.
And The New York Slimes' Tommie "The Commie" Friedman is using "Let's Roll!" to point a whining, bed-wetting lib-dem finger at W, for his supposed mishandling of American since The Massacre of September 11th. A real barf alert, but worth reading to see what a shallow lowlife he truly is.
Another lib-dem scumbag criminal skates: US Sen Bobby "Criminal Greaseball" Torricelli (D-NJ) beat the campaign finance charges, thanks to the incompetence of idiot US Attorney Mary Jo White(wash), who's f*cked screwed up dozens of cases in favor of the lib-dem slimeballs. She should be charged with malfeasance, conspiracy and a dozen other criminal offenses and imprisoned.

Idiots, Morons and Cretins.
Reading what this lowlife did to a two month old kitten dropping it off onto a busy highway makes my blood boil, again. Subhumans like that guy need to be found and prosecuted; animal cruelty is now a felony in Maryland. A happy ending: the kitten was rescued and given a proper home. They're still looking for the scumbag who did the inhumane deed.
Here's reason No 293 why the FBI doesn't merit America's confidence anymore. Where's J Edgar Hoover when the Nation really needs him?
Afro-American Studies department at Harvard? What a f*cking freaking joke. What's to study? Jungle animals? Tribal slaughter and massacres? Gang raping of children and babies by AIDS-riddled filth? Spear chucking? Missionary cooking? Cannibalism, tribal warfare (with associated rape, pillage, murder), slavery, genocide, starvation, disease, paganism? Look at the two cretinous-morons in the article's picture: not an ounce of brains between them. What a waste of money funding Afro-American Studies for morons, idiots and cretins. Those two scumbags Henry Louis Gates Jr and Cornel West are two of the idiots (simply no other word for it) who want the US to pay reparations; does that tell you anything?
Fat-Boy Al Sharpscum and Jesse The Extortionist Jackscum are at it again, this time at Harvard University about the laughable "Afro-American Studies" department and the idiot "professors" within. Here's what Harvard should have on their answering machine: Welcome to Harvard. Please listen carefully, as our Automated System has changed. For Admissions, Press 1. For Class Schedules, Press 2. If you want to speak to a counselor, Press 3.If you are a couple of fat, race-hustling, idiot extortionists, lose our number. To hear these choices again, press 4.
Violent protests in Argentina? Shoot to whack all rioters. End of problem. Then, get all liberals, socialists, communists and greens rounded-up, and either deport or execute. Execute is much, much better. The past recent liberal-socialist-communist-green governments are to blame for the despair and poverty and collapse of authority. No such problems when the Perons were in power.
Who gives a flying rat's rear end about the Euro? Junk. Trash. shit. So goes Europe; abject cowards without the USA. Truth hurt, commie-socialist-green-scumbags?
This lowlife subhuman sandidiot towelhead lib-dem bitch, Anna Mustafa, 53, of Tinley Park, ILL, richly deserves prison time; she'd make a great toilet cleaner. Mustafa works as an administrative aide in the Cook County Circuit Court clerk's office. She served as a member of the Chicago Board of Education from 1990 to 1992, the first Arab-American member to be appointed by Mayor Richard Daley to the board. That's all the cretinous-moron knows how to do. She's an illiterate piece of dogshit.
Under a sub, sub-category titled "Lowlife Subhuman Filth", I'd dump all homo garbage. They're after children, and here they make no bones about it I'd have all rounded-up, interred, and executed deported to Saudi Arabia for abject perversion; the Saudis know how to deal with this kind of filth. End of problem; cleansing of the genepool.
BTW, Happy Kwanzaa, y'all.

Execute This Subhuman Filth.
Texas has lost the title of America's No. 1 death state for the first time since 1996, with 17 executions in 2001 to Oklahoma's 18. The number of inmates put to death in Texas this year was down 57 percent from 2000 and contributed to a national decline of 22 percent. Bummer, man. I really, really like to see/read about subhuman filth being executed, as mandated by the US Courts, as the subhumans did to their victims, good riddance and bye-bye.
The Parole Board of Virginia has truly lost its collective mind: parolling two convicted murderers within days of each other. Bother should have been executed, and certainly never parolled back into society.
While I despise the government and its communist politics, I admire the Chi-Comm's unabashed ability to execute criminals. It seems we're way to squeamish to do what's right, even after conviction and sentencing. The left-wing wacko lib-dem scumbags would rather "rehabilitate" murderers, rapists, traitors and child molesters and return them to society to prey upon and whack more innocents. I'd rather seem the dead and completely unable to harm anyone again.
Here's another reason New Hampshire is a truly f*cked-up state: a convicted child molester is getting out after serving only half the sentence of 15 years, and he refused to participate in any rehab programs while there. he should have been executed; barring that miscarriage of justice, inmates should have whacked him, as they did with the perverted Jeffrey Dahmer, years ago.
When they find this piece of white trash filth, execute him immediately for murdering his entire family. No mercy, no plea bargains, no leniency. Just death.
The Kansas Supreme Court has found that a crucial aspect of the way the state's death penalty is handed down is unfair and must be changed. At the same time, the court declined to overturn capital punishment. Puzzling?
Why are we wasting US Taxpayers' money on a "criminal trial" for this subhuman sandidiot lowlife Muslim piece of dogshit Islamic scumbag terrorist? He should get a fair Military Tribunal and then be executed.
This warms my heart: Lawrence Singleton, who chopped off a teen-age hitchhiker's forearms in California and was later sent to death row in Florida for Killing a prostitute, has died of cancer behind bars. He was 74. The subhuman lowlife should have been executed, but I truly hope his cancer death was long and very, very painful. Good riddance, garbage.

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