(:♫:♫: ...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... :♫:♫:)

the winter months
friday, december 14nd, 2007

“gee willikers, so many things to do, and so little time to get them all done. I love the peaceful and quiet Winter months, except for their "absolute and total desolation" at my 20ac Garden Center & Nursery Complex, when it's very depressing to look at the place, in comparison to the colorful, bright and blooming Spring-Summer-Fall months. each customer who comes into my place, gets a "depression tour" of the empty, desolate, deserted and devoid-of-plants, facility. Most who've been here during the bustling Spring-Summer-Fall months, are stunned are what they don't see, at this time of year. I'm frankly amazed — even after 17yrs (now going-on 18yrs) in the business and doing this same shut-down routine, each year — at what the GC&N Complex looks like, during the Winter months. Whether it's a simple ice storm or continuing simple Winter landscapes at a garden center or mursery, like mine, it's a time of rest, quietude, silence and solace. As I get ready for the Christmas & New Years' Holidays, I relish the rest, solitude, silence and quiet, but am by now, most anxious for the Spring Open House (Saturday, April 12th, 2008) to arrive, the veteran/new-recruit-LSCP Crews to return, and for me to once again, "get busy" with LSCP Designs/Estimates (from James, my Staff LSCP Designer) & Invoices (for my much-appreciated LSCP Customers). Personally, I have a difficult time in dealing with my current Winter Hours — Monday-Saturday, 10am-3pm; Closed Sunday — and am considering a totally-new sign — Monday-Saturday, Hours By Appointment (GC&N phone number); Sunday Closed — to replace the current front gate sign's message, as well as the telephone answering machine's message. For about $125, I can do that. (((sigh))) It's something which I constantly and consistently go-through, every Winter. Oh yeah; ♫♫♫...let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...♫♫♫ Merry Christmas, My Fellow Americans!

Around The Garden Center™.
My quest for a *total graphic re-design* of "John's Journal" continues, but without any real success, so far. In fact, it's hit a wall, and is dead-in-the-water, right now. Everything is "CSS" — Cascading Style Sheets — these days, and I don't want to bother to learn all that crap, from scratch. In fact, I can't make any sense out of any of it. I've spent hours-upon-hours, and can't understand it. Nada, zip, zero, ziltch, zippo! Nope. I'd rather stay with good ol' HTML, but the options for that "ancient-style', are apparently very limited. Suffice it to say, I might not get this done by January's roll-out of Volume XIII, as it looks right now. I've saved dozens of CSS pages, deconstructed them, and reconstructed them, and still can't "get my arms around the concept'. I have a lot to do to get that new Volume XIII ready, archive Volume XII, and do the requisite HTML for all the associated pages, before the first January's weekly issue is ready-to-go online, BTW. I seriously doubt that I'm going to "pull some all-nighters", as I once did in college back in the late 60s, so except for some minor tweaks etc, the so-called "sea-change" will be little more than a burp. 'Never say never", and I haven't totally given-up, but that's my impression, as of right now. My good friend, D**** is trying to help me through a decision to go to CSS, but so far, I'm unconvinced that CSS is the right way to go. Maybe in 2009. My corporate site — www.gdnctr.com — is over 800 pages, and is way too large to try to "retrofit" into a CSS format. My unrelated "personal site" — www.gdnctr.com/list.htm — is almost 600 pages, and is also way too large to "retrofit" into CSS. I'm going through a CSS Tutorial, but it's more right now, than I can mentally-handle, at this point-in-time. And only "time will tell", BTW.
Instead of the current Winter Hours sign — "Monday - Saturday 10am-3pm; Sunday Closed" — on the front gate's chain, I'm thinking about having a new sign made, which simply says — "Hours By Appointment Only" — and replace the current one, along with the telephone recording, in my office. Thinking about it, real hard, darnit...
Do you remember the Winters of Long, Long Ago? (Wait 'til it loads...) I fondly remember them, BTW. Heavy, heavy snowstorms, 2-3 mos snowcover, real snowmelt (not evaporation), real deep snowmelt, and deep plant-root refreshment. Not anymore. The *Natural 1,500yr Cycle* has swung-to-the-other-side, BTW. What more can I say? "Mother Nature's In Charge; We're Just Along For The Ride™". My quote, BTW, circa 1992.
It started snowing-heavily around 11:30am last Friday, and continued for part of the afternoon. Accumulations were only around ¾", and posed no real travel problems. I stayed at work, finishing-up the last of the 2007 LSCP Billing and a few additional LSCP Estimates, closed-up and left around 2pm. I checked the 7-10 day forecast at both local WGAL-8 Weather and at The Weather Channel/York, and it looks like we're in for some bearable 45-50°F temps, for a much-welcomed change. Bravo, finally! The 11°F temps on Wednesday, were damned brutal.
By 4pm, the ice storm had coated the trees, condos, vehicles etc etc etc, and I stayed inside, for the day. Did you see these pics of the ice storm? And there are 14 deaths so far in the Midwest? Just damn.
Monday was another uneventful day, and I had to cancel/reschedule a large tree installation until Spring, due to the rainy/snowy/soggy weather, which would have made it a real mess and done some serious damage to the Customer's lawns. I closed-up around 12:30pm, and went home. There were only a few calls and one customer into the GC&N Complex, to talk to me.
What's happening to the Midwest is unbelieveable! I've been in some bad ice storms over the years, but nothing of this magnitude and path of destruction. People without power: 600,000 800,000 1,000,000+ and counting. What a mess. And 20 21 22 23 deaths, so far. Some lucky folks got the power back-on, BTW.
The Severe Winter Storm Warnings were flashing on my screen's "Weather Bug", in the tray, when I got up on Wednesday morning, and continued all-day, warning of an impending "wintry mix" — rain/sleet/snow/ice — for Thursday. I'd already bought-in what I needed, in case I didn't make it down to the GC&N Complex, on Thursday. Which I didn't. I stayed home, for the day, with ¼" - ½" of ice covering everything. By 11am, we were just getting freezing rain/sleet/ice and to the north of us, the snow was falling heavily. And to boot, there's another major winter storm predicted for Sat-Sun, for this area. Crap; we just don't need this. But hey; it's Winter out there, last I heard.
Everytime I looked out the front door, or rear sunroom's windows, there were icesicles hanging from everywhere, trees and shrubs coated with ice, and plenty of rain/sleet/freezing rain falling, just adding to the potential misery. My condo's lights werre flickering, by 2:30pm, and I was guessing that we'd lose power within an hour or two. My APC Back-Up was already working, I had plenty of large, well-broken-in, 3-4"dia candles ready-to-go, and was ready to spend the night on the king-sized bed/couch in my LR, right in front of the gas fireplace, with the two cats. (Sure wish I had a 23yr-old girlfriend, instead...) The nice things about a gas firepalce vs wood-burning FP, is that I can leave the chimney flu closed, and retain all the heat, without worrying about the CO (carbon monoxide) gas or smoke, as it produces zero CO and smoke. It just produces H2O, and that appears as moisture on the windows. No biggie, as in the Winter months, moisture is at a premium, in any dwelling.

2007 Recap.
I'd have to break 2007 into two parts: personal and business. Though they're intertwined, they're also separate.
Business. The 3rd quarter was the worst in my past 17yrs in business, as John Shelley's Garden Center Nursery, Inc. A combination of the economy's "disposable income" being depressed, and the "Unending Drought From Hell", cost me almost $200k in income. My landscape business was up almost 15%, but over-the-counter retail sales were down 90%. People were afraid to plant anything due to the drought conditions, with the exception being those who either purchased one of our Drip Irrigation Systems, and retrofitted it, or who were a Landscape Customer and his/her job included a mandatory Drip Irrigation System. Landscaping, like gun sales and shooting supplies, is part of the "disposable income" segment of the economy, and although the overall US Economy is strong, that segment's spending is down considerably. I'm hoping that 2008 turns-around that segment and that the "Unending Drought From Hell" abates, and we get some serious "moisture relief". Many lawn-mowing companies and numerous nurseries/garden centers in the Mid-Atlantic and Southereastern Regions, went under in 2007, due to the "Unending Drought From Hell" and the economy. Pike's Nursery was a large operation — 22 locations in Georgia, Alabama and North Carolina — in the Southeastern Region, and the numerous other there and here, are a tip-of-the-iceberg indicator of worse things to come, in 2008, I'm predicting.
With continually-rising costs, and greatly-shrinking profits, I have to re-think a lot of business costs for 2008. Health care, insurance, unemployment, worker's comp etc etc etc, are financially-draining me/my business and millions of other small business owners. Many are "going under", due to fixed costs beyond their direct control, but there are some which are optional, and I will have to evaluate them on a one-by-one basis, and either keep or drop those expenses. No, "nationalized health insurance/health care" is not the answer. It will destroy 75% of all small and medium businesses, if/when it's enacted by the socialist/commie liberal-demokkkRATs and the idiotic, cowardly GOPers-RINOs, IMO. It's NOT "free"; I have to pay the lion's share of it, for everyone. The "$20 co-pay" is bullshit, and is simply-deceiving to an employee. They have no idea of *what it really costs*, from an employer's point-of-view. If they had to write the checks which I have to write each month, for the many things which they take for granted, they'd be stunned.
I had a prospective buyer interested in purchasing my $10 million $2+ million garden center & nursery, but after spending $2,500 for a Real Estate Appraisal and another $5,000 for a local CPA's Business Valuation — plus one from my cousin who's a CPA in NJ — I found out that my business is only worth just over $2 million, after 17yrs of 'blood, sweat and tears'. I opted not to sell at that ridiculous price.
Personal. I contracted systemic chromium/nickel poisoning and found the cause and the cure, myself. The dermatologists and physicians in York (PA) were of asbolutely no help. I lost my appetite, began throwing-up regularly, dropped 42lbs in 4½ months, I also contracted Alopecia Areata, and also found that the local York (PA) dermatologists were 100% impotent in its treatment. My auto-immune system attacked the hairs on my once-legendary moustache, and caused part of it to fall-out. Steroids did zero good, except to make me sicker. My L-5 vertebrae problem only occasionally caused me problems, after having 3 epidural injections over the past 2½ years, but with heating pads, cold-paks, back/spine-stretching exercises and the occasional pain pill (Rx oxycodone, when the pain really gets bad), I'm holding my own, as of now.
One note of concern: my dermatologist is recommending that I re-try the steroids for the Alopecia, but in the past they've made me sicker and, I believe, caused me to lose my appetite and throw-up. I've gained back >20lbs of the 42lbs I lost from December '06 to March '07, but I've again lost my appetite over the past 2-3 weeks, and have started throwing-up again, due to the steroids. I am now using a steroid-based cream, on the hair-loss spots on my face, but it's problematic using it on my upper lip, since that stuff does get into my mouth while sweating, and "it tastes terrible", I have to say. Blech! YUK! It is helping somewhat, to clear-up that skin condition. The alternative is steroid shots into the affected areas, and I'm not partial to hypos and needles. In fact, I'm total-chickenshit around both of them. Ouch!
Overall, 2007 was a most-forgettable year, IMO. I just wish that I could have "slept through it", and reviewed the tapes, after the year's end. I can only remember a few years, in my (now) 58 which I'd just as soon forget, BTW. 2007 is one of them.

Things Which make Your Head Explode™.
I agree 100%: Scientology is a cult and should be banned, worldwide, and not just in Germany. Shit-for-brains fraud, Tommie "The Commie" Cruise, is also a fake and a fraud, besides being a shitty actor. Likewise, islam is a murderous, enslaving, demonic political system and should also be banned worldwide. America should grow som balls and do it first, dammit!
I salute Anne Arundel County (MD) and County Executive John R Leopold (CONSERVATIVE-MD), for their actions in getting the criminal, illegal alien spics out of My Country. Mr Leopold has pulled funding in the county budget for social programs to illegal aliens and will put together a plan that helps employers verify US Citizenship. Federal immigration officials said Anne Arundel County has surpassed Maryland's other liberal-demokkkRAT 22 counties and that shithole Baltimore City, in efforts to resolve problems with criminal illegal alien spics. Thank you, Mr Leopold, for getting that stinking, illegal spic garbage/filth/trash/crap out of America!
The bogus, false, made-up Kwanzaa? What's that made-up Nigga® crap, all about? Ronnie "Ron Everett" has propagated a lie/bullshit upon Blacks in America, when no such holiday (bullshit crap) exists in that subhuman, filthy turd-world hellhole, Africa. Kwanzaa blows dead meat, IMO! Christmas is the primary Holiday; with Hanukkah being a distant second, IMO. If you think otherwise, screw yourself with a cinderblock, IMO.
Fat, bloated, lying asshole, lowlife dirtbag, fraud, phony, scumbag, huckster, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT, scum-sucking shit-scumbag, disgraced ex-vp, Al "I Invented The InterNet" GoreBore (FRAUD-TN), crowned-himself with the now-worthless, trash Nobel Peace Prize for Bullshit™. GoreBore is a phony and a fraud, and he should be in prison, serving serious time, for criminal acts from 1993-2000, IMO.
School kids with allergies? Get the f•cking punks out of the public school, and into private schools, or give them HazMat-Suits! F•ck those assholes, IMO! If they can't hadle peanut butter, eggs etc etc etc, f•ck them, dammit! Get the hell out of my public-screwels, where 99% of the kids, can handle it, asshole liberal filth! The allergic kid-punks aren't fit to be in the general public, IMO. Oh wait; this is Cana-Duh, and they're whining, crybaby, shitscumbag, wimp liberals. Nevermind. But coming to America, all too soon.
Aw shit; another little tidbit of "gloom & doom", for us redmeat eaters. Dammit. Screw it; I like my USDA Prime Filet Mignons and Prime Rib, and I'm going to keep eating them, regardless. "Life is not a dress rehearsal". Deny yourself such gastronomic pleasures, and your life is as good as worthless, IMO.
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, concealed, everywhere I go. Though against the mentally-ill, nutcase shooter's AK-47, my .45cal would have been "problematic", at best. Oh well, better than nothing! At least I'd go down shooting.

NIE Bullshit Report.
If you were stupid enough to believe that bullshit-filled NIE Report (National Intelligence Estimate), made public last week, I pity you and the millions who did believe it. The three liberal-demokkkRAT, Klintoon-holdover filth, verminous liars, hate-Bush, hate-America scumbags — Tom Fingar, Vann Van Diepen and Kenneth C. Brill — all of whom should be summarily-tried for treason and hung, for the added charges of sedition and sabotage, IMO, put the politicized and corrupted hit-piece out, to undermine President Bush, America, the US Military and Israel. It was a bald-faced lie, from page one, meant to undermine America or Israel attacking terrorist-supporting Iran's nuclear facilities. Iran needs to be nuked, IMO, and I believe we're still going to do it. Or Israel will do it. Either way, it has to be done, and if not, all too soon we'll have a rogue, terrorist-supporting, muslim-islamist-arab state with nukes, in the ME. The world will "go from real-bad to just-plain-shitty", in the blink of an eye.
Bush made a huge mistake by not completely "cleaning house" at the State Dept, CIA, FBI etc etc etc, during his first administration. Tens-of-thousands of liberal-demokkkRAT traitors/seditionists/saboteurs were Klintoon-filth holdovers, as well as many cowardly GOPers-RINOs, and were allowed to stay in their jobs. They have undermined him at every turn, and committed treason, sedition and sabotage against America and the US Military at every opportunity, without punishment, so far. They should have been fired 7 years ago, IMO, and many brought-up on charges of treason, sedition and sabotage, and hung.
Tommie "The Commie" Fingar is the chief culprit of this NIE lie/bullshit report, and he should be waterboarded until he screams for mercy and shits-himself, IMO. Then, he should be hung as a traitor. Fingar is filth, IMO.
I'm afraid that the CIA's been so "politicized" over the past 20 years, that's it's completely worthless now. It needs a "house cleaning" from top-to-bottom, and 95% of the personnel need to be replaced. If this report is true, and the shithead-mullahs in Teheran "hoodwinked" the CIA, then "worthless" is far too good a term for the CIA. And that's sad, as I used to be a big "fan" of "The Company", back in the 70s and 80s, and even wanted to go to work for it. What's worse, our national security is being gravely-compromised, and that's unacceptable, given the fact that Iran is close to possessing a nuclear bomb.
There is an "Unholy Aliance" between radical *muslims-islam-arabs and the American left-wing*; read it, and you'll be stunned. These are the hardcore, "Fifth Column", who are allied and aligned to destroy America. These are the nazis/commies/socialists joining-up with the murderous muslim-islamist-arabs, to destroy America. Did I say "stunned"? How about "aghast at the Truth"? Luckily, I found this out years ago, and it's had time to 'sink-in", so I'm not too "aghast" at it, but angry thath we're letting this crap happen, dammit.
And of course, the traitors defended the NIE Report. What'd you expect?
Hopefully, Israel and the UK will expose the truth, since the CIA has lied about it all, hidden the facts and defended their outright lies and treason.

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Bernie V. Ward, 56, a fat, bloated, subhuman, lowlife dirtbag, piece-of-shit, scumbag filth, liar, bigoted, racist trash, confirmed Jew-hater, dirtbag, pervert, child-molesting, pedophile, scumbag, degenerate former "priest", piece-of-shit, garbage, shit, trash, junk, homo-sodomite-scum, was busted/arrested on Friday, for perverted/degenerate/abnormal behavior! Good riddance, and rot-in-prison hell, asshole! Here's the indictment of the subhuman, left-wing pervert, shitfilth scumbag degenerate. I rejoice that the pervert Ward-scumbag is going away for (hopefully) 25-40yrs! Buh-bye, asshole, and I hope you get gang-raped, 20x daily/nightly, and get AIDS, and DIE! Left-wing wacko, poster-boy-for-the-homos filth; DIE! You're total dogshit, Ward-filth! Scream like a fat, waddling-liberal-bitch, boy, when they gang-rape you nightly, in prison! I truly hope they kill you, "in there", asshole scumbag pervert! DIE, GP (general population)-bitch!
Congress has dropped legislation that would have expanded hate crime laws to include attacks on gays homo-sodomites, after it became clear the perverted, sick measure wouldn't pass the US House. I'm glad it wouldn't. gays Homo-sodomites deserve equal rights, NOT special rights. Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT dirtbags, Kennedy and Levin, sponsored that shit bill, BTW. Under current federal law, hate crimes include acts of violence against individuals on the basis of race, religion, color or national origin. Federal prosecutors have jurisdiction only if the victim is engaged in a specific federally protected activity such as voting. Kennedy's bill would have extended the category to include sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or disability. It also would give federal authorities greater leeway to participate in hate crime investigations, and allow them to step in if local authorities were unwilling or unable to act. Any questions?
In a reprise of its notorious December 2004 delivery of $600,000 in cash and humanitarian aid to the "other side" in the then al Queerda-controlled Iraqi city of Fallujah as the Heroic American Military were fighting to liberate the city from the murderous, subhuman muslim-islamic terrorists, the anti-American group Code Pink Stink is again raising socialist-commie money to send to an al Queerda stronghold in Iraq. IMO, all members of the subhuman shitscumbag group, called Code Stink, should be lined-up against a wall, and shot-to-death, or hung. I'd volunteer to headshoot all of those subhuman, hate-America filth/shit/garbage/trash/junk/crap! At no/zero/zip charge to hard-working, American Taxpayers. I'd execute them for free! On my dime! C'mon US Gov't: gimme a chance, dammit!
A White Firefighter almost stabbed-to-death, by lowlife, subhuman, criminal, garbage/shit/trash/scum filth/garbage/junk/criminal, sand-Nigga® illegal-alien spics IMO. Find them and KILL THEM! This is OUR COUNTRY, dammit! We built it. The subhuman Niggas®, didn't. The racist, bigoted Niggas® and spics actualy think they had something to do with the Building Of America. Get the verminous, criminal, illegal Niggas®-muslim-islamist and subhuman, sand-Niggas®, spic-trash outta here! Dammit!
"Naked Twister" night parties? Hey, lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman garbage shit/trash/filth/junk/crap, Jim Trulock, Dawn Burton and other garbage: go to a public, licensed club for perverts, degenerates, lowlifes and other assorted filth, IMO. get your filthy, perverted trash of 100 subhumans, out of that private, residential neighborhood, IMO. We used to do that "fun stuff" in college, but it's way out of place in a private, residential area, IMO.
Former newspaper mogul, lowlife dirtbag, greedy criminal scumbag filth, Conrad Black was sentenced Monday to 6½ years in prison, far less than sought by prosecutors, for swindling/bilking corporate shareholders in his Hollinger media empire out of a lousy $6 million. Does Martha Stewart et al, immediately come to mind? Why is it that multi-million/billion-aires, who have far, far more monies than they can ever spend, resort to criminal activity to gain even more money? I've never understood it. F•ck them all; put the criminal bastards and criminal bitches into prison, for a very long time, IMO!
No, Mikey "The Dog Murderer" Vick is total and complete shit, and should never, never be allowed to come back into the corrupt, criminal NFL, IMO. Vick is garbage/shit/trash/garbage/junk/crap/Nigga®-filth, and he needs to be ostracized from the NFL for life, IMO.
No, wrong. The pock-marked, zit-faced scumbag punk, Robert Hawkins, 19, should have been allowed to kill himself, many years ago, when he wanted and threatened to, IMO. He was subhuman filth, garbage and a waste of O2, and for the state to spend $265k on his worthless, mentally-ill ass, was a criminal waste of hard-earned Nebraska Taxpayers' monies. You'll remember this piece-of-shit as the scumbag who slaughtered 8 innocents at the Omaha's Westroads Mall, a few weeks ago, and then mercifully-killed himself.
President GW Bush on Wednesday signed into law, a piece-of-shit, five-year renewal of "Head Start", the federal preschool program for poor children. You are an asshole, Mr Bush! 'Head Start", the federal preschool program for poor children, is a complete and total waste of money, IMO. Stupid crap, and a total-waste of money. There's no evidence of effectiveness. Total liberal-demokkkRAT, useless, worthless, garbage social bullshit! IMO.
GAP® — the subhuman, lowlife, verminous owner of Old Navy™, Banana Republic™, Forth & Towne™ and Piperlime™ brands — 50% of which I've never heard about, BTW, says "Merry Christmas is bullshit"; and has become the latest politically-correct junk retailer, intentionally-censoring the use of "Christmas" in their in-store, online and printed advertising. Instead of referring to the season as "Christmas", the verminous GAP®-shit-scumbags instead use the word, "holiday". F•ck the GAP®-garbage/trash etc, IMO!
Good riddance, and rot in hell, Ike Turner. Turner was a woman(Tina)-abusing, verminous lowlife dirtbag, who richly-deserved to die, and burn-in-Hell's "Lake of Sulphur", IMO. Buh-bye, Nigga®- asshole-scumbag! "Rock pioneer"? I don't f•ucking think so! Ike was dogshit, at best, IMO!

Lowlife, liberal-demokkkRAT Scumbags™.
Shit-for-brains Mitt Romney is a flip-flopping, lying, liberal asshole, BTW.
Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr, is a lowlife dirtbag muslim-islamist-arab-Nigga®. Any questions, liberal-demokkkRAT trash/shit/junk/filth/crap/garbage? FUCK YOU ASSHOLES! DIE!
Are liberals, racists? You betcha! They're worse than the KKK, IMO. But only one-notch below murderous, subhuman muslim-islamist-arabs, IMO. Any wonder why I call them, "liberal-demokkkRATs"?
Disgraced, lying, treasonous, corrupt, seditious, criminal saboteur, US Rep Jack-off "I Hate America" Murtha (TRAITOR-PA) needs hanging, IMO.
mentally-ill, lowlife dirtbag, subhuman filth, disgraced US Rep garbage/trash/scum/crap/shit bitch Nigga®, Cynthia "Nappy-Headed Ho" McKinney (IDIOT-TX), is running as a "green candidate", in all 51 states? Bwahahahahaha! This ignorant, stupid Nigga® bitch-filth skank should be good for some laughs, in 2008, IMO! What a moronic, dimwit-Nigga® asshole bitch-filth-skank!
I now call for the immediate-charging, trial, conviction, and execution-hanging of treasonous-seditious-saboteur, disgraced, liar, liberal-demokkkTAT, filth scumbag, US Sen Jay "I Hate America" Rockefeller (TRAITOR-WVa). That lowlife, subhuman, piece-of-treasonsous-shit needs summary-trial/conviction/execution, as do 90% of the liberal-demokkkRATs in the corrupt, criminal US Congress. The Rockefeller Traitor/Seditionist/Saboteur sold America down-the-river, in 2002, and hasn't been held-to-account for his treason, since. He needs to die, IMO.
Once again, the socialist, commie, liberal-demokkkRAT, gun-grabbing-nazis in Harrisburg (PA) are trying to enact more bullshit "gun control" laws, in Pennsylvania, designed to limit the legal ownership of handguns and long guns. Fat, bloated, lowlife, criminal, disgraced, corrupt dirtbag PA-gov, Ed "Fat Eddie" Rendell (CRIMINAL-PA), is doing what ignorant, dumbass lib-dems are wont to do: allow the criminal with guns to stay on the streets, while restricting the legal and lawful purchase, ownership and use of firearms. There are tens-of-thousands of laws on the books, shit-for-brains Rendell: ENFORCE THEM, YOU DUMB ASSHOLE! Get the murderous criminals off of the streets, you asshole! It's so freaking simple, dammit. More cops = less crime. Quit pouring millions/billions of wasted PA-taxpayers' dollars into bullshit, unworkable social programs, which are overfunded as is, and hire more police! If the criminal scum like Rendell and Street won't enforce the current laws, how are more laws going to help? Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are festering shitholes of corrupt Nigga politicians® — not Blacks, IMO — who've ruined the place and just want more PA-Taxpayers' monies handed to them.
Turd-polishing lowlife dirtbag, mentaly-ill, deranged liberal-demokkkRAT scumbag, Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak (ASSHOLE-MN), a subhuman piece-of-shit, can't even figure-out how to keep his shitty, electric car — a shitbox Toyota Prius — fully-charged and on the road, working and moving. Rybak's a brainless moron, who can't remember to plug-in an electric cord. Ha! What an ignorant, moronic, cretinous asshole! Rybak is garbage/shit/filth/junk/cretin/filth/piss/scum/incompetent crap.
Are you telling me that this tired, old hag bitch filth, is going to be "Our Next President"? I don't f•cking think so! She/it's a criminal piece-of-filth/shit/crap/garbage/junk/filth etc etc etc, and needs to be in a "carpet-munching, lesbo-dyke, liberal-demokkkRAT's office", IMO. Hitlery Rotten Klintoon is subhuman garbage, IMO! She's a commie/socialist/traitor/seditionist/saboteur, and needs summary-trial and hanging, IMO.

Lying Lowlife, GOPer-RINO Scumbags™.
Mikey "Lowlife Dirtbag" Huck-a-bee is a lying, turd-polishing, phony, tax-raising, liberal-demokkkRAT in GOPer-RINO garb, IMO. His massive tax increases, while so-called governor of that shithole-of-a-state, Arkansas, put socialist-commie asswipe, Bubba Jeffy Klintoon, to shame. And he blames it all upon the courts and legislature, which he lies about "twisting his arm to sign that tax hike". Huck-a-bee is garbage/shit/trash/filth/scum/crap/junk and he richly-deserves to be sent to prison, or better yet, hung, for treason-sedition-sabotage, IMO.
With the two exceptions of US Rep Duncan Hunter (CONSERVATIVE-CA) and US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO), there isn't a so-called Republican who I'd throw a life preserver to, if they were drowning. They're all lying, socialist, commie, lib-dem shit, IMO! Hunter-Tancredo! Anything else is insanity, IMO!
Like his fat, bloated, turd-polishing, liberal-demokkkRAT/GOPer-RINO, lying asshole daddy scumbag, Davey "Shit-For-Brains" Huck-a-bee (ASSHOLE-AK), had a typical-liberal-demokkkRAT, "major pedophile brain-fart" when boarding an airplane, with a Glock semi-auto pistol. Go to prison, pedophile fat-boy, and get raped, nightly, homo-sodomite-faggot! Buh-bye, pedophile scumbag!
Mikey HUCKSTER-a-bee (IDIOT-AK) is a piece-of-shit, IMO, and is up 22pts in the polls, due to the liberal-demokkkRAT scumbags', like NYSlimes' Frankie "The Homo-Sodomite-Faggot" Rich, a problematic, lowlife, dirtbag,liberal-demokkkRAT, scumbag, piee-of-shit, so-called "writer" for the shit-bag, fish-wrapper, so-called newspaper, called The NYSlimes. "The Republicans Find Their Obama" is the title of Rich's pathetic screed, naming "The Huckster" as their (easily-beatable) loveable candidate, IMO. Don't you see what's happening? Doesn't this crap make your somewhat suspicious? In the least? The liberal-demokkkRATs name and promote a queasy/slimy dirtbag like "The Huckster", get the GOP-RINO base to defer to the next POTUS, and quickly-defeat that candidate, in the GE (general election). " "? You betcha! Simple strategery!
Bravo to US Rep Tom Tancredo (COMSERVATIVE-CO) for boycotting the bullshit "spic-speak debate", in Miami, last week. IMO, NO ONE SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE, DAMMIT! It should have been in ENGLISH, dammit! It was a publicly-funded debate, with publicly-funded candidates, and no "spic-speak" should be tolerated, IMO. Bravo, TOM!
The final Republican presidential debate on Wednesday, was a laffer. No, I didn't watch it, but the liberal-GOPer-RINOs — except for True Conservatives Duncan Hunter (CONSERVATIVE-CA) and Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO) — were all there, and 99% of them are worthless garbage, IMO.
Yes, the liberal left-wing GOPer-RINO scumbag, Rudy Giuliani (LIBERAL-NY) had his whore-bag, shitscum-filth, Judith Nathan, covered by a NYC-Police Security Detail, on the NYC Taxpayers' dime, because it was the New York Police Department — not liberal-demokkkRAT-asshole Giuliani — who determined she was in danger. Bullshit; Nathan was/is a filthy, stinking lowlife whore. And she is/was a filthy, stinking whore. Hey Rooty: go suck a bag of shit, baldie asshole!

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
CAiR is a terrorist-supporting group of lowlife, dirtbag, subhuman, scumbag muslim-islamist-arab filth. Fact. muslims-islamists are murderous, raping, boy-buggering, head-cutting, subhuman dirtbag shit/garbage/trash/filth, IMO. Fact. F•ck muslim terrorists, f•ck islam; Flush the stinking islamic/muslim crap, murder-advocating koran/curan trash, into eternal hell, down the shitter! Fact.
Remember the recent "mo-ham-head teddy bear" uproar, in the Sudan? With the Brit teacher who let her class of twits name a teddy bear, "mo-ham-head"? Hundreds of thousands of subhuman muslim-islamiic filth, rioting and demanding she be killed? Here's a letter of apology from a muslim-islamist, which helps me to think that not all of them are murderous, subhuman filth. $50 says he'll be found beheaded, within a fortnight (14 days). Unfortunately, some things never change.
Headscarves for women, are a reason for murdering 40+ women, so far in Basra, Iraq? The "Religion of Pig-Shit" seems to think so. One more reason why "islam Is A Criminal Organization", IMO.
Headscarves? Filthy, stinking, dirty, muslim-islamist-arab headscarves? A Toronto (CANA-DUH), demented, murderous, subhuman piece-of-pigshit, muslim-islamist-arab "daddy murders his daughter", who won't wear a pig-f•cking, filthy muslim headscarf? The "Reglion of Pig-Shit"? You betcha, mo-ham-head!
Here's a demented, murderous, subhuman piece-of-pigshit, muslim-islamist-arab so-called *hubby*, "nicely-asking his wife to wear a scarf". Isn't that sweet? Any question why islamo-fascism needs to be completely and totally-eradicated from the face of this earth? islam is trash/shit/scum/garbage/junk/crap, IMO!
Yes, while I fully-support Dr Michael Savage's copyright-infringement lawsuit against the terrorists/terrorist-supporting scumbags at CAiR, it is much too "narrow a lawsuit", to be considered a "First Amendment Lawsuit", IMO. Actually, it has very little to do with The First Amendment. It's simply copyright-infringement, and that's hardly First Amendment, IMO. Much too narrow, and those of us who've criticized the subhuman terrorist-filth and garbage at CAiR, won't benefit from it, in anyway, IMO. We'll have to stand on our own merits and pay out of our own pockets, since Savage is soliciting donations on his website, and we can't. There's zero benefit to be derived from Savage's lawsuit, so I'm saving my $50/$100 and will be using it to defend myself, when the muslim-islamic-scum come after me. Screw savage; he's worth tens-of-millions and, IMO, he shouldn't get a fat nickel or a thin dime from any listeners. He should foot-the-bill, himself. IMO.
Oh geez, another lying (taqiya), lowlife dirtbag, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab, piece-of-shit, fake, fraud, phony, turd-bag scumbag — CAiR-terrorist-supporting garbage/filth/dirt/crap/junkl/trash/crap — Sacramento Executive Director Basim Elkarra, who needs due-charging, trial, conviction and execution/hanging, IMO.

Global Warming Bullshit.™.
Have you seen this video: "BBC: The Great Global Warming Swindle"? It was outright-banned from leftist, hate-filled, dirtbag lowlife scumbags, Google.com's and YouTube.com's websites, by the mentally-ill dirtbag, subhuman, left-wing, global warming idiot wackos, but I've preserved it, for posterity, aka you, me and *ours*. Watch, be informed and download it for others to see. It's on my corporate server, and will stay there, BTW.

Some people Just Need Killing™.
Reason #1 why I carry a Kimber "Eclipse Target II" .45cal ACP, concealed, everywhere I go. Those 9, 14-15yr old subhumans were lowlife, subhuman, porch-monkey niggers®, not Blacks and certainly not so-called "African-Americans", which is an idiotic term, in and of itself. If I'd been on that bus, none of the nine SUBHUMAN NIGGER FILTH would have lived to see another birthday! They'd all be dead! They need killing, IMO, and I'd be very, very glad to headshoot the sambos. Worthless liberal-demokkkRAT scum-sucking shit, likeBaltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon, Baltimore NAACP President Marvin “Doc” Cheatham and Baltimore City schools CEO Andres Alonso, should be, IMO, relegated to swinging-in-trees, back in turd-world Africa, from whence those subhuman primates came. This was clearly a Racial Hate Crime, and the 9 niggers need to be executed/headshot/killed. Mr Kimber would have "spoken very loudly" and removed that shitscum, niggerfilth from America's society, in 4-6secs, BTW. End of problem, BTW. More articles about it all, here.
Stupid slut, ignorant filth, whore-dog-white-trash-garbage, piece-of-shit, lowlife dirtbag bitch, Tammi Smith "thinks" her half-brother's murderers should be freed? Dumabass garbage-slut-trash! It's not your place to forgive your brother's murderers, you ignorant whorebag skank filth! Crawl back into the bottle, you alcoholic/drug-addicted whorebag! Kill yourself, bitch-skank!
IMO, lowlife subhuman filth/garbage/trash/scum/junk/hate-America/hate-US Military, Tighe Barry, Barry and Medea Benjamin, from the "Code Stink Filth-Scum", should be arrested, summarily-tried and executed/hung for treason-sedition-sabotage. IMO. I'd volunteer to headshoot them and all the treasonous "Code Stink Filth", at *no charge to US Taxpayers*, BTW.
Aw geeeeze, another Nigga® who planted a noose and said it was a "hate crime". As with many other times where blacks had planted bullshit evidence, it was a Baltimore Firefighter, and another article, here, and yet another article, here.
No, "by reason of insanity" doesn't cut it with me: this subhuman, murderous, garbage bitch — v admitted suffocating her infant son and drowning her 2-year-old son in 2004 — needs killing, IMO! "Reason of insanity"? Bull-f•cking-shit! KILL TH F•cking whorebag, IMO! If I could put a .45cal through the filth's murderous head, I would! F•ck the "in-justice system" we have in America, dammit! Screw the so-called "justice system"; we have a corrupted, criminal, shitty, garbage *legal system* in America; nothing more, dammit! Wake-up, America

You may never have felt the impulse to "turn yourself into an elf," but once you see this Yuletide e-card from the cowardly, treasonous, seditious, lowlife, hate-America, CAiR-sucking dirtbag saboteurs at OfficeMax, the urge could wash over you. Although OfficeMax is treasonous/seditious garbage, this site is funny. I usually hang back from highlighting promotional sites — unless they involve Bob Dylan etc etc etc — but Elf-Yourself is just too funny to ignore. Begin the "elf-a-morphosis" by uploading one or more JPG images of you and your loved ones to the site. Follow the few simple steps. Once your smiling mug is firmly-in-place on top of the dancing, velvet-clad bodies of Santa's Little Helpers, blast the ebullient greetings off to everyone you know. There's something about placing your partner's frozen smile on top of the freewheeling impish forms that will crack-you-up every time. At least, it did for me. Elfin hilarity is guaranteed. Enjoy it!

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