tempered elation
Friday, December 18, 1998

i'm not so sure I should even be happy, much less euphoric, about this week's events: the Articles of Impeachment have been voted by the House Judiciary Committee against this country's current president. The full House will probably vote today, after a one day minor annoyance called Iraq was shoved in their face by Bubba. I sat through this once before in '73-74 and, next to VietNam, it was the most troubling period in our young Nation's history. I'm dismayed at the prospect of looming trials and an extended period of American angst. What comes next? That's anyone's guess.

No Fireworks.
Usually, I save the pyrotechnics for July 4th, but after the House Hearings on Impeachment of William Jefferson Clinton, I'm somewhat elated, but properly tempered in my enthusiasm for this Constitutional process to proceed. And proceed it will. Censure isn't an option in this case. Or will it be the only way out for both sides?
The American Public finally knows in great depth what a lying scumbag the man is, but it's too bad they don't care anymore. Also, too bad it had to consume 11 months of the US Congress attention; not that they do anything worth a tinker's damn anyway. The Nation's real business has been on hold because of Clinton. Of course, The White House lowlife-spinners and Congressional lib-Dem filth blamed it on the Republicans, but if their Bubba The Liar hadn't been staining the dresses of women half his age, none of this would have happened. Whose fault is it, anyway?
The evidence is overwhelming against Clinton; the lowlife lib-Dems know it, but their collective whinings fly in the face of reality. Especially the three third world, bananna-pickers: Lee, Waters and Conyers, who don't have a single, intact, hominid brain between all of them. The other moron lib-Dems, are stupid, recalcitrant liberals who want to keep the Clintonites where they're at: in charge of the public immorality.
The Nation should be most happy to get rid of this lying bastard Clinton, but inheriting the moron AlGore, Jr like his criminal-commie-dead-Daddy, AlGore, Sr, is almost worse. It'd be nice if Air Force One went down with all of them on it. We'd do just fine without any of those lowlifes.
Since there are over 100 people serving federal time for perjury, isn't it sauce for the goose that Clinton be prosecuted for that crime? If the slimy lib-Dems and ethically-challenged American Public want to let him off, shouldn't those being punished for lying under oath also be pardoned? Why then don't we just change the law to make perjury legal? The answer's very clear to me; I don't understand why the others can't grasp the simple concept of The Law. The lib-Dem moron, Alec Baldwin has even publicly urged murdering Chairman Hyde and his family. He's a two-bit, piece of shit and should go to jail for threatening a US Congressman.
Speaking of people who can't grasp something, the racist, rat-bastard Jesse "gimme alla yah monies" Jackson is trying to keep his shit-for-brains, zit-scarred, ugly face in public view and in the midst of the Clinton debacle. Where's James Earl Ray when his country really needs him?
A new apology from Clinton? Hell, he's not even properly apologized for a first time; he just attacked others and blamed them for problems he created. What's this new apology shit? I don't want to hear it, you lying sack of shit. Resign, go back to Arkansas in disgrace and whack yourself, Clinton. America at least the moral and ethical one which I come from is sick of you and your lies.

Although I'm not a big fan of the poinsettia plant, I have argued for years that its leaves are no more toxic than lettuce. It's amazing how it's gotten a bad rep in the past 70+ years.
For two self-induced, apprentice years prior to opening my business in 1990, I worked at a local, large bedding plant grower in New Jersey where I tended seasonal crops poinsettias at Christmas, mums in the Fall, bedding plants for Spring and Summer and I got so very tired of those plants that I don't grow any of them myself; I buy them in for re-sale.
I'd often heard customers talking about poisonous poinsettias, so I did some research into the myth and found out it was just that. Still, changing the public perception is monumental and would take several generations. Something I wasn't prepared to undertake. That's a poinsettia grower's problem.
Buy'em and enjoy'em for Christmas; they're harmless. Promise. But don't eat the mistletoe; it is poisonous.

Not long ago it was Poplar trees which could soak up toxins through a process called photoremediation; now it's a genetically-engineered plant which negates deadly mercury. Where it all will lead is anyone's educated guess.

Obscene And Getting Worse.
First, it was a lousy catcher with the NY Yankees making over $90 million, then it was a first baseman making over $80 million with another team, now it's a stinking pitcher making over $100 million with some other team. When the hell is reality going to catch up with so-called professional sports? Or is it?
These adult athletes who should be holding a real job in the real world are basically children who who never grew up and can't hold real jobs.
Simply put, they aren't worth that kind of money for what they do. Ditto for the arrogant, scumbag basketball, football players et al. America's perverse fascination with so-called pro sports has distorted reality beyond any semblance of sanity. $300-400 seats at a basketball game? $5,000 seats at a World Series? Sick shit all the way around.
I've boycotted so-called pro sports for the past 20 years; if America would do the same, all those grossly-overpaid people would be brought back down to earth and reality, where the belong.

Old Friend.
Many years ago actually back in the mid-70s when I was unaffiliated with any political party I was working in Miami doing PR & Advertising for The Boy Scouts of America, a friend of mine, Jack Hurley, one of Senator Lawton Chiles closest friends and political advisors, asked me to come to the Senator's victory party gathering in Boca Raton and meet Chiles. I did and was impressed with the man's energy and character. And Chiles was apparently impressed with me.
Several days later, Hurley arranged a meeting with me for Chiles, where he asked me to consider a full time, staff legislative position in his organization. But since i was under contract to The BSA and had two years to go on the job, I had to decline. I've always viewed politics as a somewhat unstable profession, subject to the ever-changing whims of the voters.
Needless to say, I was saddened by Lawton Chiles death last Saturday. He was indeed an honorable man in a sleazy profession and will be missed.

Good Eating.
After a ten year hiatus from ordering gourmet foods via the 800 numbers, I'm back into it with Pfaelzer Brothers Foods and Omaha Steaks. If you've never tried these offerings, do so now. I'll wait.
Way back in the 70s and 80s, I ordered exclusively from Pfaelzer and was more than satisfied with every order. Then somehow, I lost their catalog when I moved from Princeton, NJ to York, PA, and found Omaha Steaks. Now after several years ordering from Omaha, I've found Pfaelzer again both companies have easy-to-navigate websites and am anxiously awaiting my next order.
Omaha's good; Pfaelzer is awesome.

Coming Soon.
After the World Trade Center bombing in '95 and the various embassy and airplane hits by terrorists, I've said for the past two years that the USA will become a terrorists dream and our national security nightmare. It will happen.
Despite the ongoing fine job the FBI and CIA do in preventing this evil, someone will slip through and do some real damage to us, either with explosives or chemical or biological weapons. I shudder to think of the consequences for us. We've been very lucky so far.
I don't give a flying rat's ass about the yells and screams from the stinking towelhead filth when we surgically strike their shithole countries in retaliation; we should also be doing pre-emptive strikes with special anti-terrorist teams of Special Forces personnel and the latest military hardware. Waste them all.

First California, now Oregon. It'll take 958 years to get to Pennsylvania, at that rate of scheduled voter referendums, forecasting constancy, which there never is.
Bummer, man.

Time to fish or cut bait. Time to make the Palestinians and Jews understand that if they don't implement peace in that shithole region, an appropriate thermonuclear device will turn the place into a cinder.
I'm tired of sending $4 billion to Israel and now more billions to the Palestinians; both countries are factious scum and deserve to be terminated if they don't get their collective acts together. They don't have economies and countries; they have mere subsistence levels and always have their dirty hands out for a hand-out of US Dollars. Let's send an ICBM over to Iraq and waste those stinking towelheads, as an example.
It's time the fascist, religious state of Israel did without American dollars and learned to make its own way in the world. America should not be supporting religious states, either Jewish or Islamic. Cut off all funding to them and the arabs; if they've got oil, then sell it. If they don't, then let them make something out of sand or camel dung which the world needs and prop up their filthy little economies.
The billions of dollars we've wasted on them over the years should stay here; trying to buy the influence doesn't work in places like Israel and the Middle East. Bribing people to do what's right and just is a stupid idea. Unfortunately, it's one which the US has subscribed to and now can't seem to undo the financial addiction we've induced around the World.
One cogent example is the stinking, filthy shithole of Puerto Rico, which wants the $10 billion we dump on those lowlifes each year, but doesn't want statehood, because they'd actually have to stand on their own feet instead of taking all that welfare from us Gringos. f*ck them; cut those scumbags loose and let the f*cking island of shit sink into the ocean. Have the US Coast Guard standing by to shoot any survivors. I'm sick of supporting scum and worthless, lazy subhuman garbage.

All in the name of money: millions of dogs and cats brutally whacked for their fur each year in China. And we allow it.
Be sure to read the article and, if your have pets as I do, feel the outrage I feel.
This kind of evil and cruelty needs to be stopped. If Americans stop buying imported furs, the supply will dwindle. The filthy shithole, China, needs to be taught a lesson. The stinking, subhuman filth, ratbastard scumbags only understand American Dollars. All else is irrelevant.
I've written to my US Senators and US Congressmen, in the hopes that something can be done. I don't know what at this point, other than to stop all fur imports for random inspection and acceptance or rejection. If the demand is zero, the supply will also equal zero. How else can we force a barbaric, uncivilized country as China to change its ways?

I love the US Supreme Court. Finally, they've made it extra tough for a lowlife, liberal, shit-for-brains federal judge to reverse a state court's death sentence on a mere technicality. Finally, the Legal System and US Taxpayer gets a break, and society can rid itself of the subhuman garbage which preys upon the innocents.
Only liberal morons continue to whine about how inhumane the death penalty is, but what about the dead victim's rights? Such as the right not to be whacked in the first place by some subhuman piece of shit? Who speaks for the victims? The death penalty speaks for the victims, that's who. f*ck the ACLU and Amnesty International. They're stinking liberal sons-of-bitches.
There are 3,500+ pieces of shit on Death Row who need execution ASAP. Let's get to it: drop those cyanide pellets, plug in that electric chair, sharpen those hypodermic syringes and fill 'em with potassium chloride, baby. Let's empty all the Death Row cells so a new wave can also be admitted for their turn to die for their crimes against humanity.
What's all this shit about mentally competent, murdering criminal pieces of shit? If he's mentally competent to plan and execute the murder then, IMHO, he's mentally competent to be executed for it. Any questions? Here, let me pull the trigger.
And this 15 year old piece of shit also needs to die for Killing his classmates. As do all the other student shooters.
Why all these damned delays?

I Was Afraid Of This.
The past two years have witnessed major and serious droughts and heat for south central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland. It's beat the living shit our of people, other animals and all plants.
But what we've seen might not be as bad as what we're about to go through in the coming years. Thankfully, I'll be dead by the time all this horror happens on a huge scale.

Maxed Out Memory.
The unending quest for memory has just ended: I now have 384mb 100mhz SDRAM in both my office Dell 333 P-II and in my home SAG Electronics 450 P-II machines. They're fully maxed out and just happy as pigs in shit with all that extra memory to play with.
What I now finding is that Windows98 is a far better memory manager than Windows95; the home unit stabilizes at around 260mb available, while the office unit often draws down to under 100mb available, again depending upon which apps are running.
Merry Christmas to myself. Thanks, Lynn!

Public Secrets.
Hey Clinton, you dumb moron, do the damned air strike and then issue a press release. Why do we telegraph our military's intentions to the world before doing the deed?
Jeeeeez, I would think that someone in the Pentagon would be smarter than this. Presidents Reagan and Bush invaded and/ or bombed and then the news came out. President shit for brains Bubba issues press releases that we might be bombing Iraq, since the UN inspectors have been withdrawn. Well duh! Why don't we just inform Iraq's f*cking embassy?
The most important element to any military operation is surprise or stealth; the surprising of the enemy so that we incur minimal losses to personnel and equipment. Instead, we let 'em know we're coming so they can be ready and everyone's well protected.
Not only is Clinton about to be impeached for being a liar, he should also be impeached for being stupid.

Clinton finally found the balls to re-attack the Iraq towelheads for their flagrant violations of the UN and UNSCOM mandates, which they agreed to on 11 November. It was long overdue after pulling back from such action in November 1997 and again in February and November of this year..
The fact that it all happened on the eve of his impeachment debate-vote in the US House of Reps may be coincidental. That's now postponed indefinitely. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Somehow, I think even Clinton is above risking American and British lives to save his political ass. Maybe.
In several past Journal entries, I've advocated removing Sodomy Insane (Saddam Hussein) and nuking the entire military industrial complex. The idea of installing a freely elected democracy is intriguing. The CIA did it all the time and they caught a raft of shit for it. Times have changed.
The Russian idiots actually think Monica Lewinsky can intervene, cool Clinton off and halt the airstrikes on iraq. Silly commie morons. Hmmmm, is Slick Willie The Liar just wagging the dog, one more time?

Great Buildings.
The most spectacular collection of architecture from the past and present, is finally available at one place for leisurely viewing.

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