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Friday, December 25, 1998

not being a huge believer in either Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny, and detesting the concomitant commercialism accompanying Holidays of all sorts, I look upon such revelry with tempered amusement. I flash back to the good old 50s and 60s when I did believe in it all; it was a much simpler time back then. Now is a much more complicated and banal time in the world's history. No, I'm not a Scrooge, merely a pragmatist in my outlook after being disappointed so many times in the liberal '60s and '70s. Who's to blame for that? Just me, myself and I: I and I alone, must take responsibility for both the lack and the excess in those years. Hey, we had some damned good fun, man!

Holiday Cheer.
What does give me some additional Holiday cheer is that we're finally bombing the shit out of those stinking towelheads in Iraq; how much good it will do is another question altogether. But at least we're getting rid of all of those old, stale, cruise missiles and reducing the US military-industrial complex inventory.
Among the few other things which cheer me up is that Bubba's getting his comeuppance in front of the world for his sins, crimes and transgressions of the past 30 years. Not that that'll mean a tinker's damn in the overall scheme of things, but at least he and his Hitlery bitch will be branded with that scarlet letter, for the myriad crimes, for the rest of their unnatural, pathetic lives. A sad day for that sad little man, and a great day for US Democracy. Hell, she'll divorce his sorry ass within one year of leaving The White House. She's only in it for the power trip and perks. The US Senate gets his sorry ass next. Clinton doesn't have many friends there.
For me, it was just another week.
I've seen a Presidential assassination Kennedy in November 1963 and a Presidential Resignation Nixon in August 1974 and a Presidential Impeachment Clinton in December 1998 and somehow the Republic survived them all. It was a sad day by any standard, for the Republic. It was also a glorious day in that Clinton didn't get a pass on this and wasn't able to wiggle out of it, like he has throughout all of his political and personal life. The fact that he brought this entire impeachment scenario onto himself with his lies is something the shit-for-brains liberal filth still can't understand. And probably never will.
To all the so-called Americans who don't believe Clinton should be impeached for lying under oath and who don't believe he should answer to the letter of the law that every other US Citizen is held to, I say f*ck you. You're scum. Just because your pockets are full and it seems like good times, that's no reason to abrogate the law. You have no morals or ethics, no sense of decency or outrage. I hope Santa shits down your lib-Dem, socialist, communist chimneys! To give The Liar In Chief such a high approval rating is idiotic. Besides, the real crimes haven't seen the light of day, yet. There's a long way to go with the son-of-a-bitch Clinton.
Even the two-bit, sleazy, scumbag lawyers which Clinton uses as mouthpieces are going to challenge the House's Articles of Impeachment on less-than-legal grounds. The courts should revoke the two idiots licenses to practice law; the operative word there being practice. Both Craig and Ruff should be digging ditches or picking bananas with other liberal filth; neither are qualified to enter a courtroom. The courts will laugh them out into the streets for such a moronic attempt.
Plus, throw in the Nation's 500th execution as proof that the US Legal System is once again starting to work as it should, and I'm a really happy camper. After the other 3,500+ subhuman filth on Death Row are also terminated with extreme prejudice, I'll just be beside myself with Holiday Joy.
Finally, it's about time we executed spies instead of keeping them in prison for the rest of their stinking lives at $40,000-60,000 per year per spy. Let's group them with murderers, execute them and save the US Taxpayer that's you and me all those billions of dollars. If that would happen, I'd be ecstatic.
And if this subhuman, fat, stupid piece of shit, sloth f*cker Flynt were shot again, make it in the head, not the spine.
Liberal scum judges often negate protection for American Citizens.
Gosh, what more could a guy want for the Christmas Holidays?

Site Re-design.
www.gdnctr.com is getting a much-needed facelift. I've enlisted the help of Andy Beedle Web Design to work on some areas of special need: nav-bar mouseovers, individual page header standardization, ongoing projects pages and Journal Archives and general reorganization.
With all that's going on around here, I'm too busy to do it myself, so Andy will make the beta changes and test it on his site. If all goes well with his tests, I'll upload it to my new ISP's server sometime in February.
Sometime in 1999, I can visualize a www.gdnctr.com v2 being started and evolving into what I didn't have time to make the current site into. The current website has served me well and been successful beyond my expectations.

Although I'm not a big fan of the poinsettia plant, I have argued for years that it's no more toxic than lettuce. It's amazing how it's gotten a bad rep in the past 70+ years.
For two apprentice years prior to opening my business in 1990, I worked at a local, large bedding plant grower in New Jersey where I tended seasonal crops poinsettias at Christmas, mums in the fall, bedding plants for spring and summer so I got very tired of those plants and don't grow any myself; I buy them in, either pre-finished or finished, for re-sale.
I'd often heard customers talking about poisonous poinsettias, so I did some research into the myth and found out it was just that. Still, changing the public perception is monumental and would take several generations. Something I wasn't prepared to undertake. That's a grower's problem.
One thing: after Christmas, enjoy the plant until Spring, then compost it and don't try to re-flower it for next Christmas. It's easier and cheaper to buy a new one. It will cost close to $100 to go through the alternating periods of light and dark, plus special fertilizers required to make the bracts (leaves) turn red. Some things just aren't worth messing with; the poinsettia is one of them. Geraniums are another. Buy new ones.
Buy'em and enjoy'em for Christmas; they're harmless. Promise.
And please do not try to make any Holiday Pesto from the red and green leaves, using my recipe. Thanks, Doug. I almost forgot that caveat.

The UN Bends Over.
I can't believe that third world, ditch digger, Kofi Anan, bowed and acquiesced to the towel-head dog, Saddam Insane, to give the scumbag dictator everything he wants. UNSCOM-lite? What? What the f*ck does that mean? Fewer powers of inspection? Then, why even goddamned bother? The towel-head, tinpot dictator needs a bullet through the brain stem, not a concession from Koffee Anus. Sorry, I lost my head. Iraq needs UNSCOM Extra-Heavy-Muther-f*cking-Duty Inspections to force the situation and to turn the shit-for-brains dictator into a cinder via thermonuclear weapons.
The US just spent $500,000,000+ on a 8 month buildup and 4 day surgical strike. It was exciting. It was colorful. It was noisy. It was deadly. But was it strategic and even necessary? Good question. Or a figment of Clinton's pea-brained imagination? The analysis on NPR this morning is dismal; yet they're a notorious liberal forum, and not very reliable.

Overpaid Children.
$105million dollar baseball players, $80million dollar basketball players, and now $30million dollar football players. What's next? $10million dollar referees?
All sense of proportion is completely distorted when in those stratospheric climes; a return to terra firma is quite in order. At $11,000/ minute of playing time, there is no question that America has lost its sense of reality. If it weren't for so-called sportsfans paying $400 for a seat at a b-ball game or $10,000 for a seat at The World Series, there wouldn't be a problem.

Arctic Clipper.
Although it's December, it's been unusually warm outside. Or at least it was until today, the first day of Winter. In 3 hours, temperatures dropped 39 degrees. San Francisco and portland are under several inches of snow, Texas and Florida are having ice storms, the Midwest is reeling from sub-zero temps and 2ft+ snows; hell, the weather's gone nuts in just a day.
Yet here in central Pennsylvania and all through Maryland, the drought continues into its 2nd year. We're almost 30 inches low on moisture for the 2 year period. Wells, ponds and lakes are drying up with surprising alacrity. People are having to truck in bottled water just to survive.
There doesn't seem to be any end in sight. Time now to get out the Winter parka.
We got our first snowfall, albeit a light dusting, on Wednesday night and Thursday morning. The southern states took a real pounding from the bitter temps and ice, but we fared fine. I was glad to see it, finally.

No Censure.
Bullshit on it. If I hear about anymore so-called limp-wristed, no-backbone, Moderate Republicans seeking censure, I'll puke. They're cowards and traitors and scum.
First, the House of Representatives wavered and almost faltered but finally impeached the lying, criminal scumbag, Billy-Bob-Bubba-Boy Clinton, on Saturday, December 19th, at 1:24pm. I was elated, but even that elation was tempered with trepidation that the entire process might cave under voter pressure.
I was very close. The GOP is sucking pondwater.
The shit-for-brains American Public (obviously not you and I) don't want the lying, conniving, cheating Clinton slime prosecuted for perjury and obstruction of justice; charges which, if leveled at you or I, would propel us to indictment, trial, conviction and prolonged prison time. So why is it that Bubba The Liar is merely running the Country and not under indictment? Over 100 American Citizens are currently serving time for the same crimes as Clinton has committed. Of course, if they've been convicted, then they're not American Citizens anymore, IMHO.

Shoot The Scumbags.
This is one of the year's dumbest f*cking things: suing gun manufacturers for criminals using their guns to commit crimes. Let me repeat: dumbest f*cking things I've ever heard of, next to the recent tobacco litigation.
Only moron, moronic, liberal democrat filth would waste taxpayer monies on something as frivolous as this. Since the US Constitution's Bill of Rights specifically permits Citizens to bear arms, it's a moot point that there has to be manufacturers to produce the weapons. The Courts will dump this and the pile of shit plaintiffs in a heartbeat.
Millions of law-abiding US Citizens legally own and use guns, as I do; the key is to get the stinking criminals off the street, lock them up or preferably execute them so they can't return to their violent ways, get the illegal guns off the street and out of the criminals hands. Suing the gun manufacturers isn't even a rational course of action. Typical liberal moron thinking, isn't it?
Next, the liberal slimeballs will want to sue the automakers for all the accidents and deaths related to cars and trucks. They can't seem to understand that it's the person who pulls the trigger has to be held responsible, not the manufacturer of the weapon. Jeeez, are these pathetic, liberal morons ever misguided.

Litters Of Children.
Sorry, but I don't think there's anything miraculous about a woman having 5-6-7 or 8 children; that's a litter, which is what animals have. And especially when the parents are so poor or stupid that they can't even take care of that many children without huge donations of time and materials from others. Adoption should be the method, instead of fertility-inducing drugs.
The septuplets born to that Iowa couple last year are surviving on the largesse of others; the father is a dead-beat and will always keep the family in poverty.
The father of the octuplets is a wanted felon and will now do some jail time for beating up his wife and her mother. What a nice family. These pieces of shit should have been sterilized, not given fertility drugs.

Loudmouth moron.
Perhaps the most stupid, arrogant, lying son-of-a-bitch in the technology sector today Oracle Co chief idiot Larry "Sure I'll marry you girls if you just f*ck me now" Ellison has once again wrongly stated the obvious: that Netscape is dead. Actually, Netscape is alive and, well, just okay.
If you'll remember, the Ellison scumbag is the CEO or Oracle, a substandard computer database manufacturer, who offered sports cars to several women in his company and also promised to marry them, based upon email records, if they'd just date him and have sex with him. He's that hard up and a real sleazeball; aging badly, paunchy, balding, pathetic, weasel, punk. He eventually fired the women, took the sports cars back and settled for millions to avoid a public trial. The man is dogshit.
AOL singlehandedly whacked off Netscape with its purchase. Period. The resultant mutation of Netscape into a portal and netcenter site hosting company is the death knell; Microsoft had nothing to do with it. AOL has bungled every deal they've entered into or touched in the past 5 years. Clearly, the dumb leading the stupid.
Scum like Ellison are ardent liberal supporters of the Clintonoid filth. That alone speaks volumes.

Net, Net.
This man and the people he touches are what Christmas is all about.
Here's another example of what the true Christmas spirit is all about.
It's nice to find a couple of heartwarming stories out there about the good side of people and the Season of Giving. In today's world, that's an increasing rarity.

Hi Santa!
The nasty Santa story brought a wry smile to my face. Some joke. Yo-Ho-Ho..
And sometimes, toys perilous playthings simply reach out and whack their young victims. I don't ever remember any kid playmates of mine dying from an Etch-A-Sketch or Roy Rogers Cowboy outfit. My, my, we live in dangerous times.
This is my kind of Santa.

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