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Friday, December 7, 2001

It's not hard to believe this Nation was roundly tricked by the lib-dem socialist cabal into thinking they were really Patriotic Americans, after The Massacre of September 11th. They lied. And we were gullible stupid to give them the benefit of the doubt for being true, patriotic Americans. (Remember, these are the same people who would kiss the hugely-ample south end of a northbound Hitlery Rotten Clintoon in her crusty black pantsuit, and call it lib-dem heaven!) Their patriotism muzzled silence was only a temporary aberration; merely a momentary pause in the lowlife lib-dems' socialist-communist relentless pursuit of their Destruction of America. As soon as the lib-dem morons degenerates lowlife filth felt it was "safe to re-assert their hatred" of American values and morals, they came forth in droves, like vultures to a wounded, bloodied animal after a near-roadwhack incident. Opportunists, every one of the filthy lowlife slimeball lib-dems. Ditto, the insidious RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) ascended from their festering, fetid, slimy sewers and circled the wounded prey: America. Well, we fought back and kicked ass on the traitorous lib-dem garbage, sending them back to the US Congress, liberal media, America's universities and political PACs and parties. They're blatant cowards, overt seditionists, un-Americans and traitors. But we Patriots did get fooled; we actually thought the subhuman lib-democRAT garbage learned what America was all about. They didn't and they f*cked screwed us, once again. But, as with any factual statement made by anyone: your actual mileage may vary, contents may settle during shipment and don't try this at home without parental supervision.

Around The Garden Center.
I guess we're going to be hearing lots of Beatles by George Harrison — penned or semi-penned songs now, for a long while to come; George Harrison died last week from cancer. What a waste, what a shame. I grew up with their music in the 60s and 70s, and will miss their music as they slowly die off. Makes me feel old at 52 — just this past Sunday on December 2nd — and I know you know what I mean. Thanks for being there, and being my friends. Thanks to you, Dolly, for the call and email b-day card.
Gas prices have dropped to $1.03.9/gal (89 octane) in the York (PA) area, yet while on a recent trip to Hunt Valley (MD), I noticed prices still at the mid-$1.20s level. No wonder so many Marylanders are driving across the Pennsylvania State Lines to fill-up. Hmmm, gas at $0.10/gal? Reminds me of the gas wars in the 60s in the Midwest.
To say it's been a weird November and December so far for balmy, warm weather is an understatement. The South is getting heavy rains and floods, the Midwest is being pounded by snow and ice storms, the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic is warm and snow free. Last year at this time, we were under snow and ice and frozen solid. With huge high-pressure cells sitting on the Carolinas, all the Winter weather is being pushed northwest of the Mid-Atlantic and we're missing out on the much-needed moisture in favor of 60s and 70s temps. It's the Dog Days of December.
With Sundays off until early March — Mom & Dad are driving down to the Garden Center Complex to feed Pickles on Sundays — I'm sleeping in late and getting out and about to catch-up on some personal chores, while working (actual) 6am-3pm, Mon-Sat. Posted Winters Hours of Operation are so much fluff.
On Monday and Tuesday, hundreds of friends, customers and Journal readers emailed me about changing their email addresses "asap"; the scumbags at Excite@Home’s high-speed Internet Service literally f*cked screwed 4,000,000 subscribers, consisting of AT&T, ComCast, Excite, Cox, Rogers and others yet unknown, but impacted. I copied all on to NotePad v4.6, imported into my Netscape v6.0 Messenger client, and bingo!, it made the changes. Me? No, I use Blazenet ummm, no they've been bought out by SusCom (Cable Modems & CATV, same company); no relation with the Chapter 11 @Home loser companies. Any horror stories anyone'd care to relate? Anonymously?
I started my annual Fall Squash Roast Festival. For the past 4 years, I've roasted assernut, Pumpkin, PattyPan, Acorn, Turban or Stripetti. I much prefer assernut (cut lengthwise, sshite seeds out, oil allover w/ EV Olive Oil, roast/bake 400°F for 40-50mins until squash collapses, let cool and spoon meat into Cuisinart®, pureee, add fresh grated Nutmeg and Cinnamon, pour into large saucepan, bring to slow rolling-boil 3mins, add Half & Half®, down to low-simmer for 6-7mins until thickened, let cool, dust w/fresh grated Nutmeg and Cinnamon). This really makes anything GOOD! I made 9 batches of assernut Squash in 10lb tubs, quite enough for the next two months, and passed 'em out to Family, Friends, Employees. I'm ready to try some unusual recipe variations I've found on the Net. More on Fall Squash next week.
One of the multi-billion gallon reservoirs which supplies the York-Gettysburg-Lancaster (PA) areas, is "officially dry". Lake Williams is over 40ft down, and the back-up, just-under-a-billion-gallon reservoir, Lake Redman, has now been tapped, only the third time since the early 60s when Lake Redman was constructed. The 26+ week drought is grim, though we've had 2" of rain last week, we're still 14+" low for the year. Grim indeed for Spring '02. I can vouch for the grimness, as I drove by Lakes Williams and Redman just this week. Grim indeed. Did I mention it's grim around here?
The Net slowed down considerably on Tuesday and Wednesday; a DOS (denial of service) attack was in progress, started by some moron who unleashed the goner.scr virus on millions of people using MS-Outlook and Express email clients. Besides using Netscape Messenger and hearing about it on Monday, I updated my virus definitions on the home and office machines. You'd think now, after 2-3 years of scumbags unleashing this shit on people, and extensive warnings for the past 2 days, no one would be stupid enough to open the devious attachment. But many thousands hundreds of thousands millions apparently did. The companies they work for should have fired them on the spot for gross stupidity. I would have if they'd been working for me and infected my corporate machines. Dumb morons.
I've been growing Artemesia annua L., commonly known as Wormwood, for years; oh, would that this is true about its effect on cancerous cells. Lots of promise in the research stage; only time and human trials will tell. Keeping my fingers crossed for success.
In my 11 years of operation, I've never had a disgruntled employee shoot up the place, or even make threats. Actually, we shoot disgruntled employees first so they don't become a problem. Just kidding! I'm watching CATVs FoxNews live broadcast of the Goshen, IN, hundreds of cops and SWAT teams searching for a nutcase with an automatic weapon; he's already shot 35 people and is on the loose. C'mon guys, nail the bastard. Film at 11, showing a far fewer body count and a dead shooter.

I'm not sure it was all Jim Gilmore's fault, and that he should resign from the Chair at the RNC. W & Co should have put effort behind the NJ and VA governor's races and not let Gilmore twisting in the wind. Oh well, he's old news now.
Race-baiting, misery-profiteering Mayor Lee Brown (Racist DemocRAT) held off City Councilman Orlando Sanchez (Conservative republican) in a tight race Saturday to win re-election to a third term and derail Sanchez's bid to become Houston's first Hispanic mayor. Sad that the lowlife Brown racist stayed in office; the quality of life in Houston has taken a markedly noticeable decline since he was first elected. He's garbage.
The cowardly Senate Republicans decided to turn tail, run and not fight for energy legislation that would open a portion of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) to oil and gas exploration. Forget the fact that we're 60% dependent on towelhead oil, those lowlife congresscritters are afraid of a fight.
The only scary part of a republic (which we are: a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president) or a democracy (which we aren't: government by the people; especially, rule of the majority OR a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections). If you're unsure, ask me and I'll explain the difference. Awwwww, what the hell heck: already did.

The September 11th Massacre.
Further startling proof that what I said last week is deadly accurate: arm yourselves and be prepared to protect yourself, your family and neighbors when the murderous pork-sucking Islamist extremist Muslim scum explode in their religious war with the West, particularly the US.
Time to find and whack the many "sleeper terrorist cells" here in the US and around the world. There are a lot of them out there and this must be done before they set-off a "dirty nuke bomb".
Anyone doubt it's Islam vs The World? Read this. Hell, Israel has been going through this murderous routine with the subhuman Muslim filth for decades; they still are almost everyday. Time to fight back and whack thousands of the subhuman Palestinian garbage.
I weep for my friends in Israel; ignore the US Govt's arrogance, and whack THE TOWELHEADS!. Screw the $2-3 billion the US gives you; do what's right for you, Israel!
Victory changes everything, especially the traitorous, un-American, whining, bed-wetting, hand-wringing lib-democRAT morons who forecast gloom and doom for America. I despise them all and sincerely wish we could try them for treason and sedition in a military tribunal, and execute them en masse.
This article, by DeWayne Wickham, resident left-wing moron cretin of USAToday.com, is emblematic of the idiocy and lunacy of the left-wing lib-democRAT wackos in America today. Terrorists have no civil rights, except to be captured, tortured and executed.
Support for U.S. military action and the country's leaders remains strong, according to recent polls, but there is decreasing support for some anti-terrorism measures being discussed and implemented on the home front. I don't have any problem so far; in fact, I don't think we're going far enough. Borders should have been sealed on September 12th, thousands of Muslims rounded-up, detained, interred and deported/ tried secretly and executed. It worries me that so many half-measures and baby-steps have been put into place, and we're still highly vulnerable.
The stinking sewer that is the Chicago Public School System has created "prayer rooms" for Muslim kids? Amazing. Just let a Christian or Jewish kid try praying at school, and they'll be suspended.
Ummm, yes, time to execute the filthy towelhead scumbags, Ahmed and Muhammad right away. Cover them in pig guts and bury them face down so they can't see the pork-eater lowlife, Allah shithead. End of problem.
Remember The Massacre of September 11th; never forget what Islam did to us.
Feeble or no resistance in southern Afghanistan, so far? Muslims and extremist Islamics are cowards. whack them all. No prisoners.
Syria bluntly warns US not to attack Iraq? Ummm, f*ck piss buzz off, towelhead filth. How humorous. After we get done with the other lowlifes, we'll be coming after you. Get ready to die.
The People's Republik of Oregon is a festering, fetid, subhuman shithole of a state. Lib, democRATs, socialists, communists, green scum and now cowardly cops abound, led by a hagged-out Femi-Nazi (NOW-NAG) police chief-ess. Time for a nuclear strike to cleanse the area into smooth glass. Start with Portland. (Time to relocate, Lynetta!)
US casualty figures are starting to leak out: 35 dead Special Ops Troops being flown back, so far. But I have a feeling we'll never know the true extent of it. Let's make sure we whack a minimum 10,000 towelheads for every American.
Time to seal the US-Canadian border and require passports for entrance and exit from both directions. The idiots in Canada have released a man on bail, found guilty by a French court of being a member of an Islamic terrorist group. Of all the moronic, stupid things a country can do, Canada should now be treated like the third world shithole it is. I just can't believe it. A judge ruled Friday that Abdullah Ouzghar is not a threat to the public, and will probably not flee because of strong ties to the community — including the fact that he is married to a Canadian citizen. Wanna bet some large ones on it? Time to nuke the stinking shithole of Montreal, which is full of lowlife, subhuman, pork-sucking Muslim extremist Islamic scumbags.
Abdul Hamid, aka John "bin" Walker is an American? No, he's a traitor. He fought against US troops. He tried to whack US Troops. He's a traitorous piece of subhuman shitfilth Muslim. He deserves execution. Awwww gee whiz, shot dead trying to escape his questioners. No loss. Bury him face down with lotsa pork guts and grease.
I've been saying for years that the pork-sucking, necrotic turdface, Yasser Arid-Fart and his PLO-homo extremist pedophiles, who are behind all the violence in the Israel-Palestinian conflict, should be exterminated. Now maybe Israel will finally get it done and finish off Hamas and Hizbollah, as well. Finally, The White House agrees, and is going to stay outta Israel's way. Let the drain that festering Palestinian swamp, their way.
Another terror alert. When is the US Gov't going to 1) seal the damned borders, 2) round-up all suspected terrorists, supporters, funders and apologists, 3) deport the supporters, funders and apologists, 4) try by military tribunal and immediately execute all (suspected and known) terrorists? This should have been done on september 12th. Any questions, W & Co?
This is a travesty treason: local police departments refusing to cooperate with the FBI in tracking down terrorists, and safeguarding the American Public. The PC lib-dem scumbags have done immeasurable damage; time to "fix" that. Do what President Reagan did in the 80s with the ATCs (air traffic controllers): fire and jail all uncooperative cops for sedition, replace them with either federal agents or hire new cops immediately. Of course, the lowlife, filthy cocklollipop-sucking ACLU homos want the interviews stopped; they're socialists and communists and traitors, dontcha know; execute them for good measure. No loss.
15,000 Muslims in the US Armed Forces? Who don't want to fight an enemy unless overseas clerics okay it with a fatwa? What's up with this shit shit? There is no question here. All service members take an oath to protect and defend the constitution of the United States against all (encompasses Muslim) foes, foreign and domestic. If the government set up by that constitution orders them to go abroad and fight any nation, then they do it. Otherwise they should be court martialed and dis-honorably discharged. End of problem.
Remember the arrogant moron, Bobby Fischer, who thought he was God's gift to chess years ago. Read what he said about The September 11th Massacre. Go get him, FBI. Aw gee, shot dead trying to escape. Tsk, tsk, tsk. No loss.
Anyone think the extremist wacko Islamists aren't barbaric? Read this.
I'm disappointed in Franklin Graham, Billy's son, that he's retracted refined clarified what he said about Islam being a "wicked and evil religion". Pitiful coward; "someone" must have gotten to him. No one sees me changing my opinions on the murderous, pork-sucking lowlife subhuman cult of homo pedophile filth. No one "gets to me". No one.
Virtually every one of the Muslim fund raising organizations, especially (Un) "Holy Land Foundation" in the US is a terrorist front, funnelling monies to the Mideast for Islamist terrorist training, bombs, logistics etc. All should be shut down and the members deported or executed; preferably whacked. Start with C.A.I.R. in DC; they're subhuman lowlife pork-sucking scumbags. Another (of the thousands of terrorist support groups in the US) murder-supporting towelhead Muslim shitfilth Islamic lowlife pork-sucking bunch of deviants: "Blessed Relief", who secretly directed donations from Saudi Arabia to bin Laden's al Qaeda terrorist network. whack all the subhuman towelhead Muslim shitfilth moron scumbag Islamics. M70s to the rescue.
Yeah sure, thousands of human bodies vaporized by millions of tons of debris and thousands of degrees of heat in Massacre of September 11th? I said that many weeks ago; just common sense. FYI.
whack Silence this treasonous, traitorous Muslim pork-eating shitfilth on AM radio, permanently. He's a homo, pedophile, women-abusing Islamic moron, and needs to be deported. He'd sell his poor mother and father to put guns in the lowlife arms of the pork-sucking Allah moron terrorists.
Anyone still doubt that it's Infidel vs. Islam? Apparently there are many idiots, morons, cretins and morons who do. All the pity they'll be wiped out first when the conflagration starts. Bye, bye, idiots. Lock and load.
I grieve for the 3+ SF Ops Soldiers and their families, friends and co-patriots.
Read this about the deviant, homo-loving, pedophilic wacko extremist cult of Islam's plan to take over America. Here's another more readable article detailing the Muslim threat to America. FYI: lock and load.

Lowlife, Lib-dem Wackos.
I can't wait for Bernie Goldberg's book, Bias to come out and prove the left-wing wacko liberal democRAT media bias that we've all harped about for the past 6 years. It's always been there and has distorted the news and politics; some of us just caught on later than other. Gonna be a good read.
Disgraced, impeached liar-in-chief Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's complete history of inaction against terrorism, dating from '93 to '00, allowed The Massacre of September 11th to occur, without question. He's a liar and a traitor.
Remember the Kennedys, "champions" of integration? Bullshit. Read this about JFK and RFK.
Been to Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's Official Presidential Library Website yet? Here it is.
Lowlife, traitorous scumbag Sen Pat "Leaky" Leahy (D-VT) is at it this week, once again trying to subvert Justice and put the US at risk from extremist Islamic towelhead filth. His twisted and perverted Senate Judiciary Committee held useless US Taxpayer-funded "hearings" which accomplished nothing, except to prove that lib-democRATs are morons. Too bad Senator "Depends" didn't get a good noseful of that anthrax letter meant for him. The Nation would be so much better off with him and his lowlife kind, dead and long gone from the political scene. I'm hoping for a fatal heart attack or brain tumor for him. Merry Christmas, Leaky lowlife.
Responsible children with long rifles? Sure, no problem. I got my first .22cal Mossberg bolt-action target rifle w/ 50x Bushnell scope, from my Dad, at 13, and used it in NRA and Boy Scout target competition. I learned a healthy respect for guns-rifles-weapons, which would serve me well later in life. I still have the rifle and it is in pristine condition. I'll bet the idiot libs and doltish democRATs are having snit-fits over this story. Good; here's hoping they all suffer terribly and live much shorter lives.
The lowlifes in the US Senate are playing partisan politics again, with AG John Ashcroft. Natch, that's all it's about.
The lowlife bitch US Rep Cynthia "Loudmouth Traitor" McKinney and her lowlife daddy scumbag Billy "Loudmouth moron" McKinney are being brought up on charges. The McKinneys are accused of illegally campaigning at a precinct at Stoneview Elementary School on Nov. 7, 2000, the day of the presidential election. The polling place was plagued by long lines and accusations of irregularities that evening. Exchanges between the McKinneys and poll officials prompted DeKalb Republicans to file civil charges with the state. Cynthia and Billy McKinney are no strangers to controversy. Recently, she took heat for writing a letter to a Saudi prince that criticized New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani for turning down a $10 million donation from the prince for terrorist victims. Giuliani had taken exception to comments the prince had made about U.S. relations with the Middle East. In 1991, Cynthia McKinney, then a state legislator, prompted a walkout by Georgia House members when she questioned the U.S. attack on Iraq. And in 1996, the congresswoman was criticized for not rebuking her father after he called her Republican election opponent, John Mitnick, a "racist Jew". The McKinneys are just lowlife, lowclass idiot scum. No other term for it.
The Fart Worthless Star Telegram's resident lib-dem whore, Molly Ivins, is off her meds again and ranting about "preserving terrorist and criminal rights" over America's safety. She needs psychiatric help, and quickly.

Another Cover-Up?
Two eyewitness to the Nov. 12 crash of American Airlines Flight 587 said over the weekend that investigators for the National Transportation Safety Board are wrong to focus on potential structural defects as the cause of the disaster — insisting instead that the plane's tail came off over New York's Jamaica Bay only after it exploded in a fireball. Heck, after reading 13 eyewitness reports in the days immediately afterward, I said that very same thing weeks ago. The FBI and NTSB are obfuscating hiding the truth, once again, as they did in the '96 shootdown of TWA Flight 800. Pitiful that they don't think we can handle the truth.

Lowlifes & Scumbags.
It's hard to call the race-baiting, misery-profiteering, socialist-communist degenerates — Jack-scum, Sharp-scum, Waters, Sanchez, McKinney, Smith, Campbell — anything but lowlife idiots, let alone "black leaders". Screaming "We don't owe America anything; America owes us!" merely proves the point, as the State of the Black World Conference got underway in Atlanta, a cesspool of welfare and corruption. Where's a wacko Islamic terrorist with a 767 when the Nation really needs him?
Uh oh, watch out for the IT-Ginger fraud to hit again soon, with con artist-charlatan Dean Kamen at the helm of the scam. Read what the two losers Jobs and Bezos had to say. Sorry Kamen idiot, but that dog don't run. Get a real job, moron.
Add to the race-baiting, misery-profiteering, socialist-communist degenerates, the MLK Family of scumbags. Even the Atlanta Constipation and Urinal gets it right, once in a great while. The Kings are money-grubbing idiot scum, milking MLKs life and works for all they can get. They're whores, subhuman trash and, no other word for it, idiot filth. Pity.
Now I know Georgie Boy Harrison and His Family are idiots: dumping his ashes in the Ganges River in India? It's a cesspool; bodyparts, garbage, human waste, dead animals etc etc etc flowing by in huge quantities, with a stench that permeates 300yds or better on either side. Why do you think India is a human sewer? What's the rationale? Abject stupidity is all that comes to mind.
The murderous OJ Simp-scum is back in the news: he's tied to a drug smuggling ring and counterfeit cards that activate satellite television receivers. Whatta moron scumbag that subhuman filth is. Time for some prison time, OJ scumbag. he's still out on the golf courses "looking for the murderer of Nicole and Ron". Right.
The lesbian bull-dyke Poundstone Pig is out of rehab. Quick, hide all the children and booze.
The chairmanidiot of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has refused to accept President Bush's nominee to the commission and has warned the White House that it will need federal marshals to seat the new member. Chairmanidiot Mary Frances Berry needs to be arrested and do some prison time. The whole commission is a joke and needs to be disbanded.

Execution Clearly Called For.
North Carolina made my week: a subhuman lowlife was executed early Friday for Killing his neighbor and burying her body on his grandmother's farm in '91.
Maryland, one of most notorious lib-dem wacko states in the Union, is considering life sentences for convicted sexual psychopaths. Okay, that's a step forward from where they've been, but re-consider: the death penalty.
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has quietly begun distributing condoms to gay inmates at its downtown jail, joining just six other jails and prisons in the country in an effort to stop the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. No, no, no guys, you've got it all wrong. Let the deviant filth get AIDS and die. Give 'em leaky condoms, at least. It's an easy way to rid the world of degenerates.
Robert A. Durst, billionaire millionaire, is wanted in Texas on charges of beheading a 71-year-old man, and New York investigators are hoping to interview him about the disappearance murder of his first wife 19 years ago. He truly deserves death.
A Cincinnati mother who shot a child molester in the "groin area", after she found out that he molested her son, is now in jail. The pervert, Larry Eugene Howell, should be executed, so he won't have the opportunity to molest young boys ever again. No jail, no parole, no probation; just death and eternal hell as a reward for such deviancy. Here M'am, let me help you aim a little better: at his degenerate skull. Let's save the Taxpayers some bucks.
Another murderer who eat his victim's genitals is " rehabilitated and ready to be released back into society"? Ummm, he's ready for execution; only lowlife lib-dems would allow this subhuman creature to remain alive after what's he's done. Read about it and try not to lose your lunch.
One of the two teen-agers charged with Killing two Dartmouth College professors will plead guilty as an accomplice in one of the deaths. Huh? An accomplice to murder? That's plea bargaining for ya; letting murderers off with less than just sentences, just to get a conviction. Both of these murderous punks should get the death penalty.
The murderous Andrea Yates bitch, a Houston mother accused of drowning her five children during a bout of "post partum" depression, should already be on death row. Instead, defense lawyer scum have tried to get the judge to dis-allow the death penalty from consideration. The case has become a cause celebre for anti-death penalty homo-lover groups and women's rights organizations, the lesbian NOW-NAGS, who say Yates did not receive proper treatment for her illness. Too f*cking freaking bad, bitches and scumbags; she's headed for the death chamber.
Another case of rape where the death penalty is clearly called for.

This collection of cute games will make minutes melt into hours as you try and conquer these seemingly simple diversions. No complicated rules and strategies, just use your mouse and keyboard and some deft hand-eye coordination. Try your hand at holding the rope against a snowbowling. With two dozen well-designed games of this ilk, you'll be wasting time in no time flat.

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