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Friday, February 1, 2002

In a perfect world, the good guys whack all the bad guys. Unfortunately, we live in an imperfect world. Most likely, we'll all have to do some Killing to survive; extremist deviant Islamic murderous terrorist filth will make it so. Get used to the idea, and arm yourself for the unpleasant task ahead. Want some suggestions for weapons? Email me; I'll give you a plethora of choices. No, this isn't a redux of Lock & Load; I've decided that entry wasn't caustic enough. In fact, it was downright wimpy and didn't castigate the mass murderers, terrorist "sleepers", obvious America-haters, lib-dem trash, traitors and blame America first-ers, heavily enough. They are the real enemy within the traitorous Fifth Column of lib-dem socialists, if you will trying to destroy America from the inside, while other enemies seek the destruction of our cherished way of life from the outside. Make no mistake about it: the terrorist network inside America is huge; the FBI and INS certainly have their work cut out for them. The attacks are far from over. The next will be vastly more deadly than The Massacre of September 11th. Then there's the everyday lowlifes and subhuman filth we all need to watch out for, and be ready to whack them, before they try to whack us.

Around The Garden Center.
I knew there was a reason why I liked fine cabernet/bordeaux/shiraz red wine or screwdrivers/bloodymarys in the evening, when my driving is finished. Uhhhh, I can't remember where I parked the Jeep.
The End Of The Net was near, but I escaped intact.
The wacky "Dog Days of January" have returned; temps in the upper-50s to upper-60s, heavy rain, thunderstorms and no more snow, almost make it seen Spring-like. Fortunately, the ground never froze, and all moisture immediately soaks-in. We're still 11-12" shy of breaking even for 2001. It was 58°F when I left for work on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday and all snow was gone. Gas prices are holding steady at $1.16.9 (89 octane). Natural gas is at $0.58/gal; ditto LPG.
The drought continues in Maryland, too, with their reservoirs at an all-time low; they're now tapping the Susquehanna River for water and have 100+ counties on water restrictions. All through New England and the Northeast, it's the same problem we're having here in the Mid-Atlantic. We really need a non-destructive hurricane to come up the East Coast, dump 4-5+" of rain, and replenish the reservoirs and groundwater. On Wednesday and Thursday, we got almost 3.4" of rain from thunderstorms; my outside-working Lscp Crews just had to shut down for 2 days, and let things dry-out. No complaints from me, amigo.
Hey, whassup? Snow in LA's Malibu, and we're getting their rain? Okay, I'm not asking anymore questions. The Midwest and New England got pounded with a Wintry mix, and we got rain. We need the moisture to offset the drought conditions. No complaints, no complaints. I'm listening to FOX News on CATV, and someone is describing Chicago's snowfall as "Just Godawful, Godawful!" What an idiot. Hmmmm, 8:30:15am and time to leave for work in the rain.
Hmmmm, an orgasm coming from the right brain? I'm definitely right-brained, but the blood pressure meds I've been taking for the past 3-4 years occlude that event. Drat! I knew "something" was missing.
Ever tried Penna Dutch Sshitple? Yum, and don't ask what's in it.
The oldest living plant on the Earth? The creosite (Larrea tridentata) bush? Older than the Bristlecone Pine and the Dawn Redwood? Perhaps.

The Massacre of September 11th.
Think I've been "too hard" on the murderous Islamic shitfilth deviants? Yes? Then download this 8mb PBS special on Islamic Jihad (terrorism), and see for yourself that I haven't been tough enough. All should be rounded-up, tried and executed. Hundreds of thousands of them. It'd be a huge compost pile of dead towelhead, Allah-shithead, pork-sucking trash. And drenched liberally with pork shit poop and innards.
Here's Part 1 of an excellent account of that horrible morning in September, well-written by a couple of lib-dems, but factual, nonetheless.
I've been saying deport the all illegals from the US, since September 12th; any suspected of terrorist ties should be interned and executed immediately. When the hell is someone in Washington going to do it? The US is in jeopardy daily, from the subhuman homo degenerate diaperhead filth.
Seal the borders, or at least get them under control, is what Ws paying lipservice to now. shit Hell Gosh, I've been saying that since September 12th. Though I think this is going to be a cosmetic thing, since anywhere from 6-12million illegals are already here.
That anyone would call this lowlife, traitorous Walker/Lindh piece of dogshit an "American Taliban", outrages me. He's feces, a traitor, and well-deserves 1) execution, 2) life in prison as girlfriend to a 450lb inmate named "Spike". He was trained by the degenerate, homo deviants in al Quaeda, not by the Taliban scum. Call it what it is. And execute him. I volunteer with my new Glock Model 32-.357sig. Me, me, me!!!
We've all read the horrifying stories since the fake "airport security" shit went into place, at at cost of billions: old white people singled out for airport searches, while sandidiot Mideastern towelhead scum are waived on to airliners. What gives here, W? Are you daft, W? The FAA is completely f*cked-up screwed-up and outta control. For a eye-opening FAA regulation, go here and read this abomination.
The lowlife, criminal New York Sen Hitlery Rotten Clintoon is "demanding" that the US Taxpayer which she and her disgraced, impeached ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon have never been part of, PAY BACK (compensate) families of illegal immigrants who died during The September 11th terrorist attacks Massacre, and that we protect alien family members from deportation if they seek awards from the federal victims' fund. Bullshit? Yes, and The Crusty Pantsuit Bitch is f*cked-up screwed-up. Get rid of this Clintoon garbage, America.
Sheer stupidity and lunacy: terrorists on Gitmo will be returned to their homelands, to once again whack Americans. Is the US crazy? What gives, W?
I feel sorry more for Marjan The Old Lion, than I do for al Queerda-homoissima-buggerinio, and the Islamic-shitfilth garbage terrorists. whack them all and bury in copious cubic yards of pork entrails and poop.
Filthy subhuman Saudi slime, lowlife towelhead Saudi scum, degenerate Saudi deviants, saudi morons and cretins. I despise these non-humans worse than lib-dems. They're the scum de la scum of treason; just short of human detritus. Traitors, liars, lowlifes, cowards, trash, junk shit, diaperhead filth.
leave it to The New York Slimes to f*ck-up screw-up the truth: Afghan fighters need to be tortured, extrapolated and executed.
TWELVE THOUSAND Somali Bantu refugees could be resettled in the United States after sailing through the first screening phase in Nairobi and also in the Daadab and Kakuma refugees camps in the northern part of the country. Wow, just warms my friggin' heart. Why import trash to the US? We have millions of scum here now, which need deporting.
Do we really need an anal-retentive-analysis of a war situation? No; just whack'em, as we did in 'Nam, but got creamed by the lib-democRAT Media? No, we f*cking freaking don't.
An Islamic charity accused by federal officials of providing financial assistance to terrorist , went to court Monday to overturn a freeze on its assets imposed last December. The Global Relief Foundation filed a lawsuit in federal court in Chicago alleging government officials have not made a property and documents or interfere with the group's operations. Why are we wasting time with these extremist Muslim shitfilth goat f*ckers? Deport the murderous deviant garbage Islamic scumbags.
Yes, I agree with W's SOTU Speech: more guns, less asser. whack Islamic towelhead Muslim shitfilth in huge numbers. Bury their carcasses face-down in pits with copious amounts of pork poop and entrails. Allah the deviant boy-buggerer eats pig/porkshit!
Here's Reason #347 why I don't fly anymore; TWA800's shootdown in '95 was Reason #1.
Like I give a flying rat's ass? Hey, you want to whack this lib-dem lowlife WSJ reporter? Do it, pork-sucking towelhead subhuman towelheads. We're going to whack you and yours real soon, pork-sucking Allah garbage trashfilth deviants. You're going face-down in a pit of porkshit/innards. Enjoy, boy-buggerers.
Someone has finally talked about the shootdown of TWA800? Yes, I firmly believe that the US has covered-up this terrible incident; 238+ eyewitnesses saw what happened and 100 accounts are identical. The circumstantial evidence is massive; you could spend days there reading it. I have.
No there will never be peace in the Middle East, until Israel wipes the pork-sucking subhuman arabs off the face of the Earth, and cleanses the region. And whacks that fat turd, Yow-sir Arid-fart, as they should have done back in '82.

W gave an excellent State of The Union speech on Tuesday evening; far, far better than the lying, lowlife scumbag, sink-meister Bubba Jeffy Clintoon's 8 rambling diatribes of me, me, me. What a relief to have that moron piece of white trash gone.
There's very little I would agree with coming from The Left Coast; the wacko left-winger lowlifes are just too far separated from reality. But this actually makes some sense, although less than 5% will actually be "rehabilitated". It sure beats incarcerating them at $25,000-40,000 per year, per inmate. Currently, there are 2 million people in US prisons; 25% of that for minor drug offenses is... you do the math. A huge savings for Taxpayers. Plus, the repeat offenders will assure the police departments endless work.
Colon Bowell urges POW status on the terrorist murderers? What a half-breed scumbag moron idiot he is. Dump him, W; he's a stupid, cowardly porch-monkey, moron.
The lowlife lib-dems at the GAO want VP Dick Cheney to turn over notes and records of his private meetings during the formulation of the Nation's energy policy, and Dick told the homo scum to eat shit shit and die. Bravo.
If the GOP doesn't get the horrendous immigration problem under control, and soon, we'll be swamped worse than we already are. Doesn't anyone in the GOP have the cajones to deport all this illegal filth?
A little W humor; I wouldn't know about the accuracy, but I'll take his word.
This sums up the Conservative Viewpoint, very nicely. Thanks, W.

Lib-democRAT Garbage.
The socialist scum at the ACLU strike at America's religious fabric, once again, by getting grace at dinner outlawed at a military academy, VMI. I sure hope an 4th Circuit Court Appeal will overturn the lib-dem-commie slime's effort to balkanize America. Lock & load.
Dead men tell no tales. Ron and Vince? Hear that?
Speaking of lib-dem scum, read this piece by the failed publisher and PMS-NBCs resident whiner, Stevie "The Turd" Brill; he's already declared the Walker Rat innocent and is, in effect saying, the US has a weak case against him.
Crime in the schools? Sure, lots of it and 95% of the cause can be directly laid at the feet of the lib-dem scumbags, and the socialist NEA. Solution? Throw a few more billion tax dollars at it and hopefully it'll go away. Nevermind trying to fix the problem for real: no discipline from parents.
Fat, stupid, balding Kenny "The Turd Licker" Hamblin, handicapped (oh, now we understand the racist, bigoted copy) "writer" for The Denver Post weighs-in with a shitty effort. shit. Turd juice. Yuk.
Here's a joke: Dismayed by what he called a lack of "moral outrage" among some high school students following the September 11 terrorist attacks, lib-dem U.S. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has created a program to teach students about "fundamental values and universal moral precepts." That a liberal democRAT knows anything about values and morals is a stretch of belief.

Scumbags and Lowlifes.
Why in hell heck are we not telling the WTO (World Trade Organization) socialists to f*ck-off go pound sand? They're "demanding" that we change our tax laws, among other things. This interference from the UN, WTO and other lowlife scum is too much; c'mon W, lose those losers.
I respect Ohio, if they got a D-plus Rating from the lowlife, lib-dem shitfilth Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Quick: what was Ronnie Reagan's favorite Vegetable? Jim Brady. A wholly worthless idiot when he had all of his moderate-liberals brains, pre-Hinckley.
Sorry, I'm just sad at the headline's lack of efficacy: AIDS Set to Surpass Black Death as Worst Pandemic. Well, why can't we get AIDS/HIV to move faster, whack more deviants, homos, degenerates? I sure wish we could; that kind of subhuman filth needs to be eliminated.
Race-baiting, misery-profiteering lowlife subhuman idiot garbage: criminal, extortionist, Irrev Jesse "NYC Hymietown" Jack-scum, is at it again. Extorting US Corporations. When is s/he gonna be stopped?
An Enron exec who was worth $35million+ whacked himself? Doubt it; sounds like he was "Fosterized", courtesy BJ Clintoon. Add another one to The Clintoon Body Count.
K. Anthony Appiah, "professor" of Black Afro-American Idiocy Studies at Harvard, resigned and headed for Princeton Univer-shitty. What a joke this buckwheat is. The whole department: losers who can't get a real job in the real world, hiding behind "Black Afro-American Studies departments", all over America. Kind of like "Women's Studies" is not a legitimate academic discipline. PMS 101, ladies? What the hell is there to study? Drugs? Rape? Murder? Unemployment? Slums? Spear chucking? Missionary cooking? Cannibalism, tribal warfare (with associated rape, pillage, murder), slavery, genocide, starvation, disease, paganism? Wow, that sure sounds like a full semester of trash. Sign me up!
Southern grocery giant Winn-Dixie has conceded that its sole reason for firing an employee of two decades was that off-duty he sometimes cross-dressed as a woman. So what? He's a deviant; hopefully, s/he'll get HIV/AIDS at a homo bathhouse, and die. Then the problem's over. If he's a child molester, arrest, charge, try, convict and execute him/it. If not, let AIDS whack him/it.
The criminal race pimp, Irrev Jesse "Hymietown NYC" Jack-scum, came to Enron's doors to extort money from a dead horse, as did Fat Al "interloper white Jew scum" Sharp-scum. Neither idiot knows what's going on; they just needed some more publicity. They don't give a flying rat's rearend about the employees. They just the money.
Slavery reparations deduction on the US Income Tax Return Form? This lowlife scumbag, Vernon T. James, got 78 months in federal prison; not nearly enough in my estimation. He should be doing life. $1.2million in fraudulent claims were paid. I sure hope the IRS recovers our money.
I dunno, are gen-Xers truly f*cked-up screwed-up?
This Hollyweird lib-democRAT trash, garbage bastard scumfilth, lowlife subhuman shitscum, just plainly aren't qualified to handle themselves. They're mental defectives, underworked, gross-overpaid, white trash and idiot-illegal alien scum. Putrescence; deserving of mass execution and mass disposal. Viola! Another disease group, gone for good. Oh, would that were true for the whole subhuman, deviant sub-species of homo erectus. Hmmmmm, do you think they took the Genus too literally? Pity.
Yeah sure, I've been saying that TWA800 was shot down; the evidence proves it. 5-6 years now, chum. No, I don't give a flying rat's patoot. You're gonna see the TRUTH. That's enough for me.
Hey, psycho-idiot-boy Mikey "I'll rape your daughter or bite your ear off" Tyson is baaaaaaaaack! Put this subhuman Muslim piece of pork-sucking shit into a prison, where the moronic, cretinous scumbag belongs: two rape charges. This stupid idiot can't get sex other than from a rape; what a subhuman monkey.
Considering that blacks commit 74% of the violent crimes nationwide, profiling and stopping them is perfectly acceptable police procedure to me. Either get your idiots not good, solid blacks under control, Montgomery County, or deport the scumbag filth. The homo scumbag ACLU socialist filth are once again, completely wrong, and deserve to be rounded-up, interned and executed, en masse. Too harsh, libs? f*ck Screw you, lowlifes.
White guilt about black Africa? Not me; never did have any. You? Best thing for that filthy, disease-riddled hellhole of Africa would be for England and France and Spain to come back in and rebuild; or a nuclear strike to wipe everything and everyone out and start over, but saving as many animals as possible. I prefer the latter, instead of wasting resources on subhuman beings.

Nasty Scenario.
The next attack that whacks a member of the Israeli Government will bring an all out Israeli attack against all known terrorist camps and centers in Israel, Lebanon, and Syria.
This attack will cause an uproar in the Arab world. Iraq, Lebanon and Syria will mobilize.
Israel will mobilize in return and will launch pre-emptive attacks at Iraqi tanks that are in Syria and Lebanon and Iraqi scuds and decoys.
Iraq, and Syria invade the Golan heights and through Jordan in the West Bank area, arming the populace as they go, preceded by remaining scud attacks, including chemical weapons sent by rogue Iraqi commanders. Lebanon begins a southward push that is only designed to draw off forces. Terrorist attacks using chemical weapons used in market squares. Israel shows restraint concerning weapons of mass destruction, but deploys troops ruthlessly to defend Israel and whack all invaders. Due to Palestinian support of the invasion, many thousands of Palestinians are whacked in the first week alongside their Iraqi and Syrian allies.
The world shows outrage at Iraq and Syria for the use of chemical weapons and the world opinion is in Israel's favor for the first time in an undeniable way.
Iraq uses radioactive waste in SCUD attacks and terror attacks in Jerusalem. Some form of chemical attack is used and whacks hundreds in full view of television cameras.
Baghdad is nuked with a 5+ megaton thermonuclear device. Saddam probably whacked. World freaks out, demands peace in the middle east, Israel points out, less people died in Baghdad than in the combined attacks of Iraq. Remaining Iraqis form coalition government allied to finish the invasion of Israel.
Joint American/European Force arrives 3 weeks after first attacks, lands at Haifa. Syrian troop from Golan Heights and Lebanese troops attacked by a two-pronged attack by American/European forces. Israeli forces still respond to internal attacks, while additional American forces attack Iraq from the seas. Arabs living in America face severe persecution from citizens. All sleeper terror cells start causing havoc in the parks, shopping malls, and bus stations. Many Arabs choose to leave. Those remaining are considered criminals and face persecution and occasional internment.
Lebanese forces crumble under intense American air power and resort to terrorist type attacks, similar to Japanese last stand defenses in WWII Island campaigns. American/European forces cross the Golan Heights and enter Syria.
Nuclear device exploded in prominent European city and 2 American cities, one of which is Washington D.C. President probably whacked, American Government brought to it's knees logistically. All pity or remorse for Arabs is lost. All Arabs in US are attacked by vigilante groups, police do little to stop this. Remaining Americans take to arms, fill positions in newly called draft in 1 week.
War continues for 4 more months, with all major Syrian city infrastructure destroyed. Lebanon Cities invaded from Beirut by American/European/Turkish forces. Troops enter Baghdad ruins in symbolic act, invasion of Iraq from the Persian Gulf seizes major oil terminals in the east, while Turkish forces secure the north. Turkish forces cause much dissent with their additional attempts to eliminate Kurdish forces hostile to Turkey.
Since more than 75% of the Palestinians picked up arms and committed attacks from school yards and personal homes against Israeli forces, population of Palestinians is reduced by 60% or more. Syria cannot feed their people. Lebanon refugees flood Iraq and Turkey. Iraq is a country without a leader, civil or otherwise. Millions dead. Arab nations threaten to cut west off from oil if attack momentum not stopped. West responds with threats against Saudi oil if promise kept. Saudis lighten up tone of threat, west responds with cessation of attack. World sees lack of advancing armies for the first time in 5 months since war started by Arab terrorists. Over 100,000,000 dead worldwide. World breathes sigh of relief.
Due to power vacuum in US because of Nuclear attack, Europe must step forward to take world leader role. European leader starts re-building campaign putting survivors back to work. Small groups commit terror attacks in Israel and the world. European leader appears to have all best interests at heart, the world wants peace. Due to world pressure, Israel signs a peace treaty with the European leaders to defend Israel against all foreign armies because Israel has almost no Army left and hawks demand protection against all remaining Muslim countries like Egypt/Sudan/Libya and the southern republics of the former Soviet Union. Welcome to the Anti-Christ, at a nation near you, soon!

Clearly Deserving Execution.
Child molesters deserve execution; too bad the Catholic Church has covered-up for them for 50+ years. No more, so they say.
A 62-year-old man was executed by injection Thursday for Killing an off-duty Columbus police officer during a robbery in 1976; better late than never, I guess. Not! 26 years is too long to wait for execution; he should have been fried 25 years ago.
6-10 years in prison? Ridiculous sentence for the "hockey rink rage dad".
This scumbagette bitch who murdered an 23 month old toddler should have been given a capital sentence, but some lowlife lib-dem judge allowed her to "live"; hopefully, the other "women animals" will whack her. Don't these ignorant judges know it's way past time to remove this subhuman filth from the human genepool?
Here's how f*cked-up wacked-out The People's Republik of Kalifornicate is: they spent $1million of taxpayers' monies to give a 31 year old criminal, who's serving a 14 year sentence, a new heart. They should have let him die; one less criminal in society.
I repeat: all child molesters should be executed. This 55 year old subhuman got "life in prison"; somehow I don't think it'll be much of a life when 450lb "Spike The Lifer" gets done with him. Personally, I'd rather see him dead now.
A woman was sentenced Tuesday to life in prison for confining her severely malnourished 8-year-old daughter in a filthy closet. Barbara Atkinson and her former husband, Kenneth, were arrested last June after the girl, who weighed 25 pounds, was discovered near death.
Very, very rarely is there ever any worthy news from The People's Republik of Kalifornicate, but this week there was. A former escaped convict who shot an 81-year-old widow in the face, then watched TV and fixed himself a meal of noodles in her kitchen, was executed early Tuesday, and it only took 22 f*cking years. What morons those people are. Stephen Wayne Anderson, 48, was whacked by injection for Killing Elizabeth Lyman in the early hours of Memorial Day 1980. He became the 10th inmate executed in California since voters reinstated capital punishment in 1978. What a pathetic record of law and order. But it made my week. Only 3,700+ more subhumans on death row to go.
Here's February's execution schedule; I'll make the popcorn and some adult beverages.
This piece of subhuman white trash/ idiot filth needs to die upon capture; no trials, nothing. Badda-bing, badda-boom. End of problem. I sure wish one of the murderous criminals would come to my condo and try this shit shit; he'd be dead within seconds. I'd sure like to save the US Taxpayers a lot of money.

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