(•::♫::• Mother Nature's in-charge; we're just along for the ride® •::♫::•)

winter's finally here
friday, february 2, 2007

it's about time we got some real Winter weather, albeit a few months late, but better late than never. Personally, I don't care how late it is, as log as "we get some". You're probably asking yourself, "why is he so adamant about getting cold and snow?" Two reasons: disease/insect problems in Spring and Summer, and drought, all year long. Let me explain. Without the bitter cold, diseases easily Winter-over and become an even greater, multiplied-problem for plants and their gardeners, in the following year. Bitter cold will kill many of the dormant spores, viruses and bacteria, Wintering-over in the ground, on branches, in bark crevices, root systems etc. Insect eggs are most easily-killed by the alternating freezing and thawing action, which tears apart the cocoons and bags they're resting-in, and exposes the eggs masses to the ice crystals, which split apart/destroy the egg shells, thereby killing the inside egg mass, and relieving you home gardeners and us professionals, of having to use unpleasant/stinky and dangerous chemicals to kill them in the Spring and Summer months. Plus, the long-term impact upon this area's groundwater is incalculable, in the short-term. If we have too much snow, it acts as an insulation blanket, preserving the over-Wintering insect eggs, disease spores, viruses and bacteria, and they erupt in the warm Spring and Summer months, and wreak havoc in the growing gardens and maturing landscapes. The next problem is drought. If the ground is frozen, anywhere from 1-15" down, the melting snowfall cannot seep-in, due to the soils' density, and simply runs-off, into storm sewers, streams, creeks, rivers and reservoirs. Since all plants store their sap, carbohydrates, proteins etc in the rootball during Winter months, it's imperative that sufficient moisture be at the rootball level, when the sap starts rising up to the plants swelling buds, and as the buds begin opening, the new leaves need copious amounts of moisture to sustain and nurture them, as they mature. If there isn't enough moisture available to the plant's roots, to push-up to the new leaves, they will begin withering and die, quickly stunting the plant's growth for that season, or killing it outright. (Fortunately for our landscape customers of the past 5-6 years, we've installed mandated drip irrigation systems in all of their landscapes and gardens, and have retrofitted many others. As long as they use it, they'll have absolutely zero or minimal losses in a drought season.) Frozen ground isn't conducive to allowing snowmelt to get to the rootball level, nor is it friendly to Spring rain also getting to the rootball. A heavy layer of snowpack insulates the ground soils and keeps them from becoming totally frozen, but if the ground freezes before the heavy snowfall, it also keeps it frozen for a much longer time than the normal thawing period. It's a complex procedure, and as I've said for many years, "Mother Nature's in charge; we're just along for the ride."

Around The Garden Center™.
By Thursday evening, the heavy snow squalls were moving through and dumping ½"-1" of snow on us, and temps were dropping rapidly. From 31°F in the early Thursday morning (4:30am) hours; down to 19°F at 9pm, wind chill at 4°F; to 9°F at 5am on Friday, with a -4°F wind chill, the cold was brutal. The Weather Channel's Severe Weather Alert was pretty darned accurate, all day. All the local TV stations' weather channel segments, completely-missed the true forecast, and quickly caught-up with TWC's forecast, by Friday mid-evening. No biggie. One local area got got a light dusting, some got none, and other areas got anywhere from 1"-3". Squalls, neighbors, squalls. We have yet to get any serious snow. Tally so far: less than 3"; driest Winter I can remember, so far, in a long time.
Yes, I'm back to my Winter *Bird Feeding* regimen, but now have several "new additions" to deal with. For the first time in 17 years, I have 2 large, grey squirrels, several rabbits, several chipmunks and a small cadre of ravens, joining-in the feeding frenzy. I've put out 4-5lbs of unsalted, in-the-shell peanuts, and the squirrels will spend hours examining them, and scurrying-off into the adjacent display gardens, to randomly bury them, in a meticulous manner. They're hilarious and very entertaining to watch, as are the chipmunks. The rabbits are mostly nocturnal feeders, and I can see their 'droppings' all over the area, so I know they've been here during the evening. I usually chase-off the huge ravens, as they scare away the other birds, because of their intimidating size and innate aggressiveness. I also get visits from a red-tailed hawk, who scouts the feeding birds and mammals, as prey, but seldom lands to feed, as it's a meat eater, and I'm thinking that birdseed isn't high on its menu ranking. I'm putting out 40-60lbs of seed a week, but may have to increase that quantity, if the number of feeders continues to increase. I enjoy all of them, and will try to get some pics posted, someday.
Yes, I'm in a "job" which I like, BTW. According to this article, most US Workers, aren't, and that's too bad. My advice: open your own business, and do what you want to do. I did, and it's worked-out beyond my wildest dreams. How many can actually say that? I truly wish everyone could.
I slept-in on both Saturday and Sunday, made a leisurely brunch of grilled corned beef hash and sunnyside-up eggs, toast and coffee, and went to Graul's in Mays Chapel (MD), to do some gourmet food and clothes shopping. I spent well over $200, and got exactly what I wanted and needed, for the coming weeks. I just wish it were closer than 40 mins one-way trip, but the drive down/up I-83 isn't that bad, and Wegman's is on the way back north, in Hunt Valley, if I decide to stop. Wegman's is "sensory-overload", to me, and I can only visit 3-4x/yr, as it's so large and takes hours to go through the whole place. I prefer Graul's cozy atmosphere to Wegman's monstrosity of a store, impersonal staff and the swarming, rude, arrogant crowds. Just my opinion; your mileage may vary.
It's starting to get a little busier at the GC&N Complex, as more and more people call-in for landscape work, for Spring. This is about par-for-the-course, based upon past years, and it will get very hectic in february and March, before "the season" starts, for real. many of my short/mid/long-term customers know that we get 'booked-up' very quickly, and that they need to call-in with requests, and get put on "The List", ASAP. We are already getting booked-up, and are carrying numerous jobs over from 2006, for landscaping, landscape maintenance and simple tree installations. 2007 looks to be a very good year, as 2006 was our best year, ever!
Gas prices, at the pump, are down another 3-5¢, this week: Unleaded Regular is now at $2.15/gal; Unleaded Plus is at $2.25/gal, and Unleaded Premium is now at $2.45/gal. Both diesel and kerosene (K-1) are 'hovering' around $2.51/gal. No complaints from me. It won't last long, so I'm enjoying the cheaper prices, while they last, until about April, or so, when the "Driving Season" kicks-in. BTW, Shell Oil is aiding Iran and although I've not bought a drop of their product in 20yrs, I will never do so. Ever.
As I've said on several previous occasions in "The Journal", the minimum wage hike will not affect me or my business, at all, since I payn well-above the mandated $7.15/hr threshold, except for PA-state-mandated, under 16yr old entry-level interns. I have zero control over that dollar amount.
Yes, I've been around on computers, since the early 80s — 1982 to be exact, when my Dad bought me my first IBM PS2/50 unit for $4,500 and got me started (I was too poor to afford one, myself, just then) — so look at slide #4's pic of that old, venerable computer. Exactly what I still have in my "computer museum" collection, in my basement. LOL! Here's a nice, 'sanitized' "timeline of the O/S", through the past 35+ years. BTW.
Some pretty heavy snow squalls blew through the York(PA) are on Tuesday evening, as I was driving home, and although we got zero snow in East York, where I live, the southern part of the county got anywhere from a ½" to ¾" of the fluffy white stuff. Official tally so far: less than 2", still.
The saga of "trying to find 5 additional desirable patterns/colors of Pendleton Woolen Mills Board Shirts, in XXL-LONG", in addition to the three I've already purchased, is finally over. Armed with a list of the nationwide retail stores, I began calling them on Wednesday morning, as I was waiting for the frozen water pipes at the GC&N Complex, to thaw out (okay, okay; I forgot to leave the water running in the sink, overnight). I called Pendleton Stores in Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersery, Georgia, Michigan and the Oregon Mill/Retail Store, and found all five of the shirts which I wanted. Unfortunately, the *product numbers* on their website don't match the printed catalog numbers, so I had to give the store personnel a list of names and colors, and the ultra-nice and uber-helpful salespeople would begin the in-store search, and get back to me. Those wonderful ladies at those various Pendleton Stores were most amazing: they did the searching, called me back with an hour, and got the product shipped today, after I gave them my CC information. Hey, Pendleton Woolen Mills: you and your employees are real winners, in my book!
A PA-statewide smoking ban, in public places? Here, in Pennsylvania? I'll violate that "nanny state' and 'cradle-to-the-grave' bullshit, everyday, on obvious purpose. *Smoker Inside* signs will be posted prior to my Office, and any asshole from the Communist-wealth of Pennsylvania, who tries to mess with me, will get "dropped like a 50lb sack of shit, on a 20mi hike".
On Wednesday evening around 7:45pm, I was listening to The Savage Nation, on KFMB760-AM (6-9pm EST), or whatever streaming station you choose, and I'm getting bombarded by Winter Ice Storm Warnings "to come", from CNN, The Weather Channel, WGAL8-CATV on my kitchen computer; I've used the venerable WinTV-PVR-350 unit, for 6+ years. *Real snow* on Thursday evening and Friday morning? You can bet I'll be keeping an eye on this storm's progress, until John's Journal goes to "website press server", tomorrow night.
By Thursday mid-day, the Southeast was coated with ice, and a sizeable portion of that mess was moving toward us, along with a smaller Winter Storm from the Midwest. I left work early, around 2:30pm, to get my kitchen sink leak fixed with a new Delta Faucet, since the previous two Moen Faucets have both failed, in the past 18yrs. Done deal and all's back to normal.
Snowfall? I highly doubt it, as 80% of the southernly-Nor'Easter Storm is passing underneath us, and 17% of the westernly-arriving Winter Storm, is above us. That leaves a 3% dusting, if that. So much for this Winter's snow. Offical tally: still under 2", so far. I see drought, ahead, unless the Spring Rains are prolific.

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
Back in 2001 and 2002, I told you that this scenario would happen, and that the murderous, subhuman muslim-islamist-arab filth would go after our childrens' schools, VA Hospitals, colleges and universities, regular city hospitals, hospices, corporate office parks, large sporting event stadiums and many more "soft targets" where innocents are unprotected, because the muslim-islamist-arabs are cowards, boy-buggerers, liars, dirtbags, lowlifes and other assorted subhuman shit/trash/junk/garbage/filth/scum. If you've been a reader of John's Journal over the years, and not a drinker of Kool-Aid of the spineless GOP-RINO cowards and treasonous liberal-demokkkRATs, you know this to be true. Get yourself a BOB (bug-out-bag), sidearm, .308cal sniper rifle, plenty of food water and 100k rounds of extra ammo and magazines, and be ready for "what's coming to our boroughs, townships, villages, towns and cities, all too soon.
Uh-oh, the inept, meddlesome, corrupt US Congress has "fixed Daylight Savings Time", in the name of "energy efficiency". Soooo, they've lengthened DST by 4 weeks, mandating the setting ahead of all clocks now be done on March 11th, instead of the traditional first Sunday in April. And for what purpose? None, that a rational, sentient, functioning brain can ascertain. Meddling is what they do best; screwing things up is the criminal US Congress' forte, IIRC. And they will; count on it.
I charge these lowlife, treasonous, scum-sucking, terrorist-supporting, seditious dirtbag filth US Senators, with Treason In A Time of War, and I demand they be duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and executed, for TREASON: Harry Reid, Joe Biden, Chuck Hagel, Richard Lugar, John Warner, Chris Dodd, Carl Levin, Norm Coleman, Lynn Woolsey, Arlen Spector, Russell Feingold, Ted Kennedy, Maxine Waters, Gordon Smith, Walter Jones, Ron Paul, George Voinovich, Sam Brownback, Jack Murtha, Dennis Kucinich, Susan Collins, John Kerry, Barack Obama, Jim Webb and anyone else whom I've missed. Hang them all, as Abe Lincoln once said! These scum are subhuman filth of the lowest order. They're all useless, waste-of-oxygen, worthless, dangerous, treasonous, seditious garbage/shit/trash/junk/filth/crap and deserve immediate execution, per Abe Lincoln's statement!
Yes, corrupt, lesbo-bull-dyke, criminal, disgraced, lying US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (SOCIALIST-NY), and her political operatives, were behind the recent stories of US Sen Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr's attendance/education at Indonesian, wacko muslim-islamist-arab madrassas, from 6-10yrs old. I doubt it very much that incompetent Insight Magazine, is behind it, although they reported it first. Obama-Osama isn't qualified, at all, to be POTUS. In fact, even saying his name in the same sentence, is the legal definition of insanity. Ditto, the Klintoon bitch. The Nigga's® too dumb to figure it out, IMO.
Delusional, liberal-Jew Alert: Israeli PM Olmert thinks the second Lebanon war was a success. Huh? Olmert needs either intensive 220v 'medical help', or immediate euthanasia, IMO. He's truly treasonous, sick and delusional.
No, President Bush, your decision of 5x increased ethanol usage isn't based in logic or science; it's bogus. Ethanol requires more energy to produce than it saves, by about 30%. It's a waste and a boondoggle of US Taxpayers' monies. The solution is to DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL, DRILL here in the US. F*ck the obstructionist demokkkRATs and the leftist-commie enviro groups. Arrest and shoot them if they get in the way, dammit!
Yes, I agree 100% with US Rep Tom Tancredo (CONSERVATIVE-CO), that it's way past time to end the racist, bigoted, segregationist, Congressional Black Caucus, Hispanic Caucus and other race-based groups of incompetent, do-nothing, whiny, terrorist-supporting, socialist, hard-left Marxist commie, 'lawmaker' Nigga® trash.
If I had my way, there would be ZERO FOREIGN AID to any country/nation/turd-world shithole, anywhere. Zero cash, but we'll build your military weapons *here in the US*, and keep Our Nation's economy booming, and sell them to you (via the US Gov't), for cash.
The US Gov't persecutes/prosecutes another US GI, for *doing his job, a little too well* against the murderous, muslim-islamic-arab subhumans, IMO. But, they get a pass for outright murder.
Yes, spics: this is America and WE SPEAK ENGLISH, HERE! Either learn English, or go back to your turd-world hellholes! In fact, go back to your turd-world hellholes, criminal, illegal alien shitholes, scum-filth! You aren't welcome here, assholes.
Wake-up America: understand the mind of the muslim-islamic-arab jihadist. If you don't, you will die, I can guarantee it. They are slowly using our laws and freedoms to take-over this Nation's Gov't. Offended = sue! Go ahead and read the article; I'll wait. Any questions?
The 9th Circus Court of Appeals, needs to be broken-up, all activist left-wing, hard-left Marxist judges should be duly-charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced and hung, according to Abe Lincoln.
"He saved my life", daughter says; judge accepts jury's call for 10-year term. A tearful Jadah Walker said yesterday her father, Kim Walker, will always be her hero after a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder in the shooting death of her drug-dealer boyfriend. The man's an American hero, IMO, and should be given a medal, cash and be lionized with a statue, in his hometown. IMO.
Yeah sure, TSA; we're a whole lot safer, since you took over US airline operations. Suuuuuuuuure thing, morons.
"Worst economy since Hoover" — demokkkRATs. US stocks rallied on Wednesday, with the Dow closing at a lifetime high, amid optimism about technology earnings after Yahoo Inc, said a new Web advertising system would add to profits sooner than expected and Sun Microsystems Inc, posted a surprise profit. Based on latest available data, the Dow Jones industrial average <.DJI> was up 87.65 points, or 0.70 percent, at 12,621.45, another world's record. The Standard & Poor's 500 Index <.SPX> was up 12.11 points, or 0.85 percent, at 1,440.10. The Nasdaq Composite Index <.IXIC> was up 34.87 points, or 1.43 percent, at 2,466.28.
More 'global warming' crap from a bunch of wacko, left-wing asshole "scientists", with way too much time, and too little common sense, on their collective hands. So-called 'global warming and cooling' has been happening, in cycles, for millions and millions of years, and NOTHING MANKIND CAN OR WILL DO, WILL EVER CHANGE THAT, idiots! Shit-for-brains cretins, scumbags and lowlifes, all, especially the mentally-ill, sweating-profusely, liar, criminal, loser, disgraced ex-US vp, AlGoreBore (TRAITOR-TN) scumbag. Look up into the sky: the SUN is doing it, every 1,500 years or so, morons!
Super Bowl tickets, aka Stupor Bowl, with a face-value of $600 or $700, selling online by scalpers, for $3,000-$5,000? Are you freaking kidding me? The best seat is in your living room, in front of your 52-inch plasma/hi-def TV, or whatever you have. What kind of ignorant, stupid assholes pay that kind of money for a 3hr football game? A-S-S-H-O-L-E-S do. It more than boggles the mind to think about all the shit-for-brains scumbags who will cash-in their life insurance policy, sell stocks, rob their kids' college bank account funds, or whatever, to buy tickets at that price. A 3hr "athletic orgasm", that's over quickly and forgottem, but the lingering consequences of their stupid cash-generating actions, will remain for many years; possibly forever. Hey, I hope they all go bankrupt, miss mortgage payments, are repossessed, get divorced, fall into abject poverty and become homeless. They deserve every bad thing coming their way, IMO, for such blatant stupidity and ignorance. I need some duct tape, quickly!
RIP, Barbaro. Sad ending to a beautiful animal's life. Like I had to do to my little friend and companion of 15yrs, Pickle, back in August 2005. I still miss him, very much.
GM hit the bottom with a $10.6 billion loss in 2005, and Ford loses $12.7 billion in 2006. The corrupt, criminal, liberal-demokkkRAT-controlled scum at the UAW (United Auto Workers Union) is mostly to blame (as they've destoyed CAT here in York (PA) back in the mid-90s) in both cases, and incompetent, inept, greedy, moronic management, remain culprits for the balance of the blame. If I had run my $11 million corporation like they do, I would have been bankrupt many, many years ago, and rightly-so. GM and Ford deserve to go under, be financially-reformed and management imprisoned/executed for crimes, and gradually-reinstated in the Fortune 500, after showing signs of progress towards rehabilitation. IMO. Unions are corrupt, criminal scumbag filth, and should be tried, convicted and executed under The RICO Act.
Reason #1 why I never buy anything from Royal Dutch Shell (and Venezuelan commie CITGO), ever. They're *Enemies of America* and should be nationalized/thrown-out-of-America, IMO. Shell gas is treasonous crap. Treasonous, commie CITGO is already covering their commie tracks. The hate-America filth at SHELL aren't far behind.
If you're a Rolling Stones fan, you'll enjoy these vintage videos, called "C*cksucker Blues". Okay, okay, I know what you're thinking, but don't go there.
If you are sitting next to someone who irritates you on a plane or train, follow these instructions: • Quietly and calmly open up your laptop case, • Remove your laptop, • Start up, • Make sure the guy who is annoying you, can see the screen, • Close your eyes and tilt your head up to the sky, • Then hit this link. And be prepared to get a Sky Marshall in-your-face, bigtime, as well as have 35-40 PO'd passengers beat the living shit out of you, just before the 'body cavity' search starts, most likely with a small, rusty backhoe. Ha!
Welcome to "Black History Month", another waste of National Oxygen, all of which could easily be condensed to "Black History Minute", on a 3" x 5" card, IMO. After those phony "black holidays" of Kwanzaa and MLK's Birthday, isn't America about worn-out with the bullshit and crap of "black contributions to America", which can be lengthily-penned upon a mere notecard. Murder, race riots, robbery, bastard kids, violence, rape, crack, cocaine, heroin, dope, adultery, mulattos, half-breeds, fatherless families, black-on-white violence, black-on-black violence, hip-hop shit, gangsta garbage, rap crap, baggy pants, backward caps, can't speak simple English, can't function in society, welfare checks, complete incompetence, idiots, morons, scumbags, shitty hairstyles, dumbass filth, black slavers selling their own people... need more?

GOP(Globalist Oligarch Party)-RINO Losers™.
From the Archives: "Why Rudy Is A Failure." Ex-New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, is a lowlife, piece-of-shit, baby-murderer. He has zero chance of being elected anything. Watch him fail miserably. Giuliani's a punk, cross-dresser, homo-sodomite lover and supporter and is destined to be nothing in public office. His career is long past over; he's an abortion-lover.
VP Dick Cheney wins the "blink-off contest", against the Botox®-Bitch, "Stretch" Pelosi!
No, asshole dirtbag, GOPer-RINO Mitt Romney isn't a Conservative; he's a lying, flip-flopper, liberal-moderate scumbag. He deserves to be kicked-out of the race for POTUS. Romney's dirt, shit, crap, trash, garbage, junk and a loser.
Mentally-ill nutcase, POW traitor-coward with a lot of *baggage*, US Sen Johnnie "No Brain" McCain (RINO-AZ), will sponsor a bill to strengthen campaign finance laws in this session of Congress despite vehement opposition to campaign finance reform from conservative Republican activists whose support he needs to win the party's nomination for president in 2008. McCain recently had appeared to be backing away from his support of campaign finance reform, which has been a signature issue for him. But Friday, a top aide in his Senate office said that McCain will reintroduce a bill to further clamp down on independent "527" groups. McCain needs long-term hospitalization; he's dangerously-nuts.
Speaking of the mentally-ill nutcase McCain, his unconstitutional, illegal anti-First Amendment "McCain-Feingold Bill" (2003) is being re-reviewed by the POTUS, with Alito and Roberts, attending. This is the last, best hope for The First Amendment.

Treasonous, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
Scumbag, liberal-demokkkRAT, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Conservatives, hate-GOP, hate-EVERYTHING, lowlife skank bitch, Texas leftist-wacko filth, garbage "columnist", Molly Ivins, has been hospitalized in her ongoing battle with breast cancer. Good deal: "chickens coming home to roost", bitch? She's gotten what she richly-deserves, IMO, and I truly hope it's protracted and very, very painful before she dies, barren, can't-get-a-man-to-save-her-worthless-life, skank-slut trash. I'd have actually preferred her to get a massive stroke or heart attack, and be turned into a vegetable — say, a rutabaga or zucchini — with tubes coming into and out of, every orifice, and a few 'new orifices'. But then, she'd require around-the-clock nursing, and there's no point in wasting that good medical care and energy on a lowlife, subhuman piece-of-shit, like her, a foaming-at-the-mouth, America-hater. Die, and rot in hell, liberal-demokkkRAT filth!
Last week, I told you what a racist and bigot Obama-Osama's so-called Trinity United Church of Christ "pastor" — Rev. Jeremiah Wright Jr — is. Seems that the whole so-called "church" is filled with racist, segregationist, bigoted , and needs a visit from the IRS and FBI. Now, the UK's Daily Mail finds out that Obama-Osama's muslim father was also a racist, bigot, wife beater and a drunk. Somehow, I'm not surprised, at all. Hussein Obama-Osama's a lowlife, subhuman half-breed, piece-of-shit, who isn't fit to empty garbage cans, let alone be a US Senator, or God forbid, US President. Maybe James Earl Ray's "cousin" has been practicing at the local 500yd range?
Lowlife dirtbag, Barack Hussein Obama-Osama Jr, is a "muslim apostate". According to islamic scripture, one born to a muslim father is a muslim. Forever. Because according to muslim law and tradition, the penalty for leaving the faith is death. C'mon, you cowardly muslim-islamic-arab filth: KILL HIM! Or are you afraid to do so, pig-fucker, camel-humper punks? Ummm, thought so, assholes.
The 28,200-square-foot, John Edwards home in Orange County (NC), is expected to be valued at more than $6 million. So much for the phony, lying asshole's "concern for the Nation's poor, adequate housing and poverty". Scroll down through this thread's Post #21, or this thread, at Post #8 and look at the pics of his "house"; more like a massive "compound", which dwarfs anything the corrupt, criminal, drug-addicted, alcoholic, murderous Kennedys ever had. Edwards is lowlife, lying liberal, tort-lawyer hypocrite shit, trash, garbage, scum, white trash filth and junk. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when the Country really needs him?
Shit-for-brains, racist, bigot, corrupt criminal lowlife, asshole nigger®, disgraced scumbag, mayor Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin (SAMBO-NOLA) still can't figure out why his liberal-demokkkRAT, criminal, crime-riddled, below sea level shithole of a 'city', shouldn't be rebuilt in its present location, rather than 700 miles north, out of flood-plain damage potential. Nagin's a dumbass, racist Nigga®, and hasn't the brains to blow his nose, let alone manage and run a city of criminals, perverts, scumbags, deviants, degenerates, white trash, niggers®, and other assorted filth and lowlife garbage. Hey, Ray: do the USA and NOLA a real favor: KILL YOURSELF, SAMBO!
David A Bell, a lowlife, dirtbag, hate-America, hate-US Military, hate-Bush, piece-of-shit, puts "9-11 into perspective", from his sick, warped, liberal, progressive, twisted, perverted, demented viewpoint. Bell is part of The Enemy Within™, and richly-deserves a lesson in "desire vs capacity", as he says. Though the islamo-fascists are primitive subhuman filth, getting their hands on numbers 1KT suitcase nukes, and setting them off in American cities, easily demonstrates both teh desire and capacity. Equating a murderous terrorist slaughter of almost 3,000 innocent American civilians to car accidents, Pearl harbor or "Hiroshima on down". Bell is a mentally-ill, dog-kicking idiot, who should be relegated to a prison cell with a 450lb 'lifer', named 'Bubba", and mercilessly-raped 3x a day, IMO. Just desserts.
If 47% of Virginians disapprove of the way lowlife, coward, traitor, liar, pervert, dirtbag, scum-sucking filth US Sen Jim "I Hate America!" Webb (TRAITOR-VA) is doing his job, how in the hell did the piece-of-lowlife-shit get elected, in the first place? Boggles my mind.
Disgraced, lowlife, dirtbag, hate-America, hate-US Military, traitor, seditionist, obstructionist, scumbag, liar, plagiarist, piece-of-shit, US Sen Joey "The Plagiarist" Biden (TRAITOR-DE), for POTUS? Commenting on rival Barack Obama, Biden all but told him he was a credit to his race: "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American (criminal, drug-addict, socialist, hard-left marxist, imported black immigrant's half-breed sonny), who is articulate and bright and 'clean' and a 'nice-looking guy' (Biden's a homo-sodomite, it's rumored)," Biden told the New York Observer. "I mean, that's a storybook, man." Huh? That's not racist, but is hyprocrisy, as compared with what the liberal-demokkkRAT trash did to 'pwoor widdle' Trent Lott, and other weak, de-balled, invertebrate GOPer-RINOs. Scum-sucking turdbag, hate-America filth, like failed, worthless cross-dresser douchebag, Keith Olbermann, declared Biden — a senior member of the Party of Slavery & The KKK™ — comments, "a slip". Huh, Keithy-boy?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
Niggers® guilty of a "hate crime", against Whites? True findings, the equivalent of guilty verdicts in juvenile court, were returned Friday against nine of 10 local black youths niggers accused in the hate crime beating of three young white women during a mob melee on Halloween. Long Beach Superior Court Judge Gibson Lee also found that eight of the youths niggers had committed a hate crime. The one minor who was cleared of the charges was a 12-year-old girl. Hey, subhumans : why don't you come and 'try to f*ck with me', sambo porch monkeys? Instead of 3 young, defenseless White girls? None of you are "Black Americans", as I know some and respect them. You're subhuman filth, and often worse than the murderous 'white KKK trash', of the 50s and 60s. I guarran-f*cking-tee you, nigger® subhumans, I'm not defenseless, and will kill all of you, 1-2-3, if you f*ck with me, subhuman filth! BOOM with a .45cal! End of problem, for American Society, porch monkey garbage! C'mon, ; up to dying, filthies?
Hmmmmm, sounds like pMSNBC is calling CNBC’s Maria Bartiromo, a dirty filthy career whore, in response to questions, and raised eyebrows, about her professional relationship with a former Citigroup boss — fired, disgraced Todd Thomson — doesn't it? I've gotta say hat I've never heard of this greedy, money/power-grubbing, arrogant bitch, but it certainly sounds like pMSNBC's got her pegged, and they're doing a major "hit piece on her", indirectly. Tsk, tsk, tsk, pMSNBC! Shame upon you all for doing that to her. (((dripping sarcasm)))
Another left-wing, wacko piece-of-commie-shit, CO (conscientious objector) coward scumbag from the Vietnam War, Dale Noyd, a former disgraced US Air Force captain and outspoken conscientious objector (CO) of the Vietnam War, died took the "dirt nap" this month in Seattle, at the age of 73. Good riddance and rot in hell, you lowlife, subhuman filth!
No, sorry; no sympathy whatsoever for homo-sodomites, and their 100% preventable AIDS-HIV "problem". With the miniscule percentage exception of babies born into it, 97% of AIDS-HIV is 100% preventable. It should be de-funded in the US, and treatment only given to them, not deviant, degenerate, mentallty-ill, homo-sodomites. It isn't even in the CDC's Top 10 Causes of Death, in the US.
Yes, Philadelphia (PA) is "Murder Capital, USA", in 2004, with the most recent year statistics are available, Pennsylvania reported 398 homicides with Black victims, and 8 White victims, 5,000+ shootings — the deadliest year since 1997. Nice place sewer-shithole-dump, huh? And how did it happen that blacks make up nearly half of all homicides but only 13 percent of the nation's population? Think about it, and get back to me, okay?
RIP, and rot in hell, filthy liberal bitch!

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
For 2007, I wish, quite simply, that adherent-to-islam, muslim-islamists-arabs would get their murderous, fragmented, poverty-riddled, destructive, deviant, degenerate, perverted, unholy 'religious' act together, repudiate the blatant lies, admonitions to acts of torture, murder and terrorism which they 'learn' from that unholy book, and from their 8th century "phrophet", and settle-down into a peaceful group of a billion of so, practitioners of that currently-demented social and political cult, called islam, which needs to go through a transforming "Reformation", as Christianity did in the 16th century, and rid that evil cult of death and destruction of its evil, death and destructive tendencies and tenets. Only then, will they be accepted by the rest of The Civilized World. Until then, the Civilized World must keep killing them, by the millions, and hundreds-of-millions, to rid the world of the filthy, murderous, destructive plague, called islam. The future doesn't look bright for islam, as many millions will need to be killed outright, to stop the worldwide spread of death and destruction, as espoused by their unholy book's teachings, and frequent exhortations to death and destruction. What a pity so many innocent Christians and Jews (and other muslims) must die, in that pitiful islamic effort to "spread-by-the-sword", the destruction demanded by islam. Whole, new generations of muslim-islamic-arab children are being 'weaned on islamic hatred', and will need either total re-education, or outright killing, to rid the world and Middle East nations, of that murderous, hate-filled disease, called islam. If and when they ever do renounce the death and destruction, and finally learn to get along with the rest of the world, I will once again, begin capitalizing "islam", "muslim" and all things related to them, in a sign of respect. Until then, I spit upon them all, as a sign of anger, hate, rage and gross disrespect, at what they've done to this world, especially on the "Slaughter of 9-11-2001" Tuesday, and ten-thousand other incidents, before and since.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
The treasonous, seditious, subhuman, filthy, hate-America, hate-US Military, stinking bitch, Jane Fonda, needed killing back in the 60s/70s when she gave aid and comfort to the North Vietnamese enemy, and she needs hanging today, for supporting the murderous, islamic filth who are killing our Brave, Heroic US Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. HANG THE SUBHUMAN F*CKING FONDA BITCH! Ditto for treasonous, seditious Actors, subhuman filth, garbage and trash scumbags, Susan Sarandon, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn and Danny Glover: hang them too, for treason and sedition in a time of war. Ditto, hang the treasonous, seditious , John Conyers and criminal, extortionist, Jesse Jack-scum. And *cap* all the subhuman, leftist, socialist-commie filth who were there. I would have opened-fire, in the blink-of-an-eye. If I could have "gotten the shot" on Fonda and the other treasonous subhumans, I would have taken it.
Two former roommates who set a dormitory fire that killed three students at Seton Hall University were sentenced Friday to five years in prison. A plea bargain spared Joseph T. LePore and Sean Ryan, both 26, from facing more than 30 years in prison if they had been convicted in a trial. They could be eligible for parole in 16 months. IMO, they should have received the death penalty for murdering 3 innocents, and should have been executed with 1 hour after conviction. 5 years in prison, with the possibility of parole in 16 months, is total bullshit, and a sad measure of how far our society has fallen in the past 20-30 years, no thanks to the liberal-demokkkRAT filth who've cheapened life, as gauged by societys' acceptance of abortion and infanticide. I truly hope that both LePore and Ryan, are murdered in prison, as justice for the horror they've committed against 3 innocent people. Both LePore and Ryan are subhuman filth, richly-deserving death.
A man who escaped from prison, went on a crime spree, and was recaptured, has hanged himself in his cell. Troy Ellison, 23, apparently had a suicide pact with Charles McDaniels, 35. The two escaped from a medium-security prison Monday and were caught Wednesday. I'm glad he saved US Taxpayers a lot of money in keeping him from "3 hots and a cot", for the rest of his subhuman life. Good riddance and rot in hell, asshole!
Yes, drug smugglers deserve hanging, immediately after conviction/sentencing, IMO. Singapore has hanged two convicted African drug traffickers — Iwuchukwu Amara Tochi, 21, of Nigeria, and 35-year-old Okeke Nelson Malachy, who officials said was stateless — were hanged at Changi prison in the early morning, as anti-death penalty campaigners held vigil outside. Good riddance, and rot in hell, niggers®.
I've said it for 10+ years: all child predators, pedophiles, rapists and murderers should be KILLED, upon conviction, and not rehabilitated. Subhuman, lowlife, piece-of-shit, John Jackey Worman, needs killing, ASAP! Kill the homo-sodomite, who was arrested Thursday on sexual-abuse and pornography charges. Worman, 39, was charged with sexually assaulting eight children over a decade — including one child who was 3 months old — and videotaping himself engaged in sex acts with his victims. The abuse allegedly took place at his home in Collingdale (PA) and at a former residence in Colwyn (PA). Also, KILL the two Delaware County women, Concetta Jackson and Dorothy Prawdzik, were charged with helping him secretly tape sexually explicit images of children. Authorities said the women had an intimate relationship with Worman. All three should be dead, and away from society's innocents, IMO. Kill them!
Lowlife, subhuman dirtbag, liar, piece-of-shit, coward, seditionist, traitor, US Sen John F(ucking) Kerry (TRAITOR-MA), was a traitor in the 60s/70s and he's a traitor, now, and he needs due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and hanging, IMO. Abe Lincoln would have had him, and hundreds more treasonous assholes in the corrupt, criminal, treasonous US Congress, hung, and I would have been there, giving away popcorn and Cokes, to all the spectators, cheering as the subhuman, treasonous filth were hung! Kerry's treasonous filth, and richly-deserves the ultimate penalty for selling-out America, IMO!
Likewise, lowlife, subhuman dirtbag, liar, piece-of-shit, coward, plagiarist, seditionist, traitor, US Sen Joey "Plagiarist-HairPlugs" Biden (TRAITOR-DEL), needs due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and hanging, IMO. Abe Lincoln would have had him, and hundreds more treasonous assholes in the corrupt, criminal, treasonous US Congress, hung, and I would have been there, giving away popcorn and Cokes, to all the spectators, cheering as the subhuman, treasonous filth were hung! Biden's treasonous filth, and richly-deserves the ultimate penalty for selling-out America, IMO!
As far as I'm concerned, traitors like Biden and Kerry et al, meaning hundreds of treasonous and seditious filth in the US Congress, "rank-right-up-there, with child molesters and murderers", deserving death. Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller should be taken out to a dumpster, headshot with a .45cal, and thrown into the garbage, destined for a landfill. He's subhuman filth, as are traitors and seditionists, who undermine America and the US Military. Killing them is the real and just solution. Why should child molesters be kept alive on the US Taxpayers' hard-earned dime; they're verminous, subhuman garbage and richly-deserve death, IMO.
nigger® putz® -->

Airborne Cats.
The feline resume already boasts a crowded list of attributes: cuter than heck, worshipped by ancient Egyptians, subject of numerous comic strips. Now add to that list: amazing when photographed midair. Witness this portrait of a crouching tiger, flying kitty. And this guy bravely fending off a giant corkscrew. Behold feline worship: "All hail the orange fuzzy!" And see, err, catsercize? "1-2-3, 1-2-3, come on girls, it's easy." This cat laments that the other refrigerator magnets make fun of him. But he doesn't care! And ... boing! The airborne skill of these cats hardly seems fair. If cats are gonna fly, birds should be allowed to sleep all day, then gnaw on my leather shoe straps.

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