(::: politicians are America's elite, unindicted criminal class™ :::)
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friday, february 9th, 2007

given the indisputable fact that almost all politicians are unindicted criminals, who would quickly sell-out America's principles for the slimy votes of criminal illegal aliens, released felons, the dead, multiple-voters ("vote early, vote often"), they stand before us at lecterns in $1,200 Brooks Brothers three-piece suits, $175 silk ties and $750 Gucci loafers, and with fingers crossed, lie to us, on a daily basis, about. They lie to us about their socialist, hard-left-Marxist commie, hate-America, hate-US-Military, trash The Constitution intentions and get-rich-quick ambitions, at the Public Trough. The vast majority of America's lying, self-serving, treasonous politicians, who are part of The Enemy Within™, and deserve to be found-out, duly-charged, tried, convicted, sentenced and hanged, for their lies, sedition and treason, against America and the US Military, in a time of war. Bolstered by the treasonous, seditious, cowardly, hard-left-Marxist/socialist, terrorist-supporting pukes in the MSM (Main Stream Media)/OTM (Old Tired Media), most of America's politicians are more concerned with camera "face-time", or print article interviews, and getting more questionable votes for re-election, than with doing what's right for America's Future. That, in and of itself, is a treasonous offense, IMO. No, I don't seek conflict, with My Duly-Elected Government, but when the Truth, Liberty and Freedom become so perverted and twisted that no one recognizes them anymore, it becomes the Duty of American Patriots to set right, the true and original course — Traditional American Judeo-Christian Values — of America. We're getting "Diet Pepsi® v Diet Coke®"; nothing more than same-old, same-old, tired, flat, no fizz, impotent GOPer-RINO-liberal-demokkkRAT BS. Yuk. There are still values worth fighting for, and dying for, America, and I'm afraid the corrupt pols have completely lost sight of them. Crooked, criminal, corrupt politicians aren't held to a higher and better standard, anymore, than the majority of Americans. They get a 'pass', nowadays; a simple verbal lashing, and no jail time. Instead, they need due-charging, trial, conviction, sentencing and prompt removal from society. When I say, "it becomes the Duty of American Patriots to set right, the true and original course — Traditional American Judeo-Christian Values — of America", I mean that in a peaceful way, at the ballot box. Vote the bastards out of office, get involved, get good quality Americans elected, and set the Country Right, once again. No violence; that really never solved anything, except Nazism, Communism, totalitarianism, Marxism and socialism. No small feat, despite what the liberal-demokkkRATs claim? I still Trust In God; do you?

Around The Garden Center™.
Harley-Davidson's largest US plant, here in York (PA), which manufactures Touring and Softail motorcycles, went on strike last Friday, shutting down the massive facility and idling 3,200+ workers. Personally, I'm not a fan or supporter of unions — to put it "mildly", as they destroyed CAT (3,500 jobs lost) here in York, back in the mid-90s — and am still trying to gather as many details from both sides, as I can, before deciding whom to support. No, I don't own or ride a Harley; I don't have a dog in that fight. But, I do have a stake in the business economy in York (PA), just as I did when the criminal, corrupt UAW destroyed the CAT plant in York, back in the mid-90s. Any wonder why I really hate/despise all unions?
By 9:20pm on Thursday, it was evident we weren't getting any real snow, much less any significant accumulation. By 6:15am on Friday, the Severe Weather Warnings were posted: bitter, single-digit cold was pouring-down into the US from Canada and would be with us for at least several days. Snow I can easily handle, but the 0-5°F cold is another matter, altogether. (As a youngster in the Boy Scouts in the 50s, I got mild frostbite on my toes and fingertips on several "Klondike Derbys" and Winter campouts, and am still very susceptible to even the slightest cold, on those extremities.) By 3pm on Friday, as I closed-up and left the GC&N Complex for the weekend, it was snowing heavily, but with 36°F temps, nothing was sticking to grass or road surfaces. The large snowstorm passed through the York-Lancaster area, fairly-quickly, and was over by 5:30pm, and except for grassy areas, the roads were clear, as temps began dropping into the mid-teens.
I slept in Saturday morning until 10, and when I got up, there was 1-2" of fresh snow on the ground, and it was (((♫)))"beginning to look a lot like Winter" (((♫))), finally. Most of the Friday evening snowstorm missed us, moving north-northeast over top of us, but we caught the tail-end. With temps of only 18°F and a windchill of 3°F, it isn't going to melt anytime soon. Nice. Time for some good coffee, french toast, scrambled eggs and more coffee. A good day to get some food shopping done; then stay inside a warm, cozy condo. On Sunday morning, temps were at only 8°F, with a windchill of -2°F. Yikes; that's cold! On Monday morning, temps were down to 5°F, with a bone crunching windchill of -15°F. Okay, I've had enough Winter! Snow I don't mind; bitter cold I just can't take. Schools and businesses were closed all over the area, but I went to work.
Yes, for the first time in 15-20yrs, I did watch The Stupor Bowl® XLI (41), on Sunday evening, and still, after all this time, don't understand why so many millions and millions and millions, do. I grew-up in the northwestern suburbs (Arlington Heights) of Chicago (Bears), had relatives who personally-knew and rooted for the (Baltimore) Colts, and I lived in Miami (the stadium) for 4 years. Go figure. I guess I sort of did have a 'dog in that fight'. Final score: Indianapolis 29; Chicago 17. And in comparison to previous years' ads, this years crop truly sucked. And no, Peyton Manning isn't even close to being among the NFL's all-time best QBs. He's good, but he's just above better-than-average. Crap-for-brains idiot sports critic, Mike Celizic, is just that: a moron. I have to laugh when I read his alcohol-infused and drug-induced garbage article. Here's the www.fr.com thread, in case you missed it.
Awwwww crap, I just got a Summons for Jury Duty, from the US District Court in Harrisburg (PA), for April, my busiest month! Darnit, darnit darnit. Plus a questionaire to full-out and return. I can't take the month of April or May off, so I'll have to write a letter requesting an 'exemption', although I've always wanted to sit on a nice, juicy murder case, and convict and sentence the murderer to Ol' Sparky. Damn it, why couldn't it be for the Summer or Winter months, when I'm not so darned busy? Doubtful I'll get the exemption, but it's worth a try.
The whole week was darned ***cold***, with temps not even getting close the 30s, and with windchills still in the upper-teens. Dozens of local schools were put on a "2hr delay", so the buildings would have a chance to get adequately warmed-up before the children arrived. When I get to the GC&N Complex, around mid-mornings, it's so darned cold in the the Main Building and my Office, that I immediately turn-up the 3 forced-air LPG heaters, and go sit in my Jeep until the building's temp has risen to a tolerable level, usually a 15-20 minute wait. I have an small, auxiliary electric, fan-driven heater which I can use underneath my desk, to keep my feet warm, but it usually overloads the 20amp circuit breaker, and trips it, forcing me to go outside to access the Pump House Building and reset the breaker switches. Settling into my large, leather desk chair is almost 'painful', because it's so cold. The 3 computers' fans whir and grind and protest the cold start-up. Damn, I hate the cold — don't mind the snow at all — but the older I get, the more I hate Winter (too cold) and Summer (too hot and humid). Once again, another water-feed pipe (inside water garden water supply) in the Main Greenhouse burst, and water was pouring down from the steel rafters all over the concrete floor, so I shut it down and will replace it when temps are back to workable/tolerable levels.
Tuesday was another miserable day at The GC&N Complex; temps at 7°F with windchills around -11°F, and I just couldn't get warm, no matter how high I had the giant, propane-fueled, forced-air Modine heaters turned-up. I had 5 layers of clothes on, 'longjohns', plus my huge down-filled parka, and was still cold.
Despite it being only 11°F, with a windchill of 1°F, on Wednesday morning, I was in a 'up mood' since we also got 1½" of fresh snow, overnight. Somehow, it just didn't 'feel as cold', with the snow on the ground. But, over 257 closings and school delays were being reported at www.wgal.com's website, for a lousy 1½" of fresh snow! Why, when I was a kid... nevermind. Times have truly changed, and not for the better, IMO.
Thursday wasn't much better: 9°F and a windchill of -5°F. I'm now putting out 20-30lbs of birdseed every 2-3 days, under the lath house just outside my office windows, and drawing quite a crowd: chickadees, nuthatches, cardinals, bluejays, pidgeons, crows, ravens (huge birds), and a few species I can't yet identify. There are also two plump, grey squirrels who come to feed, and the 5 chipmunks also take their turn at the piles of seed. Compared to what Upper New York State is going through right now, with up to 100" of lake effect snow', we're doing pretty good. I wouldn't trade places with them, although my Mom & Dad lived in Cazenovia (NY), in a tiny trailer, after Dad had returned from WWII, recovered from his wounds in The Battle of The Bulge, and was going to Chemical Engineering School, at Penn State, on the GI Bill. I was just a baby (1949), but they told me it almost never stopped snowing there: 70 - 100" per season! Yikes! I once lived in Niagara Falls, in the early 70s, and we got 158" of snow per season, so I know what that was like. Sucked, big time, IIRC.

"Global Warming" Bullshit & Lies™.
I about choked on my morning coffee, at 7am Friday, when I scanned the wacko, reactionary headlines on CNN's and pMSNBC's websites: "Scientists: 'No question' that man-made global warming exists." What a load of unscientific shit from a bunch of wackjob, socialist, leftist-commie assholes who want to take the world back 250 years in time, and bankrupt the USA's economy, and re-distribute America's wealth to subhuman turd-world shithole countries, around the world. Nevermind that the earth has been heating-up and cooling-down for tens-of-millions of years, on its own, without any help from pitiful, insignificant Mankind.
Can Mankind create a thunderstorm, or stop one? Can Mankind create a rainstorm, or stop one? Can Mankind create a tornado or hurricane, or stop either? Can Mankind create a snowstorm or ice storm, or stop either? Can Mankind create glaciers, or cause them to melt? The obvious, cogent, sentient answer to all of the previous questions, is NO, we can't. Okay, how did previous Ice Ages, droughts, floods etc, start and end? Did Mankind have 'anything' to do with either creating or stopping them? Once again, the obvious, cogent, sentient answer, is NO, we didn't; not in the least. Okay, you've just answered all your essential 'global warming' questions.
Nominating mentally-ill, lying, criminal, corrupt, sweating-profusely, screaming at the stars, dirtbag, fat, treasonous, bloated, seditionist, disgraced ex-US VP, AlGoreBore (TRAITOR-TN), for The Nobel Peace prize, is tantamount to awarding it to the pig-f*cker, camel-humper, murderous, muslim-islamist-arab Osama bin Laden, for "his humanitarian efforts in ridding the world of Christian-Jewish-Buddhist-etc Infidels". AlGoreBore's piece-of-shit lie, called "An Inconvenient Pile-of-Shit", is now to be forced down the throat and into the mind of every Brit school child, courtesy of the socialist UK Gov't. What a waste of money, time and childrens' brainpower, IMO. GoreBore is truly mentally-ill, and should be locked-away in an asylum, and electro-shocked, or better yet: duly charged, arrested, tried, convicted, sentenced, convicted and executed for *treason*, here in the US, for his and Traitor-In-Chief's (BJ KLintoon) treasonous activity with Red-China Chinks, in the 90s. Both of those subhuman assholes need killing/execution, IMO.
"This global warming issue is the essence of liberalism versus Conservatism, which is what this program is about. Global warming, militant environmentalism, militant animal rightism, is nothing more, those things are nothing more than opportunities for communists, socialists, people that support dictatorships, to empower elements of society they think are important, government, statism, and this sort of thing, and every element of conservatism versus liberalism is to be found in the global warming debate. Remember, liberals are self-loathing and their guilt and their hatred for their own country and advanced civilizations and societies, they believe that they have the power that human beings, despite the contempt and despite the condescension with which they look at human beings, they think human beings are so imperfect and so selfish and so carefree that they have the ability to destroy the planet. Remember, there is no god in liberalism other than liberalism itself. Religion is the environment; religion is animal rights; religion is liberal causes. That is what they are loyal to, and they are liberals before they are anything else." — Rush Limbaugh 2/2/07.
Do you remember the wacko, left-wing, mentally-ill, skank slut, Rachael Carson and her dire predictions from life-saving, harmless DDT and for the "fragile environment", in the lie-filled, bullshit fiction book, "Silent Spring", back in the late 60s? How about 'acid rain' destroying the earth? Deforestation of rain forests in the early 70s? Dioxin contamination in the 70s, at Love Canal and other sites, destroying the earth and Mankind? How about the lowlife scumbag, liar and mentally-ill, alcoholic, homo-sodomite scumbag, James Lovelock, who proferred "The Gaia Theory", a massive tome of bullshit, lies and deceit? 30 years ago, the left-wing wacko enviro-nutcases said it was "global cooling"; now it's "global warming". Cycles of earth? Yep, that's them. Natural cycles, not manmade cycles. Both of them, are in play, and there's nothing we can do about it. All the preceding "dire warnings" are ***complete and total bullshit and lies***, which science has since proven. They are both part of 'natural cycles' of heating and cooling, and so-called mankind is so insignificant and pitiful as to have ZERO to do with either or both cycles. It's been going on for tens-of-millions-of-years, and there's nothing we can do about it, on the front or back ends. As I succinctly said in last Friday's Journal, and as I've said for the past 20 years: "Mother nature's in charge, and we're just along for the ride™."
Unlike the wimpy, compliant White House, I liken the lie-filled "glo-bullshit warming" report to pure a socialist and hard-left Marxist "income re-distribution schemes", for the hard-left-Marxist-commie, New World Order, run by the turd-world criminals, at the corrupt UN (Useless Nations).

Things Which Make Your Head Explode™.
A few months ago, I told you about the previously-defeated "thought-hate-crime" bill, (H.R. 254), which would be re-introduced by the treasonous, racist, bigoted nigger® bitch filth — not a black woman or an American — specifically US Rep Sheila Jackson-Lee (Nigga®-TX), which would make it a federal crime to even "think", let alone talk, about (illegal) federally-protected minorities, such as homo-sodomites, blacks and now terrorist-supporting, muslim-islamist-arab garbage, and make it a felony for Christians to quote Scripture about the perversion, degeneracy and deviancy of homos. This is a dangerous threat to Constitutionally-protected rights, such as The First Amendment and it must be utterly and completely destroyed before it becomes law, or America, as The Founding Fathers envisioned it when they wrote The US Constitution, is dead, for all intents and purposes.
IMO, no need to apologize for a Nigga®, gang-themed party many criticized as "racist", after photos emerged showing a white person wearing blackface. So freaking what? It was a private, off-campus party. None of the university's f*cking business! No one else's business, either. F*ck the NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People)! Nigga® and White Trash 'gang-bangers' are lowlife, subhuman filth, and need prison/killing, IMO, not apologizing for, as these Clemson University White idiot dumbasses did. Blacks don't need mocking, but all dirtbag, criminal, lowlife, subhuman, garbage, trash niggers®/white trash do. Mock them, spit on them, legally-jail them, legally-execute them, and rid society of the scumbags, regardless of their color. White students wearing blackface, is a crime? University president, shit-for-brains asshole, Jim Barker and the corrupt, criminal, lowlife NAALCP (National Association for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People) announced "investigations into the party", which was held during Martin Luther King Jr's dirtbag, criminal, plagiarist, white-prostitute humper, alcoholic, drug-addicted, weekend holiday party, after photos emerged online earlier this week. King was lowlife, gutter-living garbage.
Charles "Cully" Stimson, deputy assistant secretary of defense for detainee affairs, is a true American hero, who told the Truth about the corrupt, criminal, garbage scumbag, ambulance-chasing, terrorist-supporting, America-hating, US Military-hating lawyer filth, who need due-trial and execution, IMO. The turd-sucking, lowlife filth scum of the Bar Association of San Francisco, asked the California State Bar to investigate whether Stimson violated legal ethics by suggesting a boycott of law firms that represent Guantanamo Bay detainees. IMO, all Guantanamo Bay terrorist-detainees, muslim-islamist-arabs et al, should be tortured for intel, and then KILLED!
Better wake-up, America: if hard-left-Marxist, left-wing wacko, commie bitch, Hitlery Rotten Klintoon gets elected president in '08, she'll be taking huge amounts of money from Exxon-Mobil, and many other profitable US Corporations, and legislating more and more taxes from you and me. Count on it. She'll f*ck America 6-ways-to-Sunday.
Every morning, I get up, feed the 2 condo cats, logon, make coffee, and read even more about all these innocent Iraqis being blown-to-bits, by either Shit-ites or Scummi-s, and I get progressively-sickened/tired/pissed-off, and want to go over, and help kill the subhumans who do this shit. But then I realize that it's ***muslims-islamists-arabs*** 8th century tribes way-of-life, and it's islam that is to blame for the slaughter and bloodshed. I'm getting so tired of reading/hearing about this crap. Either leave them alone and let them keep killing each other (good idea, IMO) or go in and slaughter the ones doing the killing (another good idea, IMO).
This is a first: me agreeing with US Rep Henry Waxman (TRAITOR-CA), a hate-America, socialist, hard-left Marxist commie, lowlife, dirtbag. To wit: the Federal Reserve sent record payouts of more than $12 billion in cash to Baghdad on giant pallets aboard military planes shortly before the United States gave control back to Iraqis. Bills weighing a total of 363 tons were loaded onto military aircraft in the largest cash shipments ever made by the Federal Reserve. Accounting? No such thing. Pass it out and make sure some of the terrorists get it, too. What the hell were they thinking? Well, here's some corrupt, criminal US Army Reserve Brass who got millions, and now, who have been caught. Sad commentary; very sad. Gimme some duct tape.
Sooooo, is radio talk show evening host, Michael Savage, mulling for president? Yes, I'd vote for him, in a heartbeat. Screw the idiotic, moronic, cretinous fr.com Bush-Bots, Levinista assholes and other scumbags who hate a guy with 'ideas' they can't begin to even fathom: Borders, Language, Culture®!

GOP(Globalist Oligarch Party)-RINO Losers™.
Sooooo, President Bush submitted a $2.9 trillion dollar budget to Congress on Monday, with almost 2/3 of it being "entitlement payments", and I still can't figure out how many zeros that is. Okay I peeked; it's 12 zeros. Gosh, I sure am glad we elected and re-elected a "Conservative" in 2000 and 2004, aren't you?
It's now official: George W Bush has fully sold-out America. I've known it for years. He's not now, nor has ever been a "Conservative", and is . Bush spends like a drunken demokkkRAT, ignores America's border with the turd-world shithole called Mexico, allows unlimited Middle-Eastern immigration from terrorist-supporting turd-world hellholes like Saudi Arabia, proposes more and more budget-smashing entitlements in the $2.9 TRILLION DOLLAR US Budget, and while I support him 100% on The War On islam, his fiscal, social and governmental "conservatism" is total and complete bullshit. (((sigh)))
It seems that the liberal, moderate, GOPer-RINO scumbags will never learn from their mistakes of the past: destroy the f*cking liberal-demokkkRATs, when the GOPer-RINOs are in power. The GOPer-RINOs are as 'dumb as rocks-in-an-empty-box'. They need to utterly and completely destroy the lib-dem trash, as a viable governing party! It's the only way to regain control of America and re-establish The Founding Fathers' intention of America, as a Constitutional Republic, and rid America of the socialist-commie-liberal-nazi-demokkkRAT 'utopian hell'. IMO.
The GOPer-RINOs found someone's *Balls* or *Spine*, alongside a country road? They "got guts"? They tried them on, and surprisingly, they almost fit. The GOPer-RINO assholes haven't had either, as a party, for the past 8 years, so it'll take a while for those cowards, criminals, corrupt dirtbags. Now, the GOPers-RINOs have no balls or spines. They're neutered cowards, traitors, scum, filth, garbage, trash, shit and junk, IMO.
Other hate-America trash, like cowardly dirtbag, hate-US Military scum, US Sen Chuck Hagel (TRAITOR-NE) advocates, cries and whines for a cut-and-run policy in Iraq, as do all loser, commie, hate-America, shitfilth.
Former US Rep Bill Janklow (MURDERER-MN) will emerge from his manslaughter probation today with a clean record, more than three years after he sped through a stop sign in a Cadillac and killed a Minnesota motorcyclist. Janklow already regained his law license and can get behind the wheel again, having obeyed all conditions of his release. Bullshit. Kill someone with a vehicle; clean record in 3 years. late payment to VISA/Mastercard; 10 years on your credit record. What's wrong with that picture?

Treasonous, liberal-demokkkRAT Garbage™.
San Fran-sicko's, homo-sodomite, dirtbag, bathhouse-boy, lowlife "mayor", Gavin Newsom (SUBHUMAN-CA), was humping his campaign manager's wife, got caught, and now, "he's sorry". Boo-fricking-hoo. The woman and her husband had better get checked for AIDS/HIV, since Newsom is riddled with it from all his rumored, alcohol-and-drug-infused 'bathhouse boy parties'. Newsom is now set to go for the governorship, when RINO-Arnie leaves, since this perversion will also look great to the f*cked-up lib-dem voters in The Peoples' Republik of Kali-fornicate. In a real world, the bitch's "husband" would have killed the Newsom filth, and her, too. But SF isn't the real world.
It's not bad enough that RINO-President GW Bush invites muslim-islamist-arab, terrorist-supporting subhuman filth to The White House for Rama-lama-ding-dong crap and EID shit, now the America-hating, US Military-hating liberal-demokkkRATs have had a terrorist-supporting 'imam' give the convocation at the DNC's Winter Meeting, in Hell, USA. Dumbass, treasonous, seditious, shit-for-brains liberal-demokkkRATs didn't even know that they were being "converted" to the pigshit cult of islam (pigshit be upon it).
Lowlife, dirtbag, hard-left-Marxist commie, socialist piece-of-shit, failed, disgraced, ex-Iowa gov, Tommie "The Commie" Vil-sack-of-shit (TRAITOR-IA) wants funding for the Iraq war "cut-off immediately".
Newly-elected NY liberal-demokkkRAT governor, Elliott Spitzer (PUTZ®-NY) is a mentally-ill, lowlife, subhuman, corrupt piece-of-shit, who "thinks" he is a "badass", but in reality, is a punk and a putz®. He said, "I am a fucking steamroller and I'll roll over you or anybody else". Ha-ha-ha, Elliott, you are an impotent, hung-like-a-flea, turd-boy, shit-for-brains asswipe putz®! Your so-called "wifey" laughs at you when you drop your pants! "I've done more in three weeks than any governor has done in the history of the state", the subhuman, little schmucky-boy also said. Spitzer's a megalomaniac sociopath, and will be charged, arrested and imprisoned — I'd prefer hanged — for widespread criminal activity, within 3 years, once the ongoing investigations are completed. Spitzer's a fascist, nazi, hard-left-Marxist, socialist, commie turd. Hey, Elliott: get a massive heart attack, brain stroke or cancer, and DIE, asshole!
Lying filth, like corrupt, criminal, disgraced US Sen Hitlery Rotten Klintoon (TRAITOR-NY), must be "removed" from public service, because she and they are socialist-commie, hate-America, hate-US Military garbage, and want to destroy America, from within. Jail the garbage.
Failed, disgraced, ambulance-chasing lowlife, loser, ex-US Sen Johnnie "The Breck Girl" Edwards' (HYPOCRITE-NC) new, 28,000 sqft palacial eatate, on 102 secluded acres, surrounded by trees and defended by no-trespassing signs, in Orange County, NC, is way beyond words, considering his lying bullshit 2008 campaign theme of anti-poverty, "Two Americas". It's so funny, it's pathetic. Scroll down to Post #10, for a glimpse, made possible by his hundreds of malpractice suits, almost destroying the medical industry in NC, and driving-up the cost of healthcare for patients, and malpractice insurance for doctors and hospitals, forcing thousands to leave the state and many institutions to close their doors. Edwards is a criminal, and deserves prison or execution, IMO. His fat, bloated, double-cheeseburger-scoffing pig-faced wife, and their ugly rat-bastard kids deserve to live in the YMCA, or worse, for the rest of their filthy, criminal, corrupt lives, IMO.
Pennsylvania's corrupt, criminal, fat, bloated, lying liberal-demokkkRAT governor, "Fast Eddie" Rendell (CRIMINAL-PA), is another in a long line of unindicted filth, who need to be "removed" from doing any more damage to society, by allowing scumbags like him to "feed at the Public Taxpayers' Trough", of unlimited funds. Rendell has f*cked Pennsylvania six ways to Sunday, as corrupt, criminal mayor of that murderous, turd-world shithole, Philadelphia, and now, as corrupt, criminal governor of the state. A $27.3 billion dollar state budget, with 3.6% increased state spending? Raise taxes in 5-6 areas? Why not — here's a 'novel idea', dumbass Rendell buttwiper — ***spend less***, you ignorant, moronic, criminal scumbag? Rendell lied to Pennsylvanians, saying that his tax increases were going to reduce property taxes, but they are not. Rendell has always been a liar, everytime his fat lips move. He still is. Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when the state really needs him?

Lowlife, Subhuman Filth™.
There's little more disgusting than a looney-tunes wackjob, who converts from Christianity to islam, a murderous cult of deviants, boy-buggerers, women-chattelers, and female genital mutilators, and all-around piece-of-pigshit. But no, we don't kill our apostates; we bid a fond, "adios, asshole!" And we're actually glad to be rid of, lowlife, mentally-ill, subhuman filth like Macon (GA) Mayor Jack Ellis (Niggas® - GA). No more pork BBQ for you, sambo! Crawl back under your slimy rock, sand-Nigga®, islamist porch monkey.
Hey, Farrah Fawcett, you hate-America, hate-US Military, Hollyweird hagged-out-slut: die, you skank bitch filth!
Another complete and total waste of atmospheric oxygen: failed, disgraced, liberal skank SCOTUS bitch, Sandra Day O'Connor. Die, you liberal, hate-America whore!
A federal jury has ordered American Airlines to pay $400,000 to a computer consultant who was pulled from a flight at Logan International Airport because of security concerns, then denied reboarding even after he had been cleared by State Police. "I felt like I was being treated like a terrorist and there was no way I could prove I didn't do anything or say anything at all," said dirtbag, lowlife, piece-of-shit, John Cerqueira , 39, who grew up in Fall River and now lives in Miami. "I'm grateful to the jury for sending the message to American Airlines that just the use of the word security isn't an excuse for unlawful behavior." IMO, the entire jury needs hanging.

islam Is A Criminal Organization™.
For 2007, I wish, quite simply, that adherent-to-islam, muslim-islamists-arabs would get their murderous, fragmented, poverty-riddled, destructive, deviant, degenerate, perverted, unholy 'religious' act together, repudiate the blatant lies, admonitions to acts of torture, murder and terrorism which they 'learn' from that unholy book, and from their 8th century "prophet", and settle-down into a peaceful group of a billion of so, practitioners of that currently-demented social and political cult, called islam, which needs to go through a transforming "Reformation", as Christianity did in the 16th century, and rid that evil cult of death and destruction of its evil, death and destructive tendencies and tenets. Only then, will they be accepted by the rest of The Civilized World. Until then, the Civilized World must keep killing them, by the millions, and hundreds-of-millions, to rid the world of the filthy, murderous, destructive plague, called islam. The future doesn't look bright for islam, as many millions will need to be killed outright, to stop the worldwide spread of death and destruction, as espoused by their unholy book's teachings, and frequent exhortations to death and destruction. What a pity so many innocent Christians and Jews (and other muslims) must die, in that pitiful islamic effort to "spread-by-the-sword", the destruction demanded by islam. Whole, new generations of muslim-islamic-arab children are being 'weaned on islamic hatred', and will need either total re-education, or outright killing, to rid the world and Middle East nations, of that murderous, hate-filled disease, called islam. If and when they ever do renounce the death and destruction, and finally learn to get along with the rest of the world, I will once again, begin capitalizing "islam", "muslim" and all things related to them, in a sign of respect. Until then, I spit upon them all, as a sign of anger, hate, rage and gross disrespect, at what they've done to this world, especially on the "Slaughter of 9-11-2001" Tuesday, and ten-thousand other incidents, before and since.

Some People Just Need Killing™.
A federal jury sentenced a 24-year-old Staten Island subhuman to death yesterday for killing two undercover police detectives in 2003. It was the first successful federal capital punishment prosecution in New York in more than 50 years. After the verdict was read, the defendant, Ronell Wilson, 24, rubbed his palms, looked at his mother, then stuck his tongue out at the families of his victims. His younger brother loudly cursed the jurors, while their fat, bloated, alcoholic, drug-addicted nigger®-mammy cried out that they were “the murderers now.” Headshoot all these subhuman niggers®, now! They need killing.
Texas' longest-serving condemned prisoner, who had been set to die this week after more than 31 years on death row, won a reprieve Monday from the US Supreme Court. Lowlife Niggas® garbage, Ronald Chambers, 52, was scheduled for lethal injection Thursday, but his punishment was delayed by an order from Justice Antonin Scalia. The reprieve is in effect until the court decides whether to review Chambers' case; the current court session runs through June. Sad; the subhuman piece-of-shit needs to die. Get out of the way, Scalia idiot!
A woman was found guilty on Tuesday of poisoning her Marine husband with arsenic to obtain $250,000 in veteran's benefits and pay for breast implant surgery. Cynthia Sommer, a fat, bloated, ugly-as-shit, whorebag, 33-year-old mother of four, showed little reaction Tuesday as the jury found her guilty of first-degree murder in the 2002 arsenic poisoning of US Army (Hero) Sgt Todd Sommer. She faces a mandatory sentence of life in prison without parole. Why is this subhuman, white trash bitch skank, still alive on the US Taxpayers' hard-earned dime? Kill the f*cking filthy bitch!
Thank you, Texas, for making my week! A self-described fascist who adopted the dark punk and Goth lifestyle was put to death just after 6 pm on Wednesday, in Huntsville (TX). Johnathan Moore, 32, was sentenced to die for shooting San Antonio police Officer Fabian Dominguez to death 12 years ago. He was the second Texas death row inmate put to death this year and the second of five set to die this month in the nation's busiest capital punishment state. Bravo, Texas! Kill more, baby!
Adrian Estrada, youth pastor at El Sendero Assembly of God Church, and a criminal spic and lowlife subhuman piece-of-shit, needs killing, for this. KILL HIM!
Hey, subhuman, piece-of-shit filth, nigger® Kevin Mair, 25, of Plantation (FL): come on down to visit me and try to stab me with a screwdriver, sambo. I'd kill you in a heartbeat, porch monkey!
No, don't deport verminous, criminal illegal aliens filth; KILL THEM! Send the f*cking dead corpses to a landfill, IMO, dammit!
Fine, ban lethal injections. Bring back hanging and firing squads. Subhuman filth such as murderers, rapists, child molesters, child rapists and child murderers need to be killed and permanently removed from society.
A woman convicted of letting her three young children drown in a car that sank in a lake was sentenced Thursday to 10 years in prison. Amanda Hamm, 30, was convicted in December in the deaths of Christopher Hamm, 6, Austin Brown, 3, and Kyleigh Hamm, 1, who were trapped in the car in Clinton Lake in 2003. She was cleared of first-degree murder charges that would have sent her to prison for life. Bullshit; kill the subhuman bitch!

Oh, for the days when living rooms were big, cars were bigger, the chrome was thick, the women were straight and everyone still wore hats. Will the 1950s ever release us from its shiny, chrome-plated grasp? We think not. Just to prove it, the recently overhauled Plan 59 is here to celebrate "the commercial art of mid-century America." Hooray for the tail fins! Huzzah for the sectional couches! And hallelujah for well-intentioned captains of industry! There's so much to revel in here, it's almost impossible to pluck out the best. Here are two places to start: •Demonic tots: These kids are hungry. Really, really hungry. And some of them are packing heat. Beware. • Ads gallery: From the Food-O-Mat to the submarine freighters, from the shiny, shiny meat to the ski-lift-style military helicopters, the '50s still looks like the future to me. Let's all get there, real soon.

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