whipped into a frenzy
Friday, February 16, 2001

I'm normally not given over to either capricious anger and unbridled rage, but events of the past three weeks have all but changed that. The stinking lowlife criminal Clintoons both disgraced ex-president Bubba "The Liar" Jeffy Clintoon and disgraced current-senator (D-NY) Hitlery "Sticky Fingers" Rotten Clintoon have slithered from their slimy rocks and once again, made criminal headline news. Both democRATs and Republicans weighed-in with indignation, sort of, on various parts of the outright theft issues. Even the disciples of the sleazy Clintoonism have now turned against the bottom-feeders from Arkansas. They're still afraid though, on both sides of the aisle, to spew forth any invective critical of the Clintoon Criminals, for fear of being trashed via the omnipotent FBI Files, chocked full of damaging raw data. Hell, I've been doing ti since '97, and the Clintoon Cowards are afraid to take me on. Why is it that neither party has any guts or brains? Too much to hide? Perhaps. Ah-ha, that's why they're politicians. Now I remember.

Around The Garden Center.
With every major change in either hardware or software, there are "issues" which crop up and need resolution and accommodation prior to becoming accepted as the "norm". Case in point: Lynn's (my GM) newly-upgraded 700 machine now has a monitor issue, as well as a modem issue. Yeah, we're working on it. Both work, but not optimally, so we're pursuing other drivers to remedy it. Too bad such picayune things have to occupy so much time when other, more critical jobs need attention. Such is the Win98 O/S. By Wednesday, Jeff and I had everything working on the two front counter unit, after dozens and dozens of hours of labor. Such is the Win98 O/S.
Just as I was getting used to the hi-50s and lo-60s temps of the past week, and the now-dirty snow was melting at an accelerated rate, an Arctic Cold Front barrelled through Friday night and Saturday morning; temps dropped 20-30°'s within the first hour of its passing. Brrrrrrr, it was cold and very windy all weekend.
Once again, government thinks it knows best on how to control Nature. The idiots in Norway are trying to control the grey wolf population and are screwing it up royally. Any time, any government, anywhere gets involved in anything, it's a disaster.
I'm sure glad I own my own business and am not a dot commer going through the unemployment bloodbath of recent weeks. I know quite a few people in these companies who were riding high and who are now flipping burgers.
On Sunday, I slept in until 10am, made French Roast coffee, poached Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise on English Muffins, and went to the Garden Center to feed Pickles and do some paperwork. As I went out to the large indoor water garden in the Main Retail Greenhouse, I noticed one of my largest and oldest original specimen Koi dead at the bottom of the pond. Dunno what happened, except that for the past 3-4 days, he's not been feeding well and has been lethargic, compared to the other 15 specimen Koi. Since Koi can live up to 250 years, the unexpected death is unusual and perhaps a bellweather sign; I'll keep a close watch on the other fish for any related symptomatic activity. I got a long-handled net and removed it from the pond. I've had him and the others ever since they were "pups", feeding them daily and caring for them. They all know my voice and swim to wherever I'm standing when I'm in the daily "feeding mode". I buried him in the Display Gardens and, upon Spring's arrival, will plant a small shrub or perennial on top of it, since fish are a great source of fertilizer (phosphorous). A fitting end for "Bubba", one of the great water garden attractions for visiting children at my Garden Center. I'll miss seeing and feeding him.
Gas prices in the York (PA) area climbed from $1.46.9 (89oct) to $1.49.9 (89oct) in just one week. Although I've seen it for a few cents less, most stations have again upped the price.
I must have received 50-60 emails from friends and companies notifying me of the "Anna Kournikova" virus which would infect and destroy my computer. Thanks, anyway, but I never open such stuff from people I don't know, and sometimes not even from people I do know. Since I first started on computers back in '82 on an IBM P/S2-50, I've never had a virus problem.
Wednesday was a cold and rainy Valentine's Day, here in Central Pennsylvania. Every florist shop I passed on the way into, and back from work, was packed with guys buying bouquets and roses. Funny thing: a dozen roses on any day except V-Day, is $13.95; on V-Day it's $29.95. The holiday price gouging is amazing.

Okay, I Lied.
I promised myself that, upon the inauguration of George W Bush, I'd refrain from even mentioning the names of a certain Arkansas bottom-feeder and the Gore-gonesque creature to whom he is sort of married wedded coupled. I'd hoped their horrid memory would fade into foggy obscurity, which it so richly deserves, and that we as a people, would emerge from our national nightmare, concentrate upon the future, and rejoice in the fact that America is led by a man possessing ethics, morality and integrity.
There's only one problem: the miscreants in question refuse to leave the national stage. They realize that the bottom-feeding American public is obsessed with celebrity, and are media-savvy (and stupid) enough to comprehend that the method of achieving celebrity doesn't matter. The ends still justify the means. Sadly, we live in an era where OJ "The Slasher" Simp-scum is mobbed for autographs when he walks down the street, where political pronouncements delivered by flash-in-the-pan sitcom actors carry more weight than those of revered statesmen, educators or religious leaders. The aforementioned bottom-feeding disgraced ex-president and disgraced current-senator Hitlery "Sticky Fingers" Rotten, live by homo scum Oscar Wilde's maxim, "The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about." They intrinsically understand that keeping themselves in the public eye through whatever means necessary is particularly germane to their desire to once again reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
I told myself that I would require a very compelling reason to write about those whom I consider the two most vile individuals ever to hold national office. I was/am sick of them, and my liberal scumbags readers were sick of me attacking them. Despite the fact that I predicted the trashing of the White House before the fact, I received no pleasure from the effort. I didn't want to discuss the "Man From Hope-I-Don't Get Caught" and the freshman DemocRAT Senator from New York/Arkansas/Illinois (check one) any more than my readers wanted me to. Just thinking of the demented duo gives me that less-than-fresh feeling.
But, in the three weeks since their pitiful attempts to hog the camera on Inauguration Day, we have seen a continuation of the lies, deceit and blatant criminality unique to America's most visible, white-trash power couple. Although I would have never believed it possible, these two HAVE left a legacy. It is a legacy of shame, ingratitude and arrogance, a reminder that the uncouth, ill-bred, debauched and vulgar exist and thrive in every societal strata.
We have seen the pardon of billionaire fugitive Marc Rich, who just happened to donate $1.5 million to the DemocRATs for a quid pro quo arrangement by his sluttish bitch DemocRAT ex-wife, Denise. We have seen the commutation of sentence of convicted child molester Mel Reynolds, the 47 year old former DemocRAT House member from Illinois who, in 1995, was convicted of having sex with a teenage campaign worker. We have heard of the $800,000 rent for an office above Carnegie Hall, which it now appears will be partially paid for by folks who thought they were contributing to a historical "presidential" library in Little Rock. We have heard that the White House was trashed by the minions of our esteemed former "leader" the price tag for those "pranks" is now above $300,000 and that Air Force One was stripped down to the bare floors and walls. We have learned that the former Commander in Chief and his heinous spouse appropriated (at a minimum) $28,000 worth of White House furniture which the donors claim was NEVER intended as a personal gift.
It goes on, and on, and on, and on.
So I'm torn. I do not wish to help keep these profligate lowlife scumbags in the spotlight, but I am outraged that they continue to be deified by the national press for their licentious demeanor and unrestrained excess. I hate talking about them almost as much as I hate the manner in which they have dragged our country to the lowest ethical and moral point in its history. That those who receive $8 million dollar book advances and $100,000+ speaking fees should expect the American public to foot the bill for champagne, caviar and luxury penthouses is the height of audacity and contempt.
Still, despite all this, I say that we should follow the wisdom of President Bush by adopting a tone of civility and pity. We should ignore the evidence that vermin once occupied The White House. We see what they left us; let's get the dustpan, sweep up the feces, replace that sink and move ahead with the business of repairing the damage of the past eight years. It is the best thing we can do for ourselves, and the worst thing we can do to the attention-addicted Bubba Clintoon and his hagged-out sidekick, Hitlery "Sticky Fingers" Rotten Clintoon.
I have a dream: that I wake up from this National Nightmare and the past eight years were but a substance-induced state of agony, quickly alleviated by the digestive process or regurgitation. Never again will I eat Stuffed Italian Prime Rib at 2am with cabernet sauvignon, and then try to go back to sleep.

The GOP'ers.
Interesting article. Will the surplus be there to continue the tax cut? Of course, most input and background came from lowlife liberal democRATs.
This I don't understand: how is the world's most powerful Nation susceptible to cyberattack from a shithole like Cuba, or anyone else? Why isn't the US Gov't hiring the very best hackers and formulating defense, as well as cyber-offense and going after other places who want to f*ck us up?
Here we're doing that against the stinking lowlife towelhead bin Laden, the terrorist, but now we're worried about the shithole Cuba. Gimme a f*cking break. A couple of "good hackers" should be able to destroy Cuba electronically.
In a clever game of "good cop, bad cop", W is playing "good cop" and hinting that he'd like to move on and away from all the Clintoon criminal investigations, while the US Congress is calling for Clintoon's head on a platter. Very smart move, publicly.
One of the biggest morons in the US Congress, Orin "The Hypocrite" Hatch (R-Utah), has come to the criminal Napster's defense, while in the past participating in the persecution and prosecution of Microsoft, along with the crybabies Netscape, AOL, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and other scumbags. Hatch is a two-faced lowlife, scum-sucking bottom-feeder, much like the Clintoons. He's clearly a liar and neo-criminal.

Lib-Dem Garbage.
The lowlife, dick-sucking democRAT slimeballs in the cowardly US Congress set up an ambush for W at the lib-dem retreat he attended last week, and he walked right into it, in the name of bipartisanship and civility. He should know better; now and in the future. The lib-dem scum are not to be trusted to keep their word and should be bashed and degraded at every opportunity. No civility should be shown to them. They are subhuman garbage and shit, and are the main reason the USA is in the terrible position it's in today.
I always knew that disgraced current-US Senator (D-NY) Hitlery Rotten Clintoon wrote a weekly column or rather a ghost writer (staff) did it for her but in the past 6 years, I've never read it. Last weekend, I stumbled upon several entries. Gaaaawd, what bullshit and lies.
Looks like now the thieving and lying Clintoons took even more stuff than they reported, and still have the spin-liar machine in place to rationalize it. In fact, those two Arkansas bottom-feeders have been illegally shipping White House property for over one year.
Want to read some pathetically-funny, convoluted lib-dem shithead "logic"? Then read moron Al Hunt's twisted rationale why the impending tax cut should benefit those who pay little or no taxes rather than those who shoulder 90% of the national tax burden. It's truly hard to believe that anyone with a functioning brain and IQ over 67 could be so stupid. Well, that's Al Hunt, lib-dem moron moron.
On the other hand, US Senator from Georgia, Zell Miller a moderate democRAT got it correct.
Abe Beame, the diminutive lib-dem moron who helped new York City into a financial crisis, is finally dead. Well, good riddance to the dwarf scumbag.
Just what the f*cked up city of DC needs: a racist bigot bitch like Donna Brazile to f*ck things up even more for the downtrodden residents. It really need a mayor like Rudy Giuliani to clean up DC and get rid of all the rampant corruption and crime. Do it, Rudy baby!
After what's happened the past 3-4 weeks, lots of notable former-Clintoon supporters and apologistas are coming forward with denunciations of the Arkansas moron.
And the disgraced current-senator criminal Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, of the f*cked-up state of New York, is hiding tens-of-thousands of dollars in gifts, contrary to US Law, which requires their public disclosure. Look for this to be a major issue in the coming weeks. Of course, the lying criminal bitch refutes the truth, as she's always done. No surprises here.
This whole Marc "Lowlife Criminal Slimbeball" Rich pardon, made through his rich, sluttish, whoredog ex-wife, Denise "Big Tits, No Brains" Rich, isn't going away. In fact, it's going to become the focus of a lot of a lot of scrutiny in the US Congress within the next few week. Like the impotent, cowardly US Congress would even know what to do with a crime if it was laying on their desks. But hey, let's wait and see.
There were dozens of "supposed conversations" reported between Bubba nd AlGoreBore this past week; just what was actually said isn't truly known. But I'm sure those two morons tried to either blame each other or anyone and everyone else for their problems; par for the lib-dem course. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall.
Here are just a few of the hundreds of former apologistas who've turned against the stinking lowlife filthy criminal Clintoons: The New York Times, The LA Times, New York Times again, Savanah Morning News, Townhall, NY Daily News, The Atlantic, The Miami Herald, Time Magazine, and probably a few hundred others I've missed.
Hell, there's even talk of re-impeaching the Clintoon moron criminal again. Luvit! I'm ready for another round of Nail Bubba To A Board.
Both the Rich pardon and this coke dealer's pardon, prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Clintoon was and is for sale, as is the lib-democRAT party, all of them crooks and scum. I agree: indict Clintoon for bribery.
It looks like the lying moron Bubba Jeffy Clintoon is gonna take office space in Haarlem, instead of trying to rip off US Taxpayers with an $800,000 office suite in the Carnegie Towers in Midtown. Quite fitting for "our Nation's first black president" (the author Toni Morrison once called Mr. Clinton "the nation's first black president"), dontcha think? I sure do; good riddance disgraced ex-president scumbag.
Disgraced current-Sen Hitlery Rotten Clintoon, no stranger to bribes, payoff and corruption, always has her grubby hand out for more money. If the lowlife lib-democRAT filth had their way, morals, ethics and scruples would be in a wax museum. Just like her criminal, convicted felon criminal husband partner disgraced ex-president Bubba Jeffy Clintoon, the morons with money always seem to gravitate to power, but now that BJC is out of power and is a lowlife felon on the loose, the Hollywood scumbags seem to be deserting him. He's a liability and a loser as he always has been throughout his criminally-oriented life and no one wants much to do with him. Except the losers in Haarlem; they "love America's "first black prez". What a bunch of morons; no wonder people drag them behind pick-up trucks.
Don't agree with me that the Clintoons are scum? Liars? Lowlifes? Perhaps you'll agree with The LA Times that they are that and more. If you don't, you're a f*cked up lib-democRAT moron. You know who and what you are.
Reparations for slavery 200+ years ago? Nah, I don't think so. There'll be another "civil war" to end all civil wars, and I'm ready, locked and loaded. Let's party.

Lowlife Scumbag Filth.
Once again proving he's just a lowlife, OJ Simp-scum is in trouble, this time for "road rage" in Florida. I'd love for that piece of shit to come after me, since I legally carry a 9mm or .357 magnum. He'd be one dead scumbag in a hurry. I wouldn't hesitate to waste the piece of shit. Read the story; look at the grinning moron Simp-scum and his two white trash lawyers. Bang!
Thanks you, Arizona State Legislature, for helping to save the Boy Scouts of America from the stinking, deviate, degenerate, AIDS-riddled homo filth and their demented agenda. Die homos, die a painful death.
I don't believe in locking up drug users dealers are another matter but this moron Robert Downey Jr deserves to be put away and have the cell door welded shut. He's a scumbag and a lowlife. Hey! Better idea: give him all the coke and crack he can do and let him whack himself. Then we don't have to read about this lowlife in the papers again.
The chairman of Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Philip J. Purcell, has told clients it was a mistake to invite disgraced ex-president Bubba Clintoon to speak at a company conference last week, The New York Times reported Sunday. Apology or not, I'm moving all my investments and portfolio worth upward six figures to another investment house on March 1st. f*ck you and your company, Mr. Purcell.
Another company, PaineWebber, has thought better of their investors and company's image and have told BJ Clintoon the criminal to forget the speech. Bravo.
That the bigoted racist Irrev Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum is still "around", is amazing. It speaks volumes for the lowlife pieces of shit who call themselves his followers. They have no pride, no sense of responsibility for "self", no morals, no ethics, nothing. He's dogshit. And so is the lowlife moron race-baiter, misery-profiteer Kweisi Mfume (Tyrone Leroy Johnson), president and CEO of the NAALCP (Nat'l ass'n for the Advancement of Liberal Colored People). Both are race-baiters and misery profiteers, keeping blacks "down" intentionally so they both have jobs. If blacks ever woke up to the schemes of those two scumbags, both would be digging ditches or flipping burgers, where they truly belong.
Here's Jack-scum's latest scam: selling 1,000 (he hopes, before the stupid f*cks find out he's a con man) black churches $1,000 "memberships" in an "offering financial advice" to the idiots. Net net: it makes Jack-scum a multi-millionaire, when that "advice" is free to anyone who wants it from the evil IRS. When the f*ck is the IRS gonna investigate Jack-scum's corrupt empire of race-baiting and misery-profiteering? he's a dogshit scumbag.
Proving that he can scam white trash and blacks alike, Irrev Jesse "Who's Your Daddy?" Jack-scum is getting an award from the Rock the Vote morons, dis-honoring his work for social and political causes. He's a liar, con-man, criminal, hypocrite, scumbag, lowlife. Nothing more, nothing less.
There's not much more garbage white trash shit than Eminem "the enema" C-rapper who deserves life in prison, for any charge, but especially for the concealed weapons charge. He'd sure make a nice girlfriend for the 450lb lifer in the same cell. I can just hear the midnight screams as the 450-pounder... Nah, nevermind.
In the MidEast, it's long past time to whack the subhuman lowlife Palestinian filth by the millions. Israel should have started the massacres long ago; instead they've only managed to whack just under 400 scumbags. Israel has many nuclear weapons, which they've "stolen" from the US over the years, and should begin to use them to eradicate Iraq, Iran, Syria, Libya et al and the Palestinian towelhead scum. I'd be dancing in the streets.
Being a part-time chef and trained for 16 weeks at the Culinary Institute of America back in the late-70s, trained under the arrogant mentor-chef Wolfgang Puck, after my real education at Drake University in Journalism/ Marketing & Advertising BA '71, I've gotten "addicted" to the FoodTV.com channel (CATV 65 ComCast) and foodtv.com website. By far, my favorite show is Molto Mario, with Mario Batali, but when he appeared in two shows with flaming homos and transvestites, I sent dozens of scathing emails to FoodTV.com lambasting them for ruining a "family show". They haven't put any such lowlifes, perverts or degenerates on the shows since. Yes, any righteous victory over perversion and degeneracy is soooooooooooo sweet!

Clearly Deserving Execution.
Clearly deserving the death penalty, this piece of subhuman white trash has confessed to Killing the racist bigot Bill Cosby's son. The fact that Cosby and his wife are bigots and racists doesn't diminish the fact that their son's murderer should be executed.
Televise the OKC Bomber's execution? Sure, why not? But pay for view? Nah, probably not. If it was a CATV feature, sure I'd watch it. But I wouldn't pay $29.95 to see that mass murderer get his due.
This is why I firmly believe rape deserves the death penalty.
I'm always happy to see an innocent person freed rather than be executed; just makes good sense and DNA tests can now insure innocence or guilt. But the death penalty is needed to insure murderers don't commit the same crime if somehow they get out.
The moronic Canadian Supremem Court incoherently ruled that two Canadian murderers cannot be put to death if extradited to the US for the crime. That's the kind of f*cked up illogic which keeps Canada in the 18th Century, and dooms them to stupidity and backwardness for all-time. Murderers deserve execution. Period.

Submitted for your perusal: a colorful archive of classic toy advertisements, hand-picked from the dusty comic books of Generation X yore. You'll find an array of familiar brands here, including Hot Wheels, Mattel, Corgi, Daisy BB Guns, and Silly Putty. Many of these advertisements work as great comic narratives in their own right, like the cliffhanger Dungeons and Dragon strips. Highlights include the classic 12-inch Fighting Man GI Joe, the failed Twist N' Turn Barbie experiment, and the terrifying Kool Aid Man Video Game.

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