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Friday, February 19, 1999

The cowardly sons (and daughters) of bitches in The US Senate let the sleazy, slimy, lying Clinton slip right through their greasy hands. He outfoxed them. Thanks to the filthy lib-Dems and whining GOP, we now have two levels of law and justice in America; exactly what the Framers of The Constitution sought to avoid. He outfoxed The US Constitution, with the inept assistance of 45 lib-Dem Senators. The House of Representatives did their job by impeaching Slick Willie. The US Senate caved. History will remember their cowardice, avoidance of duty and outright, lack of morality. And we in Pennsylvania will remember our chickenshit senator, Arlen Specter; come next election, he's gone. The coming political bloodbath will make a mess of many people's lives and careers. The White House criminals' lust for payback against their perceived and imagined enemies will set off new rounds of recrimination, retribution and recanting. The IRS audits will fly hot and fast. The real fun times are ahead. f*ck the polls. It's over, isn't it? Bubba's back on top.

Getting Busy Again.
When the gardening season ended last December, I was glad. I was tired and burnt out, as with the previous eight years' non-stop schedule.
There are already 32 landscape jobs on the books for Spring, plus maintenance work of all kinds requested by customers. Also, the replacement list for dead plant material has grown considerably, due to 2 years of drought. In effect, we're bookedf through June, 1999.
In addition to getting ready for Spring around here last week's spate of 70+ degree days made it seem like an early Spring but alas, it's in the 20s today I'm now on site almost daily with many customers meeting to determine what they want us to do for them. Soon, there will be 4-5 appointments daily, seven days a week to contend with. The 100-120 hour work weeks are almost here again. Do the math.
The big problem I deal with every year is the lack of quality landscape crew personnel being available and reliable. Their numbers have declined in recent years and, because the economy is so good, I've lost a couple of regulars for '99 and am having trouble finding quality replacements. We'll get through it; we always do.
Sunday, I visited three residential sites, did sketches and corresponding estimates and sent several names to my landscape designer, Michelle, to get started on their expanded plans.

More! Don't Stop!
Two more pieces of subhuman shit bit it the other day; Texas and Arkansas executed two triple murderers.
But why stop there? There are 3,500+ people on Death Row waiting their turn with the Grim Reaper. At $40,000-60,000 per inmate per year, it costs US Taxpayers that's you and me billions of dollars per year to keep this subhuman shit alive.
Time to waste every stinking one of the scumbags.

New Website.
Just before the New Year, I ran into an old friend who'd helped me considerably when I first built this 20acre Garden Center & Nursery. He needed a quickie website done for his new business, so I did one. It's called If it succeeds as mine has over the past 3 years, he'll be a happy camper.
I also did the initial site almost 2 years ago for my good friends and high-end wholesale nursery stock suppliers at and it's working well for them.

Liberal Piece Of shit.
One of the very worst liberal Democrats this country's ever seen is finally being put out to pasture; hopefully he'll die soon and the world will be rid of him.
Frank Lautenberg, D-NJ stayed around just long enough to pay Clinton back by voting to acquit in the farcical US Senate Impeachment Trial. Now he's headed for that big Geritol playground in Hell.
If we here in Pennsylvania could only get rid of Arlen The moron Specter as easily, we'd be happy too.

Stinking Socialist Unions.
The force probably most responsible for the slow demise of America is the labor union. They've lost sight of their real raison d'etre: to raise the living standards of the American Worker. Now they're meddling in politics and other areas where they have no business being.
In addition to taking members' dues and giving it to the lowlife lib-Dems and turncoat Republicans, they're aligned with organized crime does the infamous name Jimmy Hoffa ring any bells? and infiltrated with sleazy socialists and stinking communists.
Unions should be apolitical and not affiliated with any candidate. They're dangerous and have a socialist-communist agenda for controlling any business they've infiltrated.

Try To Figure It Out.
By all means, try to make some sense out of this place. I can't.

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