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erroneous reports?
Friday, February 20, 1998

holy shit! You mean these Clinton scndals have all been a hoax? We've (collectively speaking) been duped and hoodwinked by a vast right-wing (nut) conspiracy? I guess the hundreds and perhaps thousands of investigators and actual witnesses have been duped by ultra right wing conservative conspirators just like Hitlery claims right down to the very last semen-stained detail, into believing this wild and crazy set of stories about Slick Willie The Bubba and his sexual peccadilloes. How stupid of us all to be blindsided like that. We all now know that Bubba didn't do anything of the kind; we're all just dummies. All those witnesses, first-hand accounts, email records and tape recordings are just so much fluff. Wow, I'm glad I finally know about this. Thanks, Hitlery.

Caving Left & Right.
In their rush to break details of Clinton's adventures with willing, nubile intern(s), several media sources did get some things twisted a bit, and had to publish minor retractions. The Wall Street Journal isn't infallible, after all. Besides, the morons charge for subscriptions on the Net. Those little victories were duly savored by The White House, I'm sure. The Dallas Morning News also had a published retraction on their website. Occasionally, sources do screw up.
A little known email gossip newsletter started it all weeks ago: The Drudge Report arrived in my Netscape inbox one morning with news of the Clinton-intern scandal and I had to re-read it thrice before I believed it wasn't a hoax. Later that day, the news was everywhere. Newsweek had the story first but didn't publish; Drudge broke it and got the credit. And maybe the blame, too. Now, Drudge has obtained some degree of credibility after a major league screw-up with the Blumenthal abuse story in January.
Hitlery really wants us to believe that a vast right wing conspiracy is creating all this fervor; that Bubba really didn't have sex with anyone but her. All the scumbags at The White House damage control team are using the same lie to re-position what Bubba's done: he didn't do anything and it's all a lie by the right wingers.
Gosh, oh golly; I can sleep sooooo much better now, knowing that Slick Willie The Bubba isn't a lying, corrupt, philandering, womanizing, lowlife, liberal scumbag. Heck, he's just a regular guy.
Here's the woman who started it all falling onto Bubba. Hell, I'll buy her a drink anytime.

Take The Survey.
How in the hell does Clinton either one get away with the lies s/he tells to the American public? And how are we (collectively speaking) so f*cking stupid that we believe what s/he says?
Take the Slick Willie survey and find out the results for yourself. It made me sick when I did; I lost almost all respect for (many of) my fellow Americans, based upon their immoral and unethical answers.
Then go see some pictures of Slick Willie and the crack intern corps at The White House. Have a credit card at the ready.

The Palace Guard.
Even the US Secret Service is getting in on the act with Bubba. These people are the eyes and ears of what goes on in The White House; they know what he's done, or who he's done.
Testimony from active SS agents could bring a conflict of interest in their duties of guarding the president. Personally, I don't think this is a good idea and will have very negative repercussions in the future.
Arriving at the (elusive) truth is paramount here, and it appears that Ken Starr will do what he needs to do to get at it. Though the past 3 1/2 years and $35 million seem to be a wasted scenario at this point in time.
Any discussion of Clinton's defenders also invites a comparison from his former staff. I've heard Stephanopoulos' critique of his former boss, and I think it's very fair. It's just not what the die-hard liberal scum want to hear from him. Hey, it's a free country last time I checked.
Perhaps the third biggest scumbag is Bubba's criminal confidant, Bruce Lindsey, a two-bit piece of garbage lawyer from Arkansas. He's saved Clinton's ass on a few occasions, by outright lying, when Bubba should have hung for his crimes. Now, he's taking the executive privilege escape, rather than tell the truth, in order to save Clinton's ass again. When will this shit end? All of the sons-of-bitches deserve prison.
In addition to being morally and ethically bankrupt, the Clinton scum are also financially broke, from Bubba's and Hitlery's crimes. Now, they've found a new way to bilk others into paying the costs of their mounting legal bills, which are approaching $4 million: a new scam of a defense fund. Actually, it's just a new way for people to buy access to Clinton, since he can't sell the Lincoln Bedroom anymore. What incredible dirtbags these Clintons are. Always a new angle on crime.

A Watergate Comparison.
I remember the crisis well in the early 70s. It almost brought the Nation into chaos and, for a short time, threw the country into complete disarray.
Comparisons to Watergate is eerie; several very cogent points point that way. But Slick Willie The Bubba has covered his track well; others will take the fall for him and he'll seemingly get another pass.
A Federal Grand Jury is investigating and deliberating. If they find enough evidence, it gets turned over to The House Committee for action.
Like Nixon was in the final months before his impeachment in 74, Clinton has become a prisoner of his own lies, avarice and deceit. He has nowhere to turn and no one to turn to. I truly pity him now.

"... Thou Doth Protest Too Much." Trying to give the air of innocence, the lying, cheating Babbitt criminal again lied-en masse to all his trusting employees at the Dept of The Interior.
Caught red-handed (no pun intended) turning down American Indian casino applications and favoring others in return for cash donations to the DNC, Babbitt lied to Congress and is facing perjury charges.
His whining, bitching and moaning about the inquiry into his crimes is getting old. He thinks that since Slick Willie gets a pass on his crimes, he should too. He needs to spend some time in federal prison.

Clinton's Errand Boy.
Every redneck needs one. History is full of scum who use others to get their bidding done. And Slick Willie The Bubba is no exception. He uses a high-priced, Washington lawyer, groupie type who loves the limelight Vernon Jordan and who will commit crimes to stay ingratiated with Clinton and his (not so) merry band of criminals.
A well-educated man made rich by white man's society, Jordan has bailed Clinton's sorry, pathetic ass out of many sensitive situations in the past, plays golf with him, socializes and (probably) use the same interns and prostitutes for sex. Only time will tell if their AIDS tests come back identically-positive from Monica.
But, in the final analysis, Jordan is Clinton's boy. He does what he is told and does it with aplomb.

Starr Wars.
Seems everyone is after Ken Starr's ass these days. Republicans and Democrats alike. He either needs to get some results real soon, or be relieved. After 3 1/2 years and $35+ million, nothing substantial has come out of any of his investigations; merely a bunch of lowlife underlings jailed, while the head criminals Bubba & Hitlery remain free. What a sad waste so far.

Un-Secret Military.
Why do we conduct the preparations for a conflict, aka war, in public, on a world scale? And then wonder if the shit-for-brains-towelhead-dog scum Saddam had enough time to switch things around? Well, yes we (collectively) have no brains.
Jeeez, I don't really want to know everything about the operation weeks beforehand, in the media, discussed, debated, decried; just get it done, and then let me know. I know Saddam is scum, so waste him. Then issue a press release.
Sure, most of it is just posturing. But I wonder why we still continue to speak out of both sides of our face on this issue. Let's whack Saddam and stabilize the middle east region.
If we could only terminate this piece of subhuman towel-head filth on the Net, I'd pull an M-16s trigger. Bang zoom; end of problem.

Eating Beef.
The trial continues into its fifth week. The judge was brilliant, and threw out the anti-1st Amendment "Veggie Libel Statute", since cows aren't perishable. Makes sense. Now, it's a common business defamation case and the redneck cattlemen will have a much harder time proving their stupid case.
My comments on this last week drew 15-20 emails from people living in the southwest, commenting on my insensitivity to their primary industry. One person called me a pile of... never mind. And thanks.

If the stinking murdering filth Zamora scumbag(ette) needs a sharper razor blade to whack herself, then give it to her! What the f*ck's wrong with this wimpy, pathetic, so-called criminal justice system? The filthy slut heinously murdered a 16 year old lover of her sick-o boyfriend. Both her and scum-boy deserve to die, not spend life in prison and our tax dollars to keep them alive.
Why not execute the bitch? What's wrong with this US criminal justice system? We can't give these subhuman murderers (and rapists and child molesters) their due justice? Termination with extreme prejudice is all they deserve. Pull the switch, drop the pellets, push the hypodermic syringe in. But execute them. What's wrong here?
I'll volunteer. Where do I sign up for that job? Travelling executioner. Sure; where do I send my resume? In a goddamned heartbeat, if the position existed.
The story says she's under a suicide watch; hey, let's all watch while she commits suicide. Give her a real sharp razor blade. Here's a fresh Bic razor, you dirty bitch.

Liberal Garbage.
As a teenager in 62, I admired Astronaut John Glenn; years later after he entered politics and became a corrupt and lying liberal Democrat, all that ceased. He's as bad as the Clintonian criminals he's covered up for and protected since 92.
Glenn (D-Ohio) ran interference stonewalled, sidetracked and lied for the Clinton scum throughout the Senate Committee Hearings on Campaign Abuses, chaired by Sen. Thompson (R-Tenn.). When the investigation got close to the truth about the scummy Democrats, The White House could always call upon Glenn to subvert the process, along with several other sleazy, lowlife liberals on the Committee. The work never got finished and the liberal Democrats got another pass on their crimes.
For his work in subverting justice, the anti-American Glenn cut a deal with Clinton and NASA and will now return to space and waste more of America's tax dollars in a pseudo-ride back into space. It's a pretext for gaining some much-needed good press for Democrats, rather than all the Clinton scandals everyone's focused on for years.
So NASA has put the decrepit, old codger into a centrifuge for some testing. In medical terms, a centrifuge separates or suspends solid particles within liquids. Perhaps a ride in that machine will separate the evil, liberal shit from his corrupted system and return him to what he once was: a non-partisan, good American.

Long, Strange Spring.
It's February 16th, we're getting ready for the 6th Annual York Flower Show and there's till no tangible sign of Winter anywhere around here.
With the notable exception of 2 weeks of sub-teen degree weather in late December 97, we've had a few paltry 1-2" snows, some mid-severe ice storms and mostly 40-50F weather. Hardly enough for plants to go through their much-needed dormancy period prior to Spring.
All hardy plants require a cold period of dormancy. They need to freeze and sleep to rejuvenate their germplasm their very essence of life in preparation for an awakening the following Spring. The Winter sleep is most critical. Without it, many plants will die when the days get longer and temps increase.

6th Annual York Flower Show.
We're readying a very special exhibit of specimen-grade tropical cactus for over 20,000 people to see and marvel at. And for a few lucky ones to purchase, at a premium price.
I purchased a collection from a long-time cactus collector in a nearby town and am preparing a slide show on a few of the specimens. It'll be shown on a continuous html-loop show, along with our website, which we again have a live hook-up, thanks to GTE. I had hoped that www.blazenet.net would assist me and install a cable modem, as I have theirs at my home, for the show and wow the visitors to the booths. But it appears that I'll have top go with the standard, pathetic 28.8kbps hook-up that www.cyberia.com offers, since www.blazenet.net isn't cable-ready in that area yet. Maybe next year...
With my trusty Kodak DC-25 digital camera, live shots of the show will be a snap. I'll probably post those on the Website News page. We'll see how that works out.

Fine Gardening.
We've carried Taunton Press' Fine Gardening magazine for 4 or 5 years, but I just stumbled onto their website this week. And found my site linked at their Sites To See page.
We've also started carrying Kitchen Garden magazine this year, which looks like another winner. I'm a gourmet chef, so I'll be one of its biggest readers and critics. More to come about KG.

Heh, Heh...
Warp and twist whomever you want. Or, slap 'em quiet if you like, too. Or punch the living shit out of your favorite moron.

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